Top 10 Best Electric Razors in 2022 – Reviews

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Shaving beards and other body hair can be achieved in different ways. Shaving razors are common tool used by many people. But, these days, electric razors are popular and ensure there is no hassle when trimming hair. Unlike the other types of shavers, electric razors offer more benefits and provide excellent speed shaving. Usually, electric razors offer great convenience. They are an ideal way to care for thick and fast-growing beards.

There are many types of shaves people can choose from. They are available with a different type of head; everyone can get the right tool. They also allow people with sensitive skin to enjoy smooth shaving without irritations. Besides, some are corded as well as cordless, which enable versatility in application. To ensure everyone enjoys excellent grooming, here are the best electric razors reviewed for quick selection.

Electric Razors Buying Guide

  • Shaving Head Technology: Shaving head technology differs across different shavers. They employ a variety of head designs and razors. Typically, there are foils, rotary, and trimmers. They are used to shave and usually have different results. Normally, foil shavers are great for close skin shaving and are ideal for daily use as well as sensitive skins. For rotary shavers, they have floating heads and are suited for their excellent skin contouring.
  • Power Source: The power source is vital when you are selecting a shaver. Usually, we have corded and cordless razors. For cordless ones, they are essential when traveling or away from the grid. However, they need frequent recharging to allow continuous use. Corded shavers are also ideal and are the traditional ones. They need to be plugged into wall outlets throughout the shaving sessions.
  • Waterproof Design: Earlier days, razors are available with either dry or wet shave. However, these days, they combine wet and dry shaves. Also, most of the premium razors are waterproof which enables use in a bathroom. Apart from use in bathrooms, they are simple to clean.

Best Electric Razors in 2022

10. FLYCO Wet & Dry Electric Rotary Shaver Beard Trimmer


FLYCO Wet & Dry Electric Rotary Shaver Beard Trimmer

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When you want a great beard trimming, here is one of the ideal shavers from Flyco. The shaver is highly versatile and offers dry and wet performance. Therefore after using, the device is simple to clean. Boasting 3 floating double ring razors, they ensure a clean shave. They are extra sharp, which allows for safe shaving without irritations. Designed from aerospace-quality stainless steel, the blades are extra sharp and durable.

To ensure there is no more struggling, the razor is dedicated to allowing perfect contouring. Therefore, when shaving, it contours to body curves hence close and clean shave. The IPX7 construction is superb for ensuring the razor doesn’t suffer from water damage. Thereby, whether you love dry or wet shaving, the device is superb. The cordless design makes this shaver ideal for use everywhere. With LCD, the shaver indicates the amount of charge remaining.


  • Fast charging
  • Waterproof construction
  • Large LCD display
  • Low noise operation


  • Trimmer feels too short

9. ikeen 5 In 1 Grooming Kit Electric Rotary Shaver for Men

By: ikeen

ikeen 5 In 1 Grooming Kit Electric Rotary Shaver for Men

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Instead of visiting a barbershop every day, buying a shaver is one of the convenient ways. The Ikeen grooming kit brings all the shaving fun into your fingertips. The 5 in 1 kit has all the accessories ad items needed to give men perfect beard grooming. Equipped with 5 rotary blades, they are excellent when it comes to trimming your beards. In fact, they have a sharp performance, which ensures users enjoy contoured gliding.

The floating ultra-sharp advanced head is responsible for smooth trimming. Additionally, the head is detachable enabling fitting of other shaving heads. This shaving razor is designed with an ergonomic style, which allows for comfort when using. Moreover, boasting rechargeable battery and the USB charging port is a great option when traveling. Besides shaving, the cleansing brush helps in removing the hairs and keep skin clean.


  • Floating shaving razors
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Waterproof body


  • Doesn’t have a travel case

8. PaiTree 5 in 1 Head and Face Men’s Electric Rotary Shaver

By: PaiTree

PaiTree 5 in 1 Head and Face Men’s Electric Rotary Shaver

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Getting a smooth shave depends on your choice of a shaver. This 5 in 1 electric razor by PaiTree is exceptional. The shaver provides versatility since it has different head attachments. It is fitted with a 4D rotary shaver head with 5 razors. They are highly body contouring, which in turn makes the shaving enjoyable. Unlike other cheap razors, this is extra sharp and doesn’t cause hair nicks. The razor automatically adapts to your head curvature hence maintaining extra close shave.

Apart from trimming beards, the device comes with a nose hair trimmer, sidebar trimmer as well as a face cleaning brush. Therefore after shaving, the user enjoys exceptional face cleaning. Unlike most shavers, this has an ergonomic and large handle, which ensures there is no struggling when in operation. The shaver is suitable for use in the bathroom or when traveling since it has a waterproof construction design.


  • Large comfortable to handle
  • Soft face cleaning brush
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery


  • No LED display

7. Adhope Portable Razor Electric Shavers for Men

By: Adhope

Adhope Portable Razor Electric Shavers for Men

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Forget about shaving your beards and facial hair with an unreliable shaver. Adhope is one of the premium and reliable tools you need for an irritation-free shave. This is possible due to high precision floating razors that give a smooth and precise haircut. Unlike the manual razors, this boasts foil blades that enable excellent shaving without pulling hair. With a unique molded head, it ensures the shaver leaves smooth skin without causing nicks and cuts.

Besides offering smooth hair trimming, the shaver is built with precision and safety. In fact, it boasts a waterproof casing, thus enabling wet and dry shave. For ergonomics, when shaving, the device is contoured to fit in hand. Additionally, the compact and lightweight nature lets the user enjoy stress-free carrying. Equipped with a large LED display, you can easily monitor the remaining charge. The travel lock is an excellent feature since it allows people to enjoy high safety and prevent accidental switch on.


  • Travel lock indicator
  • Simple to use and operate
  • Whole-body washable


  • No extra attachments

6. MOOSOO M Electric Foil Wet Dry Electric Razor


MOOSOO M Electric Foil Wet Dry Electric Razor

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Having smooth skin and free from razor bumps after shaving is great. This Moosoo M electric dry razor is a perfect option for men. In fact, the device is the right selection when you want to keep your face smooth. Whether traveling or at home, the machine is created to deliver smooth shaving. Utilizing a foil blade, the shaver provides smooth glide and perfect hair cutting without pulling strands. The blade features a protective cover that improves overall safety.

The wet-dry application lets people use it everywhere anytime. Whether traveling or after a shower, the razor is safe and efficient. The pop-up trimmer is designed with the ability to ensure men enjoy efficient mustache trimming. With a flexible pivoting head, it helps stop keep up with different body curves. Therefore whether shaving young or older people with wrinkled skin, the shaver is highly efficient. With 14,000 runs per minute, the shaver achieves a clean shave with a single slide.


  • Sleek and comfortable
  • Popup trimmer
  • High per romance motor
  • Fully washable body


  • Doesn’t have extra attachments

5. MAX-T Men’s 3D Rotary Shaver Razor with Popup Trimmer


MAX-T Men's 3D Rotary Shaver Razor with Popup Trimmer

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Forget about the hair trimmers with a lot of accessories. Max-T is sone of the versatile trimmer that comes with different configurations. In fact, it comes in corded and cordless versions. Therefore, it allows people to enjoy shaving while at home or on vacations. Made from hypoallergenic materials, it is a great shaver that helps people with sensitive skin to enjoy a great shave without reactions. Besides, painless shaving is superb since it allows everyone to use it without stress.

For people with sidebars, this razor comes with a pop-up trimmer. Thus, instead of carrying extra trimmer or attachment, the razor is a great option. The cordless version is enhanced with a battery indicator. It becomes easy to know the level of the remaining charge. The design and quality of construction are fantastic. The device boasts IPX7, which enables full-body cleaning with water. Also, it let users enjoy shaving wet skin without damaging the razor.


  • Charge indicator display
  • Double blade pop-up trimmer
  • Hypoallergenic razor materials


  • USB cable has a small plug

4. Aesfee Wet and Dry Waterproof Men Cordless Shaver

By: Aesfee

Aesfee Wet and Dry Waterproof Men Cordless Shaver

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Aesfee waterproof shaver for men is tasked with giving user perfect grooming. The shaver offers one of the cleanest shaves due to her configuration of the razors. With 3D razors, they are created with easy body contouring hence ideal for smooth shaving. It automatically follows the face contour to assure the user of a great look without causing irritations. Besides trimming the beards, it has a pop-up trimmer that ensures quick trimming.

The fast-charging USB is great to ensure the device doesn’t take long to recharge. The rechargeable battery is durable and enables the user to enjoy shaving without limitations. Whether it’s home or outdoors, the razor is handy. Unlike most shavers, this has wet and dry applications without messing up your skin. For the convenience and peace of mind, this shaver comes with a battery charge indicator. Cleaning is a piece of cake since it has an IPX7 waterproof rating.


  • Strong rechargeable battery
  • Precision popup trimmer
  • Ideal for long and short beards


  • No storage case

3. Panasonic Arc5 Men’s 5-blade Cordless Razor

By: Panasonic

Panasonic Arc5 Men's 5-blade Cordless Razor

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For high convenience and perfect grooming, Panasonic Arc5 is the ideal razor for men. The super sharp shaver is designed to give all men a superb look. Ideal for all skin types, it doesn’t cause issues like razor burns or bumps like other shavers. Therefore, even for people with sensitive skin, the razor is perfectly suited. Equipped with 5 super sharp nanotech blades, they cut hair silently without noise like other blades.

Besides sharp blades, the device has flexing and pivoting head. It, therefore, allows smooth skin countering without causing struggles to your hands. Additionally, the shaving sensor allows this razor to be used in wet and dry shaving without risks to razor or user. Boasting high-performance motor, it has 14,000 runs per minute hence delivering extra-fine haircut. The portable and rechargeable nature make is everyone an ideal gadget.


  • Extra fine hair cutting blade
  • Pivoting razor head
  • Shave sensors
  • Precision popup trimmer


  • ·Complex warranty process

2. Remington F5-5800 Foil Men’s Electric Razor

By: Remington

Remington F5-5800 Foil Men's Electric Razor

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Remington F5 is one of the top quality shavers made for men. The creatively designed shaver with the latest technology allows people to experience exceptional hair trimming. In fact, the intercept shaving technology ensures there is a smooth pre-trim. For people with long hair, no need to have scissors since this razor enables easy pre-trimming. Equipped with pivoting and flexible head, it allows easy maneuvering.

The cordless design is superb since you can carry it everywhere. Moreover, the rechargeable battery provides 60 minutes of non-stop shaving. Therefore, even when off the grid, there is no limit where you can use this razor. To ease the performance, the device has a pop-up trimmer to shape your sidebars. This shaver is washable hence great for keeping clean.


  • Suitable for water cleaning
  • Smooth and close skin shaving
  • LED battery gauge


  • Weak foil screen

1. Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Rechargeable Men Shaver

By: Braun

Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Rechargeable Men Shaver

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Braun series7 electric rechargeable, men shaver is the right tool to keep beards in check. The shaver is fitted with sonic technology that gives people the ability to enjoy a thrilling experience. The intelligent Sonic technology helps in increasing power when shaving difficult areas. Furthermore, the flexible head allows for an easy way to enjoy a contoured skin shave.

Unlike other shavers, this one is enhanced with activelift trimmer. It helps in catching fast-flying hair hence quick trimming. Therefore, instead of gliding the device several times, this offers a clean shave. With head fitted with optifoil, the device cuts hair 0.05mm close to the skin. The complete waterproof design is superb and allows the users to clean and enjoy wet shaving without damaging the razor. Offering 50 minutes of cordless shaving, the shaver also has simple charging and cleaning.


  • High precision head
  • Multiple cutting elements
  • Intelligent sonic technology


  • Gets dull quickly


Electric razors are the ultimate devices that every man should have. They are excellent for grooming instead of visiting barbers shops. The razors are available in different styles and technologies hence varying results. With these reviewed electric razors, there is perfected hair grooming.


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