Best Waterproof Laptop Cases in 2022 Reviews

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Like your phone, your laptop should also be equipped with a case to protect its surface from scratches, and at the extreme, breaking. While preventing the surface from scratching is one thing, another important thing to take into account is to prevent the whole construction and its machine from getting wet. As a result, getting a waterproof laptop case to store your laptop and its accessories is what you should consider next.

To help you find the best products that are worth investing your money on, here is a selection of best waterproof laptop cases you can take a look at. They come from different brands with different designs, yet they offer the best quality you can find.

List Of Our Best Waterproof Laptop Cases Review On Amazon.Com

20. CCPK 13 inch Laptop Sleeve

 CCPK 13 inch Laptop Sleeve 13" Cover Case Bag Compatible

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Made from faux leather you will look good carrying your laptop around in this case. Leather and its synthetic relatives always improve any look it is paired with. This case should hold about a 13-inch laptop without trouble.

The approx. 3.5 mm cushion inside keeps your laptop protected as well as comfortable. You also have 360-degree protection. The approx. 14 by 10-inch size accommodates a variety of computers from all sorts of laptop makers.

The case should be soft to the touch and easy on the eyes.

19. HSEOK 15.6-Inch Waterproof Laptop Cases

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Transport your 15-inch laptop or smaller in this easy to carry waterproof laptop case. It protects your computer from water so you can be out in the rain or gt splashed and have nothing g wrong.

The approx 16 by 12-inch size makes sure you have plenty of room inside as well as giving you lots of padding to keep your computer from being damaged. Zipper closures provide you with easy access and open the case up wide enough to get your laptop in or out easily.

18. KAYOND Herringbone Woollen Waterproof Fabric Laptop Case

 KAYOND Herringbone Woollen Waterproof Fabric 15.6-17 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case

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Inside this waterproof case, you have lots of room for your laptop and your computer’s accessories. They fit on each side of the divider to make sure all your equipment is protected from the train

The neoprene construction fabric is thick and comes in a few different colors and designs. This 17 inches sized laptop carrying case has room for larger laptops with room to spare. On top of that, you have a corner zipper that opens up when you need to recharge your computer’s battery.

17. Casematix Elite Waterproof Gaming Laptop Case

 Casematix Elite Waterproof Gaming Laptop Case

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This tough plastic 17 inch laptop case has you showing everyone that you mean business when you want to protect your computer. With 17 inches inside your gaming computer has lots of room to be comfortable and protected.

With snap locks, even accidental drops should not pop your case open and put your laptop at risk. Along with your laptop there is enough room for a keyboard, mouse, charger and other small items you need with you.

The airtight case is also waterproof for the ultimate protection of your expensive laptop.

16. Stone Slim Waterproof Laptops Bag

 17.3 Inch Laptop Case, Slim Waterproof Laptops Bag

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Look professional using this two-tone waterproof laptop case. It comes with two handles so you can carry your equipment easily. An exterior pocket lets you slip slender items inside and keep them from being wet from the rain.

Dual zippers open and close this bag and once closed scratches, bumps and other possible damage are kept away from your laptop. An adjustable shoulder strap gives you a second carry option.

Then this waterproof laptop bag houses a variety of laptops as long as they remain under 17 inches in size.

15. Case Buy Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Case

 15.6 Inch Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Case

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Hold your 15-inch laptop safe from day to day bumps and knocks when you put it inside this top quality waterproof laptop case. Once inside you can protect it from splashes and rain droops as well.

With an extra pocket, you can make sure all your important computer equipment comes along for the ride. Once you close the zippers your laptop is not in any danger nor should it fall out accidentally.

The 3 layers of protection not only protect against the rain, but it also protects against static and shocks.

14. Canvaslife Marble Pattern Waterproof Laptop Cases

 Canvaslife Marble Pattern 360 Degree Protective Waterproof Laptop Sleeve 15 Inch 15 Case and 15.6 Laptop Bag

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Show a little creativity and thinking outside the box innovation. Turn to this highly unusual marble waterproof laptop case. It looks like marble but in reality, it is made of waterproof canvas.

The side exterior pocket holds extra office supplies when you need it along with your mouse and other key laptop needs. A U zipper makes sure you can slip your laptop in or out without any hassles.

Any computer up to 15 inches in size should be able to slip into this marble case and be protected from normal daily life.

13. DOMISO 15.6 Inch Waterproof Laptop Sleeve

 DOMISO 15.6 Inch Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Canvas

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Fake or real, leather highlights add a touch of class to just about anything they touch. In this case, it is a 15-inch laptop case that is also waterproof. Plus, you can carry this by the corded handle or the adjustable shoulder strap. Either way, your computer is fully protected.

The built-in charging station makes sure your smaller electrical devices stay powered up. 2 front pockets add a little storage space so you can carry everything you need easily.

5 layers of protection make sure water and other threats do not harm your computer.

12. TOMANTEK Polyester Shockproof & Water-resistant Laptop Case

TOMANTEK 15-15.6 Inch PU Polyester Slow-recovery Sponge Shockproof

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Get full protection for your laptop when you spend a little money n this top-notch waterproof laptop case. Not only do you get water-resistant protection, but you also get shock protection as well. Your laptop should be able to survive accidental drops without getting dinged.

On top of that, this slim design laptop case does not bulk you up or make you look chunky or fat. It keeps your laptop protected all the time your computer is inside. This case handles a variety of laptop brands without complaint.

11. Nacuwa Protective Laptop Case

 Protective Laptop Case: 13-13.3 Inch Computer Carrying Sleeve for 2018 New MacBook Air, Pro, Microsoft Surface

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People can be clumsy at times or they may have butterfingers. That is why this shock and waterproof case was invented. It protects your laptop from this type of personality. Once you bring this case home, you can fit a 13-inch laptop inside with loving care.

In addition, internal pockets leave room for your mouse and other supplies that come in handy when you use a laptop. The 4 layers of protection also keep the dust away from infecting your laptop. That laptop protective case is an added level of security when you go outside with your computer.

10. Second Skin Waterproof Laptop Bag

 17 Inch Waterproof Laptop Bag

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It is called second skin because of this 17 inch approx. The laptop case acts as a second skin to your computer. Its slim lightweight features are very attractive and with 3 colors to choose from you can match your wardrobe with ease.

Its neoprene construction material is tough and keeps the water away from your expensive laptop. It also stops normal shocks or impacts from harming your laptop. Look good at the same time you are protecting your computer from harm.

9. Comfyable Slim Laptop Sleeve

 Comfyable Slim Laptop Sleeve for MacBook Pro 15 Inch

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There are as many laptop cases as there are laptops. This one works best with 15-inch Macbook pros from 2018 or 2022. Once inside your laptop should not be hurt by any normal daily wear and tear.

On top of that, the polyester material makes sure water remains uninvited and has to stay outside. EPE foam makes sure your Macbook pro has the padding and comfort it needs to stay safe. Its an elegant look for those who like to present a very good image of themselves.

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8. Case Buy Laptop Briefcase Bag

 15.6 Inch Waterproof Shockproof Laptop Briefcase Bag Fit HP Envy x360

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Made from nylon canvas you have a tough waterproof laptop bag on your hands with this model. It keeps the rain and splashes out while making you look like a professional white-collar worker.

Plus, you can carry it under your arm or by the little handle at the top. Either way, once your laptop is inside it is safe from the elements. The case measures approx. 17 by 13 inches in size and has room for at least a 15-inch laptop.

7. JETech Laptop Sleeve

 JETech Laptop Sleeve for 13.3-Inch Notebook Tablet iPad Tab

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A front exterior pocket holds your cell phone and other important items when you are in a hurry to get to your next destination. Once they and your laptop are inside water can’t touch them and impacts may not harm them.

Dust and scratches are also banned from harming your computer when you use this waterproof laptop case. It holds 13-inch computers safely and keeps you organized. Dual zippers handle the security duties once the laptop is inside.

6. Lacdo Waterproof Fabric Laptop Shoulder Bag

 Lacdo 15.6 Inch Waterproof Fabric Laptop Shoulder Bag Notebook Sleeve Case

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Having carrying options is always a plus. You get to switch the weight so your back and hands do not get tired. The handles and adjustable straps let you choose how to carry this bag. After your laptop is inside, you have all-round protection.

Water resistance, shock resistance, and static protection are all great features that make up this great waterproof laptop case. 3 pockets keep you well organized and ready for business no matter where it happens.

5. Kinmac Wine Red Canvas Waterproof Laptop Sleeve

 Kinmac Wine Red Canvas Vertical Style Waterproof Laptop Sleeve

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This beautiful waterproof laptop carrying case complements any outfit you have on. But if you do not like purple, there are 3 more beautiful colors to choose from. On top of that, you get nice padding inside to stop bumps and accidental impacts from damaging your computer.

This vertical laptop case makes sure your items arrive safe and sound. An extra pocket keeps extra space available for other items you may need throughout the day. It’s handy, protective and good looking at the same time.

4. Lacdo Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Case

 Lacdo 13 Inch Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Case Compatible MacBook Pro

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It may be light-colored but that is okay. It still protects your 13-inch laptop from water and other elements that threaten to harm it. The blue highlight adds a little zing to your overall look and keeps you modern.

Also, the zipper glides across its track making sure this laptop case is easy to open. It glides back just as smoothly to lock everything inside when they are not needed.

3. Lacdo 15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve

 Lacdo 15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Bag Compatible Acer Aspire/Predator, Toshiba, Inspiron

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The dark blue color scheme on this 15.6 laptop case will highlight your eyes. Set your eyes off so people see you and at the same time protect your laptop from damage.

3 additional pockets ensure that you can bring files, your mouse, charger and even a few extra pens. You never know what you will need for a busy day. The shockproof lining makes sure your computer stays safe and there is no danger of water entering inside.

2. BRINCH Soft Nylon Waterproof Laptop Cases

 BRINCH 15.6 inch Soft Nylon Waterproof Laptop Computer Case Cover Sleeve Shoulder Strap Bag

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You may be mistaken for a banker but this professional-looking waterproof laptop bag does a great job in keeping your computer safe. Inside you will find polyester foam that pads your computer and keeps bumps and drops from reaching it.

Plus, you can bring adapters, chargers and more in the front exterior pocket. You will be ready for anything once you employ this waterproof laptop bag to protect your computer. Two ways to carry make relocating your laptop simple and easy/

1. Lacdo Waterproof Fabric Waterproof Laptop Cases

 Lacdo 13 Inch Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve Case Compatible Old MacBook Air-Waterproof Laptop Cases

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7 different colors give you 7 different ways to protect your laptop from water and other issues. This waterproof laptop case makes sure it has the padding you need to keep your laptop in tip-top condition

Then if need be, its slim design lets you place this bag inside another one for extra protection. The exterior canvas makes sure your laptop is always safe from the rain.

Some final words

Keep your laptop in perfect condition. These top 20 best waterproof laptop cases in 2022 are designed to keep the water and other elements out. Your laptop can endure accidental drops and bumps with ease and still work like a champ.

The best have a way of giving you top results all the time

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