Top 10 Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs in 2021

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A massage chair can offer you complete relaxation. There are many types of massage chairs available these days. An excellent option to go with is the shiatsu massage chair. However, even when you search for the shiatsu massage chair, there are numerous chair options. You have to compare different chairs to pick the best.

Today, we will make help you pick the shiatsu massage chair. We will now share a buying guide followed by the top 10 list of massage chairs.

Best Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

We will now progress to our top 10 shiatsu massage chairs list.

10. Mr. Direct New Electric Full Body Chair

Mr. Direct New Electric Full Body Chair

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The Mr. Direct shiatsu massage chair has eight massage points. Also, with 35 airbags strategically located, you can get an excellent full-body massage. It also consists of 3 preset programs. It features an advanced display screen to help you control the settings.. It has a footrest as well, which makes it highly versatile. If you are planning to buy a massage chair with footrest, this one is a perfect choice.

  • Eight different massage points
  • 35 airbags on offer
  • Three preset auto programs
  • Includes footrests

9. NFL Zero Gravity Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

NFL Zero Gravity Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

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With four color options, there is plenty of choice in the shiatsu massage chair. It has a 0 gravity button and offers 14 massage points. With three preset auto programs, you can vary the intensity of the massage as per your requirement. Additionally, it has 32 airbags with heat therapy as well. The design of the massage chair is such that it can save a lot of space, which means that you can accommodate it into any room. You can use the dedicated back massager to get relief from pain. Thus, this chair is great for full body massage.

  • 0 gravity massage button
  • 14 different massage points
  • Four different color options
  • Three preset auto programs

8. Rrelax Massage Chair Recliner

Rrelax Massage Chair Recliner

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With three massage stages and three different speed and strength levels, you can easily customize the performance of this massage chair. It has features like 56 airbags, compatible backrest and foot rollers. Hence; there is no lack of comfort when using this massage chair. It can carry 380 lbs. The 0 gravity design is another advantage due to which you can relax comfortably. The massage chair promotes proper blood circulation and reduces muscle and joint pain. All in all, it is an excellent massage chair to buy.

  • 56 airbags in total
  • Three massage stages
  • Customizable intensity
  • Has foot rollers

7. OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair

OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair

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The main USP of this massage chair is that it uses eco-friendly material. It offers you 0 gravity massage and ergonomic design. With three different intensity levels, you can customize the massage. It also provides eight massage rollers as well. With three color options, finding the one which you like the most is quite easy. It offers proper relief from problems like headache and muscle pain. With airbags at strategic places, you can get full body massage quite comfortably. The Eco-friendly material and the ergonomic design certainly make it a worthy choice.

  • Eco-friendly material
  • Three different intensity levels
  • 0 gravity massage
  • Three different color options

6. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

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The advantage of this air massage chair is that it has five massage modes on offer. Also, there are three preset programs available, as well. With five size options, you can choose the chair which is most comfortable for you. It has a humanized design and can carry 200lbs. So, you can use it consistently. The humanized design means that you will be at complete ease when using this massage chair. The modern look means that it can amalgamate into any decor. Thus, due to its versatility, it is a great option.

  • 5 size variants
  • Humanized design
  • 5 massage modes
  • 3 preset massage programs

5. Shiatsu Massage Chairs Full Body

Shiatsu Massage Chairs Full Body

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When you have the option to choose from six colors, you can choose this massage chair according to the decor of your home. The 0 gravity offers you a massage which will make you feel weightless. There are 14 different massage points, as well. It consists of 3 preset massage programs, which are another advantage. With 35 airbags and heat therapy on offer, it can provide you with relief in no time. The 14 different massage points make it a superior option.

  • Six different color options
  • Three preset programs
  • 14 massage points
  • 0 gravity massage on offer

4. BestMassage Full Body Massage chair

BestMassage Full Body Massage chair

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The color options available in this shiatsu massage chair are 4 in total. It utilizes customized body scanning to modify the massage experience. It consists of 6 different massage modes with five preset auto massage programs. As a result, you can operate it efficiently. It is a 0 gravity chair. The two-handed controller makes it easy to use the massage chair. The color options and the customized body scanning make it score better than peers.

  • Five auto preset massage programs
  • Six massage modes on offer
  • Two-handed controller
  • 0 gravity design

3. 2021 Full Body Massage Chair

2021 Full Body Massage Chair

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This chair is available in 3 color variants. The quality of the upholstery is also above average. The 0 gravity design puts you at complete ease when using this massage chair. In total, it has 6 airbags. it uses 4 preset programs and an extended footrest, to relax your body. It offers roller massage for feet. The roller massage comes in handy for tall individuals. It can also provide you relief from pain in the feet. The roller massage option sets it apart.

  • 0 gravity design
  • Six different airbags on offer
  • Extended footrest
  • Four preset massage programs

2. Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

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With three color options, it is easy to match the home decor. It allows you to customize massage speed and intensity. There are 4 different pressure levels on offer. It comes with 21 airbags, which is an additional advantage. The placement of the airbags is such that they cover every part of the body. It monitors 11 different body signals consistently. Additionally, there are nine preset programs to choose from as well. With different pressure levels and preset programs, you will be at complete ease while using this chair.

  • Three color options
  • Intensity customization options
  • 21 airbags on offer
  • Monitors the user’s body parameters
  • Nine preset programs

1. Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair

Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair

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The ergonomic design of this chair makes it a winner. It features the 0 gravity design. Moreover, it is available in 2 different color options as well. It comes with four preset auto programs, which means that using the massage chair is quite easy. In total, it consists of 8 massage rollers and 50 airbags which ensure that every part of your body is covered. It comes with the installation media and the manual, which makes it easy to assemble. All in all, the heating feature and foot rollers, make it hard to ignore.

  • 50 airbags on offer
  • Four preset programs
  • Eight massage rollers
  • Ergonomic design
  • 0 gravity design
  • Easy to assemble

Factors to Consider When Buying Shiatsu Massage Chairs

You should compare the chairs on the factors below:

  • Intensity variations: Ideally, you should choose a massage chair that offers different intensities of massage. Single massage intensity doesn’t fit for all. Due to this very reason, it is a good idea to choose a massage chair which offers different intensities of massage.
  • The number of airbags: Generally speaking, you should go with the chair having more airbags. It also means that you can get a full body massage quite comfortably.
  • Form factor and design: You have to look at the form factor of the massage chair and also the design as well. Only when it looks good enough, you will keep it in your home. It is important to choose the chair which matches the decor.
  • Auto programs: Not everyone uses the massage chair. That is why, if the chair has auto programs, it becomes easy to use such a chair. You have to prefer the chair which comes with at least 2 to 3 auto programs.
  • Additional features: If the massage chair has 0 gravity design or numerous massage points, that is a plus. The numerous massage points can help you cover the entire body. Similarly, the 0 gravity design relaxes you even more during the massage.

The mix of these features will help you choose the right massage chair.


These are simply the best shiatsu massage chairs to consider. Once you pick from these ten options, you can select the most efficient option easily. All these options offer complete relaxation and comfort.


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