Top 12 Best Potting Benches in 2021 Reviews

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Gardening is one of the essential chores in the daily routine of many people. Whether for a hobby or as a chore, looking after the plants in your garden gives a great benefit to the environment. For small gardening tasks like a transplant of seedlings, potting benches are very useful. They are also known as a gardening tables. Basically, they are kind of workbenches extensively used for small gardening tasks.

All these gardening tables come with a workbench at bench height that provides comfort for a standing person. Moreover, storage space is available for pots, soils, and tools. With the help of potting benches, you can elevate your workspace to easily trim plants. The durable construction, storage space, ease of assembly, etc., matters a lot when choosing a potting bench. Get to know more about the best potting benches by reading the article below.

Our List of Top 12 Potting Benches on Amazon:

12. HOMFY Outdoor Garden Potting Bench Wooden Planting Work Station

HOMFY Outdoor Garden Potting Bench Wooden Planting

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The durability is a vital consideration when buying a potting bench. This plating workstation from HOMFY is prepared from sturdy pine wood. Thus, it ensures great reliability and durability for many years. The open structure is favorable to the growth of plants and flowers. In addition to gardening, you can use it for DIY projects. The side hooks are also available for easy installation.


  • Its natural wood finish is easy to paint and customize according to your needs.
  • The lower shelf is excellent for storing pots, soils, fertilizer, pails, and more.

11. Vilobos Wood Potting Bench Work Station Table

Vilobos Wood Work Station Table with Tabletop Removable Sink

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There are various components included in this workstation table. It comes with a tabletop, detachable sink drawer, shelves, hooks, and wheels. Moreover, the use of solid wood makes this potting bench durable and stable. The entire structure is resistant to damage due to weather elements. Hence, it makes this bench suitable for outdoor gardening.


  • The spacious design helps you to store pots, soils, fertilizer, and pails.
  • There are 2 removable wheels on the feet for portability.
  • It comes with a detachable plastic sink for convenient cleaning and watering.

10. Wooden Outdoor Garden Potting Benches

Wooden Outdoor Garden

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Presented in an open shelf structure, this potting bench is quite conducive for the growth of plants and flowers. It is essentially a workstation table with durable wood construction. In addition, the included drawer provides extra storage space. Generally, this gardening table is suitable for use at the patio and garage area.


  • The included fir wood resists pests and rots.
  • The drawer, grid-pattern back panel, and open shelf offer enough space. Hence, you can store soils and gardening tools neatly.

9. Aivituvin Potting Bench with PVC Layer

 Aivituvin Potting Bench with PVC Layer

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Aivituvin designs this outdoor gardening table with a lid and sink. It comes with a drawer, shelf, and a hook. So, you can add a lid on its plastic sink. Moreover, you can add a large PVC layer on the worktable to make this potting bench functional. There are no water leakage issues found. The huge bottom shelf and the sliding drawer offer enough place to store and work.


  • Its natural wood finish is easy to paint and customize.
  • The top shelf is available for extra storage.
  • On each side, 2 hooks are available to store all your accessories in easy access.

8. Convenience Concepts Deluxe Potting Benches

Convenience Concepts Deluxe Potting Bench

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The design of this deluxe potting bench features a cabinet, a drawer, and an open shelf. The spacious workspace helps you to conveniently accomplish gardening tasks. Moreover, the beautiful design complements most decors of outdoor spaces. Each of its pieces is carefully prepared with premium materials and durable finishes.

All the assembly instructions are easy to follow. So, if you are looking for a gardening task that offers a spacious work surface, go for this product.


  • It comes with open shelf compartments to neatly organize gardening tools.
  • The side hooks are pre-attached.

7. Giantex Potting Bench Table for Outside Natural Wood Garden Plant Lawn

Giantex Potting Bench Table for Outside

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The use of solid wood in this Giantex bench table makes it sturdy and durable. This wood is resistant to water and moisture. Hence, this gardening table is suitable for all outdoor conditions. The design features a cabinet, a drawer, and an open shelf. In addition, the open shelf makes it conducive for the plants and flowers to get enough air circulation.


  • The galvanized tabletop makes this bench table suitable for any weather.
  • This bench’s body is resistant to corrosion and can work in all weather conditions.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.

6. LUCKYERMORE Potting Bench Table Wooden Gardening Plant

LUCKYERMORE Potting Bench Table Wooden

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With the help of this LUCKYERMORE gardening table, you can keep your garden region clean and neat. The beautiful design fits well in your patio or backyard. The overall structure is durable and sturdy for years of reliable use. Moreover, the included instructions are easy to follow for quick assembly.


  • It comes with a maximum weight capacity of 28.4 lbs.
  • The 1.5 cm thick board is prepared from solid fir wood. Thus, it offers excellent support to hold flowers, soil, and gardening tools.
  • The sink is removable for easy cleaning.

5. Topeakmart Outdoor Garden Potting Benches

Topeakmart Outdoor Garden Table Work Bench

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With the help of this potting table, it is convenient to prune, pot, transplant, root, and weed your plants. It comes with a removable sink drawer, rack, and shelves. In addition, the sink is useful for watering and the drawer for storing tools.

The storage space is enough to collect your gardening tools in a single place. As a result, your garden appears neat and organized. The proper use of this potting bench saves you from pointless strain resultant due to prolonged bending down for ground planting.


  • The rear reinforcement slates across the tabletop and shelves make sure the items do not fall off.
  • The rubber pads guarantee stability.
  • Its legs are protected against corrosion.

4. Best Choice Products Outdoor Potting Bench Workstation Table

 Best Choice Products Outdoor Wood Garden

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The tabletop of this potting bench enlarges your workspace for a convenient gardening experience. This tabletop divides so that a length surface is provided to trim and pot vegetables. Also, this potting bench is handy when there is not sufficient time for cleaning.

The use of decent quality material makes sure the soil stays safe for planting. With ample storage space, you can neatly organize your gardening tools.


  • The 2-tier shelf is useful to store plants, soil, and gardening tools.
  • Its bottom shelf stores huge supplies like soil bags.
  • The use of food-grade in the dry sink offers ease of potting and soil mixing.

3. Dura-Trel 11203 Greenfield Potting Bench, White

 Dura-Trel 11203 Greenfield Potting Bench

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One of the best aspects of this white potting bench is it does not need maintenance. It is easy to assemble with the help of the included hardware. The design of this removable worktable features a huge lower shelf which is perfect for storing huge bags and tools. Moreover, the top shelf is easy to reach for accessing small items.

The length, width, and height are  48 inches, 19.5 inches, and 49 inches, respectively. The ample storage space helps you to keep all supplies neatly.


  • The use of PVC vinyl makes sure this bench does not crack, peel, fade or discolor.
  • Due to the removable working surface, the process of cleanup is easy. Just spray using a garden hose and then wipe clean.

2. YAHEETECH Outdoor Garden Potting Benches

YAHEETECH Outdoor Garden

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The design of this outdoor workbench features a cabinet drawer, metal tabletop, and an open shelf. Due to the open shelf structure, plants get enough air for photosynthesis. Moreover, the use of natural wood makes this outdoor potting bench durable.

The drawer underneath the tabletop offers enough storage space. Furthermore, the spacious cabinet and the slatted shelf provide enhanced storage space. Those who are fans of gardening, for them, this garden table is very useful. Besides, you can use it as a display stand for photos and handicraft items.


  • In the making, original fir wood is used for durability. Also, it resists pests and rots.
  • Due to the solid structure, the tabletop can hold a weight of up to 100 kg. The cabinet and bottom shelf can hold weight up to 80 kg.

1. Best Choice Products Outdoor Wooden Bench Work Station Table

Outdoor Wooden Garden Potting Bench

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For DIY projects, this Best Choice Products garden table is a great choice. The natural wood finish enables you to customize the paint. Hence, this workstation table is an ideal choice for any outdoor area. Moreover, you can use it in any weather condition.

The bottom shelf is spacious enough for storing pots, potting soil, fertilizer, pail, and more. The tabletop offers a comfortable space to work.


  • The use of solid fir wood guarantees durability in all seasons.
  • Its cabinet can hold small gardening tools like gloves, scissors, seed packets, etc.
  • The side hooks are available for hanging your gardening tools, towels, and rags.

Concluding Note:

These potting benches serve as comfortable workstations to make small gardening tasks easy. Most of them come with the spacious storage facilities to neatly hold all necessary gardening tools.


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