TOP 10 Best Bird Cages in 2022 – Reviews and Guides

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Birds are one of the most lovely and gorgeous creatures. We all love birds, and some people even raise birds as well. Other than sharing our love, affection and fun with them, we need to provide them a good living space. Bird Cage is the most important item used to provide all the essential needs to your birds from food, drinks, to shelter. So, choosing the right bird cages that fit your bird size and are good for your convenience is indispensable.

So, we are here to assist you. All you need to do is read our articles and make a decision. After an inclusive research, our team has put together the review of the top 10 best bird cages and buying guides for you to read through. These picks are all offered at a great value with many benefits. Now, let’s get started.

List Of Top 10 Best Bird Cages in 2022

10.Nova Microdermabrasion

 Nova Microdermabrasion

Nova Microdermabrasion is one of the best, top-rated medium size bird cages on the market. This bird cage’s size is 68 inches, offering a good space for both large and normal birds. Moreover, this product is made of iron that is durable to damage. It has a rectangular shape that stands tall and looks simple, but it is very easy to decorate. Other than that, it is also equipped with four 360 wheels that assist you in moving the bird cage effortlessly without noise. The spacing bar is 0.6 inch.

Furthermore, there are three assessable points of this bird cage with three lockable doors and two removable metal trays that are on bottom and top of the cage. The doors are equipped with a push lock that is very secure to keep the bird in the cage. The removable tray is very easy to clean, and it can avoid dirt or food dropping on the floor.

The cage comes in a pyramid shaped roof which is on the roof of the cage with a ladder, two bowls and a set of perch. For the interior, it also has 3 stainless steel bowls, and a wooden pole.

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Another option you should consider is YAHEETECH. This is very similar to the previous bird cage. This model has a tall box shape that is made with painted metal cage. It is very strong and tough to damage and weather with an anti rust frame. This product 62.4 inches is very suitable for medium and small birds. There are four wheels connected to it to make it easy to move from one place to another. The spacing bar is around 0.4 inches.

Moreover, there are many features in this product like a climbing ladder, a swing, and two chewing hanging toys for entertainment or playing as a birds’ amusement park. For the interior, there are seven small doors for feeding, bathing, and breeding, which make it easy to put food as well.  Lastly, it is also constructed with a sliding tray, that you can put food and easy to save you time when cleaning.

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8.Prevue Hendryx Shanghai

Prevue Hendryx SP1720-4

One of the most beautiful and extraordinary bird cages on the list is Prevue Hendryx Shanghai. It is a small size bird cage with a spacing bar of nearly 0.5 inches. This product is made from wrought iron and coated with nontoxic paint in white and green colors. It has a shape like a house with two roofs.

Besides that, there are two access doors with each door on a different floor. Additionally, there is one swing, two bowls, and two sets of perches for your birds to play with and live. Lastly, it also has a removable tray that avoids debris from dropping on from the cage and makes it easier to clean.

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Hagen Vision 2 Bird Cage

Vison is another worthy investment that should be on this list. This bird cage has a tall rectangle shape that looks like a modern building. It is made of wrought iron and thick plastic base. This product offers three different sizes of bird cage with small, medium and youth large size.

There are two doors on the base on the opposite sides of each other. Other than that, there are also two small doors in the middle of the bird cage as well. For the interior, there are two blue cups, and two blue sets of perches for the bird to feed themselves and play around.

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Going further, we have SUPER DEAL. The bird cage is made from wrought iron with a stand tall rectangle shape. This bird cage offers two sizes of cage — 61 inches and 68 inches. Moreover, it comes with a pyramid roof with two cups, a ladder and a wooden pole for birds to stay outside the cage.

For the interior, there is also a set of wooden poles and two cups attached to the small doors.  Furthermore, it is so easy to move the cage around and clean it because there are 4 wheels attached to the stand and two trays for collecting dirt and waste. Lastly, the large door is equipped with a locker, so birds cannot break out.

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Yaheetech 61-inch Playtop

Another great bird cage on the list is Yaheetech. This one is very similar to most bird cages on the list. It has a stand rectangle shape with a pyramid roof. The roof is equipped with two stainless steel cups, a ladder and a wooden pole for your bird to stay outside. Moreover, this bird cage is made from iron that is durable to damage.

Additionally, this 61-inch bird cage has an enormous space inside with one buggee rope, two feeders attached to the doors and a set of perches. Other than that, it is very clean due to two huge doors in the middle with a locker and two removable trays that avoid debris from dropping on the floor. Lastly, it is also equipped with wheels for easy mobility.

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4. Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

 Prevue Pet Products Flight

One of the best cages for small birds is this Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage. The cage has a rectangle shape like most bird cages, but it stays flat without any wheel to help you move around. It is made of non- toxic white coated steel wire with 0.38-inch wire spacing. This bird cage has a lot of space inside which is good for your bird to do some exercise.

Moreover, you can also stack up the bird cage on each other if you have a lot of birds. For the interior, there are two wooden poles and two plastic bowls. It has an enormous door and three smaller ones to access the bird cage. Finally, it is very easy to clean because it is simple, spacious and has a removable tray that collects debris.

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VIVOHOME Wrought Iron

Up next, we have VIVOHOME. This is one of the top three bird cages that you need to consider. It looks similar to most of the cages on the list but a little bit more special. It has a stand rectangle shape with a curve rooftop. It is made of wrought iron that is very strong with many designs all over the birdcage. Moverover, it is available in two sizes such as 59.8 inch and 72 inch with a 0.4-inch bar spacing.

There is also a slide-out panel which you can remove and clean easily. For the interior, it has one swing, 4 feeders and 4 wooden poles for your bird to enjoy. Furthermore, there is a drawer under the cage which is used for storing food or toys. This bird cage also comes with four wheels which help you to change the cage location. Plus, there are many accessible points in this product. There are two large doors, a pull-up door and an access point on the roof.

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2. Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron

Prevue Hendryx Pet Products

The second-best on our list is Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron. The last Prevue Hendryx on the list. It looks similar to most of the cages on the list. This has a stand rectangle shape that is made of wrought iron that is durable and easy to build.

It is a large bird cage that is about 53 inches with a 0.5 bar spacing. Moreover, it has four large feeders connected to small doors and three wooden poles. There are two enormous doors in the front and six small doors at the side of the cage. Lastly, there is a layer under the cage used to collect debris and four wheels to help you move the cage around.

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ZENY Bird Cage with Stand

The birdcage that ranks first in our list is ZENY. It has a square shape and looks a bit different from most of the cages above. It is made of iron, so it is very durable to damage. The size of this cage is 53 inches that can accomodate a large bird with ease.

For the interior, there are 2 wooden perches, a flat top and grills. Moreover, there are four bowls and a removable tray to collect debris. This birdcage has 4 casters attached for mobility. There are four doors attached to the feeders and one large door with a lock for security. Furthermore, there is a tray on the lower part of the bird cage designed for you to store some equipment and food.

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Buying Guides: What Makes Best Bird Cage?

We know that purchasing a bird is not always stress-free. So, we decide to assist you further. Here are some of the basics that you should know ahead of time before buying a birdcage:

Material: Most bird cages are made of stainless-steel. Try to avoid plastic and wooden materials because they are vulnerable to damage.

Size: The size of the bird cage is very essential because it can affect your bird’s behavior. The larger the birdcage, the better it is because birds need a lot of space.

Bar Spacing: The Bar Spacing shouldn’t be too big to prevent your bird from getting away from the birdcage.

Doors or Safety Lock: Some bird cages have more than one door, and some have only one, but the most important thing that the door must have is a safety lock.

Accessible: It is kind of similar to the door but make sure there are different access points. You may have to bring your bird out to clean the bird cages from time to time, and you want easy access, so you will not need to squeeze your bird pet.

Perch: In the birdcage, there must be perches or woods that your birds can stay on.

Food and Water Trays:  The food and water trays are necessary. And, you will need to change it regularly for your bird’s wellbeing.

Design and Shape: Bird cages come with different shapes and designs. So, choose the ones according to your preference.


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