Top 10 Best Rolling Makeup Cases Reviews in 2022

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Ask almost any woman what their most important belonging is, chances are that their responses will be more or less the same, it’s their makeup collection. In this day and age, it’s almost impossible for women to leave the house without any makeup on, and the sheer thought of having to leave them behind when going on a trip scares them. Lugging around huge amounts of makeup is hard, and realistically, impractical as it is heavy and improper transport can damage them.

Of course, that is why rolling makeup cases were made, to help keep makeup safe even when you have to transport large amounts on the go. To make finding the perfect case easier, we have compiled a list of 10 of the best rolling makeup cases on the market right now.

List Of Top 10 Best Rolling Makeup Cases Reviews in 2022

10. AW 2in1 Black Oxford:

AW 2in1 Black Oxford

A magnificent and stylish case for carrying all your important makeup gear. This is a great case that is very adjustable, it has a detachable case design for when you need to carry less, or it can be combined into one big case and it also has four detachable wheels. Moreover, the fabric very durable, made from 1689D nylon fabric, that helps the case withstand even rough outdoor usages.

As for storage, this case is huge, both of the detachable cases have multiple storage options, as well as side pockets, making organization in this case a breeze, and it even features extendable brush holder compartment that has clear windows for easy viewing. It should also be noted that the color and design of this case is perfect for professional usage, too. To further elaborate, the bottom case has a large open space to keep bulky items, 8 drawers, 2 side pockets, and 3 detachable zipper brush bags to help keep your makeup tidy.

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9. Train Case:

Built like a fortress, fit for a queen, this case screams sturdy all around. To start with the storage, this makeup train case has 4 layers, with the top can be hiding inside its bottom part. The case also features sliding trays to keep small items, while under those trays is a compartment for larger items such as a hairdryer, manicure lamp and more.

As for transport, this case is really easy to take around as it has 4 wheels at the bottom that rotates 360 degrees. The case is sturdy and durable for it is made of premium-quality aluminum frame, stainless steel corners, velvet lining, as well as ABS surface. To keep the items safe, there are 2 lockable latches at the top, and the drawer has a buckle to keep anything sliding out. The case is built and designed to withstand rough usage while looking stylish at the same time with red cubic patterns all around, with the frame being made from aluminum. Moreover, features also include waterproofing and antioxidant. Last but not least, the trolley comes in overall dimension of 13.5″ L x 9.5” W x 31” H.

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8. Oudmay with Folding Trays:

Makeup Case

Next on our list comes Oudmay with Folding Trays. A sleek looking makeup case for those who wants a professional, and durable case. What helps keep this case durable is the ABS body that has been reinforced with aluminum frame, giving it a solid feel all around to keep items safe. Not only is it durable, the case is really adjustable as you can adjust the parts and layers to how ever you’d like, making it practical for most organizational needs.

For the added protection, all the layers of the case can be locked with latches. Furthermore, to make cleanup easier, the bottom of the cases is transparent, this shows the designers actually put thought into the design process.

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7. Ollieroo:

Ollieroo 4 in 1 Aluminum

If you are finding case to store your makeup, as a professional artist, I’m sure this is perfect for you. Ollieroo provides you with 8 secure key locks for safety and also 4 spacious layers for you to store your make up in different sections. Moreover, the frame of this case is made out of thick stainless steel to ensure an extra durability provides for this guy. On top of that, within these 4 layers, you can just take any off, whenever you want to, if you only need a few specific layers for your doing your job.

The best part about this case is the exterior main made material that is heat resistant. Thus, it protects the products you have inside from damaging their qualities. This rolling makeup case has a high portability due to its easy-rolling wheels and it comes with 2 colors for you to choose, either black or purple. The choice is yours.

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6. Kemier:

Kemier Portable

Kemier serves greatly for the customers, who are seeking for a makeup case that can be ported easily from one place to another, especially overseas. Not to mention that, this case is not only specified for the professionals, since there aren’t any complicated sections and drawers.

Kemier provides customers with a simple but durable design that is mostly different from normal cases. It comes with Nylon as the main made material of the case. And, the design just simply looks like a suitcase. Moreover, it comes with 6 detachable bags that are all spacious and handy simultaneously, extra pockets and a lock is also provided for this case to ensure that the user is comfortable using the case. The wheels are working great and sturdy.

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5. Oudmay Crystal Black:

Makeup Case

We are introducing you to another Oudmay brand. However, for this guy, it comes in different forms in design and also features. Firstly, there is a huge difference in its design, by the fact that it comes in a crystal diamonds shape, giving the case looks more elegant and classic at the same time. The frame of this is made out of stainless steel to ensure a high-durability with the sturdy and easy-rolling wheels. Moreover, this is great for those who are looking for a case that has less drawers but roomy. There are 2 secured keys and 2 spacious drawers provided for this case.

Not to mention that, the interior material, comes with a double layer of a dust-proof material to give the users an easy cleaning if there is anything spilled on the drawers.

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4. Mefeir 4 in 1 Professional Makeup Cases:

Mefeir 4-in-1

Mefeir consists of compact and intelligent design for wide range usage. It is not just only for professional makeup artists, but this is also great for hair stylist, nail salons etc. Due to its great features, is what makes this thing goes viral for professional usages. The case is divided into 4 sections. Each section is coming with a roomy space for the users to easily store their products inside. Moreover, the drawers are applicable and removable as they wish. Mefeir also provides 4 easy rolling wheels on each side of this case to give an extra portability and it is removable too.

On top of that, Mefeir has high-durability and resistance due to its main made material and the tough hinges to secure from one another. There are key locks, safety belts and 2 colors available for the users to choose, either pink or black.

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3. Oudmay:

If you are finding a small size rolling makeup case for an easy travelling, Oudmay is here for you. Oudmay comes with an elegant looking and nice design with the pink color to make it look extra and thee aluminum frame for an extra durability of the case. Moreover, there are 4 easy-rolling wheels provided for the customer for an easy portability as well as one safety lock are given.

On top that, just like Oudmay this case has come with a double layer for the interior design for an easy cleaning, if the product is spilled. This case is provided into three trays plus one storage drawer with a roomy space to store the products as well.

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If you are looking for smart ways to store your makeups, your nail polishes, hair styling equipment or even scissors to organize your work, OUDMAY is great for you. This makeup rolling organizer comes with the smartest design. It features 6 trays as well as 1 big storage space that I’ve ever seen so far. Moreover, both of the frame design and wheels are sturdy and durable due to its quality.

There are a lock and 2 keys provided for securing the case for especially traveling. The hinges that are on the cases are all secure and tough. Thus, it ensures that the drawers can be used for a long period of time.

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1. Yaheetech:

Yaheetech 3 in 1

Yaheetech provides you with one of the largest storage makeup cases. And thus you can store all of the necessities for your work as professional users. It comes with 4 colors for you to choose. The trays of the compartment can be adjusted and also the wheels are swiveled and they are removable too.

Moreover, this case provides the user with various keys and locks for more safety. And it also has 4 durable drawers with roomy areas. Just like most of the cases, Yaheetech has an aluminum frame and another metal layer at each side of the case for an extra durability.

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Buying Guide:

To guide you to a better destination in choosing your favorite rolling makeup cases that is of high-quality and easy to use, we are here to recommend you choosing a good rolling makeup case based on a few points:

Size: this matters for you, based on the products and the job you do. If you are working as a group, hair stylish and makeup artist, I would highly recommend you choose a bigger size.

Dust-Proof: it is essential for the purchasers to seek for a case that has a double layer. Plus, the material must be dust proof for an easy cleaning, if anything spills on it such as foundation etc.

Wheels: it is optional to find swivel wheels for an extra easy rolling.

Locks: find at least 1 lock on the top of the case with at least 2 keys

Drawers: I would high-recommend to find a drawer that is removable for portability and also for essential usages.


In conclusion, it is a really good idea to have a rolling makeup case for your everyday career. Not only just it makes all of your products stay organized, also it makes everything easy to be ported. And you can move it around from one place to another with their easy-rolling wheels. This thing is highly recommended for those professionals out there and also those loves to get things organized. And the above rolling makeup cases are perfectly best for you. I’m sure that buying this won’t be a disappointment.


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