Top 10 Best Tilt-Head Stand Mixers in 2020 Reviews

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Mixing dough and different food ingredients is the tricky job many people find. While preparing food in the kitchen, the need for mixing different ingredients arises frequently. The proper mix of these ingredients is vital to make sure the taste of the recipe is delicious. In case you are a regular baker then the need for a stand mixer is inevitable. Especially, the tilt-head stand mixers which its head can be lifted to adjust accessories quickly, attach ingredients or remove the pot. In contemporary years, tilt-head stand mixers are devised with lots of innovations. In addition to mixing batters and dough, they are capable to slice, chop, whip, ice creams, ravioli, pasta and many more.

Though stand mixers are slightly expensive than the hand mixers, they worth the price. The best thing about these kitchen appliances is that they simplify your manual effort for combining different ingredients. All you need to do is add the ingredients and begin using the machine. Let’s take a look at the details of the best tilt-head stand mixers to make a proper choice:

Our List of Top 10 Best Tilt-Head Stand Mixers in 2020 Reviews:

10. Aucma Stand Mixer, 6.5-QT 660W 6-Speed

Aucma Stand Mixer,6.5-QT 660W

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Prepared in beautiful design, this model of the mixer provides you easy access to install or uninstall bowl and accessories. In this kitchen appliance, there is the presence of a stainless steel made decoration belt. To enhance user convenience, there is the presence of a blue LED light for indicating power. In addition, in the pack of these tilt-head stand mixers, there is the availability of three mixing accessories. Names of these accessories are dough hook, whisk, and mixing beater.


  • In this Acuma stand mixer, a 6.5qt stainless steel bowl is included. It allows you to fulfill your kitchen needs.
  • The included dual handles are quite convenient to hold.
  • Its structure includes a 660W high-performance copper motor.

9. Hamilton Beach 12-Speed Electric Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics All-Metal

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Designed keeping in mind durability, this version of electrically operated stand mixers includes a powerful 400W motor. Moreover, this kitchen appliance is durably built from the die-cast metal finish which lasts longer. With the planetary mixing action, the beaters rotate around for uniform and comprehensive bowl coverage.


  • This Hamilton Beach stand mixer comes with the 12-speed settings. Choosing any of these settings, you can easily combine different ingredients.
  • The included stainless steel bowl comes with a capacity of 4.5 quarts.

8. Aicok Dough Mixer with 5 Qt Stainless Steel Bowl

Stand Mixer, Aicok Dough Mixer

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Prepared in durable yet compact body design, this Aicok dough mixer is easy to use with better durability.  It is quite easy to tilt the mixer head for easy contact with your mixture. At the base, there is the presence of the anti-skid silicone feet. They avoid the issues of bouncing off or movement during the operation. The body of this dough mixer stays protected against overheating.

With the help of 6-speed settings, you can easily streamline your food preparation. The pack includes multiple accessories to make sure you can use any of them when needed.


  • There is the presence of the double dough hooks. You can knead by hand.
  • There is support for 360° mixing action to provide comprehensive bowl coverage.
  • The stainless steel bowl comes with 5 qt capacity.

7. VIVOHOME 7.5-Qt. Stand Mixer, 660W

 VIVOHOME 7.5-Qt. Stand Mixer

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The credit of the efficient working of this VIVOHOME stand mixer goes to the built-in powerful motor. The built-in 660W motor makes the mixing process quick and easy. The attachment set comprises of three versatile accessories. Names of these accessories are stainless steel made wire whisk, aluminum mixing beater, and aluminum dough hook. Additionally, implementation of the tilt-head design simplifies the installation and removal of the bowl and attachments.


  • Its operation is powered by the 6-speed control along with a pulse function. They assist to prepare food tasks with great ease.
  • There is the inclusion of the food-grade stainless steel made bowl. It comes with fine polish and high durability.

6. Posame 5.5-Quart 600-Watt 6-Speed Dough Mixer

Stand Mixer, Posame 5.5-Quart 600-Watt

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If you are looking for big capacity tilt-head stand mixers, go for this appliance from Posame. Basically, it comes with a 5.5 quarts capacity stainless steel bowl. This bowl is enough to mix dough for preparing large batches of food.  Moreover, this bowl is dishwasher safe. The included tilt-head facilitates hassle-free access to the bowl and included beater. It allows the easy addition of ingredients.


  • At the base, there are 5 anti-slip type silicone suction cups present. They make sure this appliance stays stable.
  • With the help of 6-speed settings and 600W powerful motor, this dough mixer efficiently mixes different ingredients.

5. Cusimax 5-Quart 800W Dough Mixer

Stand Mixer, Cusimax 5-Quart 800W

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Equipped with an 800W motor, this Cusimax dough mixer delivers high efficiency while mixing different ingredients. This powerful mixer is capable to knead and whip a wide range of foods. For example, you can mix the dough for cookie or cake, etc. The unique tilt-head stand mixers enable hassle-free access to the attached beater and bowl. You can safely add the ingredients inside.


  • In this dough mixer, there is a stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 5 qt. It is made dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.
  • There is the presence of 3 attachments. They are easily attached to the shaft.

4. KLARSTEIN Bella Argentea Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

KLARSTEIN Bella Argentea Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

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The present model of the Klarstein Bella Argentea works as a perfect kitchen appliance. It supports the quiet operation and consistently delivers superb results. There is the implementation of a quick-clamping system. It facilitates the easy changing of the functions. Different functions supported are beating, mixing, kneading, and pureeing.


  • The operation of this mixer is powered by a 650W motor along with a planetary stirring system.
  • Implementation of the smart design enables the mixing arm to be easily folded up for hassle-free access to the hooks, whisks, and bowl.

3. FIMEI Tilt-Head Stand Mixers 550W, 5.5-Qt Dough Mixer

FIMEI Stand Mixer 550W

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The key elements in these spacious tilt-head stand mixers are 6 variable speeds, 550W powerful motor, and 5.5-quart mixing bowl. In the mixing bowl, you can easily mix many different kinds of ingredients. Whether you want to prepare a heavy sourdough or airy cake dough, this stand mixer is a perfect solution.

In its configuration, there are 3 mixing heads. They streamline the process of mixing. All the included parts are dishwasher safe.


  • It is prepared in the anti-slip design to provide more stability.
  • The noise generated is low i.e. only 75 dB.
  • This 5.5 qt dough mixer is easy to clean.

2. MURENKING Stand Mixer MK36 500W

MURENKING Stand Mixer MK36 500W

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With the help of 6-speed settings, you can easily choose the one depending on the recipes you want to mix inside. The key functional element of these tilt-headed stand mixers is the 500W motor. This motor makes sure the process of mixing is efficient and safe. The noise generated is low i.e. only 80 dB.

Inside the structure of this MURENKING stand mixer, there is the presence of 4 practical attachments. These attachments are Y-shape flat beater, C-shape dough hook, wire whip, and pouring shield.


  • This MK36 500W stand mixer comes with the 6-speed control to meet different mixing needs.
  • There is the implementation of the Murenking’s unique planetary trajectory design.

1. Kenmore Elite Ovation 49083 Tilt-Head Stand Mixers

Kenmore Elite Ovation

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This model of the Kenmore Elite Ovation stand mixer is uniquely prepared in an innovative design that ensures no mess in your kitchen. The design of these tilt-head stand mixers allow you to directly add ingredients without any hassles.

There is the inclusion of 9 accessories. Names of these accessories are dough hook, wire whisk, flat beater, egg separator, pouring-shield funnel, 360-degree splash guard, grater, and a mixing bowl lid.


  • The detachable 360° splash guard perfectly prevents the splashes and flying flour.
  • It comes with an efficient 500W motor.
  • There is a support for 10 speeds and easy controls.

Concluding Note:

Without much manual efforts, you will be successful at mixing different ingredients through these tilt-head stand mixers. It is quite easy to operate these kitchen appliances and make your recipes more delicious.


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