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People do not always has the strength to lifts heavy things all the time, so they need electric tongue jacks to help them. The electric tongue is a device that is not only used to lift heavy things; it also can be used to lift cars, equipment, pallets and more.

Furthermore, it is also very helpful for the elderly or those who have arms or shoulders problems. However, it is not easy to find the best product for you needs. Don’t worry; we will help you. Here are the top 10 best central electric tongue jacks and a short buying guide that make help relieve your worries.

List Of Top 10 Best ELECTRIC TONGUE JACKS in 2022

10. Ultra-Fab Products

Ultra-Fab Products

Ultra-Fab Products is an outstanding electric tongue jack that you should not miss out on. It is 27.5 pounds. This product is designed to have an innovative control panel. This product will not break off, as there are no external switches. This product is durable since it has a strong ball screw.

It is very powerful and fast as it has 12V DV motor. It also has a memory setting that can hitch the position. Assembly is required. This product is made from stainless steel, and it is also resistant to rust.

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LIBRA New 3500lbs Electric

LIBRA is an exceptional electric tongue jack that will not disappoint you. It is 21 pounds. You can adjust this product, and it is also removable as well. This product also features a LED light which is useful for night operation. Using this product could save you some space because it has a slim design. It is very quiet and powerful as its stroke is 20% faster than many other options.

The footplate of this product is 5.5 inches, so it can ensure a strong and stable support. Furthermore, on that footplate, there are water drain holes too. This product is powder coated and has a black finish. Besides that, it is resistant to rust. Also, the tools used to assemble this product are stainless steel bolts and screws. Package includes mounting hardware and a detachable hand crank.

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8. F2C

F2C Adjustable Height

Up next, we have F2C. The power that this product is 12 Volts. this product is about 10.5 inches tall. You can also adjust its foot up and down too. If you feel like you want to remove the footpad of this product, you can remove it since the footpad of this product is removable. Moreover, You can lift this product up to 18 inches.

The hand crank of this product is easy to operate when this product is out of battery. It also has an A-frame trailer coupler as this one features a three-bolt mounting. It is very easy and fast to assemble.

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7. Stromberg Carlson

 Stromberg Carlson Black

Stromberg Carlson is another desirable picks. It is 25 pounds. This product is manufactured in the United States. This product is made from durable and high-quality materials. This product also has a black finish too. Only black color is available. It also comes with an emergency crank and fuse wire as well.

In addition, this product is capable of lifting is over 3000 pounds. The maximum lift of this product is 18 inches. You can also have retract its height as well. Furthermore, the footpad is also removable. It also has a safety lock pin too.

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6. Ultra-Fab Products 149.1075

Ultra-Fab Products Fab

Ultra-Fab Products 149.1075 is another worthy investment that should be on your consideration list. It is 5 pounds. The material used to make this product is a high-quality material. You can remove the foot pad if you want to since it is removable. You can lift up this product up to 18 inches. Moreover, the cap of this product is made from die-cast aluminium.

The internal of this product has been grounded too. This product lifting capability is more than 3500 pounds. Besides that, this product also has a night light which is very useful when operating at night. This product is hardened steel gear housing, and its motor is also resistant to water. Some assembly is required.

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5. Goplus

Goplus 3500 lb Capacity

If you are looking for a good quality electric tongue jacks, Goplus is perfect for it. It is 21 pounds which is very lightweight, portable and will not make you tired when carrying it around. There is only one available color, which is black. Also, you can adjust this product from 8.5 inches to 26.5 inches. The power of this product is 12 volts. The maximum height that this product could lift is 18 inches. The power cord of this product is 4 ft.

Besides that, this product can lift about 5000 lbs. This product is also designed to have a manual crank in case the motor does not work or runs out of battery. There is also a LED light that helps cut down the power consumption as well. Since this product has a hardened steel gear, you will be able to use it for a long time. It also has a black finish, which makes this product resistant to corrosion and rust. Package includes a manual crank and instructions.

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4. Seven Sparta

Seven Sparta Electric

Similar to Goplus, Seven Sparta is also one of the top-rated electric tongue jacks in the market. It is 7.2 ounces. This product has a cover that keeps its appearance, protect it from dirt, debris, UV, moisture, environmental hazards and also extend its life as well. It is also resistant to moisture and water.

Since this product is made from high-quality oxford fabric, it is not easy to tear. Moreover, the design of the covering is drawstring which is a large size that could cover most electric items, and also easy to take it off or take it down. To hold the chains, they have designed the two round pegs to be kept inside. It is also resistant to rust too.

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3. RAM

RAM Electric Tongue Jack

RAM has been long reputable for the quality of the electric tongue jacks they produce. This product is made from a durable and high-quality material. The outer tube is also finished with black power coating. It is also resistant to rust and corrosion. This product’s lift capacity is 3500 lbs, and it could be lifted up to 18 inches.

Moreover, you can adjust its leg too. There is also a LED light that will be very useful to use at night and also could help save energy as well. Besides that, the hardened steel gears make it easier for rocker switches to operate even more smoothly. Plus, it comes with a manual crank.

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2. Smartxchoices

 Smartxchoices Black Power

The second most famous electric tongue jacks would be Smartxchoices. It is 28.7 lbs. This product has been powder coated and has a black finish. This product has an LED light that you can use it at night. The footpad of this product is also removable. It is last longing, durable, resistant to rust and corrosion.

The power of this product is 12 volts, and the weight capacity is 3500 lbs. Furthermore, the maximum height that it could lift is 18 inches. The hardened steel gears make this product easy to operate and more powerful. The footpad can be adjusted as well. It includes handle crank, necessary wire, bolt mounting and instructions.

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1. Quick Products

Quick Products Black

The most famous double electric tongue jacks would be Quick Products. It is 23 lbs. There are two colors, such as white and black, that available for you to choose from. The maximum height that you can lift it is 18 inches, and its weight lift capacity is 3650 lbs.

It also has a LED light used shine the light in the dark or at night. There is also a weatherproof cover for this product. The weatherproof cover could be used for long term or daily use, and it could protect this product from rain, moisture, dust and more. There is a manual override crank that connects to the top of this product when it runs out of battery.

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