10 Best Tire Snow Chains Reviews In 2022

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Tired of getting stuck in mud, sand or even snow? If yes, a good quality tire chain is what you need to get out of this situation once and for all. For starters, tire chains are devices fitted to vehicle tires to provide maximum traction when driving through mud, sand or even snow. These chains wrap around the circumference or width of tires to give the tires the power to get unstuck. If a tire chain sounds like a device you would like to buy, here are the top ten best tire snow chains to check out:

10. SZ441 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain by Security Chain Company

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The SZ441 Super Z6 Cable tire chain is designed to provide maximum traction for the tires of passenger cars, sports utility vehicles and pickup trucks during snowy or icy conditions. This product is made out of manganese alloy steel making it shorter, narrower and lighter than ordinary chains. This creates more gripping points minimizes and minimizes “fly‑off” when in use.

9. ZT747 Super Z LT Tire Traction Chain Security Chain Company (Set of 2)

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The ZT747 Super Z LT tire chain by Security Chain is known to offer outstanding traction, durability and superior performance. Coming with a set of two, this traction product is designed for SUVs, for wheel drives and light trucks, giving their wheels the power to resist skidding when rotating along slippery surfaces due to the presence of ice or snow. Plus, it has a low potential for damage to your vehicle even when used improperly.

8. QG2439 Quick Grip Truck Mud Service Tire Traction Chain By Security Chain Company (Set of 2)

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Security Chain’s QG2439 Quick Grip tire traction chain is the best tire snow chain in their line of light duty chains. Designed for light trucks, this traction product is perfectly adapted to on & off road use, offering a better braking performance in both applications. This can be attributed to the larger diameter links, which provide added traction for on and off road situations. Note that the product comes with a set of two pieces. Many buyers will order two or more sets.

7. SZ1176 Tire Traction Chain Rubber Tightener By Security Chain Company (Set of 2)

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The SZ 1176 is the best replacement for your broken or lost tighteners. This product, which comes with a set of two pieces, is designed for use with Security Chain’s tire chain models ZT735, ZT751, SZ435, SZ441, SZ447, and SZ451. If you have any of these chains, you can complement and improve the performance of your chain with this incredible chain rubber tightener.

6. Heavy-Duty Rubberized Emergency Car Recovery Track Roll By VViViD

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This effective recovery track roll provides instant emergency traction to remove your wheels from sand, mud, slush, snow and ice. Featuring textured, rubberized rungs with galvanized steel, the Vvivid recovery track roll is built strong enough to support vehicles weighing up to 7 tons! The connecting cables are unbelievably durable. This product is ideal for use with all types of vehicles; from cars and trucks to ATVs and more.

5. Tire Traction Device for Trucks and SUVs by Tracgrabber (Set of 4)

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This amazing Tracgrabber tire traction device will help you get your SUV or truck unstuck from sand, mud or snow with ease. Coming with a complete set of 4 pieces—one for each tire, this device will supply your wheels with full traction they need to get out of any surface where they are stuck. Plus, it is very easy to use with all you have to do is to tie each piece around a tire before stepping on the gas to get out of the mud, sand, snow, etc.

4. ZT741 Super Z LT SUV & Light Truck Tire Traction Chain by Security Chain Company (Set of 2)

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This Security Chain traction device is said to offer the quickest, easiest installation of any traction product. Designed for SUVs and light trucks, the ZT741 tire traction chain comes with a set of two pieces. But make sure to buy at least two sets so that you have one for each wheels. In-built rubber tensioner means you will not need to stop and retighten your chains after installation. Plus, the product is compatible with all components of your wheels, including the anti-lock brake, traction control, etc

3. QG20030 Traction Chain Rubber Tightener By Security Chain Company (Set of 2)

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The Security Chain QG20030 tightener is designed to complement the work of for a wide variety of SC’s tire traction chains. Most of these chains are small to medium garden tractor traction ones with medium duty to heavy-duty characteristics. This amazing tightener is made out of rubber and features four hooks to tighten a tractor tire chain for maximum traction and performance. If you have a small to medium tractor tire chain by Security Chain, you should get this tightener to complement your chain and increase performance. Plus, it comes in a set of 2, which means you will need to buy a couple of sets to meet the number of your wheels.

2. Peerless Auto Track 0232405 Tire Traction Chain for SUVs & Light Trucks By Security Chain Company (Set of 2)

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Another best tire snow chain from Security chain is the Peerless 0232405 Auto- Track chain. This high quality chain which comes with a set of 2 is perfect for the tires of light trucks and sports utility vehicles. Quick installation and removal, smoother rides with superior traction as well as automatic tightening & centering are some of the major advantages of this chain.

1. SZ435 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain for Cars, SUVs & Pickups By Security Chain Company (Set of 2)

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The SZ435 Super Z6 cable chain by Security Chain is another great choice in the manufacturer’s line of mid-range tire chains for cars, SUVs, and pickups. This chain is equally easy to install in a matter of minutes. Coming with a set of two pieces, it is great for getting your wheels unstuck from the mud, snow or sand without needing to call a tow service. Simply place a chain around each wheel and step on the gas to get out of the mud, snow or sand effortlessly.

3 Expert Tips to Buy the Right Tire Chain

1. Consider Your Vehicle Type

Tire chains are suited to different types of vehicles. Some are intended for vehicles with smaller tires such as cars, vans and pickups whereas others vehicles with larger tires like trucks, tractors and heavy machinery. You will need to think about the type of vehicle for which you are buying a tire chain before selecting a chain.

2. Consider the Tire Chain Design

  • Snow chains can be broadly grouped into two;
  • Those that wrap around the circumference of the wheel.
  • Those that wrap around a section of the width of the wheel.
  • While the former can be ideal for trucks or vehicles with larger tires, the latter are best suited to vehicles with smaller tires such as cars, vans or pickups.

3. Which Chains Have the Features I Need?

Finally, tire chains are not created equal as they do vary in terms of features they have. Additionally, these chains are better at handling particular types of surface conditions. For instance, while only a few top-of-the-range chains will perform great in varying conditions, most chains will do a great job when subjected to either muddy, snowy, sandy or icy conditions. So, if you face mud, sand, snow or any other road condition, be sure to choose a chain that is designed particularly for that condition.

Final Thoughts

Security Chain, Vvivid, and Tracgrabber are some of the most reliable brands for tire chains. If you are looking for one of the best tire snow chains you can trust to get your car unstuck effortlessly, look no further than the above products. Each product works great and is really good value for money. So, which chain do you think you can buy? Feel free to comment below and let us know your thoughts.


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