Top 10 Best Geiger Counters in 2022 Reviews

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Unlike in the past where radiation safety hobbyist or experts would carry a lot of equipment together with numerous other heavyweight indicators, the present-day technology has reversed this scenario. Today, high-end radiation detectors (Geiger counters) are as compact and mobile as your smartphone.

Geiger counters are as important and must-have accessories in our today’s life as mobile phones are. These gadgets detect what you can’t see with your eyes (radiation) and affect your wellbeing. For that, owning the best radiation detector is paramount. The following are the top 10 best Geiger counters in 2022 in case you would like to purchase one for yourself.

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The Best Geiger Counters

#1. FTLAB Radiation Detector, Best for Affordability

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This purely original smart radiation detector is lightweight meaning it is portable enough to carry it anywhere with you. FTLAB is a smart Geiger counter that comes at a reasonable price and can easily detect radioactivity when you connect to the smartphone’s earphone jack.
By the use of a semiconductor detector, this Geiger counter can detect and indicate radiation dose-rate value (uSv/h). It’s an entirely reliable device that anyone looking for portability, performance, and affordability should consider. Further, it’s manufactured by a reputable company meaning that quality is guaranteed.

#2. Greentest, Best High-Accuracy Geiger counter

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This new invention and design protect you from dangerous substances and the environment. It helps to ensure that not only you but your family is healthy. Greatest is a best-performer in terms of accuracy. In this way, it helps in detecting radiation from computers, cellphones, and surroundings. Also, it serves as Nitrate-tester from vegetables and fruits.

It’s lightweight, portable, durable and ideal for restaurant, home kitchen, food center, shopping center, etc. Additionally, Greatest has the capacity to detect (accurately) harmful nitrate substance in over 50 kinds of fruit/vegetables and detect background radiation showing radiation levels of specific objects. When it comes to accuracy, just as stated earlier, this device is one of the best.

#3. RADEX RD1503+, Best Professional Geiger counter

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Are you looking for an affordable but high-quality Geiger counter? RD1503+ can serve you well. The device has the ability to save the background dose-rate values even when it’s turned off. Further, this device displays the dose-rate difference between the two figures, the mean and the background ones.
RD1503+ is a high-performing Geiger counter that quickly detects radiation from numerous sources such as non-edibles, topsoil and interior premises. It features a high-end detection ability of ionization radiation. Moreover, this device can also detect Gamma and Beta radiation and has rechargeable batteries that run for many hours.

#4. Mazur PRM-9000, Best for Convenience

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Mazur PRM-9000 is an impressive Geiger counter. It comes with effective features that help it to detect harmful levels of radiation on objects’ equipment and people. This counter is ideal for an array of applications including regulatory inspections. Mazur PRM-9000 has very high detection sensitivity and it’s highly reliable.

The PRM-9000 displays the time as well as the date on which the highest radiation reading happened, unlike conventional counters which will ask you to check such events on the meter. Without requiring a computer, the in-built data logging storage of 100K is able to manage countless hours of time-stamped values.

#5. GQ GMC300EPlus, Best Performing Device for the money

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Due to its small size, this device is very portable. Overall, the quality of GQ GMC300EPlus is increased by the extra features included in it. These include the front LED pointer and a data port (audio) important as it connects the GQ GMC300EPlus to an external device for managing the data.
When it comes to design, this device takes care of not only convenience but also portability. It can auto-record the data so easily permanently monitoring the levels of radiation and then stores the recorded data into the in-built memory. GQ GMC300EPlus is powered using an internal battery that is rechargeable and runs for a long time after a full-charge. You can use a car or wall adapter to charge it.

#6. Dosimeter Radiometer, Best for Reliability/Durability

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Owning a dosimeter is important because you can conveniently determine the radiation of numerous places such as a car, house appliances, and even mushrooms. One feature that many buyers have loved is the user-friendliness. After switching on this device, it will auto-enter in the detecting mode to measure the Gamma radiation.

Thanks to its cool LCD display, viewing the data on this device is very easy. This device comes in a stylish leather case plus a helpful manual that explains all you need to know about using the device. Additionally, it will fit perfectly into your hand. It’s not only reliable but also a durable instrument good in measuring levels of radiation.

#7. New GQ, Best cost-effective and high quality

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GMC-500Plus has been upgraded from the GMC-300E version. The device comes with a larger memory capacity for it to enhance data processing ability. It includes an electronic gyroscope and temperature sensor, LCD color control, front LED pointer, an output port for analog data and advanced graphic type. GMC-500Plus can be utilized for commercial and industrial purposes.

This Geiger counter comes with unique features including data Logging among many others. What’s more, it’s a portable as well as a convenient machine with in-built audio and video signals, and auto-data recording. If you connect it to a computer, GQ software downloads the history data of the radiation to the PC so that you’re able to analyze it later. Lastly, this device utilizes a USB port for power and communication. The in-built battery is charged through a car or wall adapter.

#8. GMC-500Plus, Best Quality Geiger counter

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GMC-500Plus is a high-end Geiger counter made to accurately detect radiations. It comes with a wireless connection that contributes to its portability nature and, thus, making it suitable for use. Moreover, the device features an in-built Wi-Fi mechanism to provide the user with a better and favorable operation.
And, the good thing with this device is, thanks to the wireless feature, you can get the readings anywhere you’re around the world. The device is designed to give you data every minute. This always keeps you up-to-date. Lastly, the device saves all the collected data as it comes with unlimited storage space.

#9. EMF Meter, Best for User-friendliness

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EMF Meter features dual reading on a user-friendly backlit LCD display screen. This device is able to measure the radiation of both electric and magnetic fields. One great feature that makes this machine loved by many buyers its portability nature which makes it possible to carry it around freely. Also, to increase user-friendliness, the device displays large digits (in 3 decimal points) on its very clear display.

In determining radiation, accuracy is vital. EMF Meter takes care of this by providing you with very precise radiation values. Just like I have mentioned, this device is portable, hand-held, rechargeable (has the USB cable for charging) and comes in 3 color options which are; red, black and white

#10. Meterk EMF, Best for Home Applications

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This EMF counter is largely utilized in testing and learning electromagnetic radiation circumstances both outdoor and indoor. Meterk EMF is outfitted with an in-built electromagnetic radiation detector that displays the values of the radiation on the LCD display (digital display) after it has been processed with the help of a control microchip.

Meterk EMF is best suited at home though it can still be utilized anywhere else. The machine mainly measures the radiation of TV, rice cooker, induction cooker, computer, refrigerator, and low-frequency appliances such as electrical wires. It comes with an alarm that automatically sounds any time your test results go past the safe value.


In conclusion, Geiger counters are important accessories, just like I mentioned in the introduction and, it goes without mentioning that it’s a noble idea to own one. Thankfully, you have a list of the best counters in the market thanks to our reviews.
All these products have been and still are being utilized in various sectors and, therefore, they have been proven to be reliable devices that provide accurate measurements of radiation. In addition, they are high-quality, durable and sell at reasonable prices. Get yours today and you’ll not be disappointed.


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