Top 12 Best Airpods Case in 2022 Reviews

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Investing in AirPods may seem lavish but it is gradually becoming a new trend among people. Such devices come with great features and innovative technologies implemented for the benefits of users. When you are investing a considerable amount of money on an AirPod, it is essential to ensure its protection. With the help of an AirPods case, you can guarantee the complete protection of the device. One of the best things about these cases is they support charging even during the use.

The choice of decent quality AirPods case from a reliable manufacturer ensures years of use without any hassles. There are no worries about scratches, wear and tear, and other damages. Many of the recent cases for AirPods come in a sleek design that makes the entire appearance eye-catching. Let’s look at the details of the best AirPods cases:

Our List of Top 12 Airpods Case on Amazon:

12. i-Blason Cosmo Series Case Designed for Airpods

 i-Blason Cosmo Series Case

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Presented in a cute and stylish design, this AirPods case appears beautiful in most decors. In addition to providing excellent protection to the device, the case also enhances the entire look. You can easily mix and match with your favorite outfits. Moreover, it is found easy and quick to install. With the help of a lanyard as well as easy compatibility with wireless charging, this case justifies your investment.

The body of this case is shock-absorbent and scratch-resistant. Also, it supports wireless charging without any hassles. Due to the lightweight and compact design, it is easy to carry along.


  • It provides 360° protection to your device.
  • This case is compatible with the Apple AirPods 1st/2nd.
  • With the correct installation, the top cover does not fall off.
  • Its body is impact-resistant due to the presence of TPU material.
  • The leather wrist strap offers additional security against theft.

11. ATUAT Protective Silicone Cover

ATUAT Protective Silicone Cover

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The unique aspect of this ATUAT silicone cover is it comes with a carabiner. This makes it more convenient to use your device anytime, anywhere. Regarding the compatibility, you can use this cover for the Apple AirPods Pro 2022 model.

Within 5 minutes, you can easily complete the installation process. Moreover, it provides a snug fit to keep your device in place. The non-slip texture ensures great stability. If you want, you can hang this case into a backpack. The bright color design gives an eye-catching look. No worries about damage due to crashes and fingerprints.


  • The presence of silicone material makes it easy to clean. In addition, this material resists cracking.
  • It offers 360° protection to prevent scratch and protect during fall.
  • The implementation of the latest technology provides a snug fit.

10. CTYBB Silicone Airpods Case Cover

CTYBB Silicone Cover

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If you are looking for a functional and easy-to-use AirPods case, go for this product. It is suitable for indoors and outdoors. Irrespective of your location, it is safe and reliable to use. You can carry it to travel to places, for sports activities, office, etc. The included keychain helps you to hang this case on your trouser or backpack. Looking at the compatibility, it works well with the Apple Airpods 2/1.

The overall design is cute and stylish. Moreover, it feels soft to touch. Both for men and women, this case cover suits well.


  • The body of this silicone case is fall-proof, dust-proof, and scratch-proof.
  • The new design helps you to charge your device from the bottom.
  • The dust cap cover maintains the cleanliness of the charging port.

9. Hamile Compatible with AirPods Case [Front LED Visible]

 Hamile Compatible

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Hamile uniquely designed this case for Apple AirPods 1 and 2. It comes with a front LED light that is easily visible. Also, it helps to know the charging status. The unique feature of this case is it comes with a durable carabiner. The metal carabiner clip helps you to convert this case into a keychain case. Hence, it is easy to attach the Airpod case to a backpack or handbag.


  • There is the use of sturdy silicone rubber. In addition, this material makes this case anti-slip, anti-scratch, flexible, and durable.
  • Its body is impact-resistant, so no worries about fall.
  • It is found compatible with every Qi-standard wireless charging mat.

8. Laffav AirPods 2 & 1 Case for Women Men

 Laffav AirPods 2 & 1 Case

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When it comes to protecting your Apple Airpods 2 and 1, this product is very economical. You will get two pieces of the cases, with the included carabiners. The secure case cover fits firmly on your wireless charging case, while shielding your ear Pods from scratches, drops and other external impacts, keeping your device protected and clean, anti-shock, anti-slip, fingerprint and dust-proof.


  • When charged wirelessly, there is no need to take out the Laffav case skin.
  • The use of high-quality silicone ensures protection against break and other damages.

7. Music tracker Protective Thicken Airpods Cover

Music tracker Protective Thicken Airpods

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Now there is no need to detach the case when charging your AirPods. This thick cover is compatible with the Apple Airpods 1&2. It is a well-designed cover with anti-lost protection. This is because the included carabiner helps you to attach it to a backpack or purse or belt, etc. Also, there are multiple colors to choose from.


  • The overall size is perfect to provide a snug fit.
  • The use of quality soft silicone resists scratches, shocks, and damage due to weather elements.
  • The anti-skid texture makes sure the case stays in place.

6. GMYLE Silicone Protective Wireless Charging Airpods Case

GMYLE Silicone Protective

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For protecting your Airpods 2 and 1, this GMYLE case is one of the best choices. It is presented in a cute baby pink design. Moreover, it comes with a keychain set that helps you to easily carry this case anywhere. The lightweight and compact design offer portability.


  • There is the use of soft yet firm silicone. Moreover, it is a food-grade silicone that makes this case durable.
  • It offers anti-scratch protection. Also, it protects against impact and daily wear & tear.
  • There is support for wireless charging. This case is compatible with every Qi-standard wireless charging pads.

5. Doboli Compatible AirPods Pro Case Cover

Compatible AirPods Pro Case Cover

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Prepared from high-quality silicone, this cover offers excellent protection to your AirPods Pro 2022. This silicone material is sturdy enough to make sure the case does not break easily. Moreover, it comes with a front LED visible.  The free carabiner and keychain design help you to easily carry this case. What is more important, the snug fit makes sure the case stays in place.


  • It protects Airpods Pro against bumps and scratches.
  • The included silicone material is dustproof and gives a smooth texture.
  • The installation process is quick and easy.

4. SATLITOG Protective Silicone Cover

SATLITOG Protective Silicone Cover

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Equipped with advanced fitting technology, this case offers a perfect fit. There will be no gap and the bottom plug design offers ease of charging. Whether you want to use indoors or for traveling or during sports activities, this case is suitable for all. Moreover, the pack contains this case and a carabiner.


  • There is the use of premium quality food-grade silicone material. So, it makes this case durable and resistant to break.
  • It offers 360° full protection against external damage.
  • It resists scratches and fingerprints.

3. R-fun AirPods Case Cover with Keychain

AirPods Case Cover with Keychain

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Especially for girls and women, this case is very much suitable for protecting their Apple Airpods. This skin cover is found compatible with the AirPods 2 & 1. Moreover, the 0.29mm transparent thin wall enables you to check the indicator status whenever you want.


  • This R-fun case is made up of quality elastomer which is flexible and shock-resistant.
  • It comes with precise cutouts for flawless access to all features.
  • The front LED is visible during wireless charging.

2. Compatible Cover Silicone Protective Skin

Silicone Protective Skin

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Presented in turquoise/sand pink color, this case appears beautiful indoors and outdoors. Additionally, it is compatible with Apple Airpod 2 and 1. The use of quality silicone material resists break and damage during fall. The matte finish gives a beautiful look. The pack includes 2 carabiners and 2 packs of case.


  • This case keeps off dirt and dust.
  • It resists scratches and bumps.
  • The front LED is visible during charging.

1. AhaStyle AirPods Case Cover [Hand Strap Included]

[Hand Strap Included] Silicone Protective Cover

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This protective cover made up of silicone is found compatible with AirPods 2 and 1. It perfectly fits with standard and wireless charging case. The front LED is visible during wireless charging. The included hand strap and metal carabiner help you to conveniently carry your device. They allow you to attach the case to your backpack or purse or belt.


  • The premium silicone protects the device against drops, bumps, and scratches.
  • It comes in a lightweight and compact design.
  • The dust cap cover maintains the cleanliness of the charging port.

Concluding Note:

These are the best AirPods cases to provide compete for protection to your device. They help you to easily carry the device without any worries of damage.


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