Top 10 Best Electric Breast Pumps in 2021 – Reviews

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New mothers have to balance between work and baby feeding. Especially when the maternity leave is over or having excess milk, there is a need to store it safely. The ability to achieve this is through pumping milk to storage cups. Electric breast pumps are the ultimate ways to extract milk hygienically and comfortably. They are designed for that work; hence they don’t create problems like paining nipples and others.

Traditionally, people were used to manual pumps. But, nowadays, electric breast pumps are available and offer excellent performance. This is because manual ones are laborious and time-consuming. With electric ones, they make the process quick and safe. They eliminate the need to keep pumping, which is great for ensuring there no straining. The presence of different brands and types of breast pumps my make your purchase tricky. But, by exploring our list below guarantees quality and ease of purchase.

Electric Breast Pumps Buying Guide

  • Single vs. Double Pumps: There are different types of pumps available. Some are single, while others and double. Typically, a single pump enables the user to extract milk from one breast at a time. However, for double, they are ideal when you need to pump milk from both breasts simultaneously. Normally, double pumps are great since they improve efficiency.
  • Ease of Cleaning: The ease of cleaning should be paramount when buying a pump. In fact, one should look for a simple to clean system. Usually, most of the pumps today come with a protection mechanism to prevent milk from flowering backwards. As a result, when extracting milk, the system prevents flow back. Additionally, the cups and tubing should be easy to clean. Preferably, dishwasher safe components are ideal.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: The type of cells a pump utilize is essential for efficiency. In most cases, these devices come with rechargeable batteries. Thus ensure you can put it when not in use. The type and power rating are essential. Higher rated batterers are better since they work more while requiring less recharging.
  • Pump Display: The display is great for enabling easy settings. Usually, the new pumps are enhanced with different types of displays. Some are equipped with a simple display, while others have touchscreens. This makes it easy to select pressure and modes to deliver outstanding milk pumping

Best Electric Breast Pumps in 2021

10. PiAEK Rechargeable Portable Double Breastfeeding Pump


PiAEK Rechargeable Portable Double Breastfeeding Pump

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PiAEK double breast pumps offer every mom the ability to give baby excellent feeding. Designed the pump has massage mode, which is superb for ensuring increased milk flow. The suction cups are super soft and perfectly fitting which provides every user enjoys excellent comfort. In fact, the massage action helps to stimulate milk flow hence superb for smooth milk pumping. It creates great way to get milk easily and quickly.

Unlike the earlier versions that required moms to pump manually, this utilizes rechargeable batteries. Li-Ion battery offers up to 3- times of usage. Additionally, recharging the unit takes only 1.5 hours, which can be achieved using a power bank or laptop. This is because the pump has a USB charging interface hence excellent for every mom. With dishwasher parts, the pump is always easy to clean thoroughly. Assembling and disassembling is simple, thus great for everyone.


  • Dishwasher safe components
  • Quick to charge battery
  • Flexible and easy to assemble
  • Highly portable


  • None

9. Unimom Double Electric Adjustable Breast Pump

By: Unimom

Unimom Double Electric Adjustable Breast Pump

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Unimom double electric pump brings peace of mind. It’s a double breastfeeding machine with the ability to extract milk from both breasts at the same time. With its compact design, the pump is highly portable and lightweight. As a result, it’s not only restricted for use at home or when traveling. Although it has a double design, the pump can be used as a single option hence great versatility. The machine offers simplicity since it can fit in a purse or small bag without bulkiness.

The hygienically designed pump prevents the milk from flowing backwards. As a result, there is no milk or moisture flow back through the tubes. This prevents the accumulation of dirt or germs that can contaminate milk or tubes. With a kit containing all needed accessories, there are no extra items required and is ready for use. Enhanced with 7 nodes, it’s simple to set and view your settings on the backlit screen.


  • Large backlit screen
  • Adjustable suction
  • Easy to turn to a manual pump


  • Unnoticeable suction change

8. MOSFiATA Rechargeable Nursing Breastfeeding Pump


MOSFiATA Rechargeable Nursing Breastfeeding Pump

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When you need to leave enough milk for your young one, it’s critical for hygiene pumping. MOSFiATA nursing breastfeeding pump is fantastic and reliable. With the ability to save time, the machine has efficient in milk extraction. In fact, it saves 70% time needed to pump milk. Enhanced with 3 modes and 7 suctions, there is a great experience when every mom is using the pump. The ability to work right away from switching on in pacing mode to stimulate milk.

Construction is from safe materials and free from BPA. Therefore, handling milk is safe and hygiene, which guarantees baby and mom healthy. The combination of different suction levels ensures moms are capable of enjoying up to 27 suctions. As a result, every user gets an ideal way to enjoy milk pumping without discomfort. The rechargeable battery and USB charging ports mean the pump is great for use in different places. Above all, the backflow protection helps to keep it clean.


  • Backflow protection
  • BPA free construction
  • Different suction levels


  • The engine isn’t water-resistant

7. eccomum Electric Double Breastfeeding Pump with 4 Modes

By: eccomum

Eccomum Electric Double Breastfeeding Pump with 4 Modes


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Breastfeeding is essential for smooth baby development. But, using hands to extract milk can be daunting. The Eccomum double breastfeeding pump is all you need to enjoy smooth milk extraction. In fact, the pump is free from discomforts hence ideal for frequent use. With easy to clean and sterilize parts, the pump is safe and provides hygienic ways to extract milk. The high efficient design allows for pain-free suction. It can operate at 80-300mmHg.

The pump has a full touchscreen display that ensures the setting is simple. This is great compared to others that come with clicking buttons. With silicone cups, they are soft and mimics baby sucking hence stimulating natural milk flow. Apart from the enjoyable control, the pump comes with a quiet motor that doesn’t create disturbing noise. Equipped with a powerful 2500mAh lithium-ion battery, it is simple to recharge and use the pump everywhere. Enhanced with memory function, it remembers your last pumping settings.


  • Memory function
  • Touchscreen HD display
  • Strong rechargeable battery
  • Soft silicone cushions


  • Many parts to clean

6. Bellababy Pocket Electric Breast Pump with Lanyard

By: Bellababy

Bellababy Pocket Electric Breast Pump with Lanyard

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Bellababy breast milk pump is safe and highly portable. Unlike others, this has a compact design that allows easy carrying in your pocket. Apart from the compact nature, the pump is simple to operate. Even for the new users, the pump has no complications. With storage bags, the device is ready for use even when traveling to store your baby milk safely. Also, the charger and lanyard accompany the pump hence making everything convenient.

The 24mm flange and silicone pad deliver a super soft feeling. In fact, mimicking baby action, they ensure efficient milk stimulation. The high compatibility with other flanges makes the pump one of the ideal options. With adjustable suction, it can deliver suction ranging from 80-300mmHg. This ensures every mom can customize the ideal suction for smooth milk suction. The storage bag adapters help in precise milk delivery. Above all, the quiet operation means no noise when pumping milk.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extra quiet operation
  • Soft silicone pads


  • Small display

5. elebebe Electric 15 Modes Breast Pump Massage

By: elebebe

elebebe Electric 15 Modes Breast Pump Massage

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Balancing work and baby feeding is a great task. But, adding a breast pump is even more ideal to ensure no more strains. Elebebe electric pump is exceptional and provides fast and reliable ways to pump milk. The suction cups are comfortable and soft, which improved breast feeling and stimulation. Additionally, they offer a warm and soft rhythm that ensures there are all conditions for maximum milk flow. With a portable design, it provides a quick and safe way to deliver milk to your baby anytime.

Enhanced with a rechargeable battery, it also has a USB port, thus perfect for charging in deferent places. The anti-backflow design allows for daily usage without worrying about accumulated milk in the pressure tubes. Safe materials construction provides ideal safety for kids since the accessories are free from prohibited materials. Also, cleaning is not brought hassle and takes less effort.


  • Memory function
  • Massage action
  • Lightweight and portable


  • None

4. iAPOY Breastfeeding Pump with Automatic Mode


iAPOY Breastfeeding Pump with Automatic Mode

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The iAPOY pump helps mothers to keep their young ones adequately fed. It’s one of the best breast pumps that support and gives the user a reason to smile. Designed to ensure automatic performance, the pump starts with massage mode. This triggers stimulation before it enters the secretion mode. With this pump, there are no more pains when extracting milk. With 8 adjustable levels of suction, the machine is simple tom customize mom’s pumping pressure.

Despite the reliable performance, the pump operates quietly. Thus, when using it, there is no loud noise, which can be bothersome to some people. Even when using it at night, the machine extracts milk without causing disturbance to the sleeping baby. Having a USB charging port, the pump is simple to recharge the battery using computers or power banks. The kit comes with all vital accessories that allow the process to be smooth and comfortable.


  • Automatic pumping mode
  • HD LED display
  • Double breast design


  • Not convertible to a manual pump

3. YIHUNION Dual-Use Battery Rechargeable Breastfeeding Pump


YIHUNION Dual-Use Battery Rechargeable Breastfeeding Pump

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YIHUNION battery-powered breast pump is suited to all mothers. It’s small and designed to ensure it can be operated with one hand. As a result, when you are engaged, it is possible to use one hand to facilitate milk extraction. D due to the compact nature, carrying this pump is fantastic since it can be taken everywhere. Additionally, enhanced with adjustable massage and pumping, the device allows for maximum milk extraction.

Compared to others, this has 8 adjustment levels to fit every mom’s needs. Despite the quick milk extraction, the setup is reliable and has backward milk prevention. This ensures there is no stress when washing due to stuck milk and other dirt. The powerful yet quiet motor helps the machine to perform flawlessly. With this pump, it allows easy recharging since it has a USB port. Therefore, as long as you have the charging cable, it can be charged with a power bank and laptop.


  • 3 modes of power supply
  • LCD display
  • Food grade milk bottles


  • Noisier than rivals

2. Medela Advanced Electric Breast Pump for Double Pumping

By: Medela

Medela Advanced Electric Breast Pump for Double Pumping

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Medela is one of the known brands when it comes to breast pumps. This one from the company is fantastic and worth to be in every mom’s collection. Designed from the latest and patented technology, the device is efficient for quick milk extraction. In fact, the 2 phase technology has been researched to allow the mother to produce milk quickly for fast breast pumping. With a single knob adjustment, the device is easy and quick to adjust suction.

Besides the efficient pressure, the pump comes with a set of 24mm flanges that enable you to choose the right one. Featuring portable battery pack as well as cooler bags, they hold everything conveniently. For the safety of the motor and user, the system has an overflow shut valve. This prevents milk from going backwards, which can damage the pump. The tote bag provided allows for convenient storage and portability.


  • Carrying tote bag
  • Overflow protection
  • Built-in bottle holder


  • The pump has no screen

1. Bellababy Double Electric Strong Breast Feeding Pumps

By: Bellababy

Bellababy Double Electric Strong Breast Feeding Pumps

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The Bellabay durable suction pump enables moms to feed their kids efficiently. With a double design, the pump allows users to extract milk from both breasts simultaneously. Accompanied by milk storage bags, it ensures you can start working right away. Also, the adapters are superb since they allow efficient milk discharge to the bags. The closed system and 4 modes with 9 levels ensure everyone can get right pumping suction.

When using the device, it offers smooth operation. In fact, enhanced with a large display, it is simple to set the right pressure. Besides setting pressure, the device offers a battery indicator and other functions. The screen is HD and a touchscreen enabling it to provide smooth operation. Overall, the pump lightweight and has a 2500mAh rechargeable battery.


  • Large touchscreen display
  • Milk storage bags
  • Fast USB charging
  • Closed system


  • Quiet loud


The ability to enjoy the ideal way to store baby milk depends on your pump. With an ideal one, it cares for your breasts as well as maintaining high hygiene. The variety of pumps and sizes enables every mom to get the best one for smooth milk extraction.


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