Top 10 Best Built-In Ironing Boards in 2020 – REVIEWS and GUIDE

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For modern living, space saving is important. You might not want to come home and have a headache over the mess going around your home. For example, having an ironing board not folded down properly can ruin the beauty of your living room or bedroom space. That is why, there is a new invention of built in ironing board that can totally eliminate mess from your sight. When it is about built in ironing board, it is not just about getting rid of the mess from ironing, but it is also about saving a lot of floor space and room organization. However, not all built in or wall mounted ironing board work perfectly for you.

Below is a list of top 10 best built in ironing boards that rise in popularity in 2020 market. To make sure that you get the right product or your favorite ones, our team also offers a list of buying guide that can help you find the one that meets your needs and requirements. Here you go!

List Of Top 10 Best Built-In Ironing Boards in 2020

10. Hafele

 Ironing Board

If you are looking for an ironing board and iron holder, we would like to suggest you to see this product from Hafele. This one comes with a total dimension of 20.1 x 14.8 x 4.3 inches which is not too big and too small. The dimension is just perfect for users to store it inside the shelves or hotel closet. Moreover, it is quick to use because it comes with folding and pop-up mechanism.

It is also lightweight as it weighs only 18 pounds. Designed with great materials, the fabric does not hold stains and transfer it to your clothes at all. With this Hafele ironing board, you can be worryless with your ironing.

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9. Wooden-Life

Wooden-Life Hossejoy

The next one goes to Wooden-Life which is an ironing board that is built in to your closets. If you want to keep your eyes cold from the mess, this ironing board can be one of the best choices. It has a minimalist and folding designed that you can fold it up once you are done using it. When you need to use it, you can simply fold it down and get its pole base in place to help support the board itself. The base comes in white color while the board is in sky blue color. Thus, this makes the best color combination.

Apart from that, the supporting pole base is constructed from composition wood which is durable and sturdy enough to increase stability while you do the work. When it is closed, it has a total dimension of 40.5 x 16.7 x 9.8in and weighs about 30 pounds.

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8. Uyoyous

uyoyous Drawer

Whether you want to redesign your closet, your room, or upgrade any hotel room, this built-in ironing board should also be on your list. This products comes with perfect size that fit into any standard cabinets. It has a foldable, pull out design that helps to save a lot of room and eliminate mess from your sight. It is made of top quality steel and solid wood to maximize its sturdiness and durability.

At the same time, the board also arrives with heat resistant cover that can withstand high heat of your ironing machine as well. Further to this, the product also features side metal which you can use to hang your already-ironed clothes. Uyoyous weighs only 19 pounds and has a measurement of 37.79″ L x 12.2″ W x 5.5″H when it is in use.

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7. Homebasix

Homebasix Closet Pull-Out

Homebasix also brings to you a retractable ironing board that you can build in your closet or cabinet. It comes with silver grey color which is highly resistant to stains, dirt, and dust. The cover of this board is thick and can greatly withstand heat which is best for ironing. The board itself can also be folded out for extra length of space for ironing your clothes. Added to this, its folding mechanism is smooth enough for you to easily fold in and out at anytime.

With its rotatable feature, it allows it users to rotate it to different angle for ease of ironing. To tightly keep it in place, the manufacturer also made a small knob for stability adjustment. Homebasix is as lightweight as previous products, and its total measurement is 16.9 x 11.6 x 4 inches.

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6. Facilehome

Facilehome Ironing Board

This product from Facilehome is not only just an ironing board, but it is entirely an ironing board cabinet. If you like to save space, remove mess, and love modern living, this product is an ideal one for you. It comes with a wall mounted design which does not require any of your floor space at all. The board can be folded out once it is in needs and can be folded back in once it is no longer needed.

The cabinet has 4 shelves where you can easily store your done-ironing clothes inside. Thanks to its triangle bracket, it helps to increase stability even when the product is in use. Beside that, if you look at the cabinet door, you will see two metal hangers on which you can hang your clothes.

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5. Nisorpa

Nisorpa Wall Mounted

Nisorpa is another wall mounted ironing board which you can set it up at whatever height you prefer. This product arrives with a metal plate from its packaging which you can conveniently attach it to the wall. The set up is pretty simple and can be done within a swift. It is one of the best space saving ironing boards that come with rotating mechanism. Therefore, it can be rotated to different angles or directions for up to 180° to meet your own convenience.

Apart from this, it can also be locked in place to the left side for users to be able to sit down and enjoy ironing. What is more, its cover is heat and stain resistant. It is also removable, so users can wash it at anytime.

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4. Iron-A-Way

 Iron-A-Way Built-In

This is another built in ironing board that comes with the whole ironing cabinet. Users can mount the cabinet up on the wall so that it can save a lot of your floor space. The board is 42 inches large which provides enough space for ironing shirts, pants, and other clothes. There is also an iron holder at the top place where you can keep your iron safe in there. The door cabinet also comes with a long metal hangers which are there for you to hang your clothes once they are done being ironed.

The board cover is made mainly from polyester and cotton that is durable enough. The cabinet itself is attached entirely to the iron machine and the operating system is also there. What is smart about this cabinet is its electrical raceway. This means that the iron will stop heating once it is left not using for 60 minutes long.

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3. Household Essentials

Household Essentials

Product #3 comes from Household Essentials. If you are a fan of white finish product, this one suits you the most. The whole cabinet is nicely painted in white color which looks good on any background and settings. With cream color finish on the inside, it looks so neat. The board cover also comes in cream color and is also a product of anti-heat materials too.

Interestingly, the board can be turned to 180° angle to ensure great convenience for both right and left handed users. To adjust its tightness or setting up stability, users can simply work on the bolt under the board. The installation instruction video is also provided to assist your home installation.

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2. USA Flag Cases


USA Flag Cases is ranked the 2nd place on this review. The product arrives with a wall mounted built in board cabinet that helps to organize your space and area. The cabinet comes with three shelves  and door which closes up the mess and appears as a good looking furniture for your space. This USA Flag Cases built in ironing board is a product of solid composition wood that offers a very simple design. It is ideal to place at home, office, or hotel room.

The box itself can easily be maintenanced because it is constructed from raw wood. Plus, it tends to be long lasting too. To take care of it, users can simply wet wipe it to remove dirt and dust. For the purchase, users will also receive mounting accessories, padding, as well as an anti-hot ironing board cover.

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1. Nisorpa

Nisorpa Pull Out

Earlier, we were looking at Nisorpa wall mounting ironing board. But here, we are looking at Nisorpa pull out ironing wall. Made of solid metal, the product helps to maximize its durability and sturdiness. It comes with foldable features that allows its users to pull out for ironing work, and push back in for hidden organization. It comes with metal plates which you can build it into your home cabinet.

You will also notice the side metal attached to the board, and its functionality can be used as a clothes hanger. Do not worry about its getting overheated because its cover is an anti hot product that can withstand the ironing temperature very well.

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Buying Guide for Built-in Ironing Boards

Constructed materials: why constructed materials matter? It is because it helps to define the duration that the product could last. For example, if you look for an ironing board cabinet, it is good if you choose the cabinet that is made of raw solid wood. Normally, raw solid wood is very easy to take care of as you can simply clean it with wet wiping method. Furthermore, you may need to look at the board that is made of sturdy metal, with good stand so that it can provide good stability when you iron it.

Come with cabinet or not: now it is your choice to choose between a built in ironing board that come with cabinet or come purely just an ironing board. Most of the time, people may prefer the one with cabinet since it looks better for home or space decoration. For example, a fancy hotel room may like to have the whole cabinet since it also comes with ironing board, iron holder, as well as shelves for clothes storing. However, if you think that you have limited space, it is better for you to go with just a built in ironing board that can be folded down conveniently.

Rotation: if you can get an ironing board that can be rotated, we bet your ironing work will become a lot easier than usual. More often, rotation functionality of an ironing board is created to assist both right and left handed users. And mainly the ironing board is made possible for 180° rotation. It allows you to rotate it around when you iron, and fold it down once the work finishes.

Cover: talking about cover, it is also one of the most important parts to consider when you buy an ironing board. Normally, ironing board comes with cover. However, you need to look at it to know what type of cover it is. There are so many types, but the one you need is a heat resistant cover. Why do we need it? As you know that ironing involves low, medium, and high temperature usage. Thus, if you do not use a cover that can withstand high temperature, it will offer stains from burning.


Since buying a built in ironing board is not something cheap, you might need to choose it carefully. This means that you may need to examine a few points as stated in a buying guide list. This helps you to make the right choice that is also worth your money spent. All of the products we have included in the review comes with good materials construction, good design, great durability, and interesting additional features. Therefore, you can trust them when you decide to purchase.


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