Top 10 Best Dual Monitor Stands In 2021

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With the best dual monitor stand as part of your working space, you’ll not only enjoy improved ergonomics but also create more desk space.

And, choosing the one that suits your needs and preferences doesn’t have to be hard work. We’ve rounded up top dual monitor stands to help you get value for your money. Click through to discover your ideal model.

Best Dual Monitor Stand Review

10. IMtKotW Mount Stand

IMtKotW Mount Stand

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The IMtKotW comes with a gas spring that enables it to accommodate LCD monitors with a width of seventeen to thirty-two inches. Each arm can take as much as 17.6 pounds thanks to robust aluminum alloy construction. The frame is corrosion-resistant to guarantee years of reliable performance.

The unit can swivel at one eighty degrees with a forty-five degrees tilt. With such ability, this stand allows you to position your monitors at landscape or portrait positions in a breeze. One more thing – you can adjust the frame’s height between 5.3 and 16.3 inches depending on your needs.

Key Features
  • Full motion rotation
  • Sturdy spring system
  • Heavy-duty C clamp

9. EleTab Monitor Stand

EleTab Monitor Stand

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Improve your working experience with this monitor stand by EleTab. It offers a height adjustment range of 6.3 to 16.1 inches. Like the IMtKotW, the unit uses a gas spring system to accommodate the weight of your display screens while enabling a smooth adjustment motion.

You can fix monitors sized anywhere between 17 and 27 inches with this stand. Each arm can hold up to 14.3 pounds. Note – for the best experience, be sure to use VESA 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm mounts at the back. Reviewers point out the integrated cable management to help keep your desk organized with less clutter.

Key Features
  • Wider adjustment range
  • Stylish, up-to-date appearance
  • Smooth insertion mechanisms

8. Suptek Monitor Stand

Suptek Monitor Stand

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The Suptek is one of the best dual monitors if you are in for a model that can hold large screens. More specifically, it can fit displays measuring up to twenty-seven inches. Each arm can hold a whopping twenty-two pounds of weight. And yes, the back is compatible with 75x75mm or 100x100mm mounting holes.

This stand offers two installation options. You can use the C-clamp or opt for the grommet base. It works well with desks that have a thickness of four inches. And, if you’ve never used a dual monitor stand before, this one comes with a manual to guide through the setup and installation process.

Key Features
  • 360° Rotation
  • 400mm pole
  • Built-in tools holder

7. EVEO Mount Desk Arms

EVEO Mount Desk Arms

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This dual-monitor mounting arm is well-made, reliable, and flexible. The best part? You don’t have to break the bank to own it! It can hold displays as large as thirty inches with each arm capable of holding up to twenty pounds.

Installation is super easy – it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to get the entire thing up and ready for use. With three sixty rotation, you’ll always find a perfect position for your screens. Plus, you can extend the arm from 0.4 to 2.4 inches with a tilt of seventy degrees back and five degrees forward.

Key Features
  • Dual mounting option
  • Accommodates quick release plates
  • Integrated spring gauge

6. NB North Bayou Monitor Mount

NB North Bayou Monitor Mount

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We vouch for NB North Bayou as the best monitor arm for ultra-wide screens in its class. Highly versatile, this unit is compatible with small seventeen-inch displays and big twenty-seven inch LCDs. It allows you to rotate your displays at three sixty degrees with a tilt of +35° to -50°.

This stand touts integrated ultra-precision gas strut to enable you to reposition your screen with a touch. You can fiddle with the height up to 15.8 inches. The frame extends up to 18.5 inches to provide a stellar range of motion. Now that’s unrivaled flexibility right there!

Key Features
  • Tension adjustable
  • Full motion
  • Offers grommet installation

5. FEZIBO Mount Stand

FEZIBO Mount Stand

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You don’t have to leave a hole in your wallet to get the best dual monitor stand. This one by FEZIBO is not only reasonably priced by also feature-rich. For starters, it accommodates screens ranging from 17 to 32 inches. On top of that, the height adjusts to 23.6 inches, turning your desk into a standalone workstation.

The C-clamp supports a maximum desk thickness of 3.1 inches while the grommet mounting allows you to stretch the depth to 3.35 inches. Other highlights worth mentioning include the -35°to +35° tilt and up to 180° pan angle to provide ergonomic viewing.

Key Features
  • Durable construction
  • Easy adjustment
  • VESA plate compatibility

4. Huanuo Monitor Stand

Huanuo Monitor Stand

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This stand is an excellent pick if you care about aesthetics. Trendy design isn’t the only thing the arms have to offer, though. You get to enjoy full rotation and the ability to enjoy each arm up to twenty-nine inches.

Like most options in this round, the Huanuo can hold screens up to thirty-two inches with each arm having a load capacity of 17.6 pounds. Reviewers say the stand provides an incredibly smooth motion and that it is super sturdy. Many love the quick release brackets at the back while others solid frame for reliable performance.

Key Features
  • -35°to +45° Tilt
  • Cable management function
  • Gas spring adjustment system

3. WALI Monitor Mount

WALI Monitor Mount

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The WALI LCD stand is a no-frill model made for anyone who’s looking for a minimalist way to tidy up their workstation. It installs in a cinch and has a small footprint that will enable you to reclaim your desk space.

The arms can support monitors and TVs up to twenty-seven inches. We love the fact that this stand comes with spots for your power cables and HDMI, keeping everything looking clean. Meanwhile, the arms allow you to position your screen both horizontally and vertically – a standout function, especially when you consider this mount’s reasonable pricing.

Key Features
  • Demountable plates
  • Built-in tool holder
  • Height adjustment function

2. AmazonBasics Monitor Stand

AmazonBasics Monitor Stand

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We vouch for this model by AmazonBasics as the best dual monitor stand if you have the money to spend. With an ability to hold screens up to twenty-seven inches, this is the ultimate stand if you’re a gamer looking to create an immersive battle station.

The unit allows you to raise your monitor to a height of fifteen inches. Each arm extends independently, giving you more freedom with how you can position your screens. You can tilt your LCDs and seventy degrees back or and five degrees forward, a handy function when reading. And yes, the arms rotate between portrait and landscape modes.

Key Features
  • Easy to set up
  • One year limited warranty
  • Five-star overall performance

1. VIVO Monitor Desk Stand

VIVO Monitor Desk Stand

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This VIVO monitor stand is in a class of its own – in every sense of the word. Whether you have a tiny workstation that doesn’t have enough room for wide LCDs side-by-side or prefer working with stacked monitors, this inexpensive arm is worth every buck.

A perfect pick for artists, the stand allows you to tilt both monitors effortlessly. It has a load capacity of twenty-seven inches, with each arm handling about twenty-two pounds. The broad base offers the stability needed to reduce the wobbling of screens. Note – the bottom of the base has padding material to prevent scratching your desk.

Key Features
  • Built-in cable management
  • Full rotation
  • Independent height adjustment

How to Choose the Best Dual Monitor Stands – Buyer’s Guide

The market is awash with all sorts of dual monitor stands. Do you know what that means? Well, it implies that you have to do some considerations before spending your money on any specific model. Here’s what you should ask yourself;

What’s the Size of my Monitor?

The best dual monitor stand should accommodate the size of your screen. In fact, this is the number one deliberation before you proceed to everything else.

How Flexible is the Stand?

Of course, you’re better off with monitor arms that allow you to fiddle with how you position your screens. You should, for instance, be able to place your display horizontally or vertically, depending on your needs.

Also, check to see if the stand you plan to buy lets you tilt your screen forward and back at reasonable angles.

Do I Have Mounting Options?

See, the primary reason for investing in a dual monitor stand is to increase your workspace. You should, therefore, invest in a model that allows you to get as much room as possible. And, this means that an ideal model should allow you to mount using a C-clam or grommet, depending on what suits your needs.


With these dual monitor stand reviews, we trust you’re now in a better position to select a unit that works for your table and by extension, your workstation. Be sure to let us know how the stand you chose is working for you. Feel free to ask any questions regarding any model on this list, as well. Over to you!


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