Top 10 Best Robots for Kids in 2022 Reviews

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Most kids spend a lot of time playing video games on mobile, tablet, and computer. Such gadgets are very complicated and took the whole attention of your kid. They love to spend the time with these video games while their family misses them a lot. Kids’ robot is an interesting, elegant, and dashing kids’ toy. The endearing robot toys like Mecca spider robot is very dashing, and everyone’s favorite robot toy.

In fact, advancement in technology made the robot such a cool thing that it will be able to hang out with your kids. Some robots are quite intelligent enough to respond even to single hand touch. Moreover, choosing the best robots for kids to engage them at home needs some basic knowledge about the robot toys.

In this article, we are going to share some basic features, interesting, phenomena, and top-quality robots for kids. Read the whole article for more interesting and engaging factors that your kids like most.

List of Top 10 Best Robots for Kids in 2022

10. Mecca Spider Robot Kit for Kids

Meccano-Erector - MeccaSpider Robot Kit for Kids

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By: Meccano

The Mecca Spider is designed for engaging your kids. Robotic creepy crawly spider is made from fancy materials. Robot toy can be controlled by using its built-in buttons. You can also use its free Meccano app for super cool robotic play. Moreover, the Mecca Spider robot toy equipped with built-in games. These games provide you and your kid’s extra amusement. The Mecca Spider is an interesting, versatile, and engaging robotic toy. It comes with many unique qualities and features. Usually, kids of 10+ age can easily handle the Mecca Spider. Normally its build time is 1-3 hours.

Key Features
  • Parts: Mecca spider has 291 build parts that can be built in a spider in 1-3 hours.
  • Interactive toy: Mecca spider develops a better understanding of math, technology, and science.
  • Multiple programs: Mecca Spider is equipped with multiple programing modes for better interaction.
  • Batteries: Mecca Spider needs 5 C polaroid batteries for better functioning and long playtime.
  • Intelligent IR sensor.
  • Multiple built-in games.
  • Good for the brain exercising of kids.
  • Mecca Spider is a bulky and massy robot.

9. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Fun Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit for Kids

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Lego boost creative toolbox is equipped with many interesting and engaging factors for 7 to 12 years kids. In fact, an amazing robotic toy includes five built-in models. These models are automatically set up with the Lego boost app. The auto building feature is pretty much dashing and healthy for kids. Moreover, the Lego boost develops a sense of creativity by engaging the child in various games.

Key Features
  • Coding programming: Lego develops various thinking skills in kids by its coding programming.
  • Compatible: Lego boosts robotic toy is compatible with kids who are 7 to 12 years old.
  • Creativity: Lego boost creates a sense of creativity in your child by engaging them.
  • Built-in Models: Lego boost app has free 5 built-in models for general idea and auto-building.
  • An impressive way to teach the kids.
  • Lego boost has interesting coding for building a toy.
  • Engaging programs make your child busy for day long.
  • Be careful about the tinnier parts.

8. Botley the Coding Robot

Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

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By: Learning Resources

Botley is an intelligent, colorful robot. An interesting way to teach the basic codes to your child. In fact, kids will learn the basic concepts of coding. Such as algorithm, looping, and debugging with playing on Botley coding robot. Such coding concepts are easy for a five years old child to learn and understand. Moreover, Botley is completely a screen-free robotic toy.

Key Features
  • Compatibility: Botley the coding robot is compatible for 5+ years old kids.
  • Design: Botley the coding robot has a unique screen-free design.
  • Creativity: Botley develops a sense of creativity and learning in your kids.
  • Parts: Botley the coding robot comes with 77 pieces that are unique and remote-controlled.
  • The smart way of learning.
  • Easy to understand and build.
  • Interesting screen-free technology.
  • Botley the coding robot is a costly toy.

7. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach 'n Tag Movi

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By: Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price is the best robot toy for preschool kids. However, Fisher-Price designed in the best way and developed a sense of learning and understanding. Moreover, Fisher-Price is the best robotic toy for developing the necessary skills in your kids. Whether kids are playing the usual games, they are learning to follow the directions. Such games are developing basic thinking skills.

Key Features
  • Objective: Fisher-Price’s main objective is to develop critical thinking skills in preschoolers.
  • Performance: Fisher-Price usually works in three different ways, like think, learn, and gameplay.
  • Design: Fisher-Price has unique, elegant and 360o moveable design.
  • Best for: Fisher-Price is best for preschoolers to develop thinking, understanding, and moving skills.
  • Best for preschoolers and 5+ kids.
  • Interesting built-in games and learning.
  • 360o movability makes it interesting and unique.
  • Only for preschoolers and small kids.

6. Ozobot Bit coding robot

Bit Coding Robot (Blue)

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By: Ozobot

Ozobot bit coding robot is a smart and small-size robot. You can place the bit coding robot even in your pocket. However, this coding robot has very smart features to develop the basic steam skills in your child. Bit coding robot is specially designed for the 6+ boys and girls. Ozobot screen-free robot work on coding that your child place for rolling and give an interesting experience with learning.

Key Features
  • Design: Ozobot bit coding robot has screen-free, lightening eyes, and unique glass design.
  • Coding: It is a completely programmed and coding control robot.
  • Material: It is made of durable and strong Polycarbonate Shell.
  • Smart functions: Ozobot provides kids better leisure time by smart Led, coding programming, and the optical sensor.
  • Super cool and interesting design.
  • It’s a Smart optical sensor with cool led lights.
  • Better for developing learning skills in kids.
  • It is a very small sized coding robot toy.

5. LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Robot Toy

LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Robot Toy

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Lego creator robot toy is a smart and interesting robot toy. In fact, the basic objective to develop the robot toy is to develop the learning skills with playing. Lego creator includes the smart rotating face, and bright led lightning eyes, rotating and moveable body. The arms and claws are specially designed to capture, hold, and to push the objects. Basically, it has three interesting built-in models.

Key Features
  • Multi-tasking: Lego creator is equipped with moveable claws, arms, body parts for multi-tasking.
  • Built-in models: Lego creator is equipped with the best three built-in models, a bird, a dog, and a jetpack.
  • Pieces: Lego creator contains 205 different sizes and shapes pieces to form model toys.
  • Led bricks: Lego creator contains sharp Led lights for smart searching and gameplay.
  • Specially designed for 7 to 12 years old kids.
  • It has an interesting 3 in 1 model with all the basics skills.
  • They are specially designed to make the best toys for kids.
  • Lego creator contains various sized pieces to be careful building up.

4. WolVol Remote Control Robot Police Toy

WolVol (Large Version) 10 Channel Remote Control Robot Police Toy with Flashing Lights and Sounds

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By: WolVol

WolVol remote control robot police toy is a cool, smart, and engaging toy. WolVol police toy is a durable robot toy that is perfect kids of 2 to 4 years old. Robot policeman can dance in different directions, walk, and produce various sounds. WolVol produces a beautiful combination of bright lights that change with different sound effects. The smart and dashing style robot police can be controls through 10 channels remote.

Key Features
  • Remote: WolVol robot police is a completely remote-control toy.
  • Multi-color lights: WolVol robot police show different bright color flashing lights.
  • Material: WolVol robot policeman is made of heavy-duty plastic material.
  • Sounds: WolVol produces interesting sounds. It’s light effects for amusing your child.
  • WolVol is made of heavy-duty plastic material.
  • WolVol contains 10 channel remote control functions.
  • It has beautiful light effects and sound effects.
  • Only for preschoolers and small kids.

3. Wonder Workshop Coding Robot for Kids

Wonder Workshop Dash - Coding Robot for Kids 6+ - Voice Activated - Navigates Objects

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By: Wonder Workshop

Wonder workshop produces a top-quality coding robot for 6+ kids. Moreover, a Coding robot can perform multiple tasks to produces arithmetic, loops, conditions, technology, and sequence skills in your kids. In fact, the dash coding robot develops different simple and accessible skills that helping your child to grow in a creative and learning environment.

Key Features
  • Shape: Wonder workshop dash coding robot has a unique and simple shape.
  • Material: Wonder workshop dash coding robot has durable and long-lasting material.
  • Basic coding: Dash robot provides the basic coding of arithmetic, loops, sequence, and conditions to your kid.
  • Wonder app: The wonder dash coding robot is controlled with a special design app for more functioning.
  • Multiple tasking with smart wonder app.
  • It has basic coding for learning basic coding skills.
  • It is perfectly designed for 6+ kids.
  • Wonder workshop dash coding robot is a costly robot toy.

2. LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit with Remote Control for Kids

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Lego Mindstorms is an educational stem robot toy. Lego Mindstorms robot toy makes engineering fun learning. Even everyone like Mindstorms very much. In fact, you can talk, walk, and play wonderful games with Lego Mindstorms robot toy. Lego Smart robot toy has 601 pieces with EV3 bricks. You can program the Lego Mindstorms to talk, walk, and target attack things. However, Lego Mindstorms is kids playable toy, but many people like to play with it.

Key Features
  • Pieces: Lego Mindstorms contain 601 various sized pieces.
  • EV3 app: Lego Mindstorms can be controlled through the EV3 smart app.
  • Design: Lego Mindstorms is equipped with 17 built-in designs.
  • Compatible: Lego Mindstorms is compatible with all Lego constructed gadgets.
  • A durable and multi-functioning toy.
  • Lego performs simple talking, walking, and gaming robot.
  • Easy to handle with EV3 app and multiple building shapes.
  • Lego Creator is a heavy and big robotic toy.

1. Anki Cozmo, A Toy Robot for Kids

Anki Cozmo, A Fun, Educational Toy Robot for Kids

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By: Anki

Anki Cozmo robot toy is a real-life robot. In fact, you are familiar with the Anki Cozmo. Mostly, used in movies and cartoons. As it is a friendly robot. So, Cozmo is an interesting invention for beginners and kids. Usually, Cozmo is used as a multi-purpose robot both for playing, educational, and learning purposes. Cozmo by Anki can also control by Cozmo app on android and IOS devices.

Key Features
  • Compatible: Anki Cozmo robot toy is compatible with beginners, kids, and adults.
  • Usage: Anki Cozmo robot is designed for educational, sports, and learning usage.
  • Cozmo app: Anki Cozmo robot can easily handle on android and IOS by Cozmo app.
  • Durable: Anki Cozmo robot toy is a secure and durable robot for kids.
  • Smart, intelligent toy with unique features.
  • Multi-tasking toy with great techniques.
  • It is best for skills building, learning, and gaming.
  • Anki Cozmo robot is a costly robotic toy.

Buyer’s Guide for The Best Robots for Kids

Robot toy for kids is the modern invention. In fact, it is a smart and unique way to engage your child in indoor activities. However, some robotic toys used android or IOS apps, internet, screen display like mobile, and batteries. But still, these are smart toys for indoor or outdoor usage. Moreover, these toys are beyond playing games. These toys give basic programming and coding knowledge. The following are some important features, answers, and questions which someone knows before purchasing a Robotic toy for kids.

1. Easy to use

Always select those robotic toys that are easy to operate. Your child not only impresses with its outer look but also like about the purpose on which the robot is made. Kids usually like the simple and easy to use and handle robot.

2. Compatibility

As we describe various robotic toys. They vary from each other in look, size, programming, and kids’ age. Always purchase those robot toys which are compatible with your kid’s age, mentality, and learning ability. Don’t choose a complex and complicated robot for your child.

3. Education

Always select a robotic toy that provides some basic knowledge about the robot building, robotics, programming, and coding on which the robot is working. Avoid choosing complex programmed robots for small kids. Through these robot toys, your child gets bored and leaves the learning portion of the toy.

4. Model or Designs

Always chose the robots that have multiple designs and models. As you know, your kids get bored from only the shape and model of the toy.

5. Control

Always select a robot toy that is compatible with your kid. Some kids like to control through remote, mobile, and device. Some kids are not able to control the robot toy, so self-controlling or self-operating robot toys are best for them.

Why should kids learn about Robotics?

Robotics is basic programming on which a robot work. Robotics provides some interesting and unique knowledge about operating a robot. A person who knows about robotics will be able to build the robots. In fact, building robots can make your kid self-confident, stronger, and build a personality. By building small robots, your kids are capable and motivated to do more inventions — the basic object in developing the technology to produce enthusiasm in your child.

What age range can use Robots for Kids?

In fact, different brands design various robots related to the age ranges. Normally, we found robots for 3+ to teenagers. However, these age ranges vary by kids’ intelligence, technology knowledge, and learning abilities. Mostly, kids start from the basics of robots that work like usual toys.

What can Robots do for kids?

Normally, different robots can respond according to their commands and surrounding. Robot toys can do many jobs like holding things, throwing, capturing, talking, running, walking, moving, capture photos, making videos, auto-build shapes, and many more. Programmed and coding used robots are efficient for providing knowledge. Mostly, kids learn arithmetic, basic, mathematics, loops, sequence, conditions, and programming techniques through their robot toys.


These are the “Top 10 Best Robots for Kids in 2022”. I hope it will be helpful for choosing the best featured, quality, and Programming robot toys for kids. We have some more suggestions for you after reviewing them one by one.

  • The “Anki Cozmo, A Toy Robot for Kids,” is for max budget and quality lovers.
  • The “Ozobot, Bit coding robot for Kids” is the average budget and smart working.
  • The “Mecca Spider Robot Kit for Kids” is for a small budget and efficient working.

I hope now you can easily select one of the best Robotic toys for your kid. Share your valuable experience with us.

Good Luck!


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