Top 10 Best Ice Skates for Girls in 2022 Reviews

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There are some people who are naturally fascinated by spending their time in cold places surrounded by glaciers and ice. In the present times, there are lots of recreational activities you can enjoy in your leisure time and one of them is ice skating. For adults and kids, ice skating is one of the most popular and enjoyable activities. Whether you reside in an icy region or plant to spend your holiday in an icy region, you could do ice skating. Girls, in particular, like to do figure skating or ice skating. Thus, there are some ice skate manufacturers produce the ice skates for girls specifically.

Basically, an ice skate comprises a firm shell that protects your feet against hits throughout the whole session. Moreover, the interior is padded excellently to make it comfortable to wear in spite of a firm shell. This is the reason why ice skates are highly suitable for beginners who are in the hunt for a comfortable pair of skates. Your feet will stay comfortable and will not experience any fatigue feelings. Also, there are no issues when it comes to acceleration and maneuverability. Let’s look at the details of the best ice skates for girls:

List of Top 10 Best Ice Skates for Girls in 2022 Reviews:

10. Jackson Ultima Softec Classic ST2300 ST2321

Jackson Ultima Softec Classic

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The Softec Series is popular for possessing a superior quality figure skating blade. Besides, this pair of skates are available in navy, black and white colors for adults; it is available in pink colors for children. They fit perfectly and allows you to glide comfortably on icy ground. Thus, for beginner skaters, these skaters are the finest options to consider.


  • They are easy to put on your feet.
  • There is a fleece-lined upper and tongue to deliver exceptional comfort and warmth.

9. Rollerblade Bladerunner Ice Allure Girls Figure Skate

Rollerblade Bladerunner Ice Skates for Girls

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Designed especially for girls, these figure skates are regarded as entry-level figure skates. Any casual skaters or beginner ice skaters can comfortably slide on the icy ground by wearing these beautiful skates. If you are looking for affordably priced ice skates’ pair for your kids then this product is the best one. Also, the pair comes with optimal comfort and support to make sure the skating performance is free from maintenance.

The availability of lace closure with lace hooks allows a personalized fit. This let you to attain a perfect custom fit without feeling excessively tightened. In short, the presence of the stainless steel figure blades along with toe picks perfectly hold their edge for a long duration.


  • These ice skates come with reinforced uppers along with ankle support to offer high stability and a perfect fit.
  • Presence of the reinforced synthetic uppers offers reliable performance with chic aesthetics.
  • There is comfortable padding included in the tongue and ankle parts in order to improve the cushioning effect.

8. Riedell Skates – 18 Sparkle Jr. – Soft Figure Ice Skates for Girls

Riedell Skates - 18 Sparkle Jr. - Youth Beginner Soft Figure

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The Riedell skates provide the users with optimal support and it is suitable for adults and kids. Clearly, this youth figure skates present light support to make sure you stay stable on the ice while simultaneously offering freedom of movement. Apart from this, these boots possess a tad tongue design in order to offer support and comfort. You can now perform care-free skating by the choice of a perfect size.


  • These soft figure skates always stay comfortable for long use.
  • They are prepared with a comfortable design and an easy lacing mechanism in order to keep your feet comfortable.
  • The design is done to provide safety and there are extra padded linings for a cushion.

7. American Athletic Shoe Girl’s American Leather Lined Figure Skates

American Athletic Shoe Girl's American Leather Lined Figure Skates

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Recognized as leather lined figure skates, they are the finest for an exceptional level fun time. They are made comfortable, fit well and also deliver the optimum performance. These skates come with multi-layered ankle support and an empty ground nickel plated steel blade. Furthermore, there is an inclusion of full quarter padding to deliver exceptional comfort. The split leather lining is dedicated to offering high durability and comfort.


  • The leather made figure skates for girls fit perfectly and they have good ankle support.
  • It is completely easy to care and wipe clean.

6. Botas – Model: Diana (Czech Republic) / Figure Ice Skates

Botas - Model: Diana/Made in Europe (Czech Republic)

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The designing of these Botas figure ice skates are suitable women and girls. The presence of the covered synthetic suede lining enhances comfort in your feet. There are no issues regarding sizing and fit. They are prepared with an upper collar of the layered split leather material that attaches below the calf.


  • The included lining of leather tongue improves the feel of these figure ice skates. So, kids and adults will feel comfortable.
  • The blade is held by a sole made up of tough plastic that is resistant to scuff, so they are safe to use.

5. Girls American Flower Power Double Runner Ice Skate

Girls American Flower Power Double Runner Ice Skate

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Suitable for beginner skaters who are young children and adults, these ice skates will justify your investment. The structure showcases double blades for enhanced balance, well-built vinyl uppers and composition soles that are water resistant. Apart from this, an ample stability is presented. Additionally, the pink and white color combination let them look elegant.


  • There is a double rail provided to maintain balance on the ice.
  • The double blades are wide apart for enhanced balance.

4. Rollerblade Bladerunner Adjustable Phaser 4 Size Ice Skates for Girls

Rollerblade Bladerunner Girls Adjustable Phaser 4 Size Ice Skate

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In this adjustable ice skates set, each skate enlarges to 4 full sizes in order to provide longevity. So, it is certain that your kid’s feet are protected from damage. They are extremely supportive and comfortable to wear.


  • The facility of the 4 full-size adjustments comes to the easy twist of an arm.
  • Cushioned velvet liner provides enough warmth.
  • An easy to use closure system is included.

3. Vilano Adjustable Ice Skates for Girls or Boys

 Vilano Adjustable Ice Skates for Boys or Girls

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Suitable for both girls and boys, these adjustable ice skates are capable to grow with your kid. Their structure is made fully adjustable through the simple push of a button. Moreover, there are two straps that come along with locking buckles to guarantee a perfect fit. Generally, these Vilano ice skates are great for figure skating, ice hockey, and recreation. They would fit perfectly and holds very well.


  • The padded liners increase warmth and comfort.
  • It is easy to adjust the size.
  • They come with excellent ankle support.

2. American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Party Adjustable Figure Skates

 American Athletic Shoe Girl's Party Adjustable Figure Skates

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The adjustable figure skates, as shown above, are suitable for beginners. They come with a tough outer shell for providing superb support. It is easy to fasten buckles through the inner lining for comfort. In addition to that, it is possible to adjust them in 4 sizes.


  • With a simple push of the button, it is easy to adjust the size.
  • The liner can be detached for drying.

1. Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS180/JS181/JS184

Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS180/JS181/JS184 - For Women and Girls

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The Jackson figure ice skates are dedicated to offering a perfect fit. Not only their appearance adds a unique style but also sophistication. Besides, the purple color and silver lining appears elegant. For this reason, they feel comfortable on your delicate feet and provides proper support.


  • The reinforced vinyl upper with a cushioned covered tongue as well as padded collar offers superb comfort and support.
  • There is no need to maintain PVC out-soles.

Concluding Note:

To make the most of ice hockey and ice skating activities, these ice skates for girls are valuable. They present great comfort throughout the wearing session. More importantly, if you are looking a gift for your little ones this is also another great idea.

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