Top 10 Best Trackball Mices in 2021 Reviews

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To the majority of people, working with a computer minus a mouse can be very tricky. Actually, without a mouse, most people won’t be able to do a thing. Although we are already used to the normal kind of a mouse, technology is introducing to us a brand-new design of mice and we have no choice but to accept the move.

Unlike the conventional kind of mice where you can only track the cursor by moving the mouse about, the new design comes with a trackball that helps you do this. This design of mouse happened to be common once but did not stay for long. However, manufacturers have decided to bring the trend back and so let’s give it a try. Below are the top 10 best of them in 2021:


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Best for Gaming

When it comes to responsiveness, this trackball is amazingly great. It features a super-accuracy ensuring you enjoy a fast, exact tracking as well as movement of the cursor. In addition, this trackball mouse features an ergonomic design for added comfort while working with it. It’s larger than the previous designs, giving you a better grip and stability.

Additionally, this device is able to support Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows RT8.1, Windows 7, MacOS Sierra (10.12) and Windows XP. The mouse includes 8 thumbs as well as finger buttons made to support real-time gaming strategy.


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Best for Both Right/Left-handed people

The DBPOWER Handheld Mouse happens to be an amazing trackball device. The device includes a number of great features that everyone will fall in love with. First, style and neatness are assured by the fact that it’s a wireless device. This means you don’t have to deal with the frustrating wired connectivity. In addition, it has a simple plug plus play connectivity.

What’s more, versatility is not left behind in its construction which helps in preventing fatigue of arm/wrist and getting rid of discomfort and lowering the chances of CTS and arthritis. Both the right and left-handed individuals will enjoy this device as well. DBPOWER is suitable for laptops and desktops and is compatible with Unix OS, Mac, Linux, Vista, XP etc.

#3. Logitech Optical

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Best Quality Trackball Mouse

This is another wonderful unit on our third position in this list. Its reputation has gone a long way thanks to its great features. The trackball mouse includes a two-way scrolling key, wired connectivity as well as FOUR programmable & optical keys having the most recent USB movement sensor tech.

Made to offer comfort, Logitech Optical is a compact mouse that also delivers top-most precision and super-smooth movement. With this mouse, maintenance is less or not required at all. Moreover, the mouse supports Mac OS: 8.6 and up and Windows OS: 95/98 and 2000/NT4.0.

#4. Nakabayashi Digio2 Bluetooth

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Best for Versatility

This wireless connection trackball mouse by Nakabayashi is made with the best versatility ever. Actually, it’s the most versatile in its category. On top of that, this mouse is durable and portable thanks to its compact size. Digio2 comes in an array of colors/combinations for both the wired and wireless types.

Also, it goes without saying that this mouse doesn’t make any noise during the job; it works quietly allowing you all the concentration you need to get your job done. It’s outfitted with the most recent auto-mechanism in which the trackball can adjust the speed of the pointer so that it moves the pointer depending on how fast you’re moving the ball. Overall, it’s a mouse that deserves every penny.

#5. Kensington Orbit

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Best for Accuracy

If accuracy is your priority, there’s no better trackball mouse to buy than Kensington Orbit. It comes with a unique scroll ring which provides for fast and effortless documents and webpages tracking. The mouse comes with the most recent technology that lets users customize the two buttons depending on how they like it.

Additionally, this device is very compact in terms of size. It won’t take all the space on your desk, unlike the old designs types of mice. Further, the advanced optical tech gives you accurate scanning and scrolling without a lot of scrolling. This mouse is user-friendly and connects by USB and supports both Mac OS and Windows.

#6. Kensington K72337US

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Best Overall Trackball Mouse

Logitech MX is one of those large trackball mice you’ll find in the market today. It’s designed in a perfect sphere to offer outstanding accuracy. The super scroll ring allows you to track up and down all your pages without any hustle. Its design ensures that your rest doesn’t experience any difficulty whatsoever as far as fatigue is concerned.

The ambidextrous design comes in handy for both right and left-handed individuals. Further, you can customize all its 4 buttons and adjust the speed of the cursor. What’s more, this mouse has an automatic sleep feature that helps in conserving the battery lifespan. It can support Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, Chrome OS 44 & up and Mac OS 10.8 & up.

#7. Logitech MX

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Best for User-friendliness

Coming with a user-friendly design, this trackball mouse by Logitech MX is specially constructed with an adoptable hinge which lets users customize the trackball angle preventing arm fatigue as well as straining of the wrist muscles. Thanks to the cross-computer maneuverability, this trackball mouse lets you effortlessly navigate within 2 computers, copy/paste text, images and documents by the use of the most recent Logitech Flow.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that can run up to 70 days following a full charge. Because this mouse has the conventional and smart wireless tech, you can enjoy dual connectivity and use it with up to three computers. It supports Mac OS or Windows.

#8. YUMQUA Y-01

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Best for Convenience

YUMQUA Y-01 comes with an ambidextrous design and USB wired mouse functionality. It’s a top-notch computer peripheral which includes 3 buttons. The mouse is also user-friendly and features a FOUR-D page scrolling technology which can be controlled with your thumb.

Just like other trackball mice we have included in this list, YUMQUA Y-01 is designed to offer uncompromised comfort ensuring that you don’t experience arm/write discomfort even after working for long periods. Also, it has an effortless plus/play connectivity supported by 2.0 USB feature. This mouse supports Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix OS.

#9. AmazonBasics-Trackball-Mouse

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Best for Group Gaming

If you’re looking for a wireless trackball for laptop or desktop computers, this is the pick for you. This mouse is popular for its relatively high response speed without any lad thanks to its 2.4-GHz connection. Just like you would expect, this mouse comes with a smooth-rolling feature that gives you professional control and eliminate hand/wrist strain.

Further, the trackball mouse has top-notch scrolling dial, left and right-click mouse and programmable buttons meant to ensure that you have everything you need on your hand for a smooth working experience. The wireless range of connectivity of this mouse is up to 30Ft. which makes it ideal for presentations, group gaming etc. Lastly, the mouse supports Mac OS 10.11 and above and Windows 10, 8, 7.

#10. Perimice-517

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Best for Comfort/RSI

Perimice-517 is a wired user-friendly trackball mouse featuring 7 buttons and in-built 2-level DPI, speed as well as control. With this mouse, it’s very simple to manipulate the speed of the cursor with DPI switch keys. The design of this mouse focuses on comfort and thus recommended for RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries), especially individuals that work for many hours on PC.

With this mouse, you can track the cursor conveniently without moving your arm. Another good thing about this device is that, it’s designed so that it’s easy to remove and clean it. The trackball mouse is able to support Windows 10, 8, and 7. You will require having a USB connection.


To those of us that have used trackball mouse, we can agree that there’s a unique experience given by this kind of mouse. For that, thousands of people are abandoning and instead embracing this new technology. So, you don’t want to remain behind. Keep yourself up-to-date with the freshest technology on the market by purchasing a trackball mouse and enjoy a different computer interaction.

So, you can choose a unit of trackball mouse from the top 10 mice reviewed in this list. With a trackball mouse, you can expect to improve your performance on your PC while appreciating a nice feel of style that comes with this cutting-edge technology.


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