Best Haier Mini Fridges Review In 2021

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Refrigerators are not only a common staple but also a vital part of our lives. We can practically not survive without them. From our dairy products to veggies to frozen items, we need it.

But it can be a real tough job to find a perfect refrigerator that fits your requirements. The market has a glut number of options to offer. You may look at one but then you see another option with better features.

Well, we have something that you will love for sure. In this article, we have curated top Haier Refrigerators for you. Each of these has specific features and functionalities. So you can look up for your desired refrigerator and buy it.

Let’s get it started without much of a delay.

1-Haier Estar Compact Refrigerator

Haier Estar Compact Refrigerator

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If you are looking for a compact, durable and portable option. Then look no more. This amazing product comes with a whole bundle of features that you will love.

Either you talk about the color, design or the storage space it has everything. This small refrigerator offers you enough space to store your daily basics.

If you are a dorm student or living away from home, then nothing is better than this. Even the door has a special design to store drinks or bottles.

With this 2.7 cubic feet refrigerator, you can place it in any corner. It comes with a flat back design to reduce such issues. Made with quality material, this refrigerator is one of the most durable options.


  • Compact size
  • Portable
  • Sturdy design


  • Weighted

2-Haier 1.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator

Haier 1.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator

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Made with high-quality stainless steel, this mini refrigerator is an ideal solution. If you want to have a separate snack holder or a hidden refrigerator in your dorm. This product is your ultimate answer.

Coming with a 1.7 cubic feet capacity, this little-one can carry lots of stuff inside. You won’t need some humongous place to keep the refrigerator. It can accommodate any small spacing around.

The refrigerator is a lifesaver as you can not only keep your stack of midnight snacks in it. But there is also a freezer compartment with its own ice cube tray. So you can enjoy some late-night drink too in your room.

Next, it has more than enough spacious door that can hold a 2-liter bottle. In case, you were wondering about the defrost part. Well, it has that too, a manual defrost with an adjustable thermostat.

The flat back design makes it a perfect choice for rooms and offices. The full-width wire shelf is sturdy and can carry some real items. Plus the black color will go with any room’s decor.


  • Sturdy
  • Stainless steel
  • Economical


  • Single wire shelf

3-Haier 2.7 cu ft Refrigerator

Haier 2.7 cu ft Refrigerator

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This next product by Haier is full of amazing features. For all those who are in search of a compact refrigerator. A reliable option to keep their snacks and drinks. This is the ultimate option and solution.

This refrigerator comes with an enormous capacity of 2.7 cubic feet. For a small refrigerator, this is quite a fulfilling spacing to offer.

All your favorite cola and munching can now stay stocked up. The design comes with 2 wire shelves. These can store plenty of stuff like canned items, fruits, etc.

It also has an adjustable thermostat so you never have to worry about the defrosting. Apart from that, the freezer compartment can keep things frozen. It comes with an ice cube tray to save you from hot days.

The metal body and door have the capacity to carry a 2-liter bottle and beverages, etc.


  • Spacious
  • Compact size
  • Durable design


  • A door can only carry cans

4-GE Compact Refrigerator

GE Compact Refrigerator

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Made with top-quality stainless steel, this next product is another best option. With enormous 4.5 cubic feet space, your all food items can be now stacked up.

People living in hostels, apartments, etc cannot afford to have a full-length option. So to keep things minimal yet working, this refrigerator is best of all.

There is a freezer too with an ice cube tray. On hot days you can enjoy chilled drinks. Or if you want to get some other frozen items to enjoy later.

The door itself has more than enough space. It can contain up to 5 soda cans, double 2-liter bottles and even some more. Amazing, isn’t it?

As for the rest, there are 3 glass shelves. These shelves are strong enough to carry a generous amount of items. Below these shelves, you get some more area for your fruits and veggies.


  • Stainless steel
  • Extra capacity door
  • Compact and durable


  • Thermostat issues

5-Haier Can Beverage Center

Haier Can Beverage Center

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Are you tired of adjusting your drinks here and there in the refrigerator? Or if you are a party lover and want to stack up some soda cans. Well, we got your back with this amazing product.

This refrigerator comes with a quirky design specified for cans and sodas. So next time you have a house party or guest coming over. You can rely on this little friend to store a huge amount of drinks for you.

At a time it can contain up to 150 cans, each of 12 ounces. Further, made with aluminum the body is sturdy and long-term usable. There are 4 shelves with vinyl-coating. You can adjust them to accommodate some bottles too.

The adjustable thermostat makes life further easier. You can remove the lowest rack if required and use it as needed. There is also a feature of auto-defrost.


  • Thermostat
  • Reversible glass door
  • Auto defrost


  • Not economical

6-Haier 2.7cf Refrigerator

Haier 2.7cf Refrigerator

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Next in the list is this astounding product. This 2.7 cubic feet refrigerator has a lot more space. Unlike other small refrigerators, this one has a lot more features.

In this refrigerator, there are two shelves to place basic items. Below them is another area to store large items like fruits, egg cart or some bottles.

There is also a freezer along with an ice cube tray. So you can enjoy some nice iced tea or chilled cola. Talking of storage space, this mini refrigerator even has some in its door.

The door can hold 2-3 two-liter bottles. Also small containers like that of yogurt, cheese.  In short, this refrigerator can be a perfect companion for a student in a dorm.


  • Adequate space
  • Easy to carry
  • Consume less space


  • Not economical

7-Haier Chest Freezer

Haier Chest Freezer

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Coming with a design that is quite different from the others in the market. This refrigerator is nothing like the usual products. A whole new look and sleek model makes it worth trying.

With a storage space that is more than enough for at least 2 persons. This product is among the best sellers in the market. The refrigerator offers at least 5 cubic feet of storage space.

So if you are living in a dorm or sharing an apartment with someone. Or you want to save your snacks from being stolen then this is for you. There is a manual defrost that is removable. Also to keep you away from any mess the drain has a basket. Hence you can actually live in peace now.


  • Defrost drain
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Larger capacity


  • Thermostat

8-Haier 2.7 Cu. Ft. Mini-Refrigerator

Haier 2.7 Cu. Ft. Mini-Refrigerator

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As Haier is a top-rated brand in the market. It always provides with products that are not only reliable and worth money. But also makes our lives easier.

One such product is this mini-refrigerator. This one has 2.7 cubic feet of total capacity. Now, that’s a lot considering the size or the outer appearance.

When they say not to judge the book by its cover, they say it right. Well, this refrigerator that book. Offering 2 wired shelves and a lower compartment area. You can keep a lot of items with ease.

Eggs, veggies, fruits, meat, dairy products, etc.

Even there is a small freezer for ice cubes. The door too comes with small divided portions for 6 cans. Along with that, a 2-liter bottle some mini containers.


  • Various shelves
  • Spacing indoor
  • Compact size


  • No defrosting

9-Haier 2.7 Cu ft. Compact Design Refrigerator

Haier 2.7 Cu ft. Compact Design Refrigerator

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This next product another top seller in the market. With the generous amount of storage space offered, nothing is better. On top of that, this mini refrigerator is quite an economical option.

For people living alone in dorms or sharing rooms, this is an ultimate solution. Now, you won’t have to worry about sharing your snacks or groceries with others.

Or if you are a crazy party lover and need to hide in some drinks for later. Again you can rely on this product. As there are 2 wired shelves and lower, open-compartment.

You can stack all your junk in here and no one will know. To further add up the qualities, there is a small freezer for hot, summer days. Along with that also there is an ice cube tray.

Even the door can accommodate at least 6 cans with a 2-liter bottle. Last but not least, for your sweet cravings there is a small shelf type space on the top side too.


  • Spacious
  • Durable
  • Cheap


  • No defrosting

10-Haier 1.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator

Haier 1.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator

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Last in the list but of course not least when it comes to features. This mini refrigerator has it all that you ever needed. The design is perfect for any student.

Though the freezer looks way too small. It has a surplus amount to space for you. From you ice cubes to your drinks to meals, all can fit well in there.

This half-width product has a further small freezer along with an ice cube tray. The door has enough place to accommodate a 2-liter bottle and 2 soda cans.

The sleek design has a recessed door handle. The ideal size makes it easy to fit in various spots. You can either place it over some shelf or under some study table.


  • Compact design
  • Economical
  • Long-term usage


  • No defrosting

Best Haier Mini Fridges Review In 2021 – Buyer Guide

Best Haier Mini Fridges

Keeping in mind a few important points or tips are always beneficial. And when you are something like a refrigerator for long-term usage. We urge you to always read the guidance tips relevant to your purchasing. So here are a few such tips and tricks to help you in buying better.


Though mini-refrigerators are all same if you look at them. But they also come in 2 types of styles. It depends on you either you want to install it in some cabinet. Or you prefer a stand-alone refrigerator.

These two come with a separate set of features and some downfalls.

  • If you are up for a standard option then it can store food and drinks. But it won’t have a freezer. Next, you can go for those refrigerators that have a freezer. Now, the freezer is a great addition but a pitfall too. As now the shelves might be lesser in number or smaller in size.

Internal Design

Next, the internal design or number of shelves is also a crucial part. Though you are about to buy a mini-refrigerator. But that does not mean you can’t buy the largest one in mini-series.

Each product has a different number of shelves in it. And most of them are wire shelves/racks. Try to look for an option that comes with glass shelves.

Being a lot more sturdy and robust material, the glass shelves can contain more items. Whereas the wired one might bend or snap on a little excessive weight.

Another important factor is that spilling is a common issue in these. Hence the solid shelf will not save you from a great mess.


Last, we urge you to prefer the option with max capacity. You are buying a small refrigerator. Now, this does not mean you have to compromise on the capacity part too. The market has a lot of options to offers. With a little search and skimming, you can get a refrigerator with max capacity.


We hope this article would turn out to be of great help. And you can now make a smart choice about your Haier mini-refrigerator. Yet for any further help or guidance, you can always contact us.


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