Top 10 Best Baby Safety Gates in 2021 Reviews

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Safety is the foremost priority to consider when you have a baby. They are curious about every new thing and their innocent mobility may prove a serious threat to their lives. There are many ways to make your home babyproof but the choice of decent quality equipment will make your investment justifiable.  One of the best products to ensure the complete security of your baby is to set up the baby safety gates for doorways and stairs. Basically, baby gates are designed to divide spaces or rooms in order to avoid your babies and toddlers from entering into places like staircases, kitchens, etc. on their own.

Generally, parents consider setting up such baby gates when their baby reaches 6 months. However, if your baby began getting mobile sooner than that then you need to start looking for the best baby gates. Some babies are experts at the opening and closing of the baby gates at the age of 2. So, you need to choose such products that they cannot open and close on their own. Take a look at the best auto close baby safety gates described below to make your selection easy:

List of Top 10 Best Baby Safety Gates in 2021 Reviews:

10. ALLAIBB Auto Close Metal Baby Gate Magnetic Walk Thru Safety Gates

ALLAIBB Auto Close Metal Baby Gate

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The ALLAIBB walk thru safety gate is commonly used for balcony, indoor doorways, bathroom, kitchen, etc. It is due to the implementation of the magnetic effect that the stair gates would close automatically at any angle. With an easy one-hand release, this safety gate is quite easy to use.  All necessary tools and hardware are included to provide ease of installation.


  • The width of this walk through safety gate is 23.6”, and it is adjustable to fit openings in the range of 46.1-48.8”, and it can fit up to the height of 29.5”.
  • High stability is offered by the use of steel in construction.
  • It is easy to handle it by the included ABS handle.

9. Dreambaby Boston Magnetic Auto Close Security Gates

Dreambaby Boston Magnetic Auto Close Security Gate

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The ease of installation, quick operation and high versatility make this security gate one of the best auto close baby safety gates on the list. Actually, it is a Boston pressure mounted gate that can be rapidly installed in the hallway, stairway, doorway with width in the range of 29.5-38″. Due to the pressure-mounted installation, the process of setup is easy.


  • With the implementation of the magnetic auto-close feature, this security gate closes and locks automatically. It locks on its own behind you from any distance and anytime you want.
  • With this gate, you would feel completely safe for your baby to move around your house freely.

8. North States 72″ Wide Deluxe Décor Baby Gates

North States 72" Wide Deluxe Décor Baby Gate

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The deluxe décor baby gate is made from durable, heavy-duty metal to convey high stability. The included vertical bars make sure kids do not climb over this gate. Moreover, the finish is done in a matte bronze finish to provide a beautiful appearance. Therefore, this décor gate is certain to look beautiful in any home decor.


  • The included gate panel is extra wide and comes with a width of 25.5 inches, so it is perfect for your whole family.
  • It comes with simple one-hand operation and also comes with a stay-open feature that helps any busy parent.

7. Fairy Baby Narrow Baby Gates

Fairy Baby Narrow Baby Gate for Stairs

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The Fairy baby narrow gate is equipped with 4 pressured adjustment bolts. These bolts facilitate simple and safe installation without needing to drill holes on walls. So, there would be no damage to your home.  It is important to note that prior to installation, there would be a gap among the latch and the lock; this is not a defect.


  • The durable and sturdy metal construction is perfect for securely preventing your kids to pass through this gate.
  • It can withstand the impact of 80 pounds.
  • There is a distance of 2.75 inches between each metal rod to avoid your kids from getting its head into.

6. Flalivi 40.6″ Auto Close Baby Safety Gates

Flalivi 40.6" Auto Close Safety Baby Gates

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Recognized as quite simple to use and install, the corresponding pressure mount design of this baby gate is quick to install. It is significant to note that you need not cut the belt. Prior to installation, there would be a gap present between the frame and the gate latch; this is not a defect. This gap will be removed once installed.  Generally, this safety baby gate is perfect for hallway, doorway, and bottom of stair use.


  • It comes with easy storage.
  • The5″ tall gate perfectly fits openings that are 29.5-40.6″ wide.

5. KingSo 40.5” Auto Close Baby Gates

KingSo 40.5'' Auto Close Safety Baby Gate

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This version of KingSo safety baby gate is made with adjustable width. So, its width could be easily adjusted from 29.5 to 40.5 inches. It is possible to vary width by including the extension kits and using the pressure bolts. Without any tools or hardware, this auto close baby safety gate is easy to install.


  • High durability and safety are provided with the inclusion of a double lock so it becomes difficult for kids to open.
  • It is made lead-proof, chew-proof, and comes with a non-toxic finish.

4. Safety Baby Gate, 29.5-40.5 inch Auto Close Features

Safety Baby Gate,29.5-40.5 inch Auto Close Features

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The 29.5-40.5 inch Auto Close baby gate in the current discussion is made perfect for installing in the hallway, doorway, and bottom of the staircase.  The overall process of setup is easy with the help of the pressure mount design. There is a gap that will be eliminated once you complete the installation.


  • There is a presence of a 6-inch broad extension kit and there are 4 pressure mount spindle rods.
  • This gate can be rapidly removed out of the opening for hassle-free storage.
  • With an all-steel design, it is made durable and stable.

3. Munchkin Auto Close Pressure Mount Baby Gates

Munchkin Auto Close Pressure Mount Baby Gate for Stairs

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Recognized as a pressure-fit baby safety gate, it comes with the appropriate hardware mounting kit to increase safety. You can set it up in staircases and doorways. Generally, this auto close pressure mount baby gate is suitable for kids aged 6 to 24 months.


  • It is quite easy to open by the simple pull and lift handle. Therefore, it provides a single handed operation.
  • The closing process is easy – just push the gate to close and then lock it.
  • The 21.5” wide walk through facilitates hassle-free in and out access.

2. Heele Metal Mesh Auto Close Baby Gates

Heele Metal Mesh Baby Gate Auto Close Safety Gate

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The large size and extra width make this metal mesh baby gate suitable for most of the doors. This huge walk through gate makes it easy to walk while holding your baby. In addition, it is always safe to use as its design has a double lock safety releaser. Therefore, babies and kids will find it difficult to open the gate.


  • With the simple pressure mount, it works best for doorways, stairs, hallways, etc.
  • It can withstand a maximum 200-pound impact.

1. Cumbor 43.3” Auto Close Baby Safety Gates

Cumbor 43.3” Auto Close Safety Baby Gate

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Your curious little ones would not be able to go through to the dangerous place by the set up of this baby gate at the top part of the stairs. The included double-lock safety release makes it hard for toddlers to open the gate on their own.


  • The implemented steel design makes this baby gate to withstand up to 210-pound impacts.
  • It comes with a large 23.6″ walk thru the gate that makes it simple to walk while holding your baby.

Concluding Note:

These auto close baby safety gates are dedicated to offering great safety to your baby and toddler. These gates will help preventing your babies from accessing the dangerous places in your home. Your baby safety is very importance, thus please install one of the gates to protect your babies from harm ways.

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