10 Best WowWee Fingerlings for Babies of 2021 

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These are your child’s new best friend. Having a different approach by the toy-making companies introducing WowWee fingerlings. Their function is simple but effective, you can also call them animal finger puppets.

They entertain develops the interest of your kid and do much more. They are harmless and they keep your baby busy at any time so if you’re tired and can’t play with them just buy Fingerling to keep them busy and you can rest.

Nowadays kids are more virtual than physical so this tech toy keeps and develops the interest of your kid toward itself, thus being a tech toy, they keep your child into the physical world and present.

Best WowWee Fingerlings for Babies

They usually are available in animal shape just develop the feeling that your child has pet while clipping to the fingers it has to gain a phenomenon among children as they can be also collectibles which interests the children more. Coming in various animals or imaginary animals these are the most fun to play with according to the children survey.

Here are the top 10 best WowWee Fingerlings available in the market:

 1- WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkey  

WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkey  

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While being a simple finger puppet but offers a lot to offer. It is the best Interactive puppet monkey for your baby as it responds to various situations. Its name is Bella and it can be your child’s best friend.

It responds to touch, sound and motion attracting children automatically towards itself, furthermore, it rotates its head and even blinks its eyes just to give off a look of being a friendly finger pet.

If you blow a kiss toward it, it will kiss you back thus creating a bond between the child and itself.


  • They are effective and adorable while being intelligent as they respond to sound, touch, and motion
  • They even blink their eyes as if a human does and can rotate their heads.
  • In love of the consumer if kissed they kiss you back.

2- Untamed T-Rex WowWee Fingerlings

Untamed T-Rex WowWee Fingerlings

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Well, we mentioned the most adorable fingerling as it could be this one is more of an aggressive hence representing the boyish look it is an Untamed T-REX which while looking aggressive could be the best companion for your child.

This T-Rex shaped Fingerling is an affective toy for a boy or your girl which would give him/her an unlimited supply of entertainment.

As being that aggressive it is completely responsive as well. If touched it will make all types of roaring sound, if you make any sound or motion it will perfectly react.

While responding to your child’s touch or sound it also closes his eyes and gives off a realistic expression.


  • Effectively and perfectly react to sound and motion thus providing intentional interaction.
  • When touched it can produce different types of wild roars jaw crushing sound.
  • The best part is that the company also provide batteries with packaging.

3- Baby Unicorn Gigi WowWee Fingerlings  

Baby Unicorn Gigi WowWee Fingerlings  

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While being an imaginary creature this unicorn-shaped Fingerling is very effective for children. This is a magical pet for your child as it does many things and responds to many commands and actions.

To make it personally attach to your child it has a name as well.

For instance, it can respond to your touch, motion or sound while making a large number of beautiful and adorable voices.

As itself is a baby unicorn it can be adapted by any child and can be a worth when played with. It even shows genuine love and affection back towards you if it when it is loved or kissed.


  • Creates joyful sounds when attached to your finger.
  • It even blinks eyes for a realistic look
  • When you make a surprise sound it turns its head back toward you and gets surprised.
  • Respond to the sound and motion you create.

4- Untamed Raptor WowWee Fingerlings 

Untamed Raptor WowWee Fingerlings 

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Well, not as the previous one the last one was a T-Rex but this one is a raptor fulfilling your fantasies for dinosaur plays.

Same as the others it responds perfectly towards noise and touch or even motion thus being more attractive and attracting the most majority of children.

It also makes the sound of jaw crushing and different types of roars thus making it more realistic and effective to play with.

It gives off the impression as an ancient being thus making your child entertained and the joyful sounds that could even make adults entertain.


  • Has a great grip on your finger, will never fall until you remove it by yourself.
  • React on touching, sound or even motion.
  • Even batteries are included in the pack so it’s a plug and play situation.

5- Glitter Dragon Kaylin WowWee Fingerlings 

Glitter Dragon Kaylin WowWee Fingerlings 

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What are your thoughts on this glitter dragon available in purple shade color it an adorable yet vicious dragon which conquers the lands at your fingertip?

Well, I not a child but this children’s toy is an effective character in their imaginary stories.

Having the same features as others responding to sound touch and motion, not only that you can rock them to sleep by just holding it upside down they make funny and joyful sounds thus making a character contribution in your child’s roleplay.

The other similar features are that the head turns around 360 degrees hence being an interactive toy for your child.


  • This Fingerling can respond to touch, sound or motion.
  • It makes funny and entertaining sounds.
  • Head turns in a 360-degree motion.

6- Baby Monkey & Mini BFFs WowWee Fingerlings 

Baby Monkey & Mini BFFs WowWee Fingerlings 

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This adorable and cute toy and pet for your child is an effective yet entertaining piece of toy. The kicker in this product is that it is available with both on but two Fingerling if one best pet is not enough for you.

Both these adorable monkeys are BFFs and both are evenly responsive. Not only that the features are really good as they make funny sounds, chattering voices and they even hang themselves upon your fingers.

Other than that, the features are similar like responding to touch, sound and motion. Opening and closing of eyes.

It is available in different types of colors and with different names allotted to give more personal interaction to the children.


  • There is not one but two Fingerlings included in the package.
  • They respond to all your sound, touch and motion.
  • Create funny and joyful sounds.

7- Glitter Monkey Kiki WowWee Fingerlings 

Glitter Monkey Kiki WowWee Fingerlings 

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This beautiful looking glittered monkey is a confined and a joyful toy for your child. They can entertain your child in different ways.

Such as it blinks eyes and rotates their head to give a more realistic feel to themselves. While entertaining it also has an emotional feeling like when kissed it will love you back or when angry it will react accurately to your anger.

Other than that, it reacts to sound, touch and motion while rotating its neck and blinking eyes. It creates a deep bond with your child.


  • It loves to grab your finger thus making is a real pet for your child.
  • It can entertain via making various noises and sounds.
  • It can detect sound and motion.

8- Baby Monkey Zoe WowWee Fingerlings

Baby Monkey Zoe WowWee Fingerlings

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This pet name is Zoey she can be a vital source of entertainment for your children. While making sound and funny noises.

She can be a best friend of your child as it responds to sound by turning her head to listen making it more believable.

Upon touching she can produce funny voices that are embedded in her giving a realistic yet adorable look.

Furthermore, she is fully functional and responds to your motion and sound and when touched she blinks her eyes to give you a look of satisfaction thus becoming a source of entertainment to your child.

Other than that, you can put them to sleep and to make them excited just make a loud noise which can give remarkable and various excited expressions.

The fun part is that when hanging upside down they can show several emotional expressions to engage with your child.


  • She is 100% responsive to sound and motion.
  • Can become excited hears a loud noise.
  • Has various expressions hidden in her.

9- Alika WowWee Fingerlings 

Alika WowWee Fingerlings 

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This adorable and tremendously cute imaginary baby unicorn is the best toy to buy for your kids at Christmas, birthdays and many other events. They are interactive with humane thus making it livelier than never.

This adorable and cute Fingerling is designed to stick on your child’s finger and entertain him/her in various ways.

Not only responds to sound and motion it can express many emotions as there are plenty hidden in them just let your kid find out them while using his/her imagination they can be a vital source of Entertainment for your child.

To make it a Pet she needs a name and her name is Alika thus making it more personal and attractive to kids. While responding to sound, touch and motion it also blinks her eyes and turns the head to listen to you when you are speaking.

The fun yet interesting part is that it can make tons of sounds and noises to make your child happy and joyful. You can put her to bed when and when touched it creates a variety of sounds to keep your child entertained.


  • It is an effective entertainer.
  • It is a tight and affectionate grabber.
  • It creates a variety of sounds and noises.

10- Kingsley WowWee Fingerlings 

Kingsley WowWee Fingerlings 

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This adorable cute and beautiful baby slot is one of its kind. This design is unique making your child feel more attached and attracted to it. While creating an entertaining sound it also responds to touch and motion.

It perfectly responds to your child’s touch or sound.  To make it personally connect with your child it has a pet name to which he responds to, with endless emotions it produces a bond with your child.

It will be up to your child to discover all the emotions with the imagination of him/her.

While responding to your child’s touch, motion and sound it blinks and turns his head around for further interactions. It is a perfect puppet for your child to play making a suitable character for your child’s play.

They can also be sent to sleep by touch and turn their heads to listen to you with concentration and even get excited if heard a loud noise.


  • It makes interactive and funny sounds.
  • Responds to your child’s motion, sounds.
  • Instantly makes a bond with your child.
  • A pair of batteries are included with the package.

Best WowWee Fingerlings for Babies – Buyers Guide

Best WowWee Fingerlings for Babies

Well, there is not much to it to keep in mind it is just a simple fun toy for your children. Just remember the key features when buying these types of products, firstly make sure that they are attractive and interactive.

Secondly have full features as mentioned in this article, make sure that they have a tight and strong grip to be hanged by your child’s finger and last but not least check the sensors are working perfectly thus it is damaged or not.

This would be the best gift for your child at his/her birthday party or Christmas and even make them happy for instance. They are loveable and adorable toys that can serve your child’s imaginary purposes in many ways.

These are a piece of tech submerged in the toy which includes a lot of sensors and emits a certain amount of electronic waves thus if any children are ill or diagnosed with serious and effective diseases this product is not for them.


This is just a list of best products available in the market, these are the best products or best deals available. So, when are you going to buy a Fingerling for your baby?


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