Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews

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The indoor space may sometimes get excessively cool. Under such situations, it is essential to combat the coolness and make the environment warm. When looking for space heaters, portability, and heating efficiency are the two prime aspects to focus on. The ceramic heaters are the best choices to heat the indoor space efficiently and quickly.  Moreover, in terms of energy consumption and performance, ceramic heaters are popular in the market. They are the safest kind of heaters. This is because they make use of a ceramic heating element. As a result, it reduces the risks of fire.

Moreover, the materials used in the ceramic heaters are not toxic. This makes heaters environmentally friendly and efficient. In most cases, there are no hassles regarding installation. Most of them come in a compact shape that allows easy storage when the hot weather condition returns. It is not only suitable for residential use but they are also fit for office, garage, basement, etc. The following article highlights the details of the best ceramic heaters.

Our List of Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters on Amazon:

10. PELONIS PHTPU1501 Ceramic Tower 1500W Indoor Space Heater

 PELONIS PHTPU1501 Ceramic Tower 1500W

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The ceramic heaters are usually the most effective kind of radiant heaters. This 1500W ceramic space heater can quickly heat up to 70°F temperature in 3 seconds. The implemented ceramic heating technology provides stable temperature output.  This seems comfortable to the body. Moreover, to ensure safety, there is the use of high-quality, cool-touch flame-resistant material.


  • The safety features implemented are overheating and tip-over switch protection.
  • It comes with a programmable thermostat element with 3 heating options namely low, high, and ECO mode.
  • The ECO setting provides energy-saving benefits depending on your ambient temperature.

9. Honeywell HCE322V Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

Honeywell HCE322V Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

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This digital ceramic heater is designed with dual motors and supports oscillation. During the operation, it offers 1500W efficient heating output. You can easily set up this portable heater in your home and enhance your comfort. Additionally, this appliance provides soothing warmth and saves money.


  • The HCE322V heater comes with a programmable thermostat and 2 heat settings.
  • It provides safety through the auto-off timer and tip-over protection.
  • The low setting does not need electricity to operate. Hence, it is energy efficient and provides an option for saving energy.

8. Space Heater with Remote – Instant Warm Ceramic Tower Heater Fan

 Space Heater with Remote - Instant Warm Ceramic Tower Heater

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This portable ceramic tower heater is famous for its quick speed operation. It comes with excellent portability and ease of use. It is easy to set this fan under the desk. You can choose among warm, fan, or hot wind selection to meet your needs. In addition, you could select the fan wind to get a gentle breeze. During the overheating situation, it will automatically shut off. If the unit is kicked down abruptly then the tip-over switch will turn off.


  • In this ceramic heater, there is the inclusion of remote control that provides a quick response. Additionally, this remote can work in the long range.
  • It is designed with a timer function that operates from 1-12 hours. Also, this timer would automatically shut off according to the time set in advance.
  • The user-friendly design ensures no need to remove turning off this heater.

7. OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heater, Digital Personal Heater

 OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heater

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What makes this OPOLAR ceramic space heater unique is it comes with two safety gears. They are namely overheating and tip-over protection. During the operation, this heater automatically turns off in case. This will ensure the protection of the heater’s body. Moreover, the use of durable ABS material resists damage due to flame. There are two heat settings included i.e. 750W and 1500W. You can choose a suitable one as per the need.


  • It allows you to adjust the temperature in the range of 60 and 95 Fahrenheit degrees.
  • The set temperature is shown on the digital LED screen.
  • It is easy to set the time to shut on and off. Additionally, you can choose this time to determine the working hours of this heater.

6. Lasko 5586 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote

 Lasko 5586 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

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In this Lasko ceramic heater, an efficient heating element is included. It comes implemented with the safety features. Using the electronic remote, you can change different settings. The set temperature and different readings are shown on the digital display. Typically, this space heater is a wonderful choice for heating any living space like a bedroom, office, etc. Moreover, all the electronic controls are simple to use.


  • The 1500 Watts of heating power provides comforting warmth.
  • It comes equipped with the digital controls along with the programmable thermostats. Also, an 8-hour timer is included.
  • There is support for extensive oscillation and sharp air velocity push to make the room warm.

5. Oscillating Bathroom Space Heater with IP21 Waterproof

Oscillating Bathroom Space Heater

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In this 1500W ceramic heater, and the adjustable thermostat is included. It provides excellent heating output to quickly warm up the room. This oscillating space heater is perfect for the bedroom, living room, office, etc. Thus, you will be no longer feel cold during winter. Certain safety features are implemented considering the protection of the user. Moreover, heat coverage is wide.


  • This heater will quickly heat within 3 seconds due to the included ceramic heating elements.
  • It comes with 3 settings namely fan, 750 W, and 1500 W.
  • During the overheating situation, it will automatically switch off.

4. COSTWAY Ceramic Heaters, 1000 W/1500 W Portable Space Heater

COSTWAY 1000W/1500W Portable Space Heater

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COSTWAY equipped this model of the heater with an efficient ceramic heating element. The high power output makes sure the heating is accomplished quickly in seconds. There is the implementation of the flame retardant properties. This ensures safety. In addition to heating, you can also use its fan output.


  • This portable space heater can rotate from side to side in 72 degrees. Hence, it can uniformly heat the whole room. The consistent temperature is maintained.
  • It comes with a wireless remote control allowing you to adjust the angle.
  • There is a 1-8 hours timer included.

3. Aikoper 1500 W Ceramic Tower Heater, Portable Electric Oscillating Heaters

Aikoper Space Heater,

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Now you can get instant warmth with the help of this portable ceramic heater. During the operation, it creates a gentle heat current. This provides quick heat output. Moreover, there is the implementation of ceramic heating technology that eliminates cold instantly.


  • The maximum 1500 w power and two heat settings convey efficient heat output.
  • The temperature adjustments are done based on a 1°F interval. This enables you to personalize your preferred temperature.
  • An ECO setting is included. It enables the heater to automatically turn on/off by comparing the room temperature with a set temperature.

2. Aireplus 1500 W Electric Ceramic Heaters, Oscillating Heater

 Aireplus Space Heater,

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Whenever you turn on this Aireplus ceramic tower heater, it delivers heat output quickly. You will get instant warmth to stay warm during winter. This heater comes as fully assembled. Thus, there is no concerns regarding improper assembly process. The clear display and control button helps you to effectively use this electric heater.


  • There are 3 heating options included. They are 900W, 1500W, and ECO.
  • The range of temperature adjustment is 40 F- 95 F with ±1F temperature adjustment.
  • It comes with 8 hours timer to customize the heat output.

1. De’Longhi Ceramic Heaters, 24″, Dark Gray

De'Longhi Ceramic Tower Heater

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What makes this ceramic tower heater famous is it contains multiple heat settings. The corresponding functions assist to reduce energy consumption. Additionally, the silent system decreases noise during the operation. The entire working mechanism is safe and efficient.


  • The motorized oscillation distributes hot air to the entire room.
  • It comes with a user-friendly digital control panel with a bright LCD screen.
  • A 24-hour timer is included.
  • The ECO function saves energy.

Concluding Note:

These best ceramic heaters work effectively to heat the room or living space. They are energy-efficient and convey great safety during the operation.


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