Top 10 Best Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in 2022-Reviews

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Washing our hands before and after we eat something is extremely important from a personal hygienic point of view. Instead of using a soap that people use with dirty hands, people now use a hand sanitizer dispenser. However, a manual dispenser is not a good idea, and it is as bad as using a soap. This is because one has to use one hand to press it and dispense liquid soap. Instead, one should opt for an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that has touch-less operation.

An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser comes with a sensor, and as soon as you place your hand under it, it dispenses the liquid soap in it instantly. Therefore, there is no need to touch the dispenser, and hence, there will be no transfer of germs by any chance. Check out the following list of the top 10 best automatic hand sanitizer dispensers below.

List Of Top 10 Best Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Reviews On Amazon


10. Simplehuman Brushed Sensor Soap Pump

By: simplehuman


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Washing hands before meals are very necessary for a healthy body. Normal soaps cannot kill all the germs and dirt of the hands. So, it is necessary to wash hands twice with hand sanitizer before meals. This is one of the best hand sanitizer dispensers for homes, offices, and schools. It works differently from the normal bottles of hand sanitizer.

Further, this dispenser contains a touch-free sensor pump. This sensor pump works automatically with the detection of your hands. Moreover, this tool stops germs from passing one hand to another. It also provides a smooth flow of soap during the process of hand washing. Furthermore, this dispenser does not rust due to water.


  • Consists of a touchless sensor pump.
  • Delivers hygienic and faster soap dispensing.
  • Looks stylish, ideal alternative to regular bottles.
  • Comes with a waterproof, rustproof housing.
  • Ideal to use in different spaces.


9. GOJO Touch-Free Foam Soap Dispenser

By: Gojo


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This is the smart and automatic hand dispenser that you can mount on the wall easily. It contains premium quality materials that do not rust or corrode due to long use. Apart from that, this dispenser can hold 1200 ml of sanitizer. You can get 3 stunning shades of this dispenser for your bathroom décor.

In addition to that, the tool runs on powerful 3 C batteries. It works automatically by viewing your hand shape. Moreover, it is easy to install this compact dispenser in the bathroom of any size. This tool also contains a window that shows when to refill the bottle. It is perfect for homes, hotels, and offices.


  • Comes with a large soap container.
  • Runs on external batteries.
  • A see-through window for convenient refilling.
  • Perfect for using in different places.
  • Delivers touchless, faster soap dispensing.


8. Simpleone Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

By: Simpleone


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You can get cleaner hands with this trendy hand sanitizer dispenser. It has a stunning shape and design. Besides that, you can easily mount this bottle on the wall of the bathrooms or kitchens. It is a touch-free hand sanitizer that works with the hand images. The large window of the dispenser shows the amount of soap properly.

Additionally, the bottle is available in 2 colors that make your bathroom look more stunning. The motion sensor technology helps in the perfect dropping of the soap. It will not result in messy spills on the bathroom floors or kitchen platforms. Furthermore, it does not rust or corrode due to water even after several uses.


  • The dispenser looks very much classy.
  • Offers spill-free soap dispensing,
  • Includes a large soap-level monitoring window.
  • Provides hands-free, hygienic dispensing.
  • The body stays rust and corrosion-free.


7. HanamichiTouchless Automatic Soap Dispenser


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This is the perfect hand sanitizer dispenser for homes, offices, restaurants, and hotels. It has a shiny body with a silver color. Apart from that, the premium quality plastic does not rust or corrode in any weather. It also comes with a warranty of 1 year from the manufacturer. This dispenser comes with waterproof technology to reduce shocks.

In addition to that, this tool includes a PIR sensor to detect the hand shape. The crystal clear window of this dispenser shows the amount of soap. You can then refill it when the bottle is empty. Moreover, it is simple to install this dispenser on the walls. Furthermore, the narrow point reduces messy and unwanted drips.


  • Consists of waterproof housing.
  • The metal body is resistant to shock.
  • Comes with PIR sensor for quick detection.
  • The plastic is resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • The container offers faster refilling.


6. Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenserby WarmeR



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You can now wash your hands in a stylish way. This is one of the best hand sanitizer dispensers for commercial and residential uses. The modern freestanding design simplifies your task to mount it on the bathroom walls. Apart from that, the rich quality stainless steel does not rust or corrode because of frequent use.

Further, this dispenser is good for any kind of hand washing soap. You can control the volume of this bottle with the help of settings. In addition to that, the infrared motion accelerates the speed of this machine. This touch-free hand soap dispenser is good for the health of kids, adults and all family members.


  • This is a stand-alone dispensing model.
  • Consists of an infrared motion sensor.
  • Perfect for commercial work spaces.
  • Works with various hand-washing soaps.
  • Provides touchless, faster soap dispensing.


5. ELECHOK Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

By: elechok


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This is the robust hand sanitizer dispenser with a motion sensor. It contains premium quality stainless steel that makes this product durable. Apart from that, the silver finish of the dispenser enhances your bathroom or kitchen interior. It works with the detection of your hand image. You can adjust the volume of the machine with the control settings.

Additionally, the dripping point reduces messy drips. The waterproof technology reduces short circuits and mishaps. You can pour any kind of soap in this bottle. Besides that, this bottle is also perfect for body lotion. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, it improves the health of your family members and children.


  • Has a striking silver finish on steel body.
  • Does not cause any accidental dripping.
  • Perfect for dispensing different liquids.
  • The amount of dispensed soap is controllable.
  • Includes a safe water-resistant housing.


4. Automatic Soap Dispenserby LOUTAN



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You can give your kitchen a new look with this hand sanitizer dispenser. It is a touch-free soap dispenser that works with the help of a motion sensor. Further, this machine works by detecting your hand. The waterproof base bracket prevents this dispenser from rust and corrosion.

In addition to that, this dispenser is perfect to keep all types of hand soaps. It stops the germs and bacteria from passing one hand to another. Moreover, the nice dripping point helps in removing the exact amount of soap. Whether it is home or restaurant, you can use this dispenser anywhere. Furthermore, it does not lose its shine even after many uses.


  • Includes a sensitive motion sensor.
  • The metal exterior stays shiny.
  • Comes with perfect dripping point.
  • Consists of a water-resistant base bracket.
  • The construction is rust and corrosion-resistant.


3. Umbra Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

By: Umbra


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Now, you can give your bathroom a modern touch. This is the sleek and stylish hand sanitizer dispenser for bathrooms. It keeps all the members of your family healthy and fit. This hand sanitizer dispenser is available in 3 elegant shades for your bathroom interior. It is lightweight as well as simple to use in any washroom.

In addition to that, the fast speed will allow the soap to come in a smooth manner. Apart from that, the powerful motor runs for a long time. You can also use this bottle in your kitchen or kid’s bathroom. Furthermore, the non-drip spout will reduce the messy drips after every use.


  • Seems to be light in weight.
  • Comes with classy accent and design.
  • Includes a drip-free spout.
  • Offers faster and spill-proof dispensing.
  • Suitable for both kitchens and washrooms.


2. SimplehumanSensor Soap Pump

By: simplehuman


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If you want your kids to be healthier each day, you can fix this soap dispenser in your washrooms. It has a unique design with a solid body for enhancing your bathrooms. Besides that, the rich quality materials do not allow the machine to rust or corrode even after many uses. The pointed silicone valve helps in the proper flow of soap.

Further, it is easy to adjust the volume of this soap dispenser with the control buttons. This dispenser also saves energy and works for a long period with AA batteries. Moreover, the large window will show you the amount of soap. It also contains a wide opening to fill the soap after every use.


  • Comes with a kid-friendly design.
  • The silicone valves instantly cut soap flow.
  • Comes with a volume-adjusting option.
  • Works on external batteries.
  • The container has wide mouth opening.


1. SecuraTouchless Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser

By: Secura


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You can now make your bathroom interior more beautiful with this soap dispenser. It is one of the amazing soap dispensers with smart functions. The shining finish of this soap dispenser enhances any bathroom. Apart from that, the rich quality materials of the bottle do not let it rust or corrode with water.

Additionally, the sensor can detect the hand even from the long-range. It also maintains the health of kids and adults. Besides that, the tool protects your hands from the germs and bacteria of another person. It also includes a warranty of 2 years from the manufacturer. Furthermore, it has an attractive shape and bold color.


  • Perfectly complements any bathroom décor.
  • Comes with a long-range detecting function.
  • The dispenser is free of rust and corrosion.
  • Looks pretty stylish yet functional.
  • The sensor triggers faster.


Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Construction: As you are going to use the dispensers in a wet location, like the kitchen and washroom, so you need to look for a model that has a long-lasting and rugged construction. Generally, these models come with various material constructions. Nevertheless, these models can have metal or high-quality plastic material. It is better to search for the dispensers with heavy-duty, BPA-free, lightweight and solid plastic material. For perfect choice, you need to check if the model resists spilling and odor.
  • Operation: The motion-detection technology of touchless models helps you to operate them without any difficulty. Some of the dispensers come with user-friendly buttons to offer easy adjustment of the dispensing soap volume. Therefore, these models prevent soap from excessive waste. The dispensers which have wide-mouth containers help you to refill them without any mess.
  • Capacity: The capacity of these dispensers broadly differs from models to models. Most of the cases, these hand soap dispensers can hold 23.6 to 152.2-ounces. It is good to opt for the smaller dispensers if you have tight space in your washroom. However, the large traffic areas easily fit a large-sized dispenser. So, the soap can last a few seasons and you do not have to refill it regularly.
  • Performance: A dispenser with an infrared sensor doubles the efficiency of the model.  Apart from that, you can simply go for the dispensing unit that comes with an environmental-friendly design for your convenience. You can also choose a model that has an easy mounting system. However, the capacity of the battery should come with long-lasting life for user’s convenience.
  • Design: The manufacturers come up with attractive automatic soap dispensers without compromising the functionality. Therefore, you can easily select a dispenser that occupies lesser space in your washroom or kitchen. However, it is always preferable to look for a soap dispenser with a compact structure.



There is no doubt that you have to opt for an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser over a manual dispenser. There is going to enhance the beauty of your washing basin, and everyone will appreciate the touch-less operation. Take your time to go through the list of the best automatic soap dispenser, and they differ in terms of designs and styles. Use the buying guide to your advantage for a better pick.


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