Top 10 Best Baby Playpens in 2021 – Reviews

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Baby playpens, also called play yards are useful in keeping baby safe. They restrict kids’ movement, especially when parents are busy with other tasks. Since they are designed to ensure babies don’t climb, parents can bet their kid’s safety. Although they are deemed safe when used properly, there is every aspect of providing constant baby monitoring.

Ensuring quality construction and safe materials helps to guarantee safety and peace of mind. It is the reason that parents need to check on the frame as well as mesh materials. A weak mesh can lead to easy tearing, which can lead to baby getting trapped. Checking your playpen regularly is recommended since it allows you to check for damages. Especially when the baby is teething, their biting behavior might cause holes in the mesh. As a result, this might weaken the pen hence increasing health hazards.

Baby Playpen Buying Guide

  • Number of Panels: The number of panels is essential in determining the size. The higher the number of panels, the large your playpen will be. Also, the more the panels, it means you can customize the play yard shape. The shape is essential, especially to conform to different houses. Whether you need a square, triangle, rectangle, or hexagonal-shaped pen, the number of panels will give you an easy time.
  • Frame Materials: The frame is one of the vital structures when it comes to stability and durability. Some of the pens are designed from the plastic structure. But for some of the meshed yards, they have steel made frames. Apart from common ones, there are pens made of wooden as well as polycarbonates. Each of the material has pros as well as cons that buyers need to evaluate.
  • Portability: Portability is another essential that you need to look at when purchasing a playpen. Since they are supposed to be used in different places, portability is vital. Therefore, the lightweight frame is always ideal to ensure parents can use pens in most areas. It can be indoors, outdoors, or even when on vacation.
  • Collapsibility: The ability to collapse playpens is necessary for storage and carrying. With these accessories designed for use when parents are busy, it is vital to ensure you can fold your pen. Therefore hinged frame is ideal for providing you can quickly assemble and disable when need be.

Best Baby Playpens in 2021

10. Safe Zone Portable Indoor & Outdoor PlayPen

By: Safe Zone Playpen

Safe Zone Portable Indoor & Outdoor PlayPen

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The great thing you can give your babies is offering a playing place. This safe zone portable pen allows parents to enjoy safe kids monitoring. Unlike other pens, this one is durably made with a strong structure. Therefore no risk of kids destroying walls due to bites or pulling mesh. With this playpen, it comes with a variety of games and voices which ensure the baby is entertained when relaxing in pen.

Due to the superior construction and large capacity, this pen is capable of holding up to 3 kids. With construction featuring non-toxic plastic, it is safe and ideal for kids’ safety. The materials are free from BPA and phthalates. The hexagonal shape is perfect for ensuring there is improved stability. The collapsible design ensures the pen is easily portable for use in different places.


  • Non-toxic plastic
  • Large for more kids
  • Collapsible and easy to carry


  • Only one panel with activities

9. JOYMOR 14 Panels Extra Larger Rubber Anti-Skid Playpen


JOYMOR 14 Panels Extra Larger Rubber Anti-Skid Playpen

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With the right playpen, parents can enjoy the confidence and peace of mind. This Joymor extra-large play yard is designed for ensuring babies have a perfect relaxing place. Built from extra durable materials, this playpen is superbly strong and reliable. In fact, it has rubber feet, which created an anti-skid base. This means there are no movements when the baby is leaning on the walls. With lockable doors, kids can’t open or get out when parents are working.

The 14 panels design is exceptional in creating ample space for kids. Therefore, you can integrate different toys for maximum entertainment. In fact, the pen provides 26 square feet, which accommodates up to 3 kids. Unlike other pens, this has simple assembling, and durable panels are reliable for extended usage. Certified by different organizations, it’s safe and free from toxic substances.


  • Anti-slip base
  • Locked doors
  • Toolless assembling and disassembling


  • Unsuitable for rugged surfaces

8. Fortella Cloud Castle Foldable Safety Baby Playpen

By: Fortella

Fortella Cloud Castle Foldable Safety Baby Playpen

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Fortella cloud castle play yard provides an ideal place where babies can relax safely. The folding panels ensure parents can carry it easily without problems. Additionally, the plastic panels are lightweight which means you can easily enjoy easy lifting. For safety when kids are inside, the pen has anti-skid pads. This, one deployed, the panels don’t slip or move. Depending on your ideal design, the panels allow for rectangular other shapes design.

Apart from keeping babies safe, this yard is functional, fun, and keep kids entertained. Also, accessing the pens is simple since it comes with a lockable door. Therefore, when you want the baby to go out, it is simple to open the door instead of lifting them. The preassembled design and tool-free assembling ensure easy hinges tightening for high stability. Having this pen ensures baby is safe and enjoys excellent learning.


  • Sturdy anti-slip panels
  • Fully collapsible and lightweight
  • Fun and educational


  • Strong kids can push panels

7. Skip Hop Expandable or Wall Mounted Play Yard

By: Skip Hop

Skip Hop Expandable or Wall Mounted Play Yard

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The Skip Hop lay yard for babies is one of the reliable ways to keep kids safe. Also, it has an exceptional learning ability to allow kids to learn different aspects. Unlike other pens, this is ideal for babies from 6 months. Due to soft mesh walls, it keeps babies safe from hard surfaces. Fitted with fun baby enhancements, it has cloud teether, singing bird toys, among other educative toys. This ensures babies enjoy staying in the yard.

There is great versatility when using this pen. It can be used as a room divider to restrict babies from going to restricted places. Assembling and mounting on the wall provide high versatility. Thus, parents can enjoy unmatched reliability. A combination of 8 activities ensures the kid has exceptional playing hence learning every moment in pen. Using the yard is simple since it has lock indicator to ensure baby doesn’t go out. Above all, the steel frame is sturdy and durable.


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Learning activities
  • Door lock indicator


  • Mesh is weak than solid panels

6. POTBY Foldable 16 Panel Activity Center Safety Playard


POTBY Foldable 16 Panel Activity Center Safety Playard

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The Potby 16 panels’ activity center is one of the perfect ways to thrill your kids. Instead of leaving babies to wader without control, this pen is great for safety. The play yard is made from environmentally friendly materials. Also, they are safe for kids since the plastic used is free from lead, BPA, and other toxins. Unlike other pens, this has small openings and durable panels that prevent babies from getting stuck. Lockable panels are superbly strong to avoid falling apart.

When not in use, the playpen is easy to collapse and provides quick installation. There are no tools needed to assemble or collapse the pen and is ultra-light. However, the panels are enhanced with anti-slip pads to prevent wobbling and movements. The different shape toys are tasked with encouraging cognition development. Due to different foldable panels, it can create a variety of shaped pens. The one-click pen assembling design lets people enjoy using yard safety without tools.


  • Different shapes configurations
  • One-click folding
  • Silicone padded feet


  • Feet lacks suction cups

5. JAXPETY 8 Panel Safety Play Center Yard


JAXPETY 8 Panel Safety Play Center Yard

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Whether relaxing outdoors or working inside the house, there is a need to ensure the baby is safe. Jaxpety 8 panel is a good option when you have one kid to restrict his movement. Apart from restricting movement, the pen is good for learning colors. This is due to panels having different colors, which ensures the baby engages cognitive ability. Also, walls are enhanced with various active boards for keeping baby busy. Whether you want it a rectangle, hexagonal triangle, or other shapes, the panels allow easy configurations.

Featuring an integrated door, there is superior performance compared to other cheap yards. Due to the sturdy and weighty nature, this s pen is ideal for different floors installation. Whether its hardwood, carpet and tiled floors, the base is designed to allow for perfect fitting. Whether setting up or folding, the yard is simple and also provides easy portability from one point to another.


  • Sleekly colored panels
  • Strong suction cups
  • Multiple shapes configuration


  • Takes a lot of space

4. Kidzone Interactive 8 Panel Safety Gate Children Play Yard

By: Kidzone

Kidzone Interactive 8 Panel Safety Gate Children Play Yard

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Kidzone interactive baby play yard is an excellent option to restrict where baby can access. It’s a customizable pen that features 8 panels. They, therefore, allow users to build a playing yard shaped in their desires. The yard has super sturdy panels that ensure babies get a sturdy platform where they can hold without moving. Since the pen is simple to pop up everywhere indoors and outdoors, it allows easy playing yard set up.

Once kids are inside, there is a reliable locking mechanism to ensure panels and door remains intact. Amazingly the door is designed and fitted on a panel, which ensures it opens due to hinged design. Also, the base is stable due to anti-slip enhancements to prevent toppling. The suction cups are ideal for use in hardwood, carpet, and other types of surfaces. For learning purposes, the pen has colored walls and different activity enhancements for increasing baby learning.


  • High stability suction cups
  • Suitable for up to 3-year kids
  • Large playing area


  • Large rail openings

3. Gupamiga Kids Activity Centre Safety Play Yard

By: Gupamiga

Gupamiga Kids Activity Centre Safety Play Yard

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Tending to your daily chores can be limited if you have a small baby. But, balancing the activities needs you to cater to baby safety. Gupamiga activity center for kids is making every parent work easy. It’s a large pen with 14 panels to ensure a large playing area creation. With high-quality panels, they are reliable and parents can be confident about their kid’s safety.

The rubber feet on the base of the pen ensure there is no sliding. Even when kids lean or push walls, the pen is stable and doesn’t cause wobbling. Creating a large area, the pen is capable of accommodating more than one kid. Also, it ensures you can add toys to keep baby busy without compromising the available space. With no tool needed, assembling takes the least time and no hassle even when collapsing it. Panels are designed with handles for easy carrying.


  • Heavy-duty panels
  • Professional design
  • Different colored panels


  • Takes time to assemble

2. BABYSEATER Portable Play Pen with Carry Case


BABYSEATER Portable Play Pen with Carry Case

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When traveling with your young one, there is no more struggle. This infant playpen is designed to ensure babies enjoy exceptional safety when parents are on other chores. Created with string structure, and mesh walls, it allows people to enjoy easy baby monitoring. The floor lining is ideal for keeping safe from dirt. Even when traveling, you can use it in different places without risking your baby.

Amazingly, portability is possible since it’s collapsible and comes with a carrying case. Enhanced with a zippered door, there is no complications when traveling. Unlike other pens that require a lot of time to assemble. This has instant assembling and only has single-hand operations. The padded bottom fabrics provide easy cleaning since its machine washable. Overall, the playpen guarantees s exceptional safety to kids.


  • Sturdy metallic frame
  • Washable bottom cloth
  • One-hand operation


  • Only for infants

1. North States Colorplay 8-Panel Play Yard for Babies

By: North States

North States Colorplay 8-Panel Play Yard for Babies

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The North State playing yard for babies is an 8-panel pen that is great for safety. The large design ensures parents create a haven for kids as they continue with their homework. Unlike the solid panels, thus has mesh sided design, which is excellent for ensuring you are seeing the kids. Creating 34.4 square feet, this playpen is exceptional for accommodating more kids.

Unlike other playpens, this has high walls that are designed to care for bigger kids. This prevents climbing, which is excellent for ensuring babies remain insides throughout. The assembling of this pen is simple and doesn’t give parents a hard time. Due to the broad nature and durable structure, this play yard is highly stable. Above all, the structure is made from safe and certified plastic, ree from toxic substances.


  • Sturdy mesh structure
  • Ideal for different stages
  • Skid-resistant base


  • Doesn’t have base cloth


Having the right baby playpen ensures parents have a reason to enjoy peace of mind. With different sized and designed play yards, it is now possible to keep kids safe. Therefore, once your kids learn to crawl and walk, playpens are ideal options.


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