TOP 10 Best Multi-Room Speakers in 2022 – Reviews and Guides

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Sometimes, we and our family members wish to share the same music during the long nights, and sometimes, we want to show the latest audio that we find interesting immediately to our love ones, but we share different rooms. This is the reason why we have the multi-room speaker here. So, what is a multi-room speaker? A multi-room speaker is a set of speakers connecting together through wireless to stream the same music for different rooms.

So, if this looks attractive to you, and you also wish to obtain one or the whole set to make the home environment livelier, this article is just designed ideally for you. In this article, you are going to see the description of the top ten best multi-room speakers that we have been spending a lot of time searching for you. Also, if you continue to read until the end, a buying guide section is there waiting for you to explore more about the best features of the product.

List Of Top Best Multi-room Speakers in 2022

10. Sonos Multi-room Speakers

Sonos One SL

To start with, here is the main features of one of the Sonos multi-room speaker that you can trust on. It provides the most brilliant sound to fill in your room in order for you to chill up. Users can simply control the speaker via Sonos app that can be downloaded onto smartphones or tablets. The speaker design is suitable for every room, because it has a compact size which fits in everywhere.

For the music streaming process, users can stream directly from phones, or they can use Apple music to play. Users can pair the speaker with other Sonos speakers in the other rooms to get the stereo separation. After the speaker is on, users will feel themselves as if they are bathing in the harmony ocean of the music. The set up process can be accomplished within minutes to let you start the streaming process almost immediately.

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9. Long Run Technologies

True Wireless Speakers

This comes the set of 2 speakers from Long Run Technologies which makes the multi-room speaker system. This seems to receive the highest rate in 2022 because it offers the brightest sound with its little compact size. It allows the most stable connection with your smartphones via Bluetooth. The 2 speakers can be used with stereo separation or independently on their own.

This speaker is operated on a lithium battery which requires the charging process of only 2 hours. More importantly, after a full charge, users can enjoy the music for up to 6 hours, which is almost all night long. The speaker features 3-in-1 functions to offer uses with more streaming choice. With this speaker, users can also enjoy the hand-free phone call experience. Last but not least, if the quality of the product does not meet your expectation, you can get your money back with confidence.

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AOMAIS Real Sound Bluetooth

Here is another set of multi-room speaker from AOMAIS. It has 3 colors for choices, which include black, blue and gray. The speaker comes with surround system to make the music more brilliant and powerful in your surroundings. Users can feel like the music pops up from all the angles around them. At a compact and portable size, users can carry it around with convenience and confidence to get the music on anywhere.

More importantly, the speaker can last up to 24 hours after a full charge, which means you can almost play it full day with confidence. When it has already made the connection with your phone, you can also check the phone to see the remaining battery of the speaker. Last but not least, it is also suitable for outdoor use, such as camping, hiking and other occasions.

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7. Soundcore

Anker Soundcore Mini

For the next product, we have the set from Soundcore which consists of 2 mini speakers that fit well in your pocket. Users can connect to both of them with only 1 device and still get the most brilliant sound in the surrounding. Size is never a limit to this speaker, because it is equipped with BassUp technology to provide a deep bass just as expectations.

Users can also bring it outdoor to a pool party because the speaker is designed to be waterproof in any situations. The speaker is operated with a lithium battery which can last for more than 15 hours of play time. Therefore, users can use it for either so many times or continuously to make their day more beautiful. Last but not least, the maximum volume enables users to hear from 66 feet away.

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6. Denon

Denon HEOS 5 Wireless

Moving onto the next outstanding multi-room speaker, it is the Denon speaker which offers the most beautiful and powerful sound to touch your heart. Therefore, it works well with large or medium size rooms, which include bedroom or kitchen. Users can stream the music through either Bluetooth connection or wireless. It enables the music streaming from many popular apps, such as Amazon Music and Pandora.

The speaker can be set up easily within minutes. Users can control or command the speaker through various apps, such as Alexa and Google Assistant. For its technology, Denon has guaranteed for the HEOS sound with more than 100 years experiences in the field. For the audio quality, it is guaranteed to give the best performance in order for users to enjoy the music far more than their expectations.

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5. Marshall

Marshall Acton II Wireless

This is the Action II speaker from Marshall. It has the most revolutionary sound for users to enjoy. It cooperated with Alexa to perform the streaming process. With Alexa, users do not have to touch the speaker often. Instead, they can have a hand-free performance as long as they wish for. Users can choose to stream the music with Bluetooth or wireless connection, depending on their own preferences.

More importantly, the speaker is built in with the advanced technology of voice recognition, which is also accompanied by the noise cancellation feature. With this music, users are enabled to play the same music across the whole house with convenience.

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4. Cambridge Soundworks

 OontZ Angle 3 Ultra

At an affordable price, you are able to get 2 outstanding speakers from Cambridge Soundworkss. The speakers can be connected together to play the music for multiple rooms and the same time. It works with the separation of stereo of the left and right. The distance between the 2 speakers can reach the maximum at 100 feet away. This means that you can also stream the music onto the speaker with your device at 100 feet distance.

This speaker integrates 4.2 Bluetooth system which ensures fast and stable connection between the speaker and the device. The bass sound quality is guaranteed with 14 watts of power. The sound comes in a surrounding mode for you to enjoy the music even more. For this speaker, users get to listen to music continuously for 20 hours after a full single charge. Hence, users can almost have the speaker on for all day. Last but not least, the body of the speaker is resistant to water, which means users are allowed to bring them outdoors.

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3. Sonos

Sonos Play:1 Multi-Room

This is another set of multi-room speaker, which consists of 4 pieces in the package. All 4 speakers are connected through wireless connection. With these speakers, users can either choose enjoy different music in different rooms or listen to the same music for all room. Users can choose to stream the music directly from their own library or other apps, such as Pandora or Prime Music.

For this speaker, users can directly plug to the wall to let the music continues. Therefore, users do not have to charge the battery. In addition, there is no need for users to have the Sonos Bridge for connection. Users can start the music streaming after the setup for only few minutes.

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2. Echo Sub

Echo Sub - Powerful

For the next speaker that we have, it is the speaker from Echo Sub. This speaker comes with a 6 inch woofer which is able to deliver the deepest sound to offer a beautiful feast for your hearing. Users can let the music fill up the room by simply starting the streaming of the music. The speaker allows users to pair with other speakers of Echo to make a multi-room streaming. Therefore, even though the house is big, and the rooms are separated, users are still encouraged to enjoy the same music.

More importantly, the set up process for this speaker is simple. Users only have to plug in the speaker to stream the music. For the source of the music, users can choose the Alexa app to stream and control the music. Last but not least, the connection is acquired through wireless.

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1. Echo Link

Echo Link - Stream

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to the speaker from Echo Link. The most significant feature of this product is that it can be used with Alexa. Users can control the music via Alexa app, or they can choose to control it using their own voice. Users can group the devices together to let them stream the music simultaneously. Users can choose to input from multiple sources to make the experience even more convenient.

The most convenient thing is that with only an Alexa app on a device, it is able to bring the connections to all devices and do the streaming with only one control. However, it is important to keep in mind that this speaker does not support the streaming from Amazon Music.

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Buying Guide: Multi-Room Speakers

To make the multi-room speaker comparison, it is important to understand the features of a good multi-room speaker. Therefore, before adding to your cart and making the payment, it is also essential for you to take a step closer to look for the following features of the speaker.

Connections: For multi-room speakers, the most important thing is a fast and stable connection. Therefore, most speakers feature Bluetooth or wireless connection to enable the streaming process smooth and stable.

App control: most multi-room speakers are compatible with app controls, such as Alexa and Google Assistant. This enables users to control it easily from only one place to get all the speakers stream simultaneously. Normally, the longest distance that it can control is 100 feet away.

Battery: for some speakers that are operated with a battery, it is important that the battery can last more than 7 hours after a full charge. For some, it could even last up to 20 hours to let the music go on for almost one day.

Waterproof: if you want to bring the speaker outdoors for some occasions, such as camping, hiking and tailgating, it is important to make sure that the speaker body is resistant to water. Otherwise, it will get damaged easily. This also allows you to use it at a pool party.

Music-only system: for some speakers, it only allows the music streaming, which means you cannot make a phone call or play a video using this speaker. For this type of speaker, it usually comes with brighter and better sound quality.

Surround sound: this is to make sure that you are bathing in the ocean of your favorite song, which makes you never tired of listening to music.


Now, you have finished previewing the top ten best multi-room speakers that we have offered above. You should be confident enough in choosing your desirable multi-room speaker at the most affordable price with the most premium quality that you can ever get in your life. To make your money worth, it is important to keep in mind that the best multi-room speaker will have the most stable connection, the most crystal clear sound and the most durable body to withstand any types of situations, even the toughest use on a daily basis.


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