Top 10 Best Bathtub Trays in 2022 – Reviews

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If you want to relax in your bathtub after a hard day at the office, you need a Bathtub Tray. It is designed to add a lot of functionality and style to your bath. You can enjoy a bit of wine, read books, light up your aromatherapy candles and even carry along your phone without worry that you will drop in the water. This is the true meaning of relaxation.

Nevertheless, with plenty of options accessible on the market, selecting the best Bathtub Trays can be tricky. To help you. We have done some extensive research and come up with a list of the top ten Best Bathtub Trays in 2022 that you can invest in.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Bathtub Trays

  • Material: As you know, bathrooms have high humidity. With that, you need to look for bathtub caddy that is moisture-proof and water-resistant. Bathtub trays that are crafted from stainless steel or bamboo are the best.
  • Functionality: When you are picking a beautiful bathtub tray, you should likewise look at its functionality. A good bathtub tray is one that has an extendable design to make sure it can fit in modern bathtubs. Moreover, look at the capacity of the compartment the tray, ensure that is it spacious enough to accommodate scented candles, wineglass, book, tablet and more.
  • Convenience: Before you purchase any bathtub tray, you must consider the comfort it will bring. Make sure the product you select has hand grooves and rubberized side support to hold all the bathroom accessories in place.

Best Bathtub Trays in 2022

10. ToiletTree Bathtub Tray Clear Acrylic Caddy

By: ToiletTree Products

ToiletTree Bathtub Tray Clear Acrylic Caddy 

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ToiletTree bathtub caddy is a sturdy and durable caddy that fits most bathtubs. It is 33” long and 9” deep and come with convenient handles making it easy to place it across the tub and will not scratch your bathtub surface. Ideally, the bathtub caddy has a generous size, and you can set your grooming supplies such as shaving cream, razors, fingernail clippers, a mirror, tweezers and more.

The product is made from high-quality stainless steel and features rust-proof handles to add elegance in your bathtubs. Moreover, it has a see-through and transparent acrylic surface that enables you to enjoy colourful bath bubbles and bubbles. Above all, the caddy allows you to keep your tablet, e-reader and cell-phones close and convenient.


  • See-through acrylic surface
  • Stainless steel and rust-proof handles
  • 33” long and 9” deep
  • Perfect for any décor
  • Designed to last
  • Keep your e-reader, tablet close by

9. Bamboo Wooden Bathtub Tray/Caddy with Tablet Holder

By: My Little Spa

Bamboo Wooden Bathtub Tray/Caddy with Tablet Holder   Get it now on

My Little Spa caddy is crafted with luxury in mind and features an innovative design. It is crafted from original 100 percent bamboo wood material, making it durable and long-lasting. Moreover, it is it has a lucre layer finishing that makes it resistant to water. The tray is expandable to fit most bathtub sizes while creating greater space for you. What’s more, this wooden caddy will give you the freedom to enjoy movies, drinks while you relax on the bathtub.

Another thing, you are guaranteed safety of your accessories as the caddy does not slide on the tray. It has a versatile accommodation space for your tablet, laptop and other bathroom accessories.


  • Strong, durable and waterproof
  • Non-sliding bathtub tray
  • Has a luxurious design
  • Crafted from 100% bamboo wood material
  • Expandable and made for two

8. Monsuri Extendable Bathtub Tray with Wine Glass Holder and Book Holder

By: Monsuri

Monsuri Extendable Bathtub Tray with Wine Glass Holder and Book Holder

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This is perhaps one of the most impressive Bathtub Tray in the market. It is crafted from sustainable and beautiful natural bamboo wood that is both environmentally friendly and luxurious. It is going to hold all your bath essentials as you indulge in a luxury treating session. On top of that, this Bathtub Tray is entirely extendable to fit most tubs, and it can be expanded from 29.5 inches to 42 inches. What’s more, it will ensure that everything that is on the tray is safe, so you can sit back and enjoy your moment.

The Bathtub Tray features an attached neoprene sleeve that will give secure support for your cell phone, Kindle and iPad. Subsequently, it is big enough even to hold laptop safety. The Soapdish is included and has a beautiful finish to complement your rooms décor.


  • Completely adjustable to fit any tub
  • Crafted from sustainable natural bamboo wood
  • Has an elegant design
  • Soapdish included
  • Big enough to hold a laptop
  • Adjustable metal reading stand

7. Wooden-Life Luxurious Bathtub Caddy Tray with Tablet Holder and Cellphone Tray

By: Wooden-Life

Wooden-Life Luxurious Bathtub Caddy Tray with Tablet Holder and Cellphone Tray

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Wooden-life bathtub caddy tray offers an unmatched spa-like experience. It will allow you to enjoy a glass of wine, lighting a candle, watching your favorite TV shows on your tablet or reading fashion magazines while relaxing on your bathtub. Subsequently, this caddy tray is made of 100 percent eco-friendly natural bamboo, and it is covered with a thin protective coat making it long-lasting, durable, robust and looking amazingly neat.

The bathtub caddy is adjustable to fit most bathtubs and can be extended from 29.5 inches to 39.3 inches. On top of that, this multipurpose caddy tray can also be used as a breakfast tray, laptop desk, serving desk for kids/parents or writing desk for kids.


  • Made of eco-friendly natural bamboo
  • Multi-purpose lap desk
  • Adjustable from 29.5 to 39.3 inches
  • 2 removable soap storage shelves
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Looks amazingly-neat

6. Bambüsi Luxury Bathtub Bamboo Bath Caddy Tray Caddy

By: Bambüsi

Bambüsi Luxury Bathtub Bamboo Bath Caddy Tray Caddy    Get it now on

Made from natural bamboo, this Caddy Tray is both non-toxic and eco-friendly. It is also covered with a protective coating that makes it durable and waterproof. The caddy extends from 31 inches when closed and 41 inches when extended. Also, it includes a non-slip silicone grip protecting it from sliding. The tray is equipped with a rust-proof metal reading rack that will hold your books and tablets safely.

And yes, the tub tray includes 2 removable organizer trays, wine bottle slot, wine glass holder and cell phone holder. It is both stylish and modern and will stay firmly in place.


  • Large, extendable and non-slip
  • Sturdy, durable and waterproof
  • 2 removable organizer trays
  • Made from durable bamboo material
  • Includes non-slip silicone grips
  • Extend from 31 inches to 43 inches

5. BOSSJOY Wood Bamboo Luxury Bathtub Bath Caddy Tray


BOSSJOY Wood Bamboo Luxury Bathtub Bath Caddy Tray

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If you want to have extra fun while taking a bath, check out BOSSJOY Wood Bamboo Luxury Tray. It extends from 29.5 inches up to 40.9 inches to accommodate all bathtubs. Furthermore, it comes with a wineglass holder, and cloth stands for tablet or a book, a candle/cup holder, a mobile phone tray and a removable tray for bathroom accessories. The cloth stand can support reading gadgets and has 3 modifiable reading angles for the better viewing experience of tablets, eReader or book.

Constructed from natural bamboo, that is non-toxic, eco-friendly and durable, this Bath Caddy Tray will serve for many years to come. Lastly, this tray is carefully made with numerous slots for storing many items.


  • Beautiful equipment for Bathtub
  • Made from natural bamboo
  • Has a wineglass holder
  • Extend from 29.5 inches to 40.9 inches
  • Cloth stand flip up to support the tablet

4. Sugarwood Home bamboo bathtub caddy Bed Table and Bathtub Tray

By: Sugarwood

Sugarwood Home bamboo bathtub caddy Bed Table and Bathtub Tray

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If you are searching for a stylish and extendable bathtub caddy, Sugarwood Home Bathtub Tray should be your best bet. It has smooth artistry and is made of natural bamboo wood that is mold-free. In addition to that, the wooden structure will never warp under hot water or humidity. The Bathtub Tray has extended, and carefully constructed legs and are fastened using screws to ensure that is sturdy and levelled.

What’s more, it features a reading rack that can hold a laptop and other bathroom accessories. Subsequently, it has silicone grip prevents slipping while the sides extend to fit all the bathtub.


  • Elegant and chic design
  • Multi-functional and slip-resistant
  • Extendable and foldable
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Adjustable in length and height
  • Built from organic bamboo wood

3. BAMBUROBA Bathtub Bamboo Bathroom Caddy Tray with Expandable Sides


BAMBUROBA Bathtub Bamboo Bathroom Caddy Tray with Expandable Sides

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This is fancy bathtubs tray receives many positive feedbacks on the quality it offers. It is suitable for most bathtubs in the market, and they are designed to expand from 29.5 inches to 43.3 inches. What’s more, you can not only use it as a bathtub caddy but also a bathtub organizer as it has a metal frame to hold the book, iPad, tablet and even PC easily. Moreover, it features a phone slot, cup holder, wine glass slot, and it is well designed; hence, there is no worry about accessories fall off.

The product is made from 100% natural MOSO bamboo and thin protective coat layer that makes it durable and long-lasting. All in all, it is easy to use, and there is no assembly required.


  • Expand from 29.5 to 43.3 inches
  • Metal frame to hold a tablet
  • Crafted from 100% natural MOSO bamboo
  • No assembly required
  • Can hold a pc easily
  • Highly durable and water-resistant

2. Estala Bathtub Tray Bamboo Bathroom Caddy

By: Estala

Estala Bathtub Tray Bamboo Bathroom Caddy 

  Get it now on

This Bamboo Bathroom Caddy is designed to safely hold a tablet, iPad, Kindle, Android device and book. It is made to be non-slip and super stable so that you can have peace of mind while relaxing on your bath soak. The Bathroom Caddy will stay crack-free and features an extendable size to fit almost all bathtub. It is adjustable from 30 inches to 43 inches when fully extended and offers plenty of sturdy and flat space to place your bathtub accessories.

The product comes with an affordable price, and it is simple to use. To sum up, it will bring a sense of beauty and wellness routine as you feel glamorous and empowered all day and every day.


  • Crafted from 100% water-resistant bamboo
  • Strong extendable sides
  • Bamboo bath soap holder
  • Non-slip grip bottom
  • Has plenty of sturdy and flat space
  • Affordable and simple to use

1. ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Bamboo Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray


ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Bamboo Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

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ROYAL Bamboo bathtub Caddy is both safe and sturdy without being too large or heavy. It will fit most bathtubs, and we are sure that it will work wonders for you. The caddy tray is made from high-quality bamboo wood, making it durable and eco-Friendly. Moreover, it is resistant to water and promises a supper comfortable life. The side is extendable up to 43 inches and no specific tools or special skills needed to expand.

Overall, this fantastic bathtub tray allows you to place a cup of coffee or tea, a glass of wine and enjoy a relaxing and luxurious bath like a king.


  • Safe, sturdy and built to last
  • Made from high-quality bamboo wood
  • Suitable for all bathtub types
  • No specific tools required to adjust
  • Waterproof and durable


Bathing is great, and to make it more relaxing and much better than ever, get yourself the best bathtub trays. It will eliminate the need for stretching your arm to reach a glass of wine or your phone. The Bathtub trays listed above are durable and do not rust. They are extendable meaning that they can fit most of the bathtub in the market. Any of the above picks will serve you well and will take your bathroom experience to the next level.


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