Top 10 Best Tempered Glass PC Case in 2022 – Reviews

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Tempered Glass is becoming popular in PC cases for many reasons. It is desirable for its appearance and its durability. These cases allow you to keep an eye on what is inside of your computer and give your PC a look it deserves. Additionally, they are better at noise containment than their plastic and aluminum panels.

Looking for the best tempered glass PC case is not an easy task because the market has been flooded with many options. In the review, we have done some research and listed the Top 10 best Tempered Glass PC Case for you.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Tempered Glass PC Case

  • Compatibility with Computer Components: Whenever you are purchasing a tempered glass PC case, ensure that it’s compatible with various motherboards. Besides, make sure that it will offer ample space and room for proper arrangement of different parts such as cooling system, DVD player, graphics cards, power supply units, and more.
  • Easy Cable Management: Management of the cables can be challenging since there is limited space which can compromise the airflow. Many PC cases involve wire covers and tie-off points behind the motherboard tray keeping the cables in an organized way. Proper cable management eliminates confusion when amassing your computer.
  • Optimized Ventilation: Look whether the tempered glass PC case has better ventilation and if it is armed with pre-installed fans. If your machine is going to overheat, there are chances that it will keep freezing. It should offer proper airflow, and most importantly, it must be easy to install.

Best Tempered Glass PC Case in 2022

10. Lian Li PC-O11DW Tempered Glass Computer Case, White

By: Lian Li

Lian Li PC-O11DW Tempered Glass Computer Case, White

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This white colored tempered glass computer case provides your gaming PC with a classy and elegant look. The chassis measures 272.0 x 445.0 x 446.0 mm (L x W x H) with 6 internal 4x 2.5″ SSD and 2x 3.5″ HDD Expansion Slots. The front of this computer case is made of tempered Glass while it has aluminum sides. Besides that, this unit has ventilation slots to ensure high cooling.

The front I/O panel features 2x USB 3.0 Ports, Type-C Port, and USB3.1. Apart from that, it has a gorgeous chassis which has sizeable tempered glass panels. Lastly, it features a cable routing channel for excellent cabling management.


  • Measures 450 x 275 x 450mm
  • Solid fan filtration system
  • Painted black inside and out
  • Steel-and-tempered-glass construction

9. Phanteks Eclipse P350X Mid-Tower Tempered Glass Case

By: Phanteks

Phanteks Eclipse P350X Mid-Tower Tempered Glass Case

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Phanteks is a significant player in the manufacturing of high-quality tempered glass computer cases. This model is optimized to have a high-airflow design. In addition to that, this intuitive case is suitable for installation of full-length PSU and GPU. Subsequently, it is equipped with Phanteks 120mm Fans that ensure there is no overheating of your computer. The grass case is intergraded with a spacious interior, Digital RGB lighting, and has easy cable management.

This Tempered Glass Case support up to 240/280mm radiator and has 3x SSD mounting location. Moreover, it is fully equipped with a magnetic dust filter to ensure that no accumulation of dust in the case. Lastly, it has an integrated D-RGB that offer excellent illumination.


  • Optimized high-airflow design
  • Spacious interior with easy cable management
  • 3x SSD mounting location
  • Tempered glass window
  • Integrated PSU cover

8. Thermaltake Core LCS Certified Gaming Computer Case

By: Thermaltake

Thermaltake Core LCS Certified Gaming Computer Case

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For gamers looking forward to creating a gaming computer, this Thermaltake Core LCS tempered glass PC case provides a great way to provide finishing. It is designed for three-way placement layout that includes Vertical, Horizontal, or Wall-mount layout making it flexible for numerous users’ desktop locations. And yes, the front panel supports USB and HD Audio ports allowing complete front panel access.

This gaming computer case is thermaltake water cooling certified and has a modular design that offers multiple configurations for custom computer Enthusiasts. Finally, the manufacturer offers 3 Years limited warranty.


  • 3-way Placement Layouts
  • Panoramic Open Frame Design
  • Handy I/O Ports
  • Versatile GPU & PSU Orientation

7. Cooler Master MasterCase Tempered Glass Side Panel

By: Cooler Master

Cooler Master MasterCase Tempered Glass Side Panel

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Give your room a perfect uplift with this Master Case tempered glass case by Cooler Master. It’s a premium computer chassis that houses motherboard and other computer components. Ordinarily, this Glass Side Panel is included with one transparent front panel, one mesh and 2 RGB- 200mm fans that make this chassis look elegant. What’s more, it comes with a case handle that allows secure handling as well as moving.

The power supply cover and the front cable covers make this front cable covers to look neat and clean. This computer chassis has up to 240mm radiator support in top and 360mm in the front panel. Overall, this particular model is great as it got plenty of room.


  • Top magnetic filter
  • Covers for clean building
  • Mesh and transparent options included
  • Clear view inside
  • Case handle for secure handling
  • Radiator support

6. darkFlash Phantom Desktop Computer Gaming Case

By: darkFlash

darkFlash Phantom Desktop Computer Gaming Case

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This contemporary styling and ultra-modern Computer Gaming Case will provide a sophisticated look to your room décor. It has an efficient cooling solution as it features 2 Fans in the Rear, 4 RGB LED Fans in the Front. This offers an excellent cooling as well as dynamic cyber gaming atmosphere. Furthermore, this gaming case features an extremely roomy internal space that allows you to install up to 375 mm graphic card and 174mm High CPU Cooler.

Additionally, you will find that this gaming case has 4 mm thickness tempered glass panels on the side and front of the case. Also, this case aims to offer the quietest level of the computer system to the users. To conclude, the case as rich connectivity with 2 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.0, Audio In/Out and Fan RGB Control to offer convenience and ease of use to the system.


  • Extreme roomy internal space
  • Six pre-installed fans
  • 4 mm thickness tempered glass panels
  • Has wide compatibility
  • Clean-looking build

5. CORSAIR RGB Mid-Tower Case Tempered Glass – Black


CORSAIR RGB Mid-Tower Case Tempered Glass - Black

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This case by CORSAIR is glorious, and it has gotten a lot of great customer’s reviews as its production is roomy and has a beautiful construction. It features four tempered glass panels on the sides, top, and front of the case. In addition to that, it is an integrated RGB controller and included with SP120 RGB LED fans. Ordinarily, this tempered glass is compatible with with120mm, 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm radiators and has a room for up to 6 case fans.

The cable routing channel includes Velcro cable straps that allow clean cable management. Furthermore, the ventilation is excellent, whereby airflow is improved to keep everything fresh.


  • Four tempered glass panels
  • Room for up to six case fans
  • Cable routing channels
  • Bright white led backlit
  • Steel case material

4. Rosewill ATX Mid Tower 3 Sided Tempered Gaming PC Case

By: Rosewill

Rosewill ATX Mid Tower 3 Sided Tempered Gaming PC Case

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This is an economical and attractive choice for individuals wanting to build their PC stations or transfer hardware from one mainframe to another. This case features three sides of sturdy and sleek tempered glass, allowing it to display every component of the PC. Something else, it has dual ring RGB led fans that offer excellent illumination. Also, you can switch between backlight color modes and three fan speeds with the included remote control.

No software needed as you need to connect the fan speeds and then set the colors using the remote. With that, you can optimize the airflow by selecting between low and high fan speeds.


  • Dual ring RGB led fans
  • 3-sided tempered glass
  • Provide an excellent airflow
  • Easy customization

3. Cooler Master Cosmos C700M Aluminum Panels and Curved Tempered Glass Case

By: Cooler Master

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M Aluminum Panels and Curved Tempered Glass Case

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The Cooler Master is the ultimate Tempered Glass case that everyone making a custom-made computer should have. It is known to have a versatile layout organization, and it is going to support mounting of the unique graphics card and other computer accessories in the box. What’s more, it has ARGB lighting that offers high illumination making your room look beautiful and elegant. With its extensive cable cover system, this will make it have an organ iced look and neat.

Gaining access to this Tempered Glass Case interior is superb as the glass panel is easy to open. Besides, the clean interior is perfect for accommodating all your PC components, including the motherboard for better performance.


  • Versatile liquid cooling support
  • ARGB lighting
  • Highly versatile layout
  • Aluminum panels and handles
  • Extensive cable cover system

2. Cooler Master MasterBox Tempered Glass Side Panel Case

By: Cooler Master

Cooler Master MasterBox Tempered Glass Side Panel Case

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In the recent past, Cooler Master has been producing consistent products. This MasterBox Tempered Glass case has a tremendous cooling effect to the components stored. It allows flexible mounting and rearranging the SSDs on the motherboard tray and also on back with SSD bracket. Moreover, it features 3 RGB fans that are pre-installed at the front panel to offer a fantastic lighting effect.

This case can support one rear fan, three 120mm front fans and front radiator for cooling. Apart from that, it a support DIY liquid cooling, significant high-end components, and several fans. Lastly, the system has numerous routing holes to keep it looking clean.


  • Tempered side glass panel
  • Flexible SSD mounting
  • Expansion support
  • 3 x 120mm front RGB fans
  • Clean cabling
  • Dark mirror front panel

1. NZXT H500i ATX Mid-Tower RGB Lighting PC Gaming Case – Black


NZXT H500i ATX Mid-Tower RGB Lighting PC Gaming Case - Black

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At first position is this product from NZXT that is built with a professional design. This PC Gaming Case optimizes cooling and noise balance offering best gaming comfort. What’s more, it includes an excellent cable management system to make this Gaming Case look neat and clean. Other than that, this smart device has a build-in two fans that offer better cooling and RGB lighting, providing excellent illumination.

This PC Gaming Case can accommodate Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX or ATX motherboards, and this makes it more versatile. Also, the case comes with the clear windows that make it easy for perfect gaming experience for the gamers.


  • Adaptive noise reduction
  • All-new cable management system
  • All-steel construction
  • Full tempered glass panel
  • Built-in RGB and digital fan controller


The above-reviewed models in the list are of excellent durability and quality. We have coved the best Tempered Glass PC Case in term of price, design, and most important function. Investing in any of these models will provide you with an incredible experience.


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