TOP 10 Best Fitbits in 2021 – Reviews and Guides

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Do you care about your own fitness? Do you want to keep track of your own health activities? If so, there is no reason for you to not have a fitbit on your wrist to help you with these jobs, including tracking the distance and pace that you have walked and monitoring your heartbeat. However, if you are not sure about how to choose the right one with the best features, please pay attention to our article. We will recommend the top ten best fitbits with the detailed description about their features. Also, at last, there will be a buying guide to show you what specific features to look for before adding to the cart.

List Of Top 10 Best Fitbits Fitness Trackers in 2021

You may wonder what is the best fitness tracker to buy, here are the list of most recommended ones.

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10. Fitbit GPS SmartWatch

Fitbit Ionic Watch

Fitbit smart watch is always a brand which you can trust. With the watch around your wrist, you are enabled to use it for many functions. It can be paired with Google, Android or Apple devices at the maximum distance at 30 feet. The smart watch is able to store more than 300 songs to get you enjoy anywhere and anytime. It comes with the most advanced GPS system to track all the important information about your fitness, including heart rate, distance and routes that you have walked through.

In the package of the product, it comes with a large and a small band to suit all sizes of wrist. The screen is made of glass, and it is durable enough to be resistant to damage and scratches. The battery of the Fitbits can last up to 4 days to let you enjoy the watch with confidence.

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9. Fitbit Watch

 Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

Moving onto the next smart watch from Fitbit, it is one of the fitbit versa lite collections which enables users to play up to 300 songs to almost never get the song repeated. Users can wear the watch no matter they are walking or swimming. Users are able to take a look at their daily activities statistic which measures the heart rate, speed and other activities. Only with 2 hours charging, users able to use it for up to 4 days for all day long.

The design is both portable and lightweight for users to wear for the whole day without any feeling of burden. With this smart watch, users are able to receive instant notification also about the phone calls and text messages. The connection of the watch with your device can last for 30 feet. The temperature of the watch is between 10 and 60 degrees Celsius.

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8. FitBit One Wireless Activity

Here is another fitbit which can track your activities wirelessly. This fitbit is able to keep the track of your steps, speed, calories and distance. Users can also see how long and how far they have gone through the day. Moreover, if you prefer to wear it to go to bed, it can also measure the performance of your sleep to see how your health progresses. In the early morning, it can also wake you up with a silent alarm provided.

In addition, users can connect the smart watch to your smart devices, such as smartphones, computers and tablets. Users can always wear this fitbit outdoors with confidence because it is resistant to water, rain, and splash. There is no need to worry about even if there is a heavy raining outside.

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7. Fitbit fitness watch

 Fitbit Ace 2 Activity

Here is the fitbit Ace 2 model which is able in 3 color choices. They are grape, night sky and watermelon color. Users are able to track the activities, including jumping, running and walking. It is suitable for younger users, especially kids. Kids are able to use the smart watch even at the pool party because it is highly water resistant up to 50m. Moreover, the charging time is short, while it is able to be used for up to 5 days.

It is able to use with 2 kid accounts at the same time. If kids want to make their daily life more socially active, they can choose the competition mode to challenge their friends with the exercise that they can do in a day. Last but not least, the temperature range for this watch is between -10 and 45 degrees Celsius.

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6. Fitbit Inspire 2 health band

Now, this is the Fitbit Inspire 2 which you can get at an affordable price. It enables you to set your own goal. It is able to monitor all of your activities, such as steps, calories and distance. All of the activities will become part of the fitbit. It is very thin which is able to use on a daily basis comfortably and conveniently. The watch is resistant to water which is very suitable for daily use.

Now you can get notification and information right on your wrist. This watch is also able to show the indicator of your fitness by showing the performance of your walking and sleeping experience. If you wish to wake up early in the morning, you can also set the alarm on the fitbit to alert you in the next morning. Anyway, the product also offers one year free premium trial.

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5. Fitbit activity tracker

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness

Moving onto the next Fitbit, it is the charge 3 model which is built in USA. It has the accurate measurement of calories, heart rates and other activities. With a single full charge at only 2 hours, the fitbit can last up to 7 days. It has more than 15 modes of exercise that can be tracked for your fitness. You can also set the goal to see how it progresses.

Even if you are now sleeping, the fit bit still record the time you have been sleeping to see the performance of your sleep. The operating temperature for this fitbit is between -10 and 45 degrees Celsius.  Moreover, it is resistant to water, which means you are allowed to wear this to track your swimming activities as well. It is also connected to GPS system on your smartphone to track the distance and pace while you are walking or running. It comes with a small and a big wristband for different wrist sizes.

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4. JuQBanke Fitbit for Women

This is another versa lite edition from JuQBanke. The band is available in silver. With this fitbit, you are enabled to track your own health activities on a 24/7 basis. The heart rate and sleep performance have been measured to ensure that you are doing well for all time. After a full charge, users can use the watch for more than 4 days until another charge is required. It has more than 15 exercises modes to track, including walking, running and swimming.

The GPS system is there to give an accurate information about the distance and location of your activities. The fitbit also allows you to receive phone calls and text messages notification immediately. It can be paired with Window, Android and IOS system. In addition, the design is lightweight and thin which makes it comfortable for you to wear all day long. Last but not least, for the maximum syncing range, you are allowed to have your device at the maximum of 6.1 meters to stay connected.

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3. Fitbit workout tracker

Fitbit Alta HR

Here is the fitbit alta band imported directly from the USA. It has 6 beautiful colors for choices to suit your preferences perfectly. In the slimmest and most lightweight design, it has a variety of functions to help you with the daily life. It is able to monitor your workout activities, such as the pace, distance, speed and calories burned during the exercise. It can also measure the heart rate to see if you are in a healthy condition.

While sleeping, users can also choose the have the fitbit on to measure the sleeping performance. It automatically measures the heart rate and REM sleep to analyze how deep your night rest is. For 24 hours continuous use, the battery can last up to 7 days before the battery needs a charge again. The band is adjustable between 6.7 and 8.1 inches to best suit your wrist. Last but not least, you can choose to connect the fitbit with your devices, such as Android, Apple and Windows. You can also set goals to monitor the progress and get your desired fitness.

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2. Fitbit step tracker

This the rank 2nd fitbit among the top ten best list. It has 2 options in terms of its color choices. With this fitbit, users can monitor their daily activities on a 24-hour basis. It is able to see how far you have gone through the day and how much calories have been burned. Therefore, users can learn about the current status of their own fitness. When you are in your deepest sleep, you can still have the fitbit on to measure the performance of your sleep and serve as an alarm to wake you up on the next morning.

It is easy to track the activities, such as walking and swimming. It has a touch screen to display the tracker to inspire you to continue on the activities. More importantly, it helps you to achieve the goals and share the enthusiasm and inspiration with your family and friends to continue on the fitness journey together.

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1. Fitbit Tracker

 Fitbit Charge 2 Heart

Here is the last fitbit that we have for today. It is the fitbit charge 2 which is able to measure heart rate and track fitness activities. With simply wearing it around your wrist, it is able to tell a lot of information about your health status. It is easy to track the pace, distance, speed as well as the calories that you have burned by doing the workout. On the touch screen, you can also get instant notification about what is happening on your phone, such as phone calls, text messages and other social media notification. This helps you to exercise and work at the same time conveniently.

Users can compare the activities from day to day to gain a deeper understanding on how the fitness activities can be improved to suit your demands and preferences. There is also a GPS system to track real time location to keep accurate measurement of your walking, running and cycling activities.

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Buying Guide: Fitbits Activity Trackers

Nevertheless, now we have come to the buying section to see the important features to get the best fitbit deals. So, below is the criteria to determine the best one.

Activities tracking: it is able to measure the pace, speed, distance, calories burned to see the status of your exercise.  It can also tell about the heart rate to tell the healthiness of your heart and body.

Exercise mode: some have more than 15 modes of exercise to track. Therefore, users can set the mode and go ahead to do the activities, such as walking, running and cycling to achieve their fitness level.

Sleep function: even when you are sleeping, it is still able to tell whether your night rest is effective and efficient. It also comes with a silent alarm to wake you up on the next morning.

Syncing devices: it works well with Window, Apple and Android devices.

Waterproof: this is important especially when you are doing outdoor workout or swimming.


Now you may know which is the best fitness tracker for you. Fitbit has so many benefits that help you monitor your own health status. It is always a good idea to have one around the wrist to monitor what is going on in our body. While we are living in modern world full of scientific analysis, we should also use the knowledge to apply on our own health to achieve a better and healthier lifestyle. Therefore, get a fitbit now to stay healthy later on.


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