Top 10 Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Men in 2021 – Reviews

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Leather has become a fashion statement, and while we’re all for it that has made finding a good leather motorcycle jacket more difficult. With so many faux leathers, or imitation leather motorcycle jackets for men on the market an inexperienced biker could easily buy a good-looking, but impractical, the jacket that won’t provide protection in the event of an accident. Even a genuine, well-made leather motorcycle jacket doesn’t fit all bikers; you need to find the right jacket for you, and that’s easier said than done.

What Makes A Good Motorcycle Jacket?

Broadly speaking, leather motorcycle jackets for men (and women) come in 4 styles and can be mixed with a variety of materials. Cruiser and Street/Sport style jackets are the most common, but you might also find adventure or racer style jackets.

Cruisers are the iconic biker jackets; double-breasted to keep out the wind, generally made of all leather. Their shape makes them perfect for broad-shouldered men who like a little room to move. Street or sports jackets are more tight-fitting and are often made with a mix of leather and fabrics. Adventure jackets are almost always made with waterproof textiles and armour padding, and racer jackets are the most skin-tight of all styles. Racer jackets are made with abrasion-resistant materials or thick cow-hide and have the thickest armour. If you want a genuine leather motorcycle jacket, you will find that cruiser and sports styles are best for you.

We have surveyed dozens of the leather motorcycle jackets for men to be found on Amazon so that you don’t have to; these are the top 10!

List of Top 10 Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets in 2021

These jackets are well-made, good value, and durable enough to provide protection while riding motorcycles on and off-road. More than this, however, they are comfortable; they’ll keep out the wind and rain, and keep you looking good at the same time!

10. Leather Teknik Armored Motorsports Jacket


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By: Leather Teknik

This sports jacket is classic; made of high-quality, matte finish leather, it has a high neck and a double-breasted style that reduces drag and keeps out the wind. It comes with a removable quilted inner liner, for cold weather, and five pieces of removable armored pads for your elbows, shoulders, and back. Unlike many sports jackets, its double-zippered side pockets are fairly deep making them perfect for a slim wallet or phone.

This jacket comes in sizes M to XXL, fitting men with chest measurements of 40 – 50″.

  • Thick cowhide is abrasion resistant in case of falls.
  • Armor and inner lining are removable for comfort.
  • Pockets are practical.
  • The double-breasted style keeps out wind and rain.
  • Waterproof and durable.
  • Good resistance to low impact damage.
  • Tight-fitting style can be uncomfortable on larger men.
  • The neck is built a little small.
  • Rough cowhide will require care to prevent cracking.

9. Milwaukee Leather Utility Motorcycle Jacket

9. Milwaukee Leather Men's Utility Pocket Motorcycle Jacket

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By: Milwaukee Leather

The iconic brown cruiser jacket; Milwaukee Leather is known for making some of the finest leather motorcycle jackets for men, and this is a good example of their work. Ranging from a size small to 5XL, this jacket is designed for bikers of all sizes and ages. The thick, retro leather that makes this jacket heavy, at 8 lbs is not inconsiderable, also guarantees a good level of protection even without added armor or padding.

The side pockets are small, but the inner pockets are not so you won’t struggle to fit your essentials in. The jacket can be zipped up to the chin, and the traditional, folded collar adds comfort and protection to the neck area.

  • Heavy, thick leather.
  • Durable zippers.
  • Comfort fit.
  • A broad range of sizes.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Small pockets.
  • No additional padding or armor.

8. Dealer Leather Reflective Riding Jacket


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By: Dealer Leather

An elegant, black leather riding jacket with a reflective skull pattern across the chest, arms, and back to ensure that you look good, and stay visible on the roads at night.

Made from top-grade cowhide, polished to a smooth finish, this jacket is lighter than many sports and cruiser jackets, but this is due to a lack of embellishment, not a lack of quality. Other than the decent side and chest pockets, zippered cuffs, and skull design this is a very simple, but effective jacket that offers good abrasion resistance and adaptability thanks to a removable quilted lining.

  • Underarm grommets for airflow and comfort.
  • Reflective pattern for night riding.
  • Side zips provide an adjustable fit.
  • Fits men size S to 5XL.
  • 2 conceal carry pockets.
  • Arms can be a little baggy.
  • No additional armor.

7. Jackets 4 Bikes Armored Street Cruiser

7. Men's Throttle Classic Leather Motorcycle Street Cruiser Armor Biker Jacket XL

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By: Jackets 4 Bikes

If you like to keep things simple, this jacket is perfect for you. Made from smooth, 1.2mm black cowhide leather, this slim fit, plain and simple sports jacket provides superior protection without fuss.

Available in sizes S to XXL, with a deep inner pocket and quilted lining for extra protection and comfort this jacket also has five pieces of removable armor to increase abrasion and impact resistance.

  • Removable armor and inner pockets.
  • Durable, high-quality leather.
  • Good protection from abrasion and low-impact injury.
  • Single zipper style is less wind and rains resistant.
  • Few pockets.
  • Tough leather requires care to avoid cracking.

6. Ultra Mens Cruiser Jacket

6. Ultra Men's Cruiser Motorcycle Leather Jacket,Black,Size - 4XL

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By: Ultra

This thick, drum dyed cowhide leather is some of the toughest available, and that’s why it’s less important that this jacket has no additional armor. The light padding in the shoulders and elbows increase abrasion resistance and the soft inner lining wicks away sweat to minimize discomfort on long rides.

The double-breasted style does keep out wind and rain, but those in colder climates should buy a size up and add a hoody for extra warmth and padding. However, with two concealed pockets, and four, decently sized exterior pockets you’ll never have to worry about carrying capacity.

  • Thick, good quality leather.
  • Decent abrasion resistance.
  • Durable design.
  • Good pockets.
  • Adjustable belted sides.
  • Low impact resistance.
  • No additional armor.
  • Interior material is non-quilted.

5. First MFG Leather Motorcycle Jacket

5. First Mfg Co Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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By: First Mfg Co

A good, mid-range jacket. Not the most serious of leather motorcycle jackets for men, there’s no heavy-duty armor and very few belts and zips for size tailoring. Nonetheless, this is a good option for men seeking abrasion and impact protection with a little bit of style.

The 3mm cowhide is thick enough to ward off all but the worst abrasion damage, and the light extra padding in the back, shoulders, and elbows gives added comfort. An insulated removable liner makes cold weather less challenging and the zippered sleeves give a little bit of adjustment potential. Not the ultimate men’s biker jacket, but a good one nonetheless.

  • Thick, good quality leather.
  • Extra padding in shoulders, back, and elbows.
  • Good pockets.
  • Adjustable cuffs.
  • Removable thermal lining.
  • No armor.
  • Single zipper ends before collar.
  • Sleeves and shoulders fairly slim.
  • Low impact resistance.

4. Milwaukee Leather Distressed Motorcycle Jacket

4. Milwaukee Leather Big Mens Distressed Brown Motorcycle Jacket-Vents

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By: Milwaukee Leather

A light, flexible, comfortable sports jacket made of good, thick distressed cowhide. Not designed for high abrasion or impact resistance, but this jacket still offers good protection due to its superior materials and design,

The removable thermal lining is quilted for comfort and added protection, and the plethora of pockets (no really this jacket has a lot of pockets) are protected by their durable zippers and good quality inner material. Furthermore, sizes range from S to 5XL; finding the size for you shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  • Durable single zippers minimise wind penetration.
  • Good quality, thick leather.
  • Decent abrasion resistance.
  • Many pockets.
  • Snap shut neck keeps the fit snug.
  • Removable thermal lining for comfort.
  • No extra padding or armor.
  • Loose cuffs let in wind.
  • Little resistance to even low impacts.

3. Thrix Leather Cruiser Jacket

3. Thrix Leather Mens Brown Leather Cruiser Jacket

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By: Thrix Leather

Despite the name, this is a sports style jacket with a single zipper design and very light shoulder padding. The design is stylish and classically Italian, and the two zippered pockets are deep and durable.

Despite this, it’s a jacket based mostly on looks. The protection offered is fairly low and mostly incidental, but it does offer decent abrasion resistance thanks to the high quality of the leather and it’s relative thickness.

  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Thick, high-grade leather.
  • Decent abrasion resistance.
  • No extra padding.
  • No armor.
  • Loose cuffs.
  • Zipper ends before collar.
  • A fashion jacket that happens to protect.

2. Fjackets Brown Lambskin Biker Jacket

2. Mens Leather Jacket for Biker - Distressed Genuine Lambskin Brown Leather Jacket Men

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By: fjackets

A classic sports style jacket made of 100% genuine leather. The slim fit and uncomplicated style make this an elegant sports jacket which will reduce drag when riding.

The leather is high-quality, but not overly thick, though the shoulders and elbows have light padding. The pockets are deep, but the fit does restrict what can reasonably fit in them. The single front zipper is durable, and the collar has an additional pop-fastening that keeps the neck snug. However, the sizing is good and ranges from XS to XXXL

  • Good leather.
  • Light shoulder and elbow padding.
  • Decent pockets.
  • Loose cuffs allow wind and rain in.
  • Single zipper less effective than double-breasted style.
  • Low abrasion resistance.
  • Little to no protection from even low impacts.

1. FLAVOR Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket

1. FLAVOR Men Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Removable Hood

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A comfort fit cruiser jacket made from real pigskin which comes with a removable hood and fabric cuffs. This is a real leather jacket, but it’s very much built for comfort and aesthetics. The pigskin is a lovely shade of brown and has a buffed finish. It does provide some abrasion resistance, but can’t compete with armored or thick cowhide jackets.

An abundance of inner pockets, mean you won’t struggle to stow your phone, wallet, and keys, but those seeking real protection would be advised to add elbow armor and wear a leather waistcoat over the main jacket.

  • Good pocket capacity.
  • High-quality leather.
  • Comfort fit.
  • Removable hood and adjustable cuffs keep out wind and rain.
  • Low protection.
  • No armor.
  • Chest pockets are ornamental.
  • Basically a fashion jacket.

The Buyers Guide: Getting the Right Jacket for You

So, with all this choice, how can you find the right motorcycle jacket for you? There are a few basic things to consider, but first and foremost you need to know what you want from your jacket. Are you going to ride fast on country lanes? Do you like old-style hogs and long road-trips? Do you dream of being a racer? Once you know what you need, consider the following;

1. Armor:

If you’re riding more dangerous bikes or roads or traveling at high speeds you should invest in a jacket with armor. It’s less comfortable, and it can be hot and sticky, but if there’s a chance you’ll burn out at speed it’s necessary!

2. Fit:

Are you tall and skinny? Are you carrying a few extra pounds? Or do you have a deep chest and broad shoulders? Remember that sports and racer fits will cling to you, so if you’re determined to have one buy a size or two up. Likewise, if you want to wear a hoodie under your jacket choose a loose cruiser fit or a bigger size.

3. Material:

Pigskin offers more protection than lambskin, and cowhide is the most protective of all, but you need to check what your care requirements are. Untreated leather may crack or dry out. Pick a material that works for you.

4. Personal taste:

Above and beyond all else, however, you should love your jacket!


Of course, these aren’t the only leather biker jackets on the market; we urge you to look around. However, you can be certain that these leather motorcycle jackets for men have been tried and tested by people who share your passion for motorbikes and know what it takes to stay safe (and look good) on the roads.




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