Top 10 Best Stair Steppers in 2022 – Reviews and Guides

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Maintaining a good shape has always been a dream to anybody. However, one cannot achieve it without exercising or working on their body goal fitness plan. This involves a lot of exercising hours, and many types of workouts. There should be days to work on your upper body, and some other days to work on your lower body. Sound stressing, doesn’t it? That is why, there is a new invention of stair stepper for you to focus on the entire body. For those who wants to save time, you should consider on getting this item.

Here is a list of top 10 best stair steppers that is specifically picked based on their functionality, quality, and design. They are not only designed for leg and thigh workout, but they are for arms and belly toning as well.

List Of Top 10 Best Stair Steppers in 2022


Goplus Stair Stepper

GOPLUS has always been one of the most famous brands when it comes to fitness equipment. This is a fitness stair stepper machine from the brand that comes with a very sturdy construction. Although it looks heavy duty, the product takes up very little space which allows its users to locate it anywhere possible. It is not only a stair stepper but it is also a twister that is built in within a single unit. This way, it is good for working on your hips, thighs, and buttock goals.

This fitness gear also features an LCD screen that provides your fitness info during exercising. It helps you to follow up with your speed, calories burnt, time, and steps. It can also be adjusted in height that allows you to set from 47’’ to 51’’.

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9. Proform

 ProForm Cardio

If you want to maximize your cardio experience, let’s do stair stepping with this Proform Elliptical Trainer. This item is suitable for those who like doing HIIT exercise. This product comes with a built in screen that provides precious info of your exercising. It can also be connected to your ipad so that you can follow up with more than 32 applications to boost your workout.

The display screen is 7 inches large and is equipped with backlit to ensure that your eyes will not sore while watching. Proform offers up to 24 intensity levels which you can set to meet your strength. Constructed with grip pulse, simply place your hands on it for heartbeat tracking. Besides, this machine also has a cool air fan which you can turn on for more air circulation.

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8. Leikefitness

leikefitness Premium

Leike Fitness is a minimal and portable stair stepper that you would impress since the first touch. This product comes with an overall dimension of 15.75 x 13.78 x 9.45 inches; however, it is able to handle up to 220 lbs. This means that people of all sizes can always step on it. Moreover, this one has a tailor made style which can shape your hips, thighs, legs, and buttocks.

Leikefitness stair stepper also features 2 motion modes which allows you to step up and down, and side by side. To prevent skidding and maximize stability, it is also built in rubberized pads which grips perfectly to any surfaces.

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7. Hurtle

Fitness Exercise Elliptical

Another small and lightweight stair stepper to introduce next comes from Hurtle. This one has a very eye-catching design that features Hurtle logo on each step. It features a wing style twist which allows most foot sizes, and all types of body weight to step on and burn the fat. Hurtle also comes with hassle free construction which you can quickly and conveniently operate the machine by just stepping on.

On top of this, it also includes resistance band elastic pull rope that is perfect for you to work on your upper body. Therefore, it means that this machine can help to achieve both lower and upper body workout goal. There is also a mini display screen that provides any information necessary to your workout in a very precise manner.

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6. Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny Health

Sunny Health & Fitness is our next choice on this review. This is a high stair stepper that would take up very little floor space and fit anywhere you locate. It comes with a very simple design that has a handle for users to hold onto during exercising. The construction is made entirely from heavy duty steel frame which is able to load heavy weight.

There are also rubberized pads equipped with a stand to ensure that the whole construction can maintain perfect stability during the workout. Users can also adjust its inclining level from 1 to 12 to maximize burning. Sunny Health & Fitness also features a minimalist LCD monitor that tracks all of your workout information and display in a very clear viewing.

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5. KLB Sport

KLB Sport 31" Adjustable

KLB Sport is ranked as 5th on our lists, and is another greater level of stair stepper. It is made from plastic and allows users to use it for many types of cardio workouts. This item is more durable yet very lightweight which can be transported from one place to another. It is an ideal product for both home and gym use as it is portable. This item can handle heavyweight up to 120kg plus. It has an anti-slippery base which helps to keep a great balance and stability in the time of exercising.

Furthermore, this KLB Sport also comes with a non slippery surface which never let you fall or slip when you step on it at all. Users can also adjust the height to meet their needs which is from 4 inches up to 8 inches.

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BEOUZO Fitness Stair

BEOUZO has also been one of our top selected products thanks to its portability, minimalist construction, and ease of use. It is only 15.75’’ x 15.75’’ which is very small and can fit into most of the available places. Thus, all it requires is an area of 0.16 square meters to store it. It is also built with silent & safety mechanism which is constructed from top quality hydraulic cylinder to allow the users to step with convenience. It is very quick and effortless to stop the movement as it is equipped with an underneath buffer stopper.

BEOUZO also features a mini LED display screen that tells you about your well being during stair stepping. Most importantly, it comes together with a pair of resistance bands that serves as a handle for you to balance yourself and work on your arms.

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3. EFITMENT Stepper Step Machine


EFITMENT Stepper Step Machine is another great choice for workout. It is an affordable exercise gear that you can get below 100 bucks. It arrives with its compact and portable design which makes it very convenient to use all day long and at any place. This machine has an overall dimension of 17L x 12.5W x 7.5H and weighs only 15 lbs. Particularly, it is able to support up to 220 lbs of weight which is brilliant.

Featuring a large digital monitor screen, it helps to track down your wellness and shows on the screen for you to easily read. EFITMENT is also construction with hydraulic drive system which makes it silent and fluid to step on. Other than this, users can always feel safe to exercise on this as it has a pair of non slip pedals for you to step on.

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2. Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini

Sunny Health & Fitness has always been on a lot of fitness equipment reviews due to its good quality and durable construction. It comes with minimalist build which is easy to store and is portable to bring to any place. It features non slip pedals which you can step on very safely. In addition, it is also equipped with non skid rubberized pads to ensure the item does not move during your moving. Sunny Health & Fitness also uses top quality metal frame for its construction to make sure it is durable and can support healthy weight load.

There is also a couple of resistance bands that you can use to tone up your arms as well. Therefore, it means that this stair stepper does not only help to build your legs goal, but it allows users to also work on their upper body.

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1. Wonder Maxi

Fitness Stair Stepper

Wonder Maxi is the top product on our review list. It has a red and black construction which looks very catchy. What is more, this stair stepper machine looks very stable on the group as it comes with rubberized non skid padding on the bottom part. Alongside with this, there is also a U-shaped hose to provide extra stability. This way, it helps to stabilize the entire movement while you are doing exercise. The entire construction is also coated with anti wearing coating to make sure the item remains shiny throughout the years of usage.

Together with this, you can also notice that it is built with non slip pedals to ensure your workout safety. To help enhance the exercise experience and make it worth it, the manufacturer also adds on resistance bands for you to work on your arms as well.

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Buying Guides of Stair Steppers

The list below gives you the guideline to shop the best Stair Steppers equipment for yourself:

Compact & Portability: if you have very limited space, or you are a kind of person who like any minimalist thing, it should be right to consider looking for any stair steppers that are compact enough and also comes with great portability. By being compact and portable, this means that the product can be store easily requires very little space. Plus, they should not be very heavy that you cannot transport it from place to place. On our list, we include both big build and minimalist construction stair stepper which you can choose depending on your needs.

Weight Loading Capacity: Some product weighs very little, yet it can load a very heavy weight which is impressive. You need to think of weight loading capacity as well before you decide to make a purchase of any stair stepper. You need to know who are the users to the products. Is it only for yourself or different family members are going to use it as well? Whoever is going to use it, it is still better to get the one that can support more than 200 lbs of weight as it can be used by a lot of users.

Construction: Since exercising also involves your safety and well-being, you should also think of its construciton once you are about to grab any certain product from the market. You need to know the materials used to built the stair stepper. Is it a good quality metal or iron cast? Also, you might also want to know whether it has rubberized padding on the bottom part that helps to maintain stability during exercisie. Added to this, it is important to find the one that is designed with non slip pedals so that you can remain safe and sound while stepping on it.

Monitor Screen: A good and modern one may come with monitor screen as it helps to track on your exercising wellness. All of the products we selected to review on the list come with built in monitor screens that allows their users to know the calories burned, exercising times, heartbeat, and other things necessary to their health and fitness.

Pricing: While looking at all of these points, you should not forget to consider about the pricing of the product we are about to choose as well. Normally, it includes thinking of your purpose of using, what you need within it, and what the machine actually has and compared them together with the price. By doing this, you can know if it is worth to pay for the price or not. Since money is hard to earn, you may need to spend it wisely.


Stair stepper benefits involves toning your upper and lower body, ease of use, and simple exercise. Having a compact one allows you to work on your body from time to time and at any place. All of the products we showcased above comes with different size, designs, and constructions to meet different kind of needs and requirements of the users. Although they are different in a number of features, they tend to provide the same good quality and durability. Thus, you can pick the one that best fit your needs.

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