Top 10 Best Wool Blankets in 2021 – Reviews

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Blankets are essential when you need to keep your bed warm. They are commonly used in beds to keep sleepers warm. With different types of blankets, people can choose the right options to keep their beds warm. However, wool blankets are exceptional when it comes to keeping the sleeper warm. Additionally, there are different types of wools that people can choose for their beds. Just like mattresses, blankets are designed to ensure proper fit.

The quality of the wool blanket is vital for ensuring excellent performance. Apart from keeping the user warm, stylish sheets are ideal. They are designed to ensure bed has a sleek look as well as comfort. Basically, there are different types of wools. There are merino, lamb, Shetland, alpaca, and mohair. Depending on your preference, these blankets are ideal for an ideal feeling bed. For best wool blankets, below are top selected and reviewed.

Wool Blankets Buying Guide

  • Size: The size of a blanket is vital for comfort. Depending on the size of your bed, there is every need to have an ideal sized sheet. They are available depending on your preferred size to ensure a superb choice. Whether its twin or king-size and throw blankets, they are available for purchase. However, a large blanket is always ideal.
  • Type of Wool: Although blankets are labeled wool, they come in different types. There are some made from sheep, cashmere, and other types of wool. However, depending on personal preference, the quality of wool is a vital section. These days, we have blended wool which makes blankets more comfortable and reliable.
  • Weave: The blanket weaving is an important factor when it comes to overall performance. Usually, the weave entails the quality and number of fabrics used. This s quality also determines the overall blanket weight and warmth. As a result, the quality of the weave is paramount.
  • Safety: The safety of a blanket is usually determined by the ability to provide comfort without issues. Wool made blankets are typically safe, but you need to ensure they are free from chemicals. Therefore, they will not cause odor or allergic reactions. Additionally, washing blankets should not cause dye or fabric shedding.

Best Wool Blankets in 2021

10. Bodhiartistry Super Soft Cashmere Wool Blanket

By: Bodhiartistry

Bodhiartistry Super Soft Cashmere Wool Blanket

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The Bodhiartistry cashmere blanket is a super soft blanket made to keep the bed sleek and warm. It’s a versatile blanket with high versatility hence good for a bed and also as throw blanket. As a result, the sheet is superb for use on a couch, sofa, and other places. The luxurious, soft, and warm design is excellent for keeping the sleeper comfortable. The classic herringbone pattern and handcrafting ensure the blanket is perfect.

Apart from the classic design, this blanket is highly versatile. In fact, with this blanket, it can be used at home or in outdoor activities. Despite the wool fabrics, it has extra lightweight, which eliminates bulkiness. Due to neutral colors, there is excellent blending to any décor. Keeping it clean is simple since it can be hand washed. The pure wool construction from Nepal assures luxurious and soft feel.


  • Soft luxurious wool
  • Simple to clean
  • Versatile application


  • None

9. Qisu Alpaca Throw Large, Beautiful, Warm, Variegated Wool Blanket

By: Qisu

Qisu Alpaca Throw Large, Beautiful, Warm, Variegated Wool Blanket

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The Qisu Alpaca throw blanket is elegant and crafted to give your bed a new look. Made by experts, the blanket offers one of the thrilling comfort and warmth. Therefore, even when it’s cold, the blanket is exceptionally reliable. In fact, the hypoallergenic design gives the blanket an ideal way to enjoy comfort without skin issues. The Alpaca wool is incredibly comfortable than sheep wool or cotton fabrics. Therefore, it suits everyone in need of warm nights.

Unlike the plain blankets, this has sleek patterns that enable people to enjoy a great-looking bed. Additionally, soft and breathable nature creates a great feeling when using this blanket. The stylish crafting is one of the ideal things that make the sheet perfect for all home decors. With easy to care fabrics, it is easy to clean hence a superb way to enjoy the great feeling. The fabrics consist of 50% acrylic and 50% alpaca thus durable and soft.


  • Durable fabrics
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable
  • Sleek pattern


  • Feels a bit thin

8. Lavish Home Australian Wool Blanket

By: Lavish Home

Lavish Home Australian Wool Blanket

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Lavish home wool blanket is made from pure and high-quality materials. Unlike the synthetic fibers, this boasts 100% lamb wool from Australia. Due to this, it has exceptional comfort as well as warmth. The large design allows it to fit king-sized beds. Therefore, even when sleeping, there is ample bed covering. With extra soft fabrics, they are soothing and luxurious; hence sleepers enjoy outstanding comfort and luxury.
Besides the plushy nature, this blanket is made to provide outstanding loftiness and cushioning.

This implies that even when you are using it, there is proper insulation from heat loss. With a stylish pattern, the blanket keeps the room looking fabulous. For durability, the edges are lined, which prevents fabric damage. This blanket ideal for layering as well as a single bed cover. Offering high breathability, the sheet keeps your bed cozy and highly breathable.


  • Premium lamb wool
  • Large-sized
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Superb cushioning


  • Strong smell when unpacking

7. Woolly Mammoth Extra Large Merino Wool Camp Blanket

By: Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company

Woolly Mammoth Extra Large Merino Wool Camp Blanket

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The type of blanket you furnish your bed with matters a lot when it comes to warmth. Especially when cold, heavy-duty sheets are worth having. The Woolly Mammoth camp blanket is made to give every bed a nice uplift. Compared to other sheets, this uses virgin merino wool. As a result, it keeps every bed feeling awesome. Also, pure quality wool eliminates the use of recycled materials, which can affect performance and durability.

Having this blanket guarantees great warmth and sleekness. This is essential since people can always enjoy a superb feeling. Additionally, the superior knitting ensures there is needed thickness and crafting. Unlike other blankets that become rough, this has a smooth surface throughout. Also, edges enjoy double stitching hence guaranteeing excellent durability. The beautiful whipstitch gives the blanket a timeless finish and lasts for generations. High flexibility ease of cleaning and sleek look make this perfect wool blanket for every bed.


  • Durable stitching
  • Dense construction
  • Beautiful finish


  • Feels a bit heavy

6. Desert Breeze Alpaca & Sheep Wool Blanket

By: Desert Breeze Distributing

Desert Breeze Alpaca & Sheep Wool Blanket

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When you need a perfect looking bed, the best blankets are the ideal options. The Desert Breeze wool blanket provides all the convenience and comfort. In fact, it is blended from sheep and Alpaca wool, which delivers excellent comfort. Unlike the cheap blankets made from recycled wool, this features virgin materials. In fact, the yarn is sourced from the Andes which guarantees perfect quality. Moreover, 50% sheep wool and 50% alpaca wool delivers outstanding performance.

Covering yourself with this blanket provides an excellent feeling. It has a dense design that enables people to enjoy great warmth even for people living in elevated places. To guarantee comfort, the blanket comes with brushed wool, which provides great softness. Boasting large size construction, the bed cover is ideal for big beds. Moreover, washable nature offers an excellent way to keep the blanket clean and refreshing. The striped design is sleek and provides an attractive look.


  • Blended virgin wool
  • Superbly warm
  • Extra dense design


  • Heavier than rivals

5. RUTH&BOAZ Wool Blend Blanket Ethnic Inka Pattern


RUTH&BOAZ Wool Blend Blanket Ethnic Inka Pattern

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With Ruth&Boaz blended wool blanket, there is no more worry about chilly days. The wool, crafted blanket is reliable to allow people to get the best feeling in bed. The blended wool and polyester enable the sleeper to enjoy the awesome feeling. It creates a comfortable and breathable bed, thus no excessive sweating. Besides, the blanket offers everyone an ideal experience hence creating a soft feel. Due to the light nature, the blanket is perfected for use indoors and outdoors.

Apart from the premium materials and construction, it comes with sleek geometric patterns. They are impressive and offer excellent look inspired by Mexico’s native tribes. With designs offering a wide range of colors, the blanket creates a thrilling look in your home. With edges featuring superior lining, it prevents wearing off easily. Cleaning is fantastic since it is machine washable, or users can dry clean.


  • Sleek ancient inspired patterns
  • Lightweight for home and camping
  • Machine washable


  • Not for large beds

4. Poyet Motte Aubisque 500GSM Heavyweight 100% Wool Blanket

By: Poyet Motte Made In France

Poyet Motte Aubisque 500GSM Heavyweight 100% Wool Blanket

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Poyet Motte 500GSM is a heavy-duty blanket made to keep everyone a great feeling. Unlike traditional blankets, this is made from premium wool to create a luxurious feel. Amazingly, the expertly made blanket is made by Poyet Motte. They have excellent expertise in making blankets for a long time. The construction features 33 microns, which renders it unique for keeping sleeper warm. The uniform and brushed wool help in maintaining consistent performance.

The 100% virgin wool is one of the ideal features that make this superb blanket choice. Apart from premium wool, the blanket boasts a unique knitting process that makes the blanket tight and pliable. Also, double stitching binding provides exceptional strength and durability. With the heavy-duty design, this blanket is s superbly made for use in cold seasons. The ability to be machine washed allows people to enjoy a smooth cleaning process.


  • Extra dense construction
  • Unique weaving process
  • Double-stitched binding


  • Not for summer use

3. Pendleton Yakima Warm Wool Indoor Outdoor Throw Blanket

By: Pendleton

Pendleton Yakima Warm Wool Indoor Outdoor Throw Blanket

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Sleeping comfortably while enjoying a warm night comes hand in hand with the right blanket. The Pendleton Yakima wool throw blanket is versatile and reliable. It can be used at home or when outdoors. Besides high reliability, the blanket is exceptionally sleek. It has a striped design that adds superb beauty to your room. Despite the lightweight nature, the blanket is created to ensure your body remains warm throughout. Whether it’s at home or camping, the Yakima throw blanket is the superb option.

The high-quality fabrics are manufactured to ensure users get the best experience. In fact, they are easy to clean without getting damaged. With rugged wool, the blanket provides exceptional covering and warmth regardless of the condition. The design allows this blanket to offer ample cover for a great experience. Therefore, even in chilly days, using this blanket brings an excellent feeling.


  • Durable, rugged wool
  • Sleek striped design
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor


  • Feels a bit stiff

2. Arcturus Military Warm, Thick, Washable Wool Blanket

By: Arcturus

Arcturus Military Warm, Thick, Washable Wool Blanket

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Wool is one of the premium materials that make outstanding blankets. This Arcturus military blanket is among the exciting options for a warm night. In fact, with this blanket, it creates an exceptional feeling without sacrificing your comfort. The heavy-duty wool fabrics allow the blanket to deliver excellent insulation. Also, the smooth surface is soft, which offers a thrilling atmosphere. Weighing 4.8 pounds, the blanket is designed to keep sleepers warm.

Besides the durable construction, the blanket is sleek and super soft. With a versatile design, it is ideal for different applications. Whether bed, football tailgating, or other functions, the blanket is a superb choice. With 80% wool composition, there is excellent reliability and performance. The hypoallergenic fibers are ideal since they keep every user safe from sensitivity. Above all, the blanket is free from flame retardants hence safe for every family member.


  • A heavy-duty military-grade quality
  • Hypoallergenic fibers
  • Machine washable


  • Discolor when washed

1. EKTOS 90% Wool Warm & Heavy Blanket


EKTOS 90% Wool Warm & Heavy Blanket

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Ektos warm and heavy-duty blanket is one of the best options for everyone. Created with exceptional plushness, the blanket is fantastic and creates the best sleeping experience. In fact, it is perfected to allow people to navigate cold seasons with confidence. The rugged design is excellent and lets everyone enjoy unmatched warmth. Also, the dense fabrics are designed to last for long.

The exceptional warmth to weight ratio delivers needed performance. In fact, the blanket is tasked with offering warmth even when wet. Thus, whether winter or other cold seasons, it offers superb reliability. With 90% wool fibers and 10% synthetic fibers, the blanket is hypoallergenic. Additionally, it’s free from dyes and fire retardant materials. Thus, it creates an ideal option for people of all ages.


  • Free from chemicals
  • Excellent warmth and weight ratio
  • Soft and non-scratchy


  • Sheds when new


Wool is one of the premium and safe materials. With high performance, there is a need to have the right blanket. They are available in different sizes, quality, and others. To avoid the hassle, these reviewed blankets are what everyone needs.


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