Best TV Trays in 2021 Reviews

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Supper in front of the television set has been a family past time since the boob tube has been invented. Now you can eat and do other activities in style in front of the television with these new top 13 best tv trays in 2021.

These television trays look good, are better built, and have shelves for additional items. This is not like tv trays were like back in the day when your grandfather or father were children.

List Of Our Best TV Trays Review On Amazon.Com

13. Tribesigns Snack Side Table

 Tribesigns Snack Side Table, Mobile End Table Height Adjustable Bedside Table Laptop Rolling Cart C Shaped TV Tray

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Besides eating your tv dinner on top of this tv tray, you can use it as a computer table, snack table or a bookshelf. How you use it is up to you but its four wheels make sure you can roll it in and out of place with ease.

In addition to that, this approx. 33 by 16 by 28-inch tv table fits under your chair or sofa keep everything within easy reach. Its adjustable height feature lets you customize where you put it.

The brakes on the castor wheels make sure your food and drinks do not roll away from you

12. HOMFA Sofa Table End Table TV Tray

 HOMFA Sofa Table End Table TV Tray Z-Shape Bamboo Snack Laptop Desk Night Stand Couch Side Table Moveable Stand in Living Room

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You have a little leg room once you place this wood tv tray in front of you. Once in place, you can sit back and relax as you watch your game munching on your favorite snacks. The approx. 24 by 16 by the 26-inch table is made from sturdy and strong bamboo.

Also, if you want snacks outside or in your bedroom, this table will follow you. Just pick it up and relocate it. The single shelf tv tray works with your laptop and books letting you do more than be a couch potato. It looks goo din any room in your home.

11. Table Mate Ultra Folding TV Tray

 Table Mate Ultra Folding TV Tray Table and Cup Holder, Adjustable to 6 Heights and 3 Angles with Device Holder

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A little slot in the back of the tabletop allows you to place your tablet or book. You can read or manipulate the screen hands-free while munching on your carrot and celery sticks.

On top of that, you have a built-in cup holder to hold your favorite beverage as you do your various activities. Adjustable metal legs are strong and give you the height levels you need at any given time.

There is a tilt function as well which lets you get comfortable as you work or read. The lightweight table is easy to relocate when it is needed.

10. Winsome WoodAlex 2-pc Set TV Table

 Winsome Wood 42290 Alex 2-pc Set TV Table, Natural

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There is nothing like the look of wood unless you can get more than one tv tray as this set has. Two wood tv trays brighten up any home and make your rooms look better than ever.

Plus, they are sturdy enough to hold your laptop and other not too heavy items when you need to do more than eat. Then there is more good news. No assembly is required. Just take them out of their box and use them as soon as you get home.

They make a great snack table when you are watching tv between meals.

9. PJ WOOD TV Tray

 PJ WOOD TV Tray Table in Dark Mango

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Measuring approx. 19 by 15 by 26 inches in total size, once you bring this tv tray set home you have a solid foundation for your computer or tv dinner. Also, when you are done, they fold up nice and small allowing you to put them away in smaller storage areas.

Made from solid wood these little tv trays are dependable and can handle normal use treatment without flinching. Then its dark mango look does not clash with your interior design. You get good looks and practicality in one purchase.

When not eating you can watch tv and work on your computer at the same time.

8. Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray

Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table, Adjustable Bamboo Swivel Side Table, Dinner Tray

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Swing your tv tray into action. The long arm provides you with a little 360-degree swivel so you do not have a difficult time getting up from behind it. Then if you need it, this tv tray gives you 8 inches of height adjustment. It goes from 24 to 32 inches in no time at all.

On top of that, the base legs adjust from 25 to 35 1/2 inches ot make sure no matter what position you place it you have stability. Some assembly required but it is worth it once you get this tv tray into action

7. HOMFA Bamboo Snack Table

 HOMFA Bamboo Snack Table Sofa Couch Coffee End Table Bed Side Table Laptop Desk Modern Furniture for Home Office, Retro Color

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A good looking tv tray like this one will impress your guests. They will see your class and judgment in your selection of this simple yet elegant tv tray. Once in place, you and your guests can enjoy an afternoon of gossip and tea.

Then you can relax and work on your computer or eat your tv dinner without dirtying up the dining room table or missing your favorite shows. The table measures about 22 by 14 by 24 inches in size and has roo for lots of little items.

Made from top quality bamboo and given a dark stain for looks.

6. Table Mate XL TV Trays

 Table Mate XL Extra Large Folding Table Adjustable to 6 Heights and 3 Angles for Eating, Laptop and Multipurpose Use

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Once you bring this little tv tray home you can enjoy the benefits that come with its use. 6 height selections let little kids to adults use this tray easily. Then if need be you can tilt it into 3 different positions.

Then the metal legs slip under the couch or cushions to make sure you have a nice secure fit. Writing and watching tv will be a lot easier as well as doing some computer work. Then when the situation calls for it, you can have some great snacks on hand when everyone gets hungry.

5. Winsome Wood TV Trays Set

Winsome Wood

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A nice solid set of tv trays come in handy when you have evening guests over for coffee. The MDF wood table tops and all wood legs provide support and stability for all those cups of coffee.

Then when you need to switch locations, those oversized tabletops should accommodate your laptop or other electronic devices without complaint. On top of that, a holder is included with your purchase. If the tables are not needed, slip on the holder until they are.

Another good feature is that these tv trays are water-resistant to some degree.

4. Huanuo Adjustable TV Trays Table

 Adjustable TV Dinner Tray on Bed & Sofa

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One fine feature on this tv tray is its lip. No, it is not being sarcastic or talking back. The lip this tv tray gives out is a protective shield that keeps your food or computer on top of the table part.

The lip is important because this tv tray can adjust to 3 tilt positions and 6 different heights. Plastic elbows on the metal legs protect your floors from being damaged and add a little stability to the product.

A built-in cup holder makes sure your drink does not disappear until you are finished with it.

3. VASAGLE Industrial Side Table

 VASAGLE Industrial Side Table

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Protective rubber feet look like they can help level this tv tray and accommodate castor wheels. You have a little choice in how to use this tv tray. It can be stationary or roll back and forth when you need it to.

Made from particleboard you can get a variety of uses out of this approx. 20 by 14 by the 24-inch table. Plus, it will hold up to 55 pounds at one time. You can get a lot of weight on this without worry.

The legs slide under your sofa.

2. Table Mate II Folding TV Trays Table

 Table Mate II Folding Cup Holder with 6 Height and 3 Angle Adjustments the Original TV Tray

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When you have a little extra room,. folding tv trays come in handy. This one folds but it also extends to 6 different heights when unfolded. On top of that, you can use one of the 3 tilt positions to make sure you stay nice and comfortable.

Once you have it set up the legs go under the sofa and after you are done you fold it back up and slip it under the same piece of furniture. Just about everyone can use this tv tray. Kids can do their homework on it or use it as a drawing table.

1. Table Mate II Folding TV Trays Table and Cup Holder

Table Mate II Folding TV Tray Table and Cup Holder with 6 Height and 3 Angle Adjustments the Original TV Tray-TV Trays

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Cup holders are not just for cars or SUVs. They are an essential part of this approx. 21 by 17 by 3-inch tv tray. Placing your cup in it allows you more room to have more food on top of this tv tray.

Also, this model has the usual 6 position height adjustment function, as well as the 3 tilt position other tv trays have. In addition to those features, the tray folds up nice and small so you can put it out of the way when it is not needed.

Some final words

TV trays have changed over the years. These top 13 best tv trays in 2021 show how convenient they have become. Not only do they hold a lot of food, but they can also fold up nice and small, be used for homework, computer work and a lot more.


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