Top 10 Best Makeup Vanity Tables In 2022

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Every lady dreams of leaving the house with the right makeup for a beautiful and confident day. Having the best mirror and a table is the point towards achieving the best look. You will have a lot of space where you can place your requirements to achieve that perfect look. Choosing the best makeup vanity makeup table may be challenging as they all look great to attract the eyes. The article has the top ten best, which will be helpful to enable you to purchase quality and the best.

The Best Makeup Vanity Tables Reviews

Read details about each Table below:

10. SONGMICS Vanity Set


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The set has a large table surface where you can work peacefully and adequately. There is also plenty of space where you can store your items in the three drawers. The tri-folding mirror not only adds elegance to your room but also helps you have a comprehensive and clear view of yourself.

It comes with a vanity stool which leaves ample space under the legs for complete comfort as you use them. It installs which makes it easy to use as well as ideal for the females of any age.

  • Large table surface
  • Comes with three drawers
  • Three-panel mirror
  • Comes with a vanity stool
  • Spacious below the table

Reasons To Buy

  • Very spacious to accommodate your items well
  • The mirror is ideal for lighting and dressing for full coverage
  • The cushioned stool is very comfortable

9. Fineboard Vanity Beauty Makeup Table

Fineboard Vanity Beauty Makeup Table

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The craftsmanship in this makeup vanity table makes it very elegant and beautiful. It has a durable construction consisting of hardwood and the MDF board materials. It comes with a padded stool for maximum comfort, which has a beautiful upholstery.

You can neatly arrange your makeup, cosmetics, or even the jewelry in an organized manner with this table as it has five drawers. It also comes with three mirrors to give you a clear view and light the room efficiently.

  • Has a padded stool
  • Has three mirrors
  • Consists of five drawers
  • Made of hardwood and MDF board
  • Elegant craftsmanship

Reasons To Buy

  • Elegant look beautifies your room
  • Helps organize your make up for a neat place and easy retrieval when using with the five drawers
  • The seat is comfortable due to the padding

8. Mecor Makeup Vanity Table

Mecor Makeup Vanity Table

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Mecor Makeup Vanity Table is an excellent set that comes with seven drawers where you can comfortably arrange all your makeups, jewelry, or even the cosmetics. It is comfortable to work on even while seated as the padded seat caters for that. The three tri-folding mirrors also enable you to have a comprehensive view as you apply your makeups.

It has elegant flower handles which make the sliding much more comfortable. It has a durable construction of hardwood and MDF with its legs being wooden, enabling sturdy support and serves you for an extended period.

  • Made of hardwood and MDF wood
  • Has seven storage drawers
  • A tri-fold 360spinning mirror
  • Elegant flower handles
  • Detachable dressing table
  • Weighs 250 lbs

Reasons To Buy

  • It is easy to convert the top table to a reading table
  • The 360mirror spinning allows for maximum use
  • Has a lot of storage space being seven drawers

7. VASAGLE Vanity Set

VASAGLE Vanity Set

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The seven drawers in the VASAGLE Vanity Set ensures maximum storage space of which two makeup brush holders are facilitating a neat organization. The table surface also provides a vast area where you can continue with your work efficiently. It comes with a stool which leaves a lot of space underneath for legs comfort.

The tri-folding mirror ensures that you get a wide angle and view for the best results. It has four hooks where you can hang your necklaces for the best care. Assembling it is effortless and thus saves on the time. It also has a durable construction which ensures that it serves you for long.

  • Seven storage drawers
  • Comes with a padded stool
  • A tri-folding mirror
  • Four necklace hooks
  • Two makeup brush holders
  • Sturdy and durable construction

Reasons To Buy

  • Additional storage areas
  • Extra storage like brush and necklace holders
  • It is elegant, classy and durable

6. BEWISHOME Vanity Set


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BEWISHOME Vanity Set fulfills your purpose well with 360 degrees pivoting mirror for a precise angle of view as you apply your makeups. It has a durable construction with the legs being wooden. The table has an E1 grade environmental MDF material construction with a padded seat.

It has a well-organized drawer to allow you to arrange your valuables well for easier retrieval when you want to use them. The mirror is removable to transform it to a reading table when necessary. It is easy to assemble, taking limited time.

  • Five storage drawers
  • 360ivoting mirror
  • Detachable mirror
  • Durable MDF construction

Reasons To Buy

  • Durability is essential with the table
  • Has a multipurpose use due to the ability to detach
  • You can use the mirror from any angle

5. Coaster Home Furnishings vanity set

Coaster Home Furnishings vanity set

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The set comes with a stool and a table. The table surface is large enough for your work. It has storage drawers to keep your items safe. The construction as well is sturdy and durable to ensure that it serves you for a long time.

The table is classy with a mirror that slides to lay open the compartment where you store your valuables. The elegant white finish makes it ideal for any room.

  • Set has a chair and a table
  • Durable construction
  • Large sliding mirror
  • A    storage drawer
  • White finish

Reasons To Buy

  • Stores you makeups, jewelry in the right place
  • The large mirror is very promising
  • Its elegance keeps the room attractive

4. Roundhill Furniture Vanity Table and Stool Set

Roundhill Furniture Vanity Table and Stool Set

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Roundhill Furniture Vanity Table and Stool Set have an elegant design where the frame is adjustable. It comes with a stool to enable you to have some comfortable time during the makeup application.

There is plenty of storage spaces with five drawers so that your valuables, including makeups and jewelry, are in an organized manner. It is easy to assemble with the instructions to guide you through inclusive.

  • Wooden and adjustable frame
  • Comes with a stool
  • Adjustable mirror
  • Five storage drawers
  • Easy to assemble

Reasons To Buy

  • It is useful in keeping your items organized
  • Adjustability enhances ease of use
  • It does not take much time to assemble

3. Crown Mark Iris Vanity Table

Crown Mark Iris Vanity Table

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The Crown Mark Iris Vanity Table is easy to install and thus does not waste much of your time with connections. It has a storage drawer at the center where you can safely organize your valuables. It has an excellent elegance that keeps your room super attractive.

The table has a tilting mirror which enables you to have a good view. It also comes with a seat where you can enjoy doing your makeup under comfort. It has an adult height of inches to allow for an efficient working process.

  • 50 inch high
  • A tilting mirror
  • Comes with a padded stool
  • Storage drawer
  • Easy to assemble
  • Large top surface

Reasons To Buy

  • Adequate space on the top for personal use
  • Easy to store and retrieve items from the drawer
  • Very comfortable and padded seat
  • Beautiful to place in your house

2. Frenchi Furniture Vanity Set

Frenchi Furniture Vanity Set

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The Frenchi Furniture Vanity Set provides you with an excellent set to fulfill your purposes. It has a drawer when you can store items like your makeup and jewelry to retrieve them quickly and store them in an organized way. The top part is also significant to provide enough space to work.

The mirror can tilt with much ease to help cover you adequately. It comes with a seat where you can enjoy the makeup process comfortably when seated due to is padding.

  • Comes with a padded chair
  • A tilting mirror
  • A center drawer
  • Weighs 37 lbs
  • A height of 17 inches

Reasons To Buy

  • Enables you to have a wide angle of view just the way you want it
  • It is easy to assemble and start off using
  • Center drawer for storing your valuables

1. Bobkona Vanity Set

Bobkona Vanity Set

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The Bobkona Vanity Set comes with a comfortable padded stool where you can comfortably apply your makeups. It has five storage drawers where you can store your makeup, jewelry, and cosmetics in an organized manner.

It is easy to assemble the makeup vanity table where the manual is inclusive at purchase. It has a durable wood construction which makes it sturdy and enables it to serve you for long. Its mirrors have a movable extension attachment for a more comprehensive view.

  • Made of wood and fabric
  • Five storage drawers
  • Comes with a padded chair
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tri folding mirror

Reasons To Buy

  • It is effortless to install taking less of your time
  • Comfortable to work on with the padded seat
  • The mirror provides an extensive view angle

Factors to Consider While Buying A Makeup Vanity Table

  • Size: The size affects the choice depending on the amount of makeup you want to place in it. The requirement also depends on the size of your room where you purchase appropriately.
  • Accessories: The items that come with the table are an essential consideration during the purchase. These include the seat where you can seat as you apply your makeup.
  • Drawers: A table with drawers helps keep your makeups well organized for easier retrieval and storage.
  • Mirror: Ability to rotate is better since you will be able to see yourself in almost all the angles to achieve a perfect look.


The process of makeup application does not have to be unsure due to lack of a mirror or right makeup vanity table. With the above top ten best of in 2022, you will identify the one that is fit for you. Most come with a stool to enable you to have a comfortable moment. You do not have to be confused any longer.


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