10 Best Cell Phone Sleeve Reviews for 2021

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If you are having a new smartphone, of course, it is a good idea to have it protected well. Of this review, we are going to suggest a list of the top 10 best cell phone sleeve reviews for your consideration. If you are looking for such a protection with spaces for your smartphone, then this list will give you plenty of very good choices you can select. They are also among the very popular ones, highly rated by previous users.

10. SHANSHUI Phone Card Holder, Silicone 3M Adhesive Stick-on ID Credit Card Wallet Phone Case Pouch Sleeve Pocket Compatible with Most of Smartphones(iPhone/Android/Samsung Galaxy) – 5 Pack

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Available in many beautiful colors, this SHANSHUI phone card holder is the first to recommend. This phone holder has been very well designed along with smart spaces for your cards to be stalled there. This phone card holder, particularly fits with most smartphones including Samsung Galaxy, Iphones, and more. It can be inserted easily while it has a good space for your cards. Other than this, you can see from the picture that it looks really nice, and it has up to 5 per pack.

9. Phone Card Holder Stretchy Lycra Wallet Pocket Credit Card ID Case Pouch Sleeve 3M Adhesive Sticker Compatible with iPhone Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphones

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This other design is a beautiful Phone Card Holder with a very smart design you can place in some cards as well as some cash for your needs. When you feel so annoyed with the bulky wallet, then this phone card holder will help you ease the discomfort. It comes in as a universal size to fit all and fit tight with high safety. Good materials have also been used. Thus, you can expect this to hold your phone and cards well and for long. It will also be easily inserted or removed.

8. CardNinja Ultra-Slim Self Adhesive Credit Card Wallet for Smartphones, Black

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CardNinja is also another recommended cell phone sleeve in our list. It can store up to 8 cards and some cash inside its durable fabric with a good elasticity. The sleeve is designed not only to look very nice but also functional for the use. It additionally comes with the 3M adhesive, which will leave mess over your phone back after removing it. Even more, the seller of this phone sleeve includes the three month worry free guarantee for you.

7. TOPWOOZU Phone Card Holder with Ring Grip for Back of Phone,Adhesive Stick-on Credit Card Wallet Pocket for iPhone,Android and Smartphones

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TOPWOOZU phone card holder is our next review. This card holder is available in three beautiful colors including red, rose gold, and metal. Needless to say, from the picture, you can tell this card holder is extremely durable while it has multiple spaces for your many cards. Some cash notes can also be inserted there for your convenience from the discomfort of using the bulky wallet. For the compatibility, this phone card holder will be right to most of the phones available out there.

6. Stretchy Cell Phone Stick on Wallet Card Holder Phone Pocket for iPhone, Android and All Smartphones

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Designed great to work both for Android and iOS phones, this stretchy cell phone stick card holder is a very good design you can have a look. It is like an extra pocket you attach to the back of your phone while giving you spaces for cards and cash. Once you have got this, your bulky wallet will no longer be important. And of the pack, you will get two of the best cell phone sleeves. Many colors are also available for selection.

5. 2Pack Adhesive Phone Pocket,Cell Phone Stick On Card Wallet Sleeve,Credit Cards/ID Card Holder

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Highly elastic, this is the adhesive phone pocket you may like to check out. It comes in two per pack, and it has such a very good quality to make many buyers happy for having purchased it. The phone pocket itself is small and designed to attach to the back of your smartphone. However, it has a very handy and functional space for your needs to store cards, cash or even earphones. The cell phone sleeve will fit well for any smartphone you may have.

4. BIAJIYA Phone Card Holder RFID Wallet Credit Adhesive Cell Case Stick-on Card Holder for Back of Phone for Most of Smartphones

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Next to see is the BIAJIYA Phone Card Holder. This is a good alternative design to the normal wallet you may have. If you do not like using the big, bulky wallet, then this phone card holder should be among the right ones for you. It is best for cards as well as cash. And it sticks on the back of your cell phone of any versions, designs or sizes. In addition, it comes with a ring which you can insert your finger in and hold it for long for your entertainment.

3. Self Adhesive Credit Card Wallet, SHANSHUI Credit Card ID Card Holder for LG,Piexl,HTC,BLU,Sony,Motorola,Huawei Smart Phone Case

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The eight best cell phone sleeve in our list is the design from SHANSHUI. It is a nice credit card wallet that is adhesive to your phone back. It will work with any kind of smartphone you have, and it gives you plenty of space for holding your credit cards and some cash if you need to. It sticks will to your phone while there will be no sticky residue when you need to remove it. To attach, you would just need to peel off the cover and stick it to the back of your phone.

2. Vandel Pocket: Stick On Fabric Cell Phone Wallet

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The second last best cell phone sleeve is this Vandel Pocket. It is another stick on fabric wallet, and it works really well as card holders which you can also insert and store some cash inside. It is a very nice design, overall, and it has a few coloring looks you can select from. You will find this sleeve functional while very comfortable. It really functions in a fashionable way, in addition. It will fit well to any smartphone you have even though you have already got a cash on it.

1. Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet & RFID Blocking Sleeve, a Stick-On Stretchy Lycra Card holder Universally fits most Cell Phones & Cases. Xtra Tall Pocket Totally Covers Credit Cards & Cash

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Our last best cell phone sleeve is the Gecko Adhesive phone wallet. This sleeve is not only physically functional for its card holding purpose, but also owning the RFID feature. That is an extra safety quality of the phone wallet from being stolen by high tech devices. Meanwhile, just as you can see in the picture, this phone wallet is nice looking but very design along with multiple colors available you can pick your favorite you up.

Among all the cell phone sleeves in our list, they are having various designs, which many people find very interesting and loveable. On this matter, it is only individuals who know what kind of cell phone sleeve they like the most. However, in terms of quality, functionality and extra features such as RFID, you can trust this list for that. You will just need to know what you are looking for, you can pick that up from the list. It is going to be very satisfying for you, just like many have been with these best cell phone sleeves.


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