Top 9 Best Electric Foot Files in 2022 – Reviews and Guides

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Our feet’s health can affect our confidence in so many ways. Investing in your very own electronic foot filing machine can save you more money and time than going to get a pedicure every week or so. So if you want look for better alternatives to file your callused feet, apart from the pedicure stone and manual filers, we got you.

Top 9 Best Electric Foot Files in 2022 Reviews

9. I.B.N

Upgraded Electric

To officially start this list, we have this electronic foot file from I.B.N. It has a stylish aluminum alloy exterior and is the second generation of foot file machine from I.B.N, which means it is an upgraded version, with beer functions and aesthetics.

 Its filing sandpaper disc is replaceable. This allows you to remove the used disc that’s covered in dead skin cells and acquire better sanitation and hygiene for yourself, your family or customers. This foot callus remover is not portable and isn’t water-proof. You would have to have it plug into a power socket to use it, but it is small and comfortable enough to travel with. This professional electric callus remover has an adjustable speed levels (speed ranges from 0 to 1200rpm) and rotates 360°.

When ordering this product, you’ll receive the foot file machine, a box of disc replacements, a US plus and a user manual.

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8. Care me

Care me Powerful

Next, we have a product from Care Me is also an upgraded version of their previous products. The results you get from using this is guarantee to be spa-like. It cleans away the dead skin cells and calluses with it double rollers, which are large and durable, and replacable with other rollers from Care Me.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery unlike our number 10 pick. Simply plug it in it for 8 hours for full charge and you can use it wherever you are to keep your feet callus-free. Its battery is a 1 000mAh nickel hydride battery and has a charge life of 1 000 times.

If the product comes with any issue, you can contact Care Me and easily ask for replacements. Please note that, by designed, the red light will not turn off when fully charged. Unplug after 8 hours of constant charge.

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7. Amopé

Amope Pedi Perfect

Following from Care Me’s product, we have a foot file machine from Amopé. This product is guaranteed to remove the dead cells, built-up dirt and calluses after just a few minutes of usage.

Amopé’s filing machines have a diamond crystal head for removing the problems away from your skin. It can gently spin 360° after being turned on. Furthermore, this machine functions on AA batteries. When ordered, the package will include a Amopé Pedi Perfect Electrtonic Foot File, an Amopé Pedi Perfect Foot File Regular Coarse Roller Head, 4 AA betties for the machine to function on and 1 cover.

Please remember that each usage time can be different to the state of the skin and the pressure which the machine has on the surface of your skin as well.

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6. PediBunny

Rechargeable Electric Callus

Moving on, we have PediBunny. This sturdy PB-N45i model is the 3rd generation of product from PediBunny. It has a more powerful spinning motor, an improved design for a better grip and a better safety lock button for usage. The roller head of this product is made from micro-abrasive particles and has an 11% more surface area than the usual electronic filing machines, and can smoothly spin 360°.

It comes in a navy blue color and is made from high quality ABS plastic exterior, making it durable to a certain degree of heat from the product. However, this does not mean that you can store the product directly under the sunlight for long hours.

This device is rechargeable and can be used multiple times after being full charged. It also has a life span of 1 000 charges for its battery (8 hours for full charge). If you plan on taking this on your holiday, you don’t have to worry about the different voltage levels of the different areas. PediBunny will include a dual voltage cord, which can run from 100V to 240V, for you. Above that, this product is also made from a rated IPX-5 rated material, ensuring you that it’s okay to spill some liquid on it when you’re moving around.

It meets the international CE and ROHS safety standards, guaranteeing you safe filing usage and results. If the package comes with any issue, you can get a refund within 30 days.

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5. DreamSter

Electric Foot File

DreamSter will bring the dreams to your skin. This device is made from sturdy aluminum alloy exterior and not plastic, and comes in rose gold and black. Wherever you’re heading to, you can conveniently carry around with you as it is designed to have the same size as a small flashlight. The adhesive sandpaper disc is also replaceable.

The roller head runs 360° smoothly and efficiently when turned on. Plus, it is very quiet and emits very low vibration. It runs on adjustable speed levels of 0 to 500 RPM, AC 100V to 240V (or DC 12V) and rated at 1A. The filing machine is not equipped with any battery. To turn it on, you would have to plug it in instead.

When ordering this product, you will receive the foot file device, a box of sandpaper replacements of 60pcs, a US plug with speed controller, a user manual and a free gift of 6-in-1 pedicure set as gift.

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4. Iweel

Taking the middle position of our list is a product from Iweel brand. This device’s features include: being cordless, plus built in lithium battery of 1200 mAh, which is easy to take along anywhere. When using this device, make sure you’re not applying too much pressure onto our skin, as it is not needed and can further lead to unnecessary injuries. Its 3 roller heads are providing you smooth gliding over calloused skin. The roller heads are divided into two types, the fine roller head and the coarse roller head.

Moreover, the fine roller heads are used for daily purpose, when the coarse one is use for removing stubborn dead skin. However, do remember to change it once in a while, or when you see that they’ve become old and less sharp, for hygiene purposes. The body is designed with a comfortable grip handle and a button for operating the entire device.

Above those, please also note that this device was manufactured to be used on the heels and no any other part of the body. Lastly, a full battery charge can be used for 2 hours.

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3. Own Harmony

Callus Remover: Best

Next, we have Own Harmony. Own Harmony has started to roduce healthcare and personal care product in 2015, in hope of making beauty and self-care easier for people around the world. They are based in the US and as well as owned by experienced women. Own Harmony is also known for prioritizing their customers’ need and feedback above all.

The “Own Harmony Shaver” is best known for its stylish design (as expected from Own Harmony) and its easy-to-use functions. It is lightweight and water-proof, easy to carry around while you’re traveling, and is very safe to use. Although it is 3 times stronger than usual shavers/filers, it is safer than pumic stones, metal files and grater-like tools. It is equipped with a safe lock, preventing an accidental power switching when not used. Plus, its convex-curved roller, which is made from quartz micro mineral crystals, gives you an 11% additional surface area than usual products. It can spin 360° and 50 times per second.

 Moreover, it is also equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, which has the life span of 750+ hours and can be continuously used for 45 minutes.

Own Harmony also provides an 18 months warranty and a money back policy within 30 days after purchase date.

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2. Pritech

Pritech’s electric footfile is supposedly designed to take away all your dead skin cells, callous and give you smooth, silky feet. This device is made with micro-abrasive grounded diamond crystal particles and is very durable, lightweight and safe to carry around.

Additionally, it has a built-in battery that can be recharged and use in a long while. It is also manufactured with an ergonomic soft handle to prevent slip-ups and helps keep your grip comfortable while you’re handling a shaving device. The product also features auto shut off when the pressure is too strong to avoid damaging your skin, The footfile is also waterproof, thus can be cleaned with water.

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1. TouchBeauty

Last but not least, we have an electronic foot file from TouchBeauty. This one is Electric Callus Remover, that its output speed is strong and efficient. It features 360-degree head spin for quick results. They provide self-care, makeup accessories, men’s care and more products and have since made a name for themselves.

This product is a multi-functional foot file. It’s advertised to be a self-adhesive ability. The functions includes polishing and cleaning away dead skin cells. It is equipped with 1200mAh Li-ion battery. You need to fully charge it for 3 hours, and thus you can use it for 200 minutes.

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What to Consider:

Pressure: each product has their own filing power, so it is best to not put too much pressure on the first few uses. Getting accustomed to the razor’s strength will best help you avoid an unnecessary injury.

Rollerhead: replace roller head when it shows signs of wear.


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