Top 10 Best Tabletop Fountains in 2022 Reviews

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On special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or something special, the tabletop fountains are the best idea to go for a unique gift idea. It is also an ideal items if you are looking to beautify your space. Presenting a wide range of uses for office, home décor or for parties, these fountains always make the surrounding space look appealing.  In the recent market, these fountains are made available in a variety of designs and colors to attract everyone’s attention.

One of the best things about these fountains is that they are made environmentally friendly. Therefore, you need not concern about its adverse effect on the environment. Moreover, the background noise of water flowing could help you during your meditation practice. Alternatively, it can arouse a calming atmosphere to make sure your mind relaxes completely. It is possible to get confused because the market is full of many different tabletop fountains, so read below to pick the best one:

List of Top 10 Best Tabletop Fountains in 2022 Reviews:

10. Tabletop Fountains Indoor Fountain Waterfall Nature’s Garden

Tabletop Fountain Indoor Fountain Waterfall

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The size of this indoor waterfall fountain is 18.5 x 14 x 26 cm. With the setup of this indoor fountain, you can effectively add the calming atmosphere to any home, office or patio. It allows you to set different water sound audibility based on your needs. The structure of this waterfall fountain showcases LED lighting in order to perfectly illuminate this fountain.


  • The LED lights change their colors from 4 options to set your mood.
  • Some of the colors appear darker in the room due to the lighting within the room.

9. Sunnydaze 6-Tier Stone Falls Tabletop Fountains

 Sunnydaze 6-Tier Stone Falls Tabletop Water Fountain

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The overall dimensions of this Sunnydaze tabletop water fountain are 10 x 7 x 15 inches. Weighing only 7 pounds, this water fountain adds an excellent accent for any decor. The use of the fiberglass material and durable polyresin makes sure this fountain lasts longer. Also, it is quite easy to move around whenever required. In the pack, consists of foot pads to protect the table surface and a camouflaged pump access door.


  • There is a LED lighting feature to perfectly illuminate the fountain. Also, with the noise-free submersible pump, you will be able to relax to the calming sounds of water.
  • It does not need plumbing; you just need to add water within the fountain and plug it into an electrical outlet.

8. Indoor Water Fountain With LED Lights- Lighted Three Tier

Indoor Water Fountain With LED Lights

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Recognized as an LED-lit cascade style fountain, this three-tier fountain is a perfect blend of modern design and natural charm. The included zen elements provide a beautiful appearance. The working operation of this water fountain represents a blend of stylish design to make the surrounding beautiful. Moreover, it is certain that this lighted three-tier fountain offers soothing and meditative sounds of flowing water. There is the presence of river rocks to offer a natural look.


  • The manufacturing process uses sturdy polyresin material so that this fountain is durable and lightweight.
  • Its LED lights assist to provide bright illumination to water and surrounding as well.
  • Due to the cascading style of water flow, this illuminated fountain appears elegant.

7. Valentinyii 11 Inches High 5-Tier Tabletop Water Fountains

 Valentinyii 11 Inches High 5-Tier Tabletop Water Fountain

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In this Valentinyii water fountain, there are crystal balls included and they perfectly accent at the top part of the fountain. The structure of this 5-tier tabletop water fountain is perfectly illuminated by the incorporated LED light. In addition, the water flows down smoothly to arouse a beautiful appearance. You will enjoy the tranquil ambience to experience relaxation.


  • The dimensions are 8.2 x 8.2 x 11 inches. There is a long power cord included to make sure this fountain can be placed indoors or outdoors.
  • Its manufacturing is done form lightweight poly-resin along with fiberglass to offer high durability.

6. John Timberland 3-Tier Bronze Stone Tabletop Fountain

John Timberland 3-Tier Bronze Stone Contemporary

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Equipped with a water pump, this bronze stone fountain offers unique water flow effect on a continuous basis. There is a 9-foot power cord included. Basically, this 3-tier tabletop fountain proves to be an outstanding way to add a calming accent to any decor. Its modern design boasts three tiers of faux stone circles within the bronze stone finish. It is alluring to see how water gently flows down the interior of the circular basins. Moreover, water gets returned to iterate the pleasing process frequently.


  • With the polyresin construction, this tabletop fountain is made lightweight and convenient to place inside or out.
  • It is made lightweight because it only weighs 2.75 lbs.
  • The bronze stone finish adds a beautiful appearance.

5. SunJet indoor pot water fountain – 10.2 inch

SunJet indoor pot water fountain

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The present model of the SunJet pot fountain possesses a unique appearance and beautifies the appearance of the surrounding. There are three incomplete pots included in order to make one waterfall pot. In addition, it is quite entertaining to listen to the sounds of water flowing from top to bottom. Also, it is beautiful to see the crystal ball moving with water as they softly relieve your stress.


  • This SunJet jar waterfall fountain is compact and lightweight.
  • The use of durable poly-resin makes ensures its durability.
  • There is an automatic submersible pump included which will continuously flow the water in order to keep it clean.
  • There is the inclusion of 4 LED lights.

4. ImagiWonder Tabletop Fountains Natures Rocky Waterfall

ImagiWonder Tabletop Fountain Natures

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Now it is easy to supplement the tranquil sounds of water to your home, the office of patio with the setup of this rocky waterfall. Within its structure, there is a facility of LED lighting to glow the fountain. It is important to keep in mind that lighting can be different for outdoors and indoors.


  • Is size is 9 x 6.5 x 8 inches.
  • This magnificent water fountain comes with 3 levels of cascading water flow structure.
  • A crystal ball floats at the upper part.

3. FANFAN Indoor Tabletop Waterfall Fountains

 FANFAN Indoor Tabletop Waterfall Fountain

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This FANFAN waterfall fountain can be easily set up on any tabletop; you can use it for indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, there is no need to turn off the pump while your cat doesn’t wish to drink. The overall appearance offers an exquisite value to any space.


  • It is easy to plug in the power supply and then pump with wire.
  • The operation of this waterfall fountain does not need batteries.
  • Its power supply comes with a transformer.

2. Pure Garden 50-LG5061 Tabletop Fountains

Pure Garden 50-LG5061 Tabletop Fountain

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In this Pure Garden fountain, the water cascades out of a flower and then drops over two metal leaves in a bed of river rock. The working process boasts a pump that is dipped inside the water to create a soothing atmosphere.


  • It comes with low maintenance and it does not need extra hardware or extra plumbing to use.
  • The included leaves are made up of strong metal that offers a modern style for constant water circulation.

1. PeterIvan Indoor Waterfall Fountain – 10 4/5” H 3 Jars

PeterIvan Indoor Waterfall Fountain

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The compact size of this indoor waterfall fountain lets it easy to use in any home, living room, office, bedroom, etc. as a decorative piece. Its construction is done from 3 jars and there is a tree trunk located on the bottom. During its working, water will pass from the jugs and then drop inside the tree trunk in a circular fashion.


  • This PeterIvan fountain is made up of resin with fiberglass, so it is made durable and lightweight.
  • It is quite convenient to move anywhere.

Concluding Note:

To make your existing space looks more beautiful or classic, you could use these tabletop fountains as the decorations. They are durable as well as show a stylish appearance. Not only that you can buy these fountains for your own space, but you can also buy them as a gift for your loved ones. Actually, this could be quite a very unique type of gift.


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