Top 10 Best Toddler Bikes in 2021 – Reviews

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As a parent, it is crucial to equip your child with cycling skills at a tender age. Cycling helps your child in boosting the balance and confidence of your baby. Toddler bikes are designed with 3 or 4 wheels to ensure that your kid does not fall off. Besides that, toddler bikes are lightweight and have durable frames to offer the best stability needed.

The market is currently flooded with several toddlers Bike, and it becomes challenging to find the best one for your kid. However, in this article, we have listed for you some of the top 10 best Toddler Bikes in 2021. By the end of this review, we are confident that you will be able to make the right decision.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Toddler Bike

  • Weight: The first thing that you need to look at is the weight of the bike. If the bike is heavy, your kid cannot use the bike by himself, and you will require to help them all the time. However, if the bike is lightweight, then they will be able to lift the bike by themselves, and they will learn to ride the bike fast.
  • Adjustable Equipment: You should look for a bike with adjustable parts such as an adjustable handlebar and adjustable seat. This will allows you to adjust the parts of the bike that are not fitting your kid. Also, it will enable your child to grow with the bike.
  • Soft Padded Seat: For kids, they require more supporting material than adults. You should ensure that the bike has a soft padded seat preventing them from being hurt while helping them to feel comfortable when riding the bike.
  • Strong Wheel: Look for a bike that has strong wheels as they help your child to have a smooth ride. Go for a bike with air-filled tires as it offers excellent cushioning and traction while it will make the ride more comfortable.

Best Toddler Bikes in 2021

10. Peppa Pig 12 inches Pinwheel Bike

By: Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig 12 inches Pinwheel Bike

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We start this review with this pinwheel bike for kids, which is perfect for those children between the age of three and eight years. It is a 12 inches pinwheel bike that features training wheels and 12 inches wheels to ensure excellent maneuverability while giving perfect stability. This pinwheel bike comes with a full chain guard and quick release seat clamp to ensure that you sit comfortably.

This bike features a rear carrier for your kid to carry a doll or favorite stuffed animal as he or she rides the bike. The seat is height adjustable for your kids as they grow. It is a variable item that saves money in the long run.


  • Full chainguard
  • Quick-release seat clamp
  • Sturdy steel frame and fork
  • The seat height is adjustable
  • 12-inch wheels and training wheels

9. Besrey Light Weight 3-in-1 Design Balance Bike

By: Besrey

Besrey Light Weight 3-in-1 Design Balance Bike

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Besrey Balance Bike is perfect for beginners as it teaches your kids the riding basics. It is one of the most popular bikes for children in the world. This multi-functional kids bike combines with a classic tricycle, toddler tricycle, and balance bike to meet your kid’s requirement of different ages. Furthermore, it has lightweight single frames that make the bike easy to assemble. The quick-disassembly pedal and one-click deformation enable the kid to switch riding mode easily and randomly.

This product has a fully enclosed and widened wheel that protects your child from slipping or slipping on the road. Moreover, the Tool-free adjustable comfort handlebars and seat grows with your child. In brief, this bike will give your child an excellent riding experience.


  • Flexible and easy to handle
  • Well-considered design for kids
  • Sturdy and safe
  • Ergonomic soft seat
  • Quiet ride wheels and comfortable handlebars
  • Help baby quickly learn to ride

8. XJD 3 Wheel Toddler Bike 3 in 1 Kids Tricycles


XJD 3 Wheel Toddler Bike 3 in 1 Kids Tricycles 

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If you are thinking of training your kids on how to ride a bike, we suggest you go for XJD 3 in 1 Kids Tricycles bike. It is a three-wheeled Toddler Bike ideal for 1 to 3 years old boy’s girls. Assembling this Kids Tricycles is very easy, and you just need to mount the seat and handlebar within minutes according to the manual instructions. Subsequently, you can lift seat function, adjust the handlebars, adjusts the seat height, or handle angle to make your kids.

This kid’s bike is sturdy and comfortable, and it is strong enough for riding indoor or outdoor. Also, the soft seat and handle grips make your kid have a comfortable riding.


  • Recommended for children ages 1- 3 years
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Soft handle grips and seat
  • Strong enough for riding outdoor and indoor
  • Helps kids gain balance and coordination
  • CE certification approved

7. Nickelodeon Kids Paw Patrol Bicycle

By: Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon Kids Paw Patrol Bicycle

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This Nickelodeon bike model is one of the best kids bikes on the market. It allows your child to ride a bike by himself, and it is ideal for kids between four and six years. In addition to that, it is made from a durable steel frame, and the bike is low for easy access and control. Another thing, the bicycle has foot brakes that enable your child to stop the bike with confidence.

This bike features a bright chain guard that assists in protecting the bike from cuts and scrapes. Also, the removable training wheels help the rider to find their balance, especially for first-time bikers. Lastly, this bike is full of fun and comes with features like marshal wheel covers, chain guard, laser-printed seat, and front handlebar plate.


  • Stand-over durable steel frame
  • Removable training wheels
  • The wheels measure 12 inches
  • Bright chain guard to protect cuts and scrapes
  • Perfect for kids ages between four and six

6. Schwinn Elm SmartStart Frame Girl’s Bike

By: Schwinn

Schwinn Elm SmartStart Frame Girl's Bike

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Schwinn Elm Girl’s Bike is designed to teach your kid on how to balance the bike when it comes to riding a real bike. It is going to fit children who are 28 to 38 inches tall or 2 to 4 years old children. A slack seat-tube angle and adjustable saddle allow the bike to grow with the child. Other than that, the girl’s bike includes both front caliper brake and a rear coaster brake to ensure safety.

What’s more, this Girl’s Bike has a full-coverage chain guard that is going to protect your child’s feet, hands, and clothing. Other accessories included in the package include front basket, saddle handle for storage and towing and training wheels. To conclude, the product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Durable steel frame
  • Fits children between 2 to 4 years old
  • Full coverage chain guard
  • Includes training wheels and saddle handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty

5. TheCroco Lightweight Toddlers and Kids Balance Bike

By: TheCroco

TheCroco Lightweight Toddlers and Kids Balance Bike

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Learning how to ride a bike is fun for most kids. It will teach them not to fear anything while teaching them to balance themselves. Ideally, this balance bike is made from top quality aluminum materials making it lightweight and durable. Typically, this balance bike is rust-resistant, a tool-free setup, and the handlebars are adjustable. Being lightweight is very important as your child can easily control it.

This Toddlers bike has a padded seat to assist your kid feel good whenever he or she is seated. You will also appreciate the bike as it comes with wide tires giving your child an enjoyable riding experience.


  • Handlebars are adjustable
  • Made of top-quality aluminum
  • Tool-free set up
  • Super light with only 6 lbs.
  • Rust-resistant bike

4. Dynacraft 12 inches Magna Gravel Boys BMX Bike

By: Dynacraft

Dynacraft 12 inches Magna Gravel Boys BMX Bike

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Dynacraft is another brand that looks attractive for kids. It is ideal for beginners, and it is going to teach your kid on how to balance and ride a real bike. It is recommended for children aging between three to five years old or up to 50 lbs. Ideally, this Magna Gravel BMX Bike comes with adjustable training wheels as well as a Handlebar pad. This bike only weighs 21 pounds, and it measures 20.5 inches x 34.5 inches x 28 inches.

The bike comes with adjustable training wheels to add stability for beginner children. Also, it features coaster brakes to make the stoppage very easy. This bike enables your child to put the feet on the floor and walk with the bike. With that, your child will learn walking and balance the bike.


  • Adjustable training wheels
  • 12-inch black tires
  • Handlebar pad with bold graphics
  • Eye-catching high gloss finish
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Perfect for child aging 3 to 5

3. Strider 12 Sport 18 Months to 5 Years Balance Bike

By: Strider

Strider 12 Sport 18 Months to 5 Years Balance Bike

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This is a professional balance bike from a reputable company in the market today. The bike weighs only 3.0 kg making it ideal for boy or girl to stride and ride. The handlebar and seat heights are adjusted to accommodate children aging 18 months to 5 years. The bike is ideal for future upgrades like heavy-duty tires and foot brake. Moreover, this bike will introduce your kid to the responsibility, power, and freedom of riding.

Your child will have years of fun as the bike is made from puncture-proof tires and a durable steel frame. You do not have to worry about maintenance or damage as the bike is durable and well built. Get it today, and your child will have fantastic riding experience.


  • The bike Weigh only 3.0 kg
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Easy for boys and girls to ride
  • Puncture-proof tires
  • Perfect for children aging 18 Months to 5 Years

2. RoyalBaby Freestyle Boys and Girls Bike with Training Wheels

By: RoyalBaby

RoyalBaby Freestyle Boys and Girls Bike with Training Wheels

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Boasting a sturdy steel frame, RoyalBaby Freestyle kids Bike has enough stability and support, allowing your kid to have ultimate balance. Ideally, this bike is perfect for boys and girls and comes with training wheels, a water bottle, a bell, and a quick-release seat post that makes you easily adjust the seat height. Furthermore, the bike comes 95 percent assembled, leaving you only mount saddle, saddle, handlebar, pedals, and training wheels.

This bike features a full chainguard, ball bearing drive shaft, one-piece crank, and sturdy steel frame. To sum up, the bike comes with a 2.4 inches wide knobby tires.


  • Has a sturdy steel frame
  • 95% of the bike comes assembled
  • 2.4″ wide knobby tires
  • All assembly tools are included
  • Includes heavy-duty training wheels

1. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Amazon Exclusive Tough Trike

By: Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Amazon Exclusive Tough Trike

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Fisher-Price toddler bike is ideal for kids aging two to five years and will assist them in their early biking days. Ideally, this bike features durable and rugged tires that make it simple for tittle children to get rolling. In addition to that, this bike has a secret storage compartment that holds snacks, toys and other essential gear. The kids use their own pedal power as they navigate through the neighbourhood, yard making their own discoveries.

These toddler bikes come with Easy-grip handlebars and stable wheelbase making it super easy for small riders to ride to get up to speed. Basically, this is an excellent kid-powered tricycle that helps your child to exercise leg muscles and strengthening their gross motor skills, including coordination and balance.


  • Ideal for kids ages 2 to 5 years
  • Easy-grip handlebars
  • Rugged and durable tires
  • Pedal-powered big foot pedals
  • Secret storage compartment under the seat


Toddler bikes are an essential product that will give your kid stability and confidence in riding a common bike. Any of them features safety and high-quality design to assist your kid in learning the art of balancing. Besides that, toddler bikes have a low design allowing your child to get easily on and off the bike. The handlebars are soft, and the seat is padded for comfort. They are top picks toddler bikes that you will never want to miss.


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