Top 10 Best Electronic Organizers in 2022 – Reviews

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Electronic Organizers are used to keeping electronic gadgets in place, especially when you are traveling. A good electronic organizers have different compartments for keeping your power banks, cables, adapter, chargers, hard drives, mini iPad, or even a smartphone. These special bags not only ensure that your accessories are well organized but also keep them protected from dust, dirt, and scratches.

Ideally, these organizers come in different sizes and styles. In this article, we have reviewed the top ten best electronic organizers in 2022 that will help you to find the perfect one for you.

Best Electronic Organizers Buyers Guide

  • Material: Electronics organizers are made using different materials such as nylon, canvas, leather, plastic, and more. Some of these fabrics are water-resistance, while others are wear-resistant. If you want to keep your gadgets in good condition when traveling, it is crucial to look for a bag that has weatherproof fabric construction.
  • Size and Weight: Organizers come in many sizes, shapes, and weights. Huge capacity organizers are great for carrying many accessories, but they will take huge space in your shoulder bag or backpack. If you are looking for climbing mountains or camping, then a small and lightweight organizer is the best as they have a compact design.
  • Compartments: Most electronics organizers come with strategically designed compartments and pockets. However, a good organizer comes with separate pouches for a notepad, cable tidies, kindle holder, SD cards, and more. Some also offer space for non-electronic objects such as passport, driving license, photos, and more.
  • Elastic, Zippers or Mesh: Organizers usually have different types of closures. Some have elastic, zippered, or mesh closures. The zippered closure is better when compared to elastic or mesh closures. Nevertheless, mesh pockets can incorporate holes, and elasticized straps can become loose. So. Look for an organizer that has a closure that will offer you convenience.

Best Electronic Organizers in 2022

10. MIZATTO Travel Tech Electronics Cable Pouch Organizer for Office (Black)


MIZATTO Travel Tech Electronics Cable Pouch Organizer for Office (Black)

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This Electronics Cable Organizer deserves the first spot as it is going to protect everything against scratches, dust, and accidental droppings. It is a high capacity Pouch Organizer with two compartments and zipper pockets to store various electronic accessories such as a hard drive, mouse, headphones, charger, batteries and other PC accessories. Furthermore, it can carry6ft to 10ft cord, and the Organizer measures 9.5 x 4.7 x 6.3 inches.

The organizer will keep all your pieces neatly in one place with no damage, no loss, no mess, and easy access. Moreover, this organizer is made from durable, heavy-duty, and waterproof fabric. Also, it has a well-padded interior that offers great protection for your gadgets.


  • Measures 9.5 x 4.7 x 6.3 inches
  • Multipurpose electronic cord travel organizer
  • External zip pocket
  • Keep all organized in one place
  • Made of durable and waterproof fabric
  • Compact bag for travel and business trips

9. Aoolife Electronics Multifunctional Travel Accessories Organizer

By: Aoolife

Aoolife Electronics Multifunctional Travel Accessories Organizer

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This Electronics Organizer by Aoolife is helpful in your travel a lot. It will keep all your things in one place, preventing you from leaving some items in case you are in a hurry. Ideally, this large capacity travel accessories organizer measures 9.5 inches * 6.5 inches * 1.5 inches and has enough space to hold items like power bank, mouse, SD card, headphone, charger, and more. Typically, this Accessories Organizer will keep all your things organized while maximizing your storage space.

This travel bag is made of premium water-resistant nylon while the pockets have double zipper design for immediate access and easy opening. Besides that, it has a small and lightweight design; thus, you can easily truck it in your laptop, backpack, or briefcase.


  • Measures 9.5 * 6.5 * 1.5 inches
  • Made of water-resistant nylon
  • Small size and lightweight design
  • Has multi-purpose use
  • Soft lining interior offer great protection
  • Keeps things well organized

8. Native Union Travel Pouch Stow Organizer with Durable Canvas (Slate)

By: Native Union

Native Union Travel Pouch Stow Organizer with Durable Canvas (Slate)

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It is a good idea to keep all your accessories in one place. The Native Union Travel Pouch is designed to assist you in achieving this. This Stow Organizer has premium craftsmanship, and it is made from high-quality genuine leather. And yes, the organizer features multiple loops and pockets for chargers, cables, and more. Moreover, it has exterior pockets that allow easy and quick access to your essentials.

The Organizer has a minimal form-fitting design, and this will elevate your everyday carry. Other than that, it features a quilted interior and resistant textile exterior that shields against daily tear and wear. The coated canvas and waterproof zipper add more protection. To summarize, this organizer is offered with one year warranty.


  • Have multiple pockets store all your essentials
  • Coated canvas and waterproof zipper add protection
  • Resistant textile exterior
  • Minimal form-fitting design
  • One year warranty

7. Sterkmann Electronic Organizer Tech Pouch for iPad, Hard Drives, Cable Cord

By: Sterkmann Discover The World

Sterkmann Electronic Organizer Tech Pouch for iPad, Hard Drives, Cable Cord

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With this accessories bag by Sterkmann, you will be able to keep all your accessories suitably as it has multiple compartments. Also, it features 16 inner pockets that enable you to bring your flash drives, earphones, mouse, hard drives, power bank, charger cables, iPhone, pens, and more. The external zip pocket that has cable pass-through allows you to charge your gadget anywhere you go.

With shoulder strap and exterior handles, it enables you to carry this bag around during the trip easily. Moreover, this portable and travel-friendly bag is made of a blend of polyester and 840d nylon, making it highly durable, easy-to-clean, and weatherproof. Above all, the bag is backed by unbeatable quality and a trusted guarantee.


  • Keeps your bag organized
  • Large capacity and cable-friendly pocket
  • Portable and travel-friendly
  • Measures 9.4 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches
  • Mad of 840d nylon and polyester
  • Lifetime guarantee

6. UGREEN Gadget Bag Small Travel Case with Double Layer and Carrying Strap


UGREEN Gadget Bag Small Travel Case with Double Layer and Carrying Strap

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Available in a portable size, this Gadget bag is made of superior odorless Oxford and EVA materials with a pressure-resistant and water-resistant outer shell. As a result, it will protect your electronic accessories against falling, shock, water, and rain. This compact bag features a zipper mesh pocket that will offer a secure space for concealer, brush, power adapter, credit card, boarding card, passport, and other variable items.

Typically, this Small Travel Case measures 8 inches x 5.08 inches x 2.83 inches and will keep all objects well secured and organized. Also, this bag has a soft velvet inner that will prevent your items from scratching during transportation.


  • Measures is 8 x 5.08 x 2.83 inches
  • Compact electronic bag with double layers
  • Pressure-resistant and water-resistant outer shell
  • Zipper mesh pocket
  • High-quality snap hook
  • 24 months quality warranty

5. BUBM Computer Cable Gadgets Electronic Organizer (3 pieces Set)


BUBM Computer Cable Gadgets Electronic Organizer (3 pieces Set)


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Your important device should be kept well every time you are traveling. This awesome 3 pieces Set Electronic Organizer will keep all your electronics accessories and cables well organized. In addition to this, it features multiple layers of design, which gives this bag more storage space. It will fit a laptop adapter, cable, power bank, iPad, phone charger, and more. Each piece has zippered closures and flat handles that make it easy to carry it around. Also, the mesh pockets and elastic loops keep all your small things in one place.

The bag is made from double layers shockproof and waterproof fabric, and all the items packed in the bag will be protected well. Moreover, it has high-quality zippers that are durable and sturdy.


  • Durable shockproof and waterproof
  • Elastic loops and mesh pockets
  • Keeps items separated and easy to be found
  • The bags provide great organization
  • Has lots of storage space

4. UGREEN Travel Cable Electronics Organizer for USB Cable Power Bank


UGREEN Travel Cable Electronics Organizer for USB Cable Power Bank

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Equipped with numerous amazing features, this electronics organizer has multiple mesh pockets for superior performance. Besides that, it has double layers and will effectively organize your cell phone and other accessories in order. Ordinarily, it will allow you to store iPhone, small E-book reader, 7.9 inches iPad mini, earphones, 3.5-inch hard drive, USB charger cables, and more. Measuring 9.6 inches x 6.9 inches x 2 inches, this bag has enough capacity to store all your gadgets.

For durability, this Electronics Organizer features a soft lining interior and heavy-duty nylon exterior. With that, it will offer great protection against impacts, dust, scratches, and accidental dropping. To conclude, this bag is portable in size and will easily fit in your shoulder bag, backpack, or luggage.


  • Measures 9.6 inches x 6.9 inches x 2 inches
  • Multiple mesh pockets
  • Made of a heavy-duty nylon exterior
  • Easy to carry
  • Keeps all your essential gadgets in order
  • 24-month manufacturer warranty

3. BAGSMART Double-Layer Electronic Organizer Accessories Cases


BAGSMART Double-Layer Electronic Organizer Accessories Cases

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BAGSMART Electronic Organizer is made to carry either in your hand or put it in your suitcase or bag for better portability. It measures 9.4 inches L x 6.5 inches W x 2.5 inches H and weights 230g. Ideally, this accessory case is made of water-resistant and durable300D polyester; thus, it will serve you for long. Other than that, it features elasticized segments and multiple mesh pockets of various sizes for the best flexibility to organize the accessories.

The bag is big enough, and it is going to hold most of your electronics such as electrical adaptors, SD cards, earphones, USB cord, chargers, batteries, and more. Besides, it has a multi-use design to offer excellent flexibility, and this maximizes its storage space.


  • Double-layer design provides more pockets
  • Made of water-resistant 300D polyester
  • Measures 9.4 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Big enough to hold most electronics accessories
  • Weight only 230g

2. Jelly Comb Electronics Accessories Organizer Double Layer Storage Bag

By: Jelly Comb

Jelly Comb Electronics Accessories Organizer Double Layer Storage Bag 

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This is a large capacity cable storage bag that has 2 main layers with 3 longer loops, 2 iPad pockets, 5 mesh pockets, 5 mini mesh segments, and 15 elastic loops. It is a Thickened Electronics organizer that will absorb impacts and shocks and has a waterproof nylon surface that prevents the stored accessories against dust, rains, spills, and scratches.

This Storage Bag has a hand belt, and lightweight design allows you to carry the bag anywhere easily. Also, it fits your backpack and briefcase. The product comes with a one-year warranty guarantee.


  • Measures 11.25 in *8.76 in *2.25in
  • Tablet storage case
  • A large capacity bag that keeps things organized
  • 5 mesh pockets
  • Has hand belt and lightweight design
  • 12-month warranty

1. BAGSMART Travel Cable Organizer Electronic Organizer USB, Cable, Grey


BAGSMART Travel Cable Organizer Electronic Organizer USB, Cable, Grey

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BAGSMART Electronic Organizer is a durable, compact, and lightweight Travel bag that measures 9.2 inches L x 4.9 inches W x 1.8 inches H and weighs 0.35 lb. The organizer is made of water-resistant nylon and inner foam materials to offer better safety to your accessories. Moreover, it features a dual zipper opening for immediate and easy access and comes with top handle.

Other features of this organizer include 17 elastic loops that you can use to store earphones and cables, one inner and one outer zipper pockets for money and phone, and ten different size pockets with some elastic loops that hold USB and charger.


  • Measures 9.2 x 4.9 x 1.8 inches
  • 17 elastic loops
  • Ten different size mesh pouches
  • Double zipper opening
  • Made of water repellent nylon


No one likes it when electrical gadgets and cables are all over the place; they make the whole place messy, and it is high time to consider having an electric organizer. Also, these bags will keep everything well organized and within easy reach. The list above will help you much and select the best electronic organizers that meet your needs.


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