Top 10 Best Pet Cameras in 2022 Reviews

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Pet owners look after their pets like their kids and they cannot compromise with their safety. Sometimes, bonding between them becomes so strong that you will find them together all the time. One of the hardest things for a pet owner is to leave their pet home alone. When unsupervised, pets can become mischievous and prone to troubles. Fortunately, you can set pet cameras in your home to make sure your pet stays under your supervision even when you are away.

To choose the pet cameras, you could consider aspects like size, display quality, memory inside the camera, ease of installation, etc. All of these aspects help you choose the best quality pet camera. With the implementation of 2-way communication, the pet cameras assure the high safety of your pet. To know more about the best pet cameras, continue reading below:

Our List of Top 10 Best Pet Cameras Reviews on Amazon:

10. AVstart 1080P Home Security Camera

Pet Camera - AVstart 1080P

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This 2.4 GHz wireless baby dog camera comes with a MicroSD slot and cloud storage. Through the 1080p resolution and full glass fisheye lens, this AVstart pet camera demonstrates a crystal-clear live video. All the streaming video would be encrypted to prevent insecure access.


  • This home security camera allows users to tune up to 15 positions for quick viewing or pan/tilt. As a result, it presents 360° full coverage and clear footage.
  • The built-in 9 infrared LED lights offer a clear view of up to 32 feet.
  • The incorporated microphone and speaker are implemented with noise-canceling technology.

9. Pet Cameras with Interactive Laser Toy Wireless Baby Monitor

 Dog Camera, Pet Camera with Interactive Laser

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This wireless baby monitor allows you to capture images in 5 MP and shoot videos in Full HD 1080P resolution. Now you can easily check your pet whenever you want, from the convenience of your phone. It is equipped with an IR night version. This interactive laser toy facilitates account sharing among your family members and friends. You can remotely control the rotation via the phone or you can also set the fixed-point cruise.


  • You can connect your smartphone through the built-in 2.4 GHz WiFi in this pet camera.
  • Using the camera APP, you can add your home air conditioner and other appliances.
  • It supports 160° wide-angle view and 360° panoramic view.

8.  Wireless 1080P Full HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Pet Cameras

Pet Camera Wireless 1080P Full HD

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Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this ODRVM dog camera works flawlessly to effectively monitor your pets. The incorporated microphone and speaker can decrease noise and eliminate echoes. Consequently, the best-quality two-way communication is facilitated. The implemented smart night vision function protects your pets even during low light conditions up to 30 feet distance.


  • This ODRVM pet camera records in Full HD 1080P resolution.
  • It comes with an advanced 355° horizontal and 90° vertical rotation range.
  • There is 4 times zoom in/out camera head that can generate a comprehensive 360° coverage of the area you wish to monitor.

7. NETVUE 1080P Dog Camera with Phone App

Dog Camera - 1080P Dog Camera with Phone App

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The Full HD resolution in this dog camera benefits you with multiple-view of your pet for enhanced safety.  It comes with a phone app so that you can easily access the camera’s functionality from your phone anytime, anywhere. What makes this NETVUE pet camera unique is it uses AWS Cloud. So, it offers up to 30 days of cloud storage. Alternatively, you can record constantly to a microSD card irrespective of sound and motion.


  • This 1080p dog camera supports a 100° viewing angle.
  • It is equipped with a 360° horizontal angle lens.
  • There are ten 850nm infrared LEDs present. These LEDs let the camera to automatically switch to night vision mode during dim light conditions.

6. TOOGE WiFi Dog Pet Cameras

TOOGE WiFi Dog Pet Camera

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Equipped with 2.4 GHz WiFi connectivity, this pet camera comes with a quick wireless setup. You can easily accomplish the setup from your mobile app on your smartphone, tablets or PC. With the support for two-way communication, you can listen/speak with your family or pet anytime, anywhere. The included push alert notifications are dependent on motion sensing technology.


  • This TOOGE pet monitor offers vertical 80° rotation horizontal 350° rotation along with a zoom function for comprehensive coverage of your home.
  • The built-in intelligent IR-Cut switch conveys superior quality images during day and night.

5. TAOCOCO 1080P FHD WiFi IP Surveillance Cameras

TAOCOCO Dog Camera

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This model of wireless IP camera comes with a 1920 x 1080P resolution at 25 fps. When the motion is detected, the surveillance camera would record a short video into the microSD card and then send notifications to your phone. With the implementation of the two-way audio technology, you can listen and talk remotely. The built-in app protects the information inside.


  • With the help of wide viewing angles i.e. horizontal 355 degrees and vertical 110 degrees, this FHD camera allows you to monitor big areas.
  • Through the implemented infrared (IR) night vision technology, this WiFi camera provides you striking night vision experience. This is applicable even in dark.

4. GevTa FHD Pet Cameras

GevTa Pet Camera

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The aforementioned GevTa pet camera is specially designed for dogs. The smart auto tracking system effectively tracks the dog’s movement. The camera can live stream video so that you can monitor your pet right from your phone through a 360° view. It is now easy to keep an eye on your pet in any light conditions, and from anywhere. The built-in crying sensor detects the instant when your baby is crying and then delivers push notifications to your smartphone.


  • The pet camera supports two-way audio.
  • This dog security camera supports 355° pan, 115° tilt and zoom functions.
  • It comes with 9 IR LEDs that provide Full HD night vision up to 32 feet.

3. YESKAMO 1080P HD Home WiFi Security Cameras

 YESKAMO Dog Camera Pet Monitor

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This YESKAMO wireless security camera records at 1920 x 1080 MP. The built-in lens makes sure the camera records a clear view of the surrounding. The full HD frames generate real-time video with 10 times zoom-in clarity. The built-in MIPC phone App enables multiple devices to enjoy live view or playback simultaneously.  It is possible to integrate this wireless camera with other smart home gadgets within the Alexa.


  • This home WiFi camera supports a 350° horizontal and 100° vertical rotating angle. In this way, it conveys full coverage.
  • Within 3 seconds, you will receive notifications from the MIPC phone app.

2. Amcrest 1080P Smart Home WiFi Cameras

Amcrest 1080P Smart Home WiFi

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This Amcrest product can work as a baby monitor and as a WiFi camera as well. It supports sound alarm mode to keep you informed about the activities of your pet. You can transform your Amcrest smart home camera into a variable VOX audio monitor. This will allow you to view, listen, and stay notified depending on variable sound thresholds. This pet camera can be shared among multiple family members so that each of them gets access to live recordings and videos.


  • This 1080P WiFi camera works with Alexa.
  • It sends motion alerts either through email or push notification.

1. Wansview Wireless 1080P IP Camera

Wansview Wireless 1080P IP

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There are no hassles regarding the storage of the videos when you set up this wireless IP camera. It supports remote access through Wansview Cloud App. It comes with a Micro SD card slot allowing you to save videos.


  • This Wansview camera lets you remotely listen and talk through the mobile app even during dark light conditions.
  • It supports the IR LED night vision up to 20 feet of distance.
  • The viewing angles supported are 350 degrees horizontal and 76 degrees vertical.

Concluding Note:

To keep an eye on your pet while you are away, these pet cameras work at the best. They make sure your pet stays protected from theft and does not get too mischievous while you are absent.


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