Top 10 Best Full Length Mirrors in 2021 – Reviews

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Every family needs at least one full-length mirror for their dressing room or bedroom. These full-length mirrors are reasonably big and can certainly show a full reflection of your body. They offer an excellent way to ensure that your look is good from head to toes. Besides that, these mirrors usually accent the room’s décor and open up space by spreading light around the room.

There are different types and qualities of Full-Length Mirrors in the market with different weights, specifications, and sizes. To help you choose the best mirror for your room, we have reviewed the top 10

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Full-Length Mirror

  • Space: Before purchasing any full-length mirror, it is imperative to consider how much space you have. If you have no space to mount or hang a mirror, then you can choose a floor or over the door models. On the other hand, if you do not have space for a freestanding mirror, you can choose the one that can be attached to the wall.
  • Style: To get most from the mirror, ensure that the style matches with your room’s décor. You need to choose a mirror with frames that fits the décor you have. White or black framed mirrors are neutral and usually goes well with most décor. Frameless mirrors are perfect for modern decors.
  • Function: Full-length mirrors have crucial jobs to make. They are ideal to any home to help you be sure that you are setting the best measure whenever you are getting dressed for a job interview, a date, school, work and more,

Best Full-Length Mirrors in 2021

10. Leafmirror Full Length Free Standing Dressing Floor Mirror with Stand

By: Leafmirror

Leafmirror Full Length Free Standing Dressing Floor Mirror with Stand 

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First off, in this review, is this tremendous full-length mirror from Leafmirror. It is a well-designed Dressing Floor Mirror with an overall size of 65 in length by 22 in width. This metal HD silver mirror will offer 1:1 real reflection without any distortion, and it is designed with an attractive frame. Moreover, you can mount it on the wall either vertically or horizontally, lean it against the wall or keep it freestanding.
It has an explosion-proof membrane that will prevent it from hurting people or being broken during transportation. With its beautiful and sleek design, it is going to suit most décor. Above all, this mirror is built to last.


  • Has an overall size of 65 in x 22 in
  • Can be wall-mounted or freestanding
  • Added an explosion-proof membrane
  • 1:1 real reflection
  • Metal HD silver mirror

9. Leafmirror Full-Length Floor Mirror for Living Room

By: Leafmirror

Leafmirror Full-Length Floor Mirror for Living Room

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Coming next on our list is this gorgeous mirror from Leafmirror and has a total dimension of 65in length x22in width. This makes it large enough to reflect your whole body. Ideally, this awesome mirror has flames made of PS materials for durability. In addition to that, you can can use it when it is wall-mounted, freestanding, or lean against the wall. This mirror can be mounted on the wall either vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs.

One great thing about this mirror is that it has an explosion-proof membrane that prevents it from being broken. It is perfect to use in your bedroom or living room as it offers full reflecting length.


  • The flame is made of PS materials
  • Measures 65 x22 inches
  • Has added an explosion-proof membrane
  • Can be lean against the wall or wall mounted
  • Rectangle in shape

8. PexFix Full-Length 4-Piece Set Frameless Mirror Decoration Mirrors

By: PexFix

PexFix Full-Length 4-Piece Set Frameless Mirror Decoration Mirrors

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Do you wish to give your living room a new decoration? Right now, PexFix Decoration Mirrors is ready to make your dream come true. It is four pieces of glass mirror tiles set measuring 12×16 inches each. These mirrors feature advanced polishing technology that makes delicate and safe edges. Subsequently, the edge is processed through multiple polishing, while the matte sides have a sleek and refined aesthetic.

Installing these glass mirrors is very easy and comes with foam tape that prevents the nails from damaging the walls. Whether rectangle, square, or any other shape, you can place the 4 pieces depending on your own needs. It is a perfect choice to brighten a dark wall and enlarge your room.


  • Easy to install
  • Double-layer delicate mirror
  • Comes with 4 pieces of glass mirror tiles set
  • Each mirror measures 12×16 inches
  • Two years money-back guarantee

7. CrossROBBIN Thin Frame Floor Mirror


CrossROBBIN 65 x22 inches Thin Frame Floor Mirror

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CrossROBBIN Floor Mirror is a stunning full-length mirror that goes with many types of décor. It has a mirror size of 64.5 inches x21.5 inches and an overall size of 65 inches x22 inches x2 inches; thus, it will not take a lot of space in your bedroom wall. In addition to that. You can lean it against the wall or hang it as it has hanging hardware installed. This floor mirror is an accent piece for any room, and it will brighten up your living area.

This convenient and functional mirror adopts 5mm pure silver lens that has 5 times longer lifespan when compared to other lenses. Its complex mirror frame is eco-friendly, waterproof, corrosion-proof, and has a long survive life.


  • Accent piece for any room
  • Has an overall size of 65 x 22 x 2 inches
  • hanging hardware installed
  • Large framed mirror with walnut finish
  • Extra standing support attached

6. Self-Full Length Floor Mirror with Standing Hanging

By: Self

Self-Full Length 65 ×22 inches Floor Mirror with Standing Hanging 

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This conveniently designed Floor Mirror will fit over your bathroom or bedroom, and it does not require a lot of floor space. It has a size of 65 inches x 22 inches and will provide all viewing angles while allowing you to see your full body. This mirror adopts international quality standards with HD reflection effect, and glass thickness is 0.2 inches. Moreover, it has a thin brushed frame made of aluminum alloy for durability and will never fade.

The grass mirror can be installed anywhere, and you can place them against a wall, on the floor, or mount it on the wall. Moreover, it has an explosion-proof membrane that makes this mirror absolutely safe and will not cause an accident. Overall, it is suitable to use in the clothing shop, corridor, behind the door, locker room, living room, bedroom, and more.


  • Safe and easy to install
  • The glass thickness is 0.2 inches
  • Frame is made of aluminum alloy
  • The full mirror size is 65 x 22 inches
  • 365-day quality assurance

5. FUNKOCO 79 LED Full-Length Mirror with Jewelry Organizer


FUNKOCO 79 LED Full-Length Mirror with Jewelry Organizer

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FUNKOCO Full Length Mirror will give you a head to toe view allowing you to dress flawlessly while you look in check in the mirror. This mirror comes fully assembled, and it is constructed with durable and strong Wood Style MDF. Also, the interior is made from soft black velvet lining that keeps the mirror safe all the time. Another thing, it has 79 LED lights that are powered by three LED batteries and will automatically turn on and off whenever you are opening or closing the pop-up shelf.

Subsequently, this full-length mirror has spacious storage where you can store 60 ring slots, 29 necklaces and bracelets hooks, 85 earring slots, and one pop-up shelf. It will ensure that all the jewellery is maintained in good condition and neatly organized.


  • Diamond chamfered glass mirror
  • 79 led lights that are powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • Minimalist stylish and well-made
  • Will give a bright head-to-toe view
  • Jewellery cabinet armoire storage space

4. Hans and Alice Full-Length Floor Rectangular Bathroom Mirror (Champagne)

By: Hans and Alice

Hans and Alice Full-Length Floor Rectangular Bathroom Mirror (Champagne)

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Whether you want to get dressed up for a party or brush your teeth in the morning, this Full-Length Floor Mirror by Hans and Alice will help you to view yourself from head to toe. It has an overall size of 65 x 24 inches and a grass size of 62.3 x20.3 inches, making it large enough to see your entire outfit. It comes with a stable stand that you can lean it anywhere on the wood floor or uncarpeted floor without slipping or sliding around.

This full-length mirror also has 2 D-ring hangers attached that allow you to hang it on the wall vertically. What’s more, it has a sleek and clean surface perfect for both modern and vintage environment. The product is offered with a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Has a total size of 65 x 24 inches
  • Beautiful and elegant
  • 2 D-ring hangers already attached
  • Has a solid and classic frame
  • You can lean it anywhere

3. NeuType Full-Length Mirror with Thin Aluminum Alloy Frame

By: NeuType

NeuType Full-Length Mirror with Thin Aluminum Alloy Frame

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This is another elegant looking Full-Length Mirror that is perfect for your dressing room or bedroom. It measures 65 inches x22 inches, and it is large enough, allowing you to see your full figure in a single glance. Its aluminum alloy frame is elegant and has a gold color. Apart from that, this mirror is furnished with an explosion-proof membrane that is burst-proof thus, the shattered glass won’t be spilled out even when impacted by an external force.

This mirror is ready to be wall-mounted either horizontally or vertically, free-standing with the stand or lean to the wall. With that, it can fit anywhere indoors or outdoors.


  • Measures 65 x22 inches
  • Has explosion-proof membrane
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Multi-layered for more protection
  • Wall-mounted either horizontally or vertically

2. Naomi Home Mirrored Wall Mounted Bevel Mirror

By: Naomi Home

Naomi Home Mirrored Wall Mounted Bevel Mirror

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Naomi Home Bevel Mirror has a dimension of 1.5 inches x 30 inches x 70 inches and will provide full-body reflection. It features a modular design giving you the flexibility of utilizing the mirror anywhere in your room. Following this, you can move it around your room with ease. Ideally, this Bevel Mirror usually looks more stylish and elegant, making it a perfect addition to your room. Moreover, its frame is sleek and will bring a modern ambiance to any office or room.

One great thing about this Bevel Mirror is that it captures light from any direction making your room appear more spacious and brighter. This versatile, designed mirror can be mounted horizontal, mounted vertical or vertical leaning on the wall.


  • Elegant and modern design
  • Measures 1.5 x 30 x 70 inches
  • Can be wall-mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Will accentuate the appearance of any room
  • Make any room appear brighter and spacious

1. Hans and Alice Full-Length Bedroom Floor Mirror

By: Hans and Alice

Hans and Alice Full-Length Bedroom Floor Mirror 


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The Hans and Alice Floor Mirror is a great accessory for your dressing room, living room, or bedroom. It is one of the most beautiful and stylish full-length mirrors on this list. The mirror has an overall size of 65 x24 inches allowing you to view your entire outfit. The mirror adopts International Environmental Standard and comes with 5mm pure silver lens for durability.

This mirror has a Solid classic PS frame with contemporary color that fits all decors. The hangers are already mounted on the mirrors back, allowing you to hang it vertically or horizontally, behind the door or in your closet.


  • The mirror frames are made of Classic PS materials
  • Has an overall size of 65 x24 inches
  • Adjustable & detachable Built-in Stand
  • You can hang it horizontally or vertically
  • Fashionable to fit any room décor


These are some of the best full-length mirrors in the market that will help you dress smartly. They are pretty large and will offer the entire body view. These picks have durable construction and will never fail to impress you. So, get your preferred model today while stocks last.


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