Top 10 Best Diaper Changing Station with Drawers in 2021 – Reviews and Guides

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Being a parent is one of the most exciting experiences you could ever have. That is the time you need to consider your little one before you all of the time. Keeping your baby safe and comfortable is every parent’s jobs. Even during diaper changing, you need to make sure that your kid can always be provided with safety. Therefore, it would be better to get them a good quality diaper changing station. However, you might also need to assist yourself, especially when you are a busy parent. Getting a diaper changing station is not enough, but you need the one that comes with drawers or organizer so that you can reach any baby’s essentials quickly and easily.

Below is a list of top 10 best diaper changing station with drawers collection that you might need. All of them do not only come with good construction, but they also have good designs that look best at any place.

List Of Top 10 Best Diaper Changing Station with Drawers in 2021

10. South Shore

South Shore Litte

South Shore is a wooden diaper changing station organizer that features brown chocolate color. The total dimension of this station is 19.5 x 47.2 x 36.8 inches and weighs about 119 lbs. Because it is highly finished with high quality and shiny coating, it allows users to easily take care of it with both dry and wet wipe. It is a shelf and drawer combo changing station that is suitable for both girl and boy baby. Users can store things like baby power, lotion, and other baby body product with the two open shelves for quick and easy access.

Beside that, there are 5 drawers provided, both small and big. Those drawers can be used for storing clothes, diapers, and other materials you think that need to be prevented from dust. The diaper changing table can also be removed once your baby grows up. Therefore, it allows users to use it as a stand-alone furniture too.

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9. Badger Basket

Modern Baby Changing

If you are looking for a sleek white diaper changing station dresser, you can look at this from Badger Basket. This product comes with 6 drawers in total which include 3 small drawers, and 3 large drawers. The brackets are very easy to pull out and push in which is good for quick access to your materials. Moreover, the diaper changing area is highly built with safety rail to guard your little one from falling.

You can now store from little accessories up to larger materials like towels, clothes, hats, and others within just a single and easy-to-reach place. Badger Basket is built up with a durable and sturdy steel frame that can hold an infant up to 30 lbs of weight.

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8. DaVinci

Jayden 3 Drawer

Coming next, let’s have a sneak peak at DaVinci. This is also another white changing station dresser that comes with 3 large sized drawers. Those 3 drawers feature two handles each which makes it easy for gliding. Plus, the handles can serve as hangers for users to hang their kids’ outfit too. Constructed from solid composite wood, it is made to last longer than ever.

The drawer bottom is also solid and durable which can load heavy weight. Davinci also comes with standing pegs that is stable enough. Therefore, everytime you need to change the diaper, it will not move to another place at all.

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7. Athena

Athena Leila 2 Drawer

Athena is a 2 drawers and 2 opening shelves diaper changing station that offers more than enough space for storing. It comes with a proportionate construction that looks good and can fit into both small and large room. The product is made of durable wood composition which helps to enhance its lifespan as well as allows users to easily wipe clean it.

At the top surface, it comes a changing station that is nicely built with side rails to offers additional safety to your beloved little one. Athena also features 4 sturdy stands that provides ultimate stability to work too. Thanks to this, this diaper changing station is able to load up to 30 pounds of weight.

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6. South Shore

South Shore Furniture

This piece of furniture from South Shore comes originally as a dresser. However, it is convertible and can serve as a changing station with drawer for little infants. It has 3 drawers and 1 side box storage which allows parents to keep all of the important accessories of your kids. Both the drawers and storage box features pulling handles that assist the pulling and pushing. Other than that, users can as well use them for hanging clothes of your kids.

This changing station is a product of solid wood and is highly painted in elegant white color. The edges of this construction are made radius to avoid accidental cut. South Shore diaper changing station with drawer does come with a stable base pegs which can load heavy weight.

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5. Badger Basket

Modern Baby Changing

Badger Basket is a modern baby diaper changing station and storage drawer combo that makes parental life becomes a lot easier. It has a wooden construction that is nicely painted in glossy brown color which goes well with any room background. Together with its compact build, this product can be placed in both big and small room. Furthermore, it offers 3 large drawers and 1 large basket which you can store your baby’s belongings such as clothes, towels, lotions, powder, diapers, milk bottle, and others.

Both the drawers and baskets are designed with an easy pull out mechanism to assist you during the time of needs and hurry. More importantly, for the changing station, it is equipped with comfy padding and belt to provide both safety and comfort to your little baby.

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4. Costzon

Costzon baby changing table comes with an elegant look which adds more good vibe to your baby room. It is built with European and American style combo which looks good on most environment and background color. Using oak hardwood for its construction, this one maximize toughness and stability. On top of that, it is coated in espresso color and comes with 3 storage tiers.

Those baskets are made with pulling out and pushing in style that allows users to quickly access to any items they need. Costzon also has side rails to prevent your infants from falling down. Plus, the pegs are large at the bottom which perfectly grip the surface for a more stable locating.

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3. Badger Basket

Badger Basket

Badger Basket also features its products again in this 3rd ranking. This product comes with a similar construction compared to the 4th place product. However, this one has a white construction and is made of metal, wood, and canvas combination. It comes with side rails to protect your kids from falling down.

Coupled with this, there is also a safety belt which adds extra safety to your kid during changing process. This station has 3 hampers and 1 large basket which can be easily and quickly pulled out.

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2. Costzon

Costzon Baby Changing

This is a grey white diaper changing station organizer from Costzon. If you are looking for a solid wood construction, this is the one. It is made of wood which means it is more durable, more elegant, and easier to wipe clean. The top surface, which is a changing station, is highly covered by durable side rails that offers safety to your kid.

Not only this, but it is also included with safety belt to keep your child in place during changing work. The changing area is padded with vinyl waterproof materials which keeps away the mess and remain clean. If you have a baby of 30 pounds or below, this one is an ideal.

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1. Delta Children

Delta Children Eclipse

Delta Children is the 1st ranking diaper changing station organizer that has a black cherry coloring. The product comes with slat design which offers enough air circulation to the storage space. It is very durable since the construction uses hardwood. In addition, it has 2 shelves below the changing table where you can add hampers or baskets inside. Because it is made opening, Delta Children allows users to easily and quickly access to the materials you need.

For the changing table, users can include more padding or a thick and soft mattress to meet your kid’s comfort. When the product arrives, users might need to do some set up works a lil alongside with user manual provided.

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Buying Guide for Diaper Changing Station with Drawers

Measure your available space: before you go out to look for a diaper changing station with drawer, you would better measure your available space. By doing this, it allows you to save a lot of time, as you do not have to go randomly, but you have specific product’s size in mind to look for. We have included a wide range of diaper changing station with drawers that come with different sizes. This way, you can go briefly and find the one that is ideal for your space.

Choose the design: after that, it should be the time for you to choose a design. There are many designs available for diaper changing station with drawers. Some might come with all drawers while others might feature a few drawers and an opening space for other storage. If you are a type of parent to like to discreet every items out of your sight, it is better to choose the one that has all drawers or at least the one that come with door closure storage space.

Choose color: the next thing that you are going to do is choosing color. All of the products we mentioned come with plenty of color options which include brown, white, black cherry, khaki, and more. Still, it depends on you and how you would like to decorate your nursing or baby room. Normally, we notice that, the best colors that go perfectly with any settings, environment, or background are white, khaki, and brown. If you have the wall painted in light pink or blue, a white diaper changing station with drawer would look good. However, if the wall is white, you can try placing a piece of nut brown furniture.

Consider Materials Used: now it comes to considering materials used. This can be an indicator to tell whether the product can stay longer or whether it can deal with heavy loading weight. Wood construction may look great and can also offer greater durability for daily use. Usually, diaper changing station with drawers come in a wooden construction as it is believed that they can be easily maintenanced as well. But, on our list, we also showcased some of the products that are built with metal, wood, and canvas combination.

Consider number of drawers: you should also consider number of drawers too when you are about to purchase any certain product. You might not want to waste your money buying a changing station that comes with more drawers than needed. This is also related to your spacing too. It is logic that the one coming with a lot of drawers tends to be bigger which means you need more space for locating it. But, if you do not have so many things to store besides diapers, clothes, and a little baby’s accessories, we think that getting the one with 3 to 4 drawers is good enough.

Other features: at the same time, parents should also think of other features that a diaper changing station with drawers could offer. Those other features include padding, side rails protection, belt system protection, stable base, and others. From product #10 down to #1 on the list, each of them offer special features varying from one another. That still depends on you to choose any product that could provide the best and satisfied results to your usage.


All in all, if you are going to spend money buying a diaper changing station with drawers, make it worth spending. With a collection of top best products together with a list of buying guide, we surely believe that you can now choose the right product for your baby easily and confidently


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