Top 11 Best LED String Lights in 2021 – Reviews

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LED String Lights can create a warm atmosphere and add beauty for any location or any occasion. They will create a cool light display that will put a smile on everyone’s face. Some LED String Lights come with combinations of colors to give never-seen-before hues. Moreover, they are suited for a particular occasion, but others are just meant for everyday use. String Lights will create that festive atmosphere with less cost and hassle.

With so many LED string lights accessible on the market today, it can be difficult to find the best one for you. But that should not worry you because we have already done some homework for you. In this article, we have done some research and come up with the top 10 best-LED String Lights for you to check out.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best LED String Light

  • Brightness: Different LED String Light have different brightness levels. String lights that use more voltage are brighter when compared to one with low voltage. Choose LED String Light with good bright levels to safely illuminate your home.
  • Efficiency: If you want LED String Light that lasts longer and has bright light, then choose one that consumes less energy. Selecting one that consumes a lot of power will neither give out bright light nor last for long.
  • Design: LED String Light in the market comes in many shapes and designs. You need to choose the design that you like most. Compact size LED String Light will ensure flexibility and can fit your desired shape.

Best LED String Lights in 2021

 11. Yinuo Candle LED twinkle lights Globe String Lights

By: Yinuo

Yinuo Candle LED twinkle lights Globe String Lights

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Yinuo Candle Globe String Lights will create a soothing experience in your home. It is a 15m long LED light chain with 29V output voltage, and it is safe and energy-saving when you use it. Ideally, the string lights are IP44 waterproof making it ideal for both indoors and outdoors. It is made from translucent plastic to keeps the string light durable and safe at a low temperature. Installing this globe string lights is very easy, and it has a linkable male and female plug to connect in series.

This globe string lights can be used in hotel, garden, room s and as decoration for birthday, Christmas and other parties. Moreover. It has 8 modes that include Twinkle/Flash, Slow Fade, Chasing/Flash, steady on, and more.


  • LED light chain is 15m long
  • Has 8 modes combination
  • Waterproof and eco-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor
  • More safe and energy saving
  • Linkable led string lights

10. Ollny Globe 33ft 100 LEDs Waterproof String Lights

By: Ollny

Ollny Globe 33ft 100 LEDs Waterproof String Lights

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This is another popular product among customers, and the best part is that it covers a large area. Ideally, this String Lights is 33ft in length and features 8 working modes. You can use the remote to select your desired mode to create a romantic atmosphere for your family or friends every moment. This String Lights are IP44 waterproof; thus, it is resistant to liquids, making it ideal for an indoor and outdoor celebration and decoration.

The remote control has a memory function, and there is no need to repeat the settings. What’s more, the advanced LED bulbs and UL certified plug is really safe to use in your home.


  • 8 lighting modes
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • String length is 33ft
  • Ip44 waterproof rating
  • UL certificated plug
  • Safe for use
  • Remote control has memory function

9. Goothy Globe 100Ft 100 Clear Bulbs String Lights

By: Goothy

Goothy Globe 100Ft 100 Clear Bulbs String Lights

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Goothy Globe string light will illuminate a very peaceful and warm light to your gatherings, patio, backyard, and gazebo or when you are celebrating your graduation, anniversary, or wedding. It is a 100 feet Globe String Lights with 100 clear bulbs. Even when one bulb is broken, the others will likewise be working. Subsequently, the String Lights will create a romance and relaxing ambiance outdoors or indoors.
The lights are waterproof, and it is made with a commercial-strength casing that will withstand wet weather and extreme temperatures. This allows you to hang outdoors to illumine your patio for many years. Get a festive ambiance with Goothy Globe string light!


  • 100ft string lights
  • Has casing that withstands extreme temperatures
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor usage
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with 100 clear bulbs
  • Add a warm and charming festive atmosphere

8. JIAMAOWW LED 100LED 30V String Lights with 8 Modes


JIAMAOWW LED 100LED 30V String Lights with 8 Modes

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Another excellent led light is this one from JIAMAOWW. It features 8 modes with memory function. These modes include steady on, slow fade, sequential, combination, slog, in waves, chasing/flash, and twinkle/flash. The controller is made to remember the last setting after the power is cut off. Furthermore, the string lights will offer a romantic decoration for both indoor and outdoor while creating a joyful, warm, and festive ambiance.

No radiation or heat is produced by these string lights and uses less power. Besides that, it is safe to use in stage, bedroom, restaurant, birthday party, night party, or Christmas party. Above all, it has a UL Certificated 30V output voltage that is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.


  • Safe and energy-efficient
  • 8 modes with memory function
  • UL certificated 30v output voltage
  • Create romantic decoration for outdoor and indoor
  • Can be molded into any shape

7. Addlon LED 48FT Outdoor String Lights

By: Addlon

Addlon LED 48FT Outdoor String Lights

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Addlon LED String Lights are versatile enough, and they are not only used for home decoration but also ideal for decorating places during special occasions. The String Lights are made to withstand wear and tear even when used year-round. The insulation material protects this String Lights from hot winter, damp, snow, rain, wind, and sun. It is equally important to note that this Outdoor String Lights cords are thicker and flexible than a traditional cord, making it durable.

What’s more, this String Lights has a soft glow and will create a great atmosphere for your wedding reception, family reunion, or birthday party. Subsequently, the distance between the bulbs is around 3.11FT, and each strand comes with E26 based hanging sockets.


  • Weatherproof and heavy-duty string lights
  • Ideal for outdoor lighting
  • Link up to 30 strands
  • Ultra-durable string lights
  • Great weatherproof strand
  • 3.11ft distance between bulbs
  • Produce a soft glow

6. RaThun Globe Waterproof 49ft 100 LED String Christmas Lights (Warm White)

By: RaThun

RaThun Globe Waterproof 49ft 100 LED String Christmas Lights (Warm White)

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This LED Christmas light by RaThun is 49ft long and can be utilized to create a festive ambiance and warm lights for your wedding, holiday, or Christmas. Ideally, the Christmas Lights has eight lighting effects that include slogs, in waves, combination, sequential, steady on, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and chasing/flash. Moreover, it is made of translucent plastic that usually keeps the lights at a low temperature to ensure safe touch even after long hours of usage.

In addition to that, it is safe and reliable to use for both indoors and outdoors, and it is easy to setup. You simply need to connect the power adapter and then plug it in or out for power on or off. All in all, this string Christmas Lights is more environmental and more energy saving.


  • Eco-friendly festival decorative lights
  • Safe and convenient to use
  • 49ft globe string lights
  • Energy-saving and more environmental
  • Ip44 waterproof globe string lights
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor activities

5. LOUIS CHOICE 49Ft 100 LED String Lights for Indoor and Outdoor


LOUIS CHOICE 49Ft 100 LED String Lights for Indoor and Outdoor 

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Here is another top-rated LED string light that is perfect for a variety of outdoor and indoor parties. It is a premium quality hanging lights with plug and timer. The Auto Timer allows you to press and go six hours running and 18 hours off cycling per day. Besides that, the string lights are extendable with male and female safe plugs to fit various sizes of garlands or Christmas trees. You can likewise use it to decorate your backyard, porch, or patio.

The LED string light is IP44 waterproof, and you can use it at any place. Built-in memory chip usually saves the current function till the next time you will light up. To sum up, the string light comes with 45 days return service and 15 months warranty.


  • Premium quality hanging lights
  • Ip44 waterproof twinkle led
  • 8 functions plus memory and timer
  • 15m long clear wire
  • 15 months warranty
  • Connectable small string lights
  • Has 30v low voltage transformer

4. SUNTHIN 48ft Pack of 2 LED String with Hanging Loops


SUNTHIN 48ft Pack of 2 LED String with Hanging Loops

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These lights by SUNTHIN are made with waterproof features and will endure extreme temps, rainy, windy, and damp climates. It includes two pack dimmable string lights with 96ft in total length. Ideally, the string lights are made using heavy-duty wire and come with weather-proof sockets to keep water out. Furthermore, the string light includes 18 LED shatterproof bulbs with 3ft/bulb, and it includes 3 spare bulbs.

The sockets can fit any bulb with a compatible base allowing you to switch up your style. Overall, this patio lights have been well tested to meet all the requirements, and it has been ETL approved.


  • 2-pack dimmable string lights
  • Has 18 led shatterproof bulbs
  • ETL approved
  • Special weather-proof sockets
  • Linkable to easily connect more strings
  • Made from heavy-duty wire

3. FOXLUX 48 ft. Waterproof Shatterproof Outdoor String Lights


FOXLUX 48 ft. Waterproof Shatterproof Outdoor String Lights

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Next, it is another energy-saving string light from FOXLUX. They are going to create a romantic and relaxed ambiance, and they are bright enough for your indoor and outdoor family dinner, Christmas party, Halloween, wedding, summer night barbecue, and more. The String Lights include 16 LED waterproof and shatterproof plastic bulbs to makes sure that they are durable and cannot be broken in bad weather.

Moreover, the LEDs have a surface life of 25000 hours, and they are made to consume less energy. The length is the string lights are 48 ft. and has a separation of 3.2 ft. from one bulb to another.


  • Made of plastic material to ensure safety
  • Creates a relaxed and romantic ambiance
  • 48-foot string lights
  • 16 led that is shatterproof and waterproof
  • Approach 25000 hours service life of bulbs
  • Easily and quick to set up
  • More safe and durable

2. 12APM 200LEDs 66 Ft Waterproof Copper String Lights

By: 12APM

12APM 200LEDs 66 Ft Waterproof Copper String Lights

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With 200 steady LED lights, 12APM String Lights will definitely light up your room perfectly. The string lights are made from bendable and waterproof copper wire and can be shaped into any symbols. Moreover, it is 66 feet in length and will offer greater coverage and will never overheat. Subsequently, the String Lights are equipped with a USB port that enables you to apply lights with power banks, computers, USB adapter, or any other power source that has a USB interface.

The Led lights are energy-efficient and Cost-effective and adapt casting with long-lasting golden copper wires. At any rate, the cord is capable and shapeable for dairy usage.


  • Cost-effective and energy-efficient
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Made of bendable and waterproof copper wire
  • 5 feet power cord
  • Free power adapter included
  • Three years of quality warranty

1. Twinkle Star Wedding Party 300 LED Wall Decorations Window Curtain String Light

By: Twinkle Star

Twinkle Star Wedding Party 300 LED Wall Decorations Window Curtain String Light

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You can make a fulfilling, celebratory, and nostalgic path with this string lights by twinkle star. The curtain string lights are waterproof and are made to withstand light rain, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor decoration. On top of that, it has 8 mode settings that include steady on, slogs, twinkle/flash, sequential chasing/flash, in waves, and combination. Again, the string light has 300 warm white led lights that will give perfect lighting during festive seasons.

That’s not all, the string light is easy to use, and you need to plug it on the power socket. It is 9.8 feet long, and the string light is mainly used to decorate window curtains.


  • 8 modes settings
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor decorations
  • 300 warm white led lights
  • Waterproof level is ip44
  • UL certificated output and wire


The led string lights above offer an unmatched methodology for lighting outdoor and indoor conditions. Also, they are going to change the atmosphere at home. These lights are quick to set up, safe, and durable. Grab one that will impress you the most.


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