Top 12 Best Portable Closets in 2021 Reviews

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The choice of clothes determines your physical appearance and overall impression for any occasion. You must find the desired cloth pieces when you need them without wasting time. The portable closets are the best products to help you easily find your clothes anytime, anywhere. They are uniquely designed to provide a neat organization of your clothes and related accessories. Hence, you can now maintain your clothes safe and clean without any hassles. The available storage space matters a lot when deciding to buy a portable closet.

You need to consider durability, design, storage space, assembly, budget, and many more aspects. For those who travel constantly and need to stay in small rooms, for them the portable closets are very useful. Also, they are useful if you want to add an extra wardrobe to store your additional clothes safely. Many of these portable closets come with a zipper to ensure the safety of clothes inside. Continue reading the article below to know in detail about the best portable closets.

Our List of Top 12 Best Portable Closets on Amazon:

12. YAYI Canvas Wardrobe Portable Wardrobe Clothes Storage

YAYI Canvas Wardrobe Portable Closet

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This YAYI wardrobe clothes storage comes in a multifunctional design. In addition to clothes, you can use it to store many other accessories. During the assembly process, there is the use of steel pipe, non-woven fabric, and PP plastic. All these components make this closet sturdy and durable.

The structure features various sections to easily distinguish the storage. Hence, these sections facilitate the neat storage of your clothes. There are 4 hanger sections and 10 stacking areas. When you follow the instruction manual properly, you can easily complete the setup process.


  • There is the presence of a waterproof and dustproof cover.
  • Its cloth cover can be rolled up and fastened with a Velcro. Alternatively, you can close using a zipper.
  • The compartment is easy to clean with a wet cloth.
  • There are 4 storage bags available on the right side to store keys, brush, and other small items.

11. elifine Portable Wardrobe Clothes Closet Storage Organizer

 elifine Portable Wardrobe Clothes Closet

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The unique characteristics of this closet are that it comes in a freestanding design and ease of assembly. You can easily organize its sturdy shelves for the neat organization of your clothes. Moreover, this closet comes with a dustproof cover. Also, it comes with a zipper. This makes sure all the items stored inside stay safe against damage. For example, items will stay safe from dust, mold, bugs, moisture, and insects.

Generally, this elifine closet is extremely suitable for storing all kinds of clothes. You can store everyday winter and summer clothing, costumes, garments for special occasions.


  • The use of non-woven fabric conveys durability.
  • Its structure is waterproof and dustproof.
  • It comes in a space-saving design.
  • The bungee cord system ensures safety and stability.

10. Simple Houseware Freestanding Cloths Garment Organizer

Simple Houseware Freestanding Cloths

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Simple Houseware designs this cloth organizer with a cover. This cover is a removable window cover for extra protection. Moreover, 4 well-built wired shelves neatly organize your clothes, pants, shoes, and other accessories. The width, depth, and height of the display are respectively 46 inches, 20.5 inches, and 68.25 inches. One extraordinary feature is it comes in 4 choices based on the color of cover and closet.


  • There is no need to use power tools and drill for assembly.
  • It comes in solid metal construction with bronze paint for an elegant look.
  • There is the availability of durable plastic end connectors.
  • There is sufficient space to organize shoes and extra clothes.

9. GOFLAME Clothes Closet Portable Freestanding Closet

 GOFLAME Clothes Closet Portable

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Presented in a classic black color, this shelf storage organizer comes with a hanging rack. Moreover, the durable cover is waterproof for protecting this closet. In the manufacturing of this closet, an iron pipe is used for stability and durability. Furthermore, the plastic connectors are available and they are covered with fabric cloth.

Once assembled properly, this closet stays stable on the floor. The overall design is portable and compact for not occupying excess space.


  • The design features 2 parts for a neat organization. In addition, you can use it to store long clothes, fold clothes, quilt or blanket.
  • The fabric cover comes with a cover for ease of cleaning. So, it ensures easy and quick maintenance of this closest.

8. UDEAR Portable Wardrobe Closet Clothes Organizer

 UDEAR Portable Wardrobe Closet

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There are 2 hanging sections and 6 storage shelves available in this clothes organizer. They help you to neatly organize your clothes and small accessories. Furthermore, there is 4 pockets on side for quick access to your small belongings.

In manufacturing, there is the use of durables steel tubes, steel poles, and PP plastic connectors. All these components are durable enough to make this closet long-lasting. In addition, the cover is non-woven and offers great protection to the entire structure of this closet.


  • All included tiers are waterproof and dustproof.
  • The detachable cover is prepared from durable fabric.
  • The zipper closure ensures the security of your items against moisture and dust.

7. MAGINELS Portable Closet Clothes Wardrobe, 12 cubes

MAGINELS Portable Closet

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If you are in a lookout for a durable and portable closet then this multi-cube closet is one of the best choices. The included magical panels are light weighted yet equipped with a large weight capacity. Moreover, the resin material present in this close is unaffected by sunlight. All the connectors and panels are easily removable. This makes the installation process easier than wooden furniture pieces.


  • The structure of magical panels in this closet helps you to prepare customized shapes for various needs.
  • Each cube comes with a weight capacity of more than 22 lbs.
  • In addition to clothes, you can use it for storing bags, shoes, and other small accessories.

6. Yomeliy Clothes Storage Organizer (Gray)

Storage Organizer with Hanging Rod

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Now it is easy to organize your clothes, shoes, toys, and other accessories with the help of this Yomeliy closet. It comes in modern design in gray that complements the most decors of homes.  For neat organization, it comes with multiple cubes and a hanging rod. Also, the process of assembly is easy and quick as long as you follow the included instructions.


  • The dustproof cover comes with a zipper to secure items inside. So, no clothes will fall out.
  • The use of superior quality ABS connectors and steel pipes offer great stability.

5. Honey-Can-Do Portable Closets

 Honey-Can-Do Wardrobe

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The unique aspect of this portable storage closet is it comes with a double-door structure. This kind of structure enables you to neatly organize your clothes. Also, the excellent portability helps you to easily move this closet anywhere. In addition, it is a decent storage idea for garage, laundry room, basement, etc. There is the use of durable breathable fabric to make the entire closet durable.


  • The breathable fabric cover ensures freshness of clothes.
  • Its 2 pull-out drawers offer easy access to the stored items
  • The corrosion-proof steel frame ensures stability.

4. SONGMICS 34 Inch Portable Closets


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The hanging rod in this closet wardrobe benefits you with the easy organization of your clothes. The grey color complements well with any décor of the room. For the assembly process, no need to use tools. Moreover, all tubes are designed in the same length for a hassle-free setup. There is the availability of 4 assembly options.


  • The iron tubes frame offers durability and stability.
  • The PP plastic connectors and non-woven fabric guarantee durability.
  • Its hanging rod can withstand up to 50 lbs of weight.

3. MEGAFUTURE Plastic Wardrobe (12-Cube)

 MEGAFUTURE Plastic Wardrobe

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This plastic portable wardrobe from MEGAFUTURE comes equipped with a wood grain pattern. This pattern gives it an elegant look. The doors and walls allow ease of organization. Also, you can quickly find out the clothes or accessories you need. The manufacturer used superior quality resin plastic. In addition, this material is eco-friendly and safe to use.


  • All the included instructions are easy to follow.
  • It is useful to store miscellaneous household things.
  • This wardrobe is dust-proof and waterproof.

2. Whitmor Extra-Wide Clothes Closet, 60” with, White Cover

 Whitmor Extra-Wide Clothes

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Equipped in an extra-wide structure, this freestanding closet provides a large storage space. It is easy to assemble without requiring additional tools. Moreover, the size is perfect to organize everyday garments, seasonal clothing, and other small accessories. You can place it in a bedroom, garage, or laundry room.


  • The entire structure is sturdy enough to resist damage due to bugs, dust, and moisture.
  • It comes with a steel garment rack for enhancing the storage space. Thus, this rack can hold a maximum of 50 lbs weight of clothing.

1. YOUUD Wardrobe Storage Portable Closets (Gray)

YOUUD Wardrobe Storage

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If you are in search of a space-saving closet then this grey closet is the best product for you. It comes with a spacious arrangement to neatly organize your clothes. It is easy to assemble; no need to use extra tools. Also, the included shelves are prepared from quality non-woven fabric.


  • The zippered cover offers extra protection.
  • This cover is easy to clean using a wet cloth.
  • The PP plastic connectors and steel tubes ensure durability.

Concluding Note:

These are the best portable closets in terms of durability, ease of organization, and portability. They help you to easily organize clothes and other small accessories.


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