Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Radios in 2021 Reviews

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Some people are dedicated fans of radio stations on the internet. If you’re one of them and wish to get all the enjoyment without any interruptions, you should get yourself a Wi-Fi radio. The Wi-Fi radio is a special electronic device that can immediately access numerous (thousands) radio stations transmitted from around the globe.

These devices are worth every penny because they are made with a diverse range of features to ensure that they can capture the broadest preference ranges. What’s more, they come at varying price tags depending on the features included. This means that whether you’re on a tight budget or not, you’ll still afford to buy one. In this article, we are going to review the top 10 best Wi-Fi radios in 2021. Get one for yourself here:

#1. Bose Wave

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Best Wi-Fi Radio for Music

Bose Wave is manufactured to be compatible with the wireless network and also works well with Alexa to give you high-quality sound. When it comes to entertainment, with this Wi-Fi radio you can easily access a wide variety of music from internet radio, online music platforms (Spotify, Amazon Music, and Pandora), CDs, your music library and AM/FM radio. This radio has a powerful speaker technology that lets you enjoy a lifelike and room-filling quality sound.

Also, the radio supports MP3, AAC, WMA, Apple Lossless and FLAC. Bose Wave also works well with Bluetooth. It comes with 6 personalized presets available on the SoundTouch App or its remote control and 8ft. AC power wire.

#2.Sangean WFR-28

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Best for User-Friendliness

This internet radio presents you with 20k+ podcasts and internet channels available. It comes with a remote control application for you to ultimately control music as you wish. The app supports Android and Mac iOS devices. With the app, you can select radio stations on the internet and media control for UPnP/DLNA streaming of music right from a PC, NAS device or server. You can additionally control FM radio as well as other functions.

On top of that, it comes with a user-friendly LCD display enhanced with backlight and 10 station settings. Everything you need relating to radio stations, this device has got you covered. Further, it has an in-built battery charger, aux-in plus headphone output.

#3. SiriusXM SXPL

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Best for Convenience

Though the subscription package of the channel lineup is sold separately, you can still enjoy a 3-month free service thanks to the ‘All Access’ package. However, with this radio, you’ll have access to numerous radio stations and various music services to ensure you don’t miss any of your favorites. It’s a portable radio designed for everyone who’s an internet radio fan.

This radio comes with a number of wonderful features that give you full control of your entertainment world. You can save up to TWENTY of your best channels for quick access anywhere you’re. Also, you can pause; you can rewind or replay live radio (satellite radio) as well as all your favorite channels.

#4. CC WiFi

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Best Quality Wi-Fi Radio

Thanks to CC Wi-Fi, you can now enjoy news and your best music with iHeartMedia, Pandora as well as CBS. This radio is able to stream 16k+ radio stations which are characterized with clear sound regardless of where you are provided there’s fast internet.

Considering its size, this Wi-Fi radio features a very quality sound. You can also connect it to a stereo to enjoy an even greater audio quality. Further, this radio allows the UPnP streaming of music. It has 99 memory controls, 1/8 inches stereo jack for headphones, alarm clock, a strong indicator for Wi-Fi and a backlit display. On arrival, this radio will come with an AC adapter and remote control plus detailed instructions for the user.

#5. Digital Encore+

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Best Overall Wi-Fi Radio

This Wi-Fi radio has the capacity to capture up to 100,000 radio stations on the internet. You can play the music on this radio with great control using the remote control, Android or iPhone remote control application. Through your browser or smartphone, you can send Pandora,

This radio is designed to do everything you want as far as entertainment is concerned. It comes with a built-in Bluetooth V4.1 and a headphone jack so that you can enjoy your music with convenience. On arrival, besides the radio, everything else needed is included in the package including the power adapter, two very high-performance Wi-Fi antennas (external), manual and remote control.

#6. Grace Digital

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Best for Homes

This Wi-Fi radio is one of the biggest in size we have reviewed on this list. It has a weight of 5.7 pounds and the dimensions are 11.5-inches by 17.2-inches by 1.9-inches. This means that its portability is a bit compromised when compared with others here. However, that doesn’t mean that quality is not guaranteed.

This model has access to 16k+ radio stations including Pandora, ESPN, BBC, Live 365, etc. Additionally, it features an in-built Ethernet jack with an 802.11g card that connects easily to any Ethernet. Also, produces high-quality sound and gives you an option to connect it to your home stereo for super clear audio.

#7. Amazon Echo

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Best for Portability

Amazon Echo is a very portable Wi-Fi radio due to the small design. Despite its small size, the radio produces enough sound that fills up an entire room with a mere voice command. It comes with an outstanding all-inclusive 7 mics with far-field powerful voice recognition. This makes it easy for it to detect voice commands even when playing music.

The radio can receive all music channels from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio etc. Other great features include the hands-free option, reads audiobooks, read the news, thermostats, reports traffic and weather, locks, controls lights, fans, etc. However, the speaker can interfere with the quality of sound if the volume is high.

#8. Aluratek AIRMM03F

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Best for Fast/Easy Navigation

For those who love cool devices, this is one for you. This Wi-Fi radio from Aluratek comes with a cool display (colored LCD display) that has touchscreen functionality to provide you with quick and hustle-free navigation through its icon-like menus. It has a 5W subwoofer (downward-firing) that works with 2 3W front-facing speakers providing you with a professional sound that will fill your entire room.

Additionally, the design of this radio is very friendly in terms of space. It’s small in size ensuring it fits in anywhere you keep it. Equipped with convenient push-button settings, you can power the radio off or on to reduce or increase volume. And, with this radio, you can at least access 35K+ podcasts, 50K+ radio stations (streaming).

#9. Como Audio

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This wireless music system is designed to unlock a world of musical entertainment. That’s why we have brought it to your attention. It is a simple yet elegant unit that will provide you with everything you have been looking for in internet radio. Its hand-crafted furniture-grade wood cabinets come in a variety of finishes, so you can easily find one that perfectly matches your décor.

Additionally, this wireless music system is built with versatility in mind. As such, it will provide you with internet radio, FM radio, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Bluetooth streaming. It also has one-touch streaming and Hi-Fi sound for maximum enjoyment. The handheld remote is ergonomically styled to allow you to easily operate the music system from across the room. The manufacturer of this unit offers a full-featured app that allows for switching between sources, saving station presets, and more.

#10. Auna Connect

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Best for Quality Sound

Auna Connect includes dual 2.5-inches broadband speakers that allow it to produce high-quality sound. Besides these, there’s a 3-inches woofer which enhances the quality of the sound. This internet radio features Wi-Fi as well as LAN interface which captures over 10, 000 stations across the world.

What’s more, this internet radio is not only limited to the internet but you can also enjoy analog FM thanks to its two-in-one capability. The radio comes with an RDS feature that gives you important and extra content such as genre, news, album, artist, and title. With a 2.5-inches TFT display, you’re sure to be up-to-date on what you need to know. Other features include an alarm and programmable wake-up settings.


Our list is meant to help you during your shopping for the best Wi-Fi radio in 2021. We have researched and compiled the list on the basis of various buyer reviews and ratings. These models are portable, user-friendly and very convenient. Further, they come with clear displays, recording capabilities and AM/FM compatibility, sound quality among other features.

Unlike the radios we had years ago, Wi-Fi radios feature twice the bandwidth capacity making them not only more efficient but also enjoyable devices for entertainment. They give high-quality and filtered signals that have richer as well as clearer sounds compared to their traditional counterparts. So, with the info provided here, you’re now ready to buy one.


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