Top 10 Best Fire Extinguishers in 2022 – Reviews and Guides

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If you haven’t got a few fire extinguishers for your home already, it’s about time to shop for this item for the safety of your house and loved ones. In this article, we are going to explore the best fire extinguishers that are of high quality and deliver superb performance.

List Of Top 10 Best Fire Extinguishers in 2022

10. First Alert

 First Alert Fire

The first pick for fire extinguishers goes to the First Alert brand. This product comes in a pack of 2 items; therefore, you can conveniently place it in 2 different places in your house. More than this, it is a portable product that is stronger than most ordinary fire extinguishers. The discharge capacity of it is 4 time stronger; this way it can stop that fire in time.

It is suitable for extinguishing wood, paper, fabric, electric fire and more. The company also cares about the safety of the user, so the formula of this fire extinguisher is free from toxic elements. You can wipe and clean it after spraying it out too. If you make a purchase today, you will also get a 3-year warranty as well.

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9. First Alert

 First Alert Fire Extinguisher

Another product from the First Alert brand is a pick great for using a house, dorm, office and more. With the weight of 5 lbs, it is a portable option. The material used for constructing this product is the commercial grade metal; therefore, the quality of it is guaranteed to be great.

Such a heavy duty product is ideal for stopping all types of fire such as paper, flammable liquid, fabric and more. The bracket is attached to the unit, so you can mount it on the wall easily. On top of having great features, you will also get a 12-month warranty for free too.

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8. Amerex

Amerex Fire Extinguisher

In order to take good care of the items in your house in case of emergencies, it is a must to get the high-quality fire extinguisher. This is a product from Amerex that has the capacity of 12.68 lbs. With the use of the advanced wet chemical, it is always known to be the perfect option for the fast and accurate operation. Please be noted that the discharge time of it is 53 second while the range that it can go is as far as 12 ft.

The bracket is attached with this product, so you can mount it on the wall without any concern. On top of the great functions, the quality of this unit is built to last since it is well produced from the stainless steel.

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Coming up next, this one is well recognized as a fire extinguisher that can stop the fire caused from oil, grease, gasoline, electric and more. As one of the products from First Alert brand, the effectiveness of it is as great as the products we have mentioned above. The first great point of it is, the pressure gauge of it is large. This way you can operate on it in the fast and easy way. It has been tested and proven to be the right option for putting down the flammable liquid fire.

Such a great product is perfect for installing in the lab, gas station and more. It is also popular when the users need to get the fire extinguisher for the vehicle too. You don’t need to hesitate anymore since a 5-year warranty is also given.

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6. H3R Performance

H3R Performance

H3R Performance gets a slot in the lost today as it is recognized as the right fire extinguisher for placing everywhere in your house. With the size and capacity of only 2.5 lbs, it is also the smart choice for keeping in your vehicle too. The sleek design of it is also the plus point for the ideal fire extinguisher as well. As illustration, it can fit in well in both small and large cabinet.

Unlike many other products, this high performing product uses the dry chemical to stop the fire. The effectiveness of it is proven to be very fast. Don’t worry if you are new to this product, the pressure gauge can be operated in a fast and easy way.

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5. First Alert

 First Alert Fire

First Alert comes again in the list today by bringing to you this top-rated Rechargeable REC5 Recreational Fire Extinguisher. The first thing that makes this product better than others is the materials used for constructing it. The superior quality metal head resists both rust and corrosion very well. The pull pin is carefully sealed to prevent the accident and leakage.

This product is highly recommended for stopping the fire caused from flammable liquid and electrical fire. If you choose this product, we guarantee that it can operate without any concern. The instruction is labeled, so you can simply follow it during emergency.

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4. Badass Moto Gear

Badass Moto Gear

The next fire extinguisher that you can buy on the market right now is the Badass Motogear fire extinguisher brand. This one aims to give the best for the user by guaranteeing the great performance when dealing with the fire. The straps of this product make it even easier when you need to access and use it. The size of it is known to be the ideal choice for placing in the vehicle and narrow places.

It is good to know that it is the perfect option for installing on the Jeep and more. With the great features, we bet that you have no reason to not choosing this stylish product for your safety.

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 Mini Firefighter All

This is another multipurpose fire extinguisher that can stop various types of fire in the fast and effective way. It is the right option for dealing with the wood, gasoline, electrical and oil fire. MINI FIRE FIGHTER comes in the suitable size that is suitable for placing in the kitchen sink, room, office and more. With this product in your hand, the safety of the user is ensured.

More than this, this one is also known to be the convenience option to choose as the foam of it can be expanded up to 40 times. You can clean it up with ease too since no chemical component is used. Don’t wait anymore, this product is waiting to protect you and your valuable items.

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2. Kidde

Kidde 21005779 Pro

Another reputable product that you cannot overlook is brought to you by Kidde. This model is carefully constructed from the aluminum cylinder, making it both durable and corrosion free.  This fire extinguisher is light in weight as well, so you can carry and use it without any difficulty. For ensuring the convenience of the user, this instruction is clearly written on the item.

The discharge power of it is from 13 to 15 second and it can go up to 15 feet long. If you fear of the fire related to wood, paper, liquid, electric product and more, choosing this product is indeed the right choice. Don’t worry, you can now get this product and fear no more about fire.

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1. Fire Gone

If you still haven’t found the most suitable fire extinguisher for using in your place, then you may want to check Fire Gone Suppressant Canisters. First off, this product is designed to come in the pack of 2 units. It is produced from the Aqueous film forming foams; therefore, it can effectively stop the fire immediately.

The capacity that it holds is up to 16 ounces, allowing you to keep it anywhere you like such as kitchen, garage, vehicle and more.

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Buying Guide


We have briefly mentioned above that the classification of each fire extinguisher is different. That’s why it is also important for you to decide which one you need before making the purchase. There are 3 types of classifications- A, B and C.

A type is good for stoppng the fire caused by the trash, paper, and wood. On the other hand, B type product is highly recommended for dealing with the flammable liquid such as gas, oil, cooking liquid and more. Last but not least, it is also important to notice that type C classification is here to stop the electric fire.

Discharge time

Discharge time of the fire extinguisher is indeed what you need to consider closer. The faster the discharge time, the better it is. This indicates that you can stop the fire in less time. Most of the fire extinguishers need around 13 to 15 seconds to discharge.


Here comes to the end of the fire extinguisher review given by us today. With what we have mentioned above, we believe that you will sure to have suitable product in mind. Each item in the list is known for its superb quality; however, the size and classification of it are different. You can consider the feature of each item first before making the purchase.


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