Best Play Kitchens For Toddlers Review In 2021 

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A toy is the most vital source for a child in learning, it helps in many aspects of the life of a child. He learns how to socialize, about society and much more, so, toys are not just a play for a child they can make a good life out of them.  

Same is the case with a kitchen toy, a kitchen is the heart and soul of a house and like a toy, it teaches the child the most important lessons of life.

It teaches him/her to share and socialize, a kitchen toy engages the child to be collaborative with others and teaches him that it just takes on a step to help and ease the situation. 

Best Play Kitchens

So, when talking about the toys they play a vital and most important role in a child’s or toddler’s life, 

For your help, this is the list of best play kitchen for toddlers in 2021. 

1- Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen 

Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen 

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The thing about this toy is that it has many functionalities at once. It can be played on several occasions and has enough room that many children can play in this play kitchen. 

It has an ice cube dispenser with a microwave that revolves the plate inside thus engaging your child to play. Other than that, it has rotating knobs and dials hence again encouraging your child to play. 

Moreover, the doors of the refrigerator, oven, and cabinets open and close hence providing a real experience of a live kitchen. It has cutlery, utensils and much more and is provided with a stove to make it official. 

 Playful Features: 

  • It is provided with an Ice cube dispenser. 
  • It has enough space so that many children can play at once. 
  • The doors of the refrigerator cabinets and oven open and close.
  • It is also provided with utensils and cutlery for a more realistic look. 

2- KidKraft Vintage Kitchen – White

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen - White 

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Small yet big, let me explain this statement it is small and compact so it can be kept in tight and narrow spaces while it is big enough to contain multiple children at once. So, small and big. 

 Other than that, it engages your child to play and learn as it has clicking and revolving knobs giving off a real kitchen look with that it is included with the refrigerator and freezer with a stylish and modern design aspect. 

While on the page of refrigerator and freezer there are cabinets included all of which opens and shuts thus providing your child a real experience of a kitchen. 

Playful features: 

  • It provides your child with a realistic look and feels while playing.
  • There is enough and ample space for multiple children to play. 
  • It has a functional cabinet, freezer, refrigerator which provides a realistic look and feel. 
  • With a compact and stylish design, it completes your child playroom.

3- Hape Tabletop Cook and Grill Kids Wooden Kitchen Play 

Hape Tabletop Cook and Grill Kids Wooden Kitchen Play 

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I know it is just a stove but you don’t know is that it is a vital piece of toy for your child to learn and establish. 

First of all, it has a clock which helps your child to see and learn how to read time, secondly, it helps your child to grow a conscience that how the grill and stove work thus making them safe from the real stove as they would know how it works and how dangerous it could be. 

Thirdly, it has clicking and revolving knobs giving the child more knowledge about the stove and temperature thus making them learn how do the stove and a grill works. Other than that, it is also included with kitchen accessories such as a pot with a lid, a frying pan, and kitchen utensils. 

 Playful Features: 

  • It teaches your child how to read time while it provides them with unlimited fun, 
  • It has knobs that are clicky and revolve thus making them learn how does the grill works.
  • There is a pot with lid, a frying pan and kitchen utensils included with the package. 

4- Hape My Creative Cookery Club Kids Wooden Play Kitchen

Hape My Creative Cookery Club Kids Wooden Play Kitchen 

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Well, if you want your child to be an aspiring cook so this play kitchen is the best option for you, with suitable height for any child/toddler it teaches your child many things. 

First, it could aspire your child to be a chef, it teaches your child with cooking techniques and much more. Secondly, it helps your child to become organized and a clean person as he/she would clean their messed-up play kitchen in imaginary plays.  

Thirdly it tells your child to be manageable thus making them a better person in the future. It also provided with an opening and closing cabinets and oven with additional hooks on the top which can be used to hang the utensils which are provided with the play kitchen. 

Playful Features: 

  • It is made with wood thus not harming your child and lasting for years. 
  • It can play a vital role in grooming your child’s brain from an early age to be a good person.
  • There and opening and closing cabinets and oven with hooks to hang utensils provided with it. 

5- Kidkraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator in Pink

Kidkraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator in Pink 

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With a retro look, this play kitchen is from the company known to make durable toys for a child, we’ve mentioned this company before in this list so you can imagine they make excellent grade quality toys for children. 

Well, this is not different than others but has a retro vibe to it thus giving the house interior knowledge to your child of ’60s, 70’s and 80’s, thus making them more versatile and choosing their preferred style.  

The kicker int his product is that it comes with a separate refrigerator as it was in past decades to make it more realistic and official. The refrigerator doors open and close while the oven and dishwasher hence providing them with interior design and kitchen design knowledge of past decades. 

Playful Features: 

  • It has a retro design thus making it more unique and stylish. 
  • It has a separate refrigerator and a combined dishwasher with sink and oven.
  • With the knobs revolving it also has a clock to help your child to learn how to read the time.

6- Step2 Fun with Friends Play Kitchen 

Step2 Fun with Friends Play Kitchen 

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Provided with all the necessary appliances it is a huge play kitchen that can suit your child’s playroom definitely, it has all the utensils and cutlery required to set up a kitchen. With a mall storage space making your child learn about management and storing while being organized.  

 The doors of every compartment open and close thus giving a real vibe of a kitchen so, imaging the plays your child can have with this play kitchen and imagine how he would learn from this toy. 

When a pot is kept on the stove it cooks food when turned the know, by cook’s food I mean to literally but produces the sound and shows the light on the stove thus making it more realistic than ever. 

Playful Features: 

  • It has realistic sounds and lights to make it feel a real kitchen to your child. 
  • All the doors and compartments are open and closed. 
  • It has a wide range of imaginary play as it is also provided with a coffee maker.

7- Step2 Grand Walk-In Play Kitchen & Grill

Step2 Grand Walk-In Play Kitchen & Grill 

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This is a complete package of a play kitchen as it offers a lot as it seems to.

First, it is huge enough to accommodate multiple children at once, and secondly, it has a working stove that means it produces sounds and light when used the same is with the frill in place as it emits a sound when in use. 

Thirdly the fun of this toy is that it has a small counter pace where your child can serve food to the guest thus increasing the hosting skills and increasing the imagination of your child.

The kicker is that it is included with 103 pieces of kitchenware. 

Well, that means it is just set up and play all the required kitchenware is provided by the company, for instance, it has a set of utensils, pots, pans, plates, and baking items. With all that it has enough storage room for those items to be stored when your child has done playing. 

Playful Features: 

  • Has a modern design makes it more stylish in a playroom. 
  • Produces sounds and light when stove and grill are in use. 
  • Has 103 pieces of kitchenware set.
  • It also has a serving platform for the guests. 

8- Step2 Heart of The Home Kitchen Playset 

Step2 Heart of The Home Kitchen Playset 

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This is another play kitchen from step2 company and you would have guessed it that they make the most relatable and realistic play kitchens while on this list with proper sound effects and light they touch the roof with their innovative play kitchen models. 

While this one is no different as it has some additional features which have surprised me and would surprise you. Starting with it has a proper dedicated section of recycling ye, recycling which is the most important job to save this planet.

Well, this play kitchen is grooming your child’s brain to save this planet by introducing the recycling method from an early age. 

Secondly, it makes sound emits light when stove and grill are used. Not only that, but it also has a wipe-off board on the refrigerator which is provided with this play kitchen and even a photo frame.

Thus, taking this play kitchen up a notch form other. 

Playful Features: 

  • It is also included with 41 necessary kitchenware accessories. 
  • Has the most relatable kitchen structure from reality. 
  • Completely functional and worth playing with it. 

9- KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set

KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set 

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Well, this is another product from the company KidKraft this is a company that makes the most reliable and easy assembled play kitchens and this is not less than that it is easily assembled and it made with durable pressboard and plastic which if cared can last properly and is easy to assemble. 

Other than that, coming towards the play kitchen it is a unique design and is made to teach your child about more vegetation and organic healthy food as it has a planted carrot and purple onion which can be used on the cutting board and planted back again. 

The ice cube machine is fully functional thus making sounds and spit 3 pre-made fake ice cubes to the realistic vibe. While on the sound the stove and sink make the sound too. 

Playful Features: 

  • All the flaps and doors open and close. 
  • Produces sounds to have a more realistic look. 
  • It has a modern design.
  • It can teach your child about organic and healthy food. 

Best Play Kitchens – Buyer’s Guide

Best Play Kitchens

Built Structure and Durability

The built structure should be durable as the children do not care about the toy they just want to have fun in any manner so the built-quality should be good and reliable. 

Design and Features

It is up to you which design you choose but considers the complete features and functional features that can later result in your child’s fun plays. 

Space and Storage

A play kitchen should have enough space so that it could accommodate multiple children thus engaging them to play at once and not harming your child’s toy. Other than that, it should take a compact space in your child’s playroom. 

Learning and Teaching

It should have those features which would help in grooming your child thus making them a better person.

It should have simple teaching things like a clock so that your child learns how to read time win early steps. He/she can learn to share and much more with a play kitchen. 

So, consider those key points when buying a play kitchen for your toddler. 


A play kitchen can result in a grooming toy for your toddler’s brain as a child learns a lot from playing than sitting. They have the most flexible brain in the early stages, thus it can be groomed however you want it.

So, choose wisely which toy you are buying for your child this holiday or birthday but keep in mind that play kitchens are the best options for those who want to help and groom their child according to the society.


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