Top 10 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan in 2021 – Reviews

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Bathrooms are the ideal places for molds and mildew development. This is encouraged by the presence of condensed moisture that sticks into the walls. It can lead to awful smells, which make the bathrooms environment unpleasant. To eliminate moisture clogging in your bathroom, you need proper ventilation or fan. Integrating these features in a shower room helps in ensuring there is adequate air circulation. Also, the fresh dry air helps to reduce bad odors.

Bathroom exhaust fans are among the best ways to deal with moistures in shower rooms. They are designed to ensure there is proper suction of humidity, which helps in eliminating moisture. Especially when using hot water, there is a high likelihood of water condensing on cold walls or glass windows. To get an ideal fan, you need to check a variety of features. But, this list offers an easy way to get the best shower room exhaust fans.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Buying Guide

  • Noise Level: The noise level is an essential feature to check whenever you are buying a fan. Unlike other noise emitting devices, exhaust fans are measured in sones. The higher the rating, the higher the noise it emits. To enjoy comfort and peace of mind, one needs to have a quiet fan. There are some of the fans with large capacity but have lower noise levels. They are great since they work unnoticed when fitted in bathrooms or other places.
  • Air Capacity: The air sucking capacity is always expressed in cubic feet per minute. This number usually indicates the capacity of your target fan. Although the higher number indicates exhaust fan capacity, it is also essential to check the room size. There is no need to add an extra-large fan in a room than can be catered for by small fans.
  • Additional Features: Nowadays, fans come with a variety of features. They are designed to ensure there is added functionality of your fan. Some of the standard features include integrated light. This ensures you enjoy the fresh air while enjoying proper illumination. Others are fitted with a heating feature for offering hot bathing water. Apart from these, there are other fans with motion sensors, humidity sensors, and others.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan in 2021

10. Broan-Nutone AE110L InVent Single Speed Fan

By: Broan-Nutone

Broan-Nutone AE110L InVent Single Speed Fan

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The Broan-Nutone provides a crisp and refreshing bathroom. It has great action that allows it to create proper moisture elimination. This fan comes with LED and fan combo. Therefore, apart from enabling air circulation, it provides extra efficient moist air removal. Boasting 1.0 Sones it has an ideal application since it can be fitted in different rooms. Amazingly, it has 110 CFM, which provides superb air suction. Therefore, it becomes simple to keep the air clear and fresh.

With simple installation, this fan can be fitted without an expert. The fan can be mounted on the room-side, and there is no attic access needed. Moreover, there is a highly reliable performance. This is due to TrueSeal damper technology InVent fan that reduces air leakages by 50%. With this fan, it has excellent construction to allow it to work on bathrooms without issues.


  • Large air removal capacity
  • Great sealing to prevent moisture damage
  • Ideal for different purposes
  • LED light


  • Light doesn’t dim

9. Win Air Ventilation Fan Bathroom Exhaust Fan

By: Win Air

Win Air Ventilation Fan Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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Dry air is vital for keeping bathroom refreshing. Win Air ventilation exhaust fan is created with perfection to keep shower moisture-free. Despite the high performance, this fan is ultra-quiet. In fact, it has 0.8 sones, which means reduced noise. The powerful air movement of 110 CFM ensures it efficiently remove moist air from your bathroom. The construction ensures this fan suits every décor. This is due to the polymeric cover.

The high capacity means it offers reliable air circulation. As a result, the fan provides excellent feeling bathrooms. With dry air, it means no more moulds or unwanted smells. Unlike other large and heavy fans, this is light and doesn’t have complicated installation. Due to superior construction, it has high reliability and doesn’t suffer damage by moisture. Certified by Energy Star and UL listed, the fan is safe and offers high energy efficiency.


  • Great for all decors
  • Extra silent operation
  • Light and quick installation


  • Has only single speed

8. Delta BreezGreenBuilder GBR100 Exhaust Bath Fan


Delta BreezGreenBuilder GBR100 Exhaust Bath Fan

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The Delta BreezeGreeBuilder is a strong exhaust fan that creates a superb feeling. It has outstanding performance, which provides large room usage. Unlike other exhaust fans, this offers increased performance while maintaining quiet operations. Additional, designed with 1.4 sones that ensure this unit woks without causing noise disturbances. The indicator on this fan notifies you when it is running. Thus, even when running quietly, there is an easy way to tell when it is operating.

For increased performance, the fan is fitted with a brushless DC motor. This allows for high energy efficiency, which is great for reduced power consumption. The improved reliability enables the fan to work for a long time under bathroom conditions. Moreover, galvanized steel construction is fantastic since it doesn’t corrode or rust. With 100 CFM, it has enough capacity to ensure there is reduced air moisture in the bathroom.


  • DC brushless motor
  • Galvanized steel casing
  • Light indicator


  • Installation is tricky

7. Broan Quiet Ventilation Fan & Light Combo 110 CFM

By: Broan – Nu Tone

Broan Quiet Ventilation Fan & Light Combo 110 CFM


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Enjoying a cool bathroom or bedroom relies on the air circulation. Broan quiet fan is versatile and reliable. It can be used in bathrooms as well as bedrooms. It keeps air fresh due to the ability to circulate a large amount of air. Rated at 110 CFM, the fan is reliable for large rooms as well as shower rooms. Apart from keeping the air fresh, it has integrated light. Therefore, the unit is great for lighting your room.

Due to the superior construction, the fan can withstand high moisture without short-circuiting. Even when used in extreme bathroom conditions, the fan doesn’t suffer from reduced performance. The decorative polymeric grille offers excellent blending with any ceiling. Installing this unit is superbly easy since it comes with a flexible duct. Despite the high performance, this exhaust is rated 0.7 sones, which quieter than other fans.


  • Easy installation
  • Quieter than rivals
  • Flexible duct
  • Integrated fluorescent light


  • Not ideal near outside walls

6. KAZE APPLIANCE Ultra Quiet Exhaust Fan with LED Light


KAZE APPLIANCE Ultra Quiet Exhaust Fan with LED Light


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Kaze Appliance exhaust fan is one way to enjoy a great feeling bathroom. It is efficient in eliminating moist air that can cause mold development. It works in different places including bedrooms and bathrooms. Designed to fit most ceiling openings, this exhaust fan is impressive. Apart from strong motor fan, it also has fitted LED light. Enhanced with super-bright illumination, the light consumed low energy. Due to the high engineering, the exhaust fan lasts for long without suffering from common damp conditions related issues.

The 6 inches dust adapter and double hanger mounting bars ensure there is ease of installation. Therefore, connecting your fan to an exhaust outlet is super simple which ensures there are no complications when installing. The light is ideal for connecting to house wiring or individual switch. Moreover, the sleek grille is compatible with different ceilings without affecting the overall appearance.


  • Sleek looking grille
  • Double mounting hangers
  • East to connect to the house lighting switch
  • Super quiet fan


  • Water drips from the fan

5. Tatsumaki LD-120 CFM Electric Exhaust Bathroom Fan

By: Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki LD-120 CFM Electric Exhaust Bathroom Fan

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The Tatsumaki electric exhaust fan is designed to enable fresh air in different rooms. In fact, it’s not restricted to the bathroom, which allows people to use it in different places. The fan is perfect for different exhaust ducts. The device is ultra-quiet, which eliminates disturbances when relaxing in your house. Therefore, even when installed in your bathroom or living room, there is no disturbing noise. Moreover, clocking 1007 rpm, it has excellent suction to allow efficient air refreshing.

 The ability to deliver 120 CFM ensures the fan can work in any room measuring 120 square feet. Thus, even people with large bathrooms, this unit is highly reliable. The strong suction is reliable for maintaining rooms fresh and free from elevated moisture levels. With this fan, it has easy connectivity with 4 inches ceiling vent connector. Unlike the earlier units, this comes with LED light for night illumination. Thus, once installed in a bathroom, there is no additional bulb needed.


  • Near silent operation
  • Ideal for large rooms
  • Bright LED light


  • No fan speed settings

4. BV Ultra-Quiet 0.8 Sone Bathroom Ventilation & Exhaust Fan

By: BV

BV Ultra-Quiet 0.8 Sone Bathroom Ventilation & Exhaust Fan


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BV bathroom ventilation and exhaust fan is ensuring everyone enjoy a refreshing experience. It has an exceptionally low noise fan with 0.8 sones. Therefore, when used in different ventilation, there is no more disturbing noise. In fact, the vent offers smart silent technology to allow exceptional low noise. Due to the expert design, the exhaust fan has an admirable look to fit in any ceiling and décor.

The exhaust is designed to work in bathrooms measuring 90 square feet effectively. The stainless steel body is durable and doesn’t suffer from corrosion or rust. With heavy-duty motor, it is life lubricated as well as thermal protected. Since the engineering of this exhaust entails experts, it offers long-time operation. Moreover, it can provide continuous operation for long without overheating. The appliance comes with all installation accessories for quick mounting.


  • Thermal protected motor
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Lifetime lubricated parts


  • Lacks integrated light

3. Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan

By: Panasonic

Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan

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Panasonic FV-30VQ3 is one of the top-performing and reliable ventilation fans. Boasting heavy-duty construction, this fan is safe to work on bathrooms without as well as other rooms. The sealed design ensures the circuit doesn’t get damaged by moisture. Also, the casing is made to last without chipping paint due to moisture. The exhaust is rated 290 CFM, which allows it to be suitable for light commercial application. Once installed your home, it helps to keep air circulating hence refreshing feeling.

Despite the high performance, this unit is designed to deliver high performance. In fact, it uses less energy, which is superb for ensuring no bill hike. The double hanger design is fantastic for increasing the mounting ease. By installing this exhaust, it ensures no more moisture, mildew and other air pollutants.


  • Great airflow capacity
  • Ideal for commercial purposes
  • Efficient motor heat dissipation


  • Noisy than rivals

2. Broan-NuTone 655 Bath Fan & Light with Heater

By: Broan-NuTone

Broan-NuTone 655 Bath Fan & Light with Heater

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Broan-nu tome 655 ventilation fan comes with a combination of different features. Unlike other exhaust fans, this one has an integrated heater and light. Therefore once installed on the bathroom, it allows for hot showers without an additional heater. The 1300W heater is ideal for providing comforts to your bathroom. Even during the cold season, it ensures the body gets perfectly heated bathing water. The ability to suck moist air ensures there is a great feeling and prevents steam from condensing on walls.

 Amazingly, the insulation contact unit is designed to allow the unit to be installed easily. However, it ensures the light is exposed correctly to deliver excellent illumination. Having this unit installed in any bathroom allows for maximum experience. The grille is made from polymeric, which provides great décor complement. The unit is simple to use and has passed different safety tests and certifications.


  • Water heating unit
  • Reliable LED light
  • Permanently lubricated motors


  • Consumes a lot of power

1. Air King BFQL50 BFQL Exhaust Fan 

By: Air King

Air King BFQL50 BFQL Exhaust Fan

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Keeping your bathroom dry without foul smell due to mold and mildew is a significant step. This Air king exhaust fan is a reliable option for all people. Its white polymeric grille suits all the ceilings without complicating your process. Measuring 10 by 10 inches, mounting it in your ceiling opening is simple. With high-performance plastic, it lasts for years and enables quiet operation. In fact, the housing helps to shield noise; hence, the fan operates without alerting people.

The 50 CFM airflow capacity is terrific for standard bathroom. This means efficient moisture removal. Also, the 0.8 sones make this exhaust fan one of the quietest. Unlike most of the fans, this has snap- installation. This renders it easy to mount, and everyone can install it. The featuring LED light is fantastic for keeping the bathroom illuminated.


  • Snap-in ceiling installation system
  • Heavy-duty plastic housing
  • Energy start certified


  • Low air capacity than rivals


Exhaust fans for bathrooms are great to keep air dry. Unlike shower rooms without fans, these devices are efficient for eliminating excessive moisture. Available for different sized bathrooms, there are no more molds and mildews once you install a reliable bathroom exhaust fan. 


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