Top 10 Best Deep Fryers in 2021 Reviews

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The use of the right kitchen appliances and the right cooking techniques make a great difference in the taste of cooked food. It is rightly said that cooking is an art and this art can be best explored by the use of appropriate kitchen appliances. Generally, French fries prove to be the common snack for almost every households. For this purpose, deep fryers seem like a good investment. Not only that you could make French fries with this appliance but you can also make many other crispy foods as well.

To make the most out of the deep fryers, you need to carefully choose the right oil. This is because the particular oil needs to be hot enough in order to fry the batter without entering the food. With the use of deep fryers, it is sure that you will not fall sick due to the excess use of oil in the recipes. You also need to look at the factors that influence the purchase of the deep fryers. To know more, take a look at the details of the best deep fryers given below:

List of Top 10 Best Deep Fryers in 2021 Reviews:

10. Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer, 4 Quart

Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer

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The CDF-200 deep fryers are capable to fry potatoes, onion rings, donuts, chicken as well as other vegetables and much more. Its huge 4-quart capacity successfully cooks up to 2.3 pounds of food items at the convenience of your home. Besides, there is a built-in 1800W immersion-style heating element. This element makes sure heating is uniform and quick.


  • In this Cuisinart deep fryer, there is a big stainless mesh basket equipped with a cool-touch handle.
  • It comes with excellent portability.
  • The cooked food will be uniformly heated.

9. DeLonghi D44528DZ Livenza Easy Clean Deep Fryers

DeLonghi D44528DZ Livenza Easy Clean Deep Fryer

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It is not a recommended idea to waste oil during cooking. Keeping in mind this point, this DeLonghi deep fryer employs an easy draining technique. Thus, the leftover oil is easily and instantly removed with the help of an easy-to-clean draining mechanism. Since the cool zone is big, the food particles would drop inside the large cool zone in order to keep the oil clean.


  • There are no hassles associated with the cleanup process. Moreover, many of its parts are dishwasher-safe to convey safe cleaning benefits.
  • Its 1-gallon oil capacity is capable to perform large scale frying in order to serve cooked foods to your friends, family or party guests.

8. Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryers

 Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Fryer

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If you are looking for an electric deep fryers that are easy to use and capable to maintain a perfect taste in the fried recipes then go for this appliance. This deep fryer from Presto makes sure you need not set any controls. In addition, it maintains the perfect frying temperature on its own. At the convenience of your home, you can now prepare crispy, healthy deep-fried food. Additionally, you will get rid of a messy basket. Due to the presence of the nonstick surface inside and outside, it is quite easy to clean this electric deep fryer. In the pack, you will get a slotted scoop, magnetic safety cord, and snap-on storage lid.


  • The black-colored bucket-style countertop design makes it look beautiful.
  • The construction is made durable with the use of the heavy-duty cast aluminum and nonstick finish.
  • It will stay stable on your kitchen countertop because it comes with skid-resistant rubber feet.

7. Masterbuilt MB23012418 Butterball XL Electric Fryer

Masterbuilt MB23012418 Butterball XL Electric Fryer Stainless

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The Butterball XL fryer from Masterbuilt is electrically operated and it makes use of less oil, unlike the traditional deep fryers. There is the inclusion of a big basket that successfully accommodates huge food ingredients and recipes. Moreover, the process of clean-up is simplified with the help of the included drain valve and the dishwasher safe components.


  • This electric fryer comes with a chrome-wire basket and patented drain clips.
  • The process of cleanup is simplified by the oil drain valve.

6. OLYM STORE 12L Electric Countertop Deep Fryers

OLYM STORE 12L Electric Countertop Fryer, 5000W

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Equipped with 12 liters of capacity, this countertop deep fryer includes the dual electrical heads as well as power plugs. These components are useful for the single huge capacity tank application. This electric deep fryer allows you to fry two foods at two diverse temperatures. As a result, it saves you time while cooking. The overall operation is simplified by the presence of a temperature knob that regulates the tank separately. Subsequently, you can select the appropriate temperature as per the food to be cooked.


  • The fryer basket comes with a plastic handle to make sure you can handle this appliance properly.
  • The uniform heat distribution is allowed by the U-shaped stainless steel heating tubes.

5. 12L 5000W MAX Deep Fryer with 2 Baskets

12L 5000W MAX Deep Fryer with 2 Baskets

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The kitchen appliance in the present discussion is basically a dual tank fryer equipped with a huge capacity of 12 liters.  Implementation of the dual tank design allows this fryer to function efficiently. Generally, this 12L deep fryer is suitable for home uses and commercial uses as well. It allows you to cook food to serve for a huge mass of people.


  • This 5000W deep fryer is capable to cook french fries, egg rolls, onion rings, panko shrimp, fried chicken, and other deep-fried food recipes.
  • Its heavy-duty stainless steel assembly is resistant to corrosion.

4. Aigostar Ken Deep Fryer – 3L Electric Deep Fat Fryers

 Aigostar Ken Deep Fryer - 3L Electric Deep Fat Fryers

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When you intend to serve the fried recipes to a large number of people, this electric deep fat fryer is a decent choice. It works efficiently to fry sweet recipes and recipes like fish, onion rings, potatoes, doughnuts, chicken, fritters, shrimp and more. With the built-in 1800W heating element, the food will be fried quickly and with crispiness.


  • This Aigostar Ken deep fryer comes with a timer and variable temperature control. The supported temperature range is from 265°F – 375°F.
  • It comes with a huge 3 liters of capacity to serve fried foods to a small family up to 4 persons.

3. Oster CKSTDFZM37-SS1 Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

Oster CKSTDFZM37-SS1 Professional

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Now without any hassles, you can prepare restaurant-style fried food recipes with the desired crispiness. Basically, the aforementioned appliance is a family-size deep fryer that is efficient in its operation. Its internal structure houses a 1500W immersion heating element that allows quick and uniform frying.


  • Oster designed this deep fryer with stainless steel housing and cool-touch handles.
  • The fry basket comes with handle to effortlessly lift, lower, and drain foods.
  • To streamline the operation, it comes with a 30-minute timer equipped with automatic shut off functionality.

2. Kalorik XL 4.0L Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration System

Kalorik XL 4.0L Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration System

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When you are looking for a deep fryer that saves your time and money by reusing the filtered oil then go for this fryer. This Kalorik XL deep fryer is capable to prepare restaurant-quality fried recipes at your home. The oil stays clean for the subsequent uses. It is known that the filtered oil is saved in a separate container so that it can be used by a simple turn of a dial.


  • This deep fryer comes with time and temperature regulation up to 375°F / 190°C.
  • Its 4 liters of capacity is perfect for preparing meals for a large family.

1. WeChef 6L 2500W Electric Single Large Tank Deep Fryer

WeChef 6L 2500W Countertop Electric

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The WeChef deep fryer as mentioned above is an efficient 2500W deep fryer that comes with 6 liters of oil capacity. With this appliance, you can serve delicious fried recipes to a large number of people.


  • There is a large single tank equipped with a heavy-duty stainless steel assembly to offer high durability.
  • The included handles allow easy transportation and storage.

Concluding Note:

A wide range of delicious fried recipes can be prepared by any of these deep fryers. They save the oil during the use and add a crispy taste to the food.


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