TOP 10 Best Cat Nail Clippers in 2022

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For households with pets, in order to not get scratched by the pet or get your clothes torn, a pet nail clipper is a must-have. If you are here looking for one of two cat nail clippers to keep in your utility drawer for some handy use, we’ve got your back on this.

Our team has scoured the Internet, and we have found the ten best-selling and top-rated cat nail clippers of 2022. Let’s have a look:

List Of Top 10 Best Cat Nail Clippers in 2022

10. Allstar Innovations

Allstar Innovations PetiCare

Allstar Innovations cat nail clipper is one of the best choices. This product is made of hardened steel. And, it is perfect to use to trim your pet’s nails. This product has a blade that can cut pet’s nails quickly and painless. Besides that, it comes with a nail trapper, which makes it easy for you to clean up.

Furthermore, there is an LED light that will help you identify the location that you should trim the nail, especially for light color nails.

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9. Zen Clipper

Zen Clipper is always a useful cat nail clipper that never fails to satisfy users. This product is manufactured in the United States. This product is made of stainless steel. It is small and easy to use. Both left-handed and right-handed can use this product. This product can be used on pets of different sizes – large, medium, and small.

When you trim your pet’s nail, this product will not produce any clipping sound that will scare the pet. It also has a non-slip handle that will not make your hand slippery which may results in hurting your pet. Using this product could lower the risk of cutting your pet’s skin since this product is only allowed to trim an exact amount of the nail. Purchasing this product could save you some money as you can trim your pet nail at home, so you don’t need to go to the vet.

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VICTHY 100pcs Cat Nail Caps

VICTHY is very lightweight. The material chosen is stainless steel. This product is specially designed for cats, which means it is only suitable for cutting cats’ nails. This product can help you trim cat nails more easily and faster because it has 135 angled blades.

Using this product, you do not need to worry that your hand might slippery and accidentally cut your cat’s skin as this product has an anti-slip handle. It also comes with a claw caps and glues. Putting the cap on your cat will not only prevent your cat from scratch disease, and you can also protect yourself from getting any scratch or getting your clothes torn. Package includes applicators, adhesive glue, and catclaw caps.

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7. gonicc

gonicc Dog & Cat Pets

Up next, we have Gonicc. The handle of this cat nail clipper is made from PP and TRE green material while the clipper’s body is stainless steel.  Two colors, which are blue and black, are available for you to choose. Children will not be able to use it since it has a lock protection. The handle of this product is very light, very comfortable to use, and also resistant to slippery as well.

It also has a safety stop blade, which only allows you to trim a precise amount of nail. It comes with an after-sales service card. Gonicc also gives out satisfaction guarantee to every buyer.

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Boshel Cat Nail Clippers

BOSHELis made from stainless steel, and known to last for years. This product is suitable to use for smaller pets such as small dogs, guinea pigs, kitten, rabbits, and more. It is very easy and comfortable to use as its handle is non-slip, so it will prevent your hand from slipping, and then accidentally nick your pets.

This product can help you save money as you can trim your pet’s nail by yourself without needing to wasting your money on the vet or pet’s store. This product is razor-sharp, offering clean cuts on your pet’s nails. There is a semi-circular blade that makes it easier for you to use the clipper, and also offer a better and clear vision on where to cut.

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5. Dremel

 Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V

Dremel is another recommended cat nail clipper from our review list. The power of this product is 8.8 volts.  There are two speeds, which are low and high, that you adjust to fit the comfortableness level of your pet. It is easy to use this product as you can quickly trim your pet’s long nail and effortlessly without letting your pet feel any pain.

It also helps reduce the chance of cutting your pet’s skin. Charging is needed, and it requires three hours to fully charge the battery The battery pack of this product is also removable as well. Package includes a charger, a minimite, a battery, and other accessories. Dremel also gives out a one-year warranty.

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 JOFUYU Updated 2022 Version

JOFUYU is another highly practical cat nail clipper. There are four colors, such as blue curved, blue flat, green curved, and green flat. The product is made from stainless steel, so it can last for a very long time, and each part will not fall apart. You can use this nail clipper with different kinds of pets such as a hamster, cat, puppy, sugar glider, kitten, rabbit, puppy, chinchilla, ferret, etc.

Besides that, the semi-circular of this product can help trim your pet’s nail more easily and safely by having a clear version on where you should cut. The grip of the handle is also strong that your hand will not slip or slide when you are cutting your pet’s nail.

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3. Peteast

Peteast Pet Nail Grinder

Similar to JOFUYU, Peteast is also one of the most rated cat nail clippers on the market. You can use this product for pets of all sizes such as large, medium, and small. This product has three size nail ports and two-speed modes, and you can select one of the speed and port by looking at the hardness of the nail and the pet’s size.

You can use this product for about ten hours, and it needs 2.5 hours to charge fully. You do not need to worry that this product can get broken by overcharging because it has the overcharge protection. Moreover, the power motor of this product has been upgraded to become even more powerful. It also produces less noise and can last for a very long time. Package will include a USB charging cable, two grinding heads, a user manual, and a cloth bag.

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2. Shiny Pet

Shiny Pet is the second-best option for those who like cat nail clippers. This product is one of the best professional grooming tools. The material used to make this product is stainless steel. To use this product more accurate and safe, you can easily scan its QR code on the backside to access to its full guide. This product has a non-slip handle for added safety, and it will even help you to make an accurate cut without fear of hurting your pet. The edges of this product are extra sharp, and it does not have any tear.

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1. AlikoPets

AikoPets Dog Nail Grinder

The number 1 cat nail clipper is the one from AikoPets. It is 8.8 ounces. You can use this product on pets of all sizes. There is a two-speed switch and three sizes of ports. You can switch to one of the speeds or one size of ports by looking at the size of the pet and hardness of the pet nail. This product is very lightweight as it is only 8.8 ounces.

It is also tiny, which is extremely easy to carry around. The nail clipper has a unique motor that does not produce a loud noise, low in vibration that makes it even easier for you to trim your pet’s nail without fearing that your pet will get scared. This product can last for eight hours once fully charged, and it needs 1.5 hours to charge. The nail clipper will come along with a USB wire and a manual.

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