Top 10 Best Automatic Hair Curler in 2021 – Reviews

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Women love to change their hairstyles from time to time. It makes sure there will be a different look, and you can prepare yourself for different occasions. When you have an automatic hair curler, then you can transform your look right from your home. It makes sure there will be efficient performance, and you don’t have to worry about visiting professional salons. An automatic hair curler comes with multiple features so that you can have a better advantage. It is easy to use and offers you better convenience.

While buying an automatic hair curler, you need to consider various factors. It can have varying features, and you will have to see if it meets your needs. To assist you in making the tight buy, our team has come up with the top 10 best automatic hair curlers.

List of Top 10 Best Automatic Hair Curler on Amazon


1. AMZGIRL Cordless Auto Curler

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This automatic curling iron has a convenient LCD screen. Hence, you can monitor the timer and temperature for safety. Moreover, you only have to put your hair in the curling tube and press the button. The 10-minute automatic shut-off function turns off automatically to save energy. Nevertheless, this automatic hair curler has ionic ceramic technology.

The tourmaline-ceramic plates and NANO meter silver coating reduce high-heat damage. However, these heating elements offer rapid heat generation. The temperature and timer settings make the adjustment of the settings trouble-free. Furthermore, this travel-friendly model comes with a USB charging design. Therefore, you can wirelessly operate this curler for almost 60-minutes. This curling machine includes six different timer settings.


  • Eliminates the need for having multiple curling tubes
  • The consistent operation for up to one hour
  • Includes an LCD display for easy operation
  • Exceptional performance with Ionic Ceramic technology


2. Kasmotion Cordless Auto Curler

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This curling wand takes about 3-minutes to heat the heating elements. The battery-operated model includes 5000-mAh high-capacity batteries. Moreover, the provided micro-USB charging cable makes charging rapid and convenient. This automatic curler works continuously for an hour with a single charge. Nevertheless, this cordless curling iron comes with multidirectional curl actions for convenience.

This cordless automatic hair curler has a user-friendly LCD screen. However, you can choose from 11 different time settings for hassle-free operation. Furthermore, you can change the temperature from 150 to 200-degree Celsius. This curler has a compact design to offer hassle-free portability. This curling wand has a comb and hairpins. You can use this model for styling slight, soft to voluminous curls.


  • Maximum flexibility due to cordless design
  • Option to choose from 11-time settings
  • Comes with a micro USB slot
  • Allows having easy carrying with the lightweight design


3. Glynee Cordless Automatic Hair Curler


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This automatic hair curler has the construction of lightweight ABS plastic. However, this travel-friendly curling wand also comes with a tangle-free design. Hence, the automatic reverse swiveling function makes curling easier for nonprofessionals. The hair curler works with a maximum runtime of 60-minutes. Moreover, you can change the curling directions from left to right sides.

This curler lets you adjust the temperature from 150 to 200-degree Celsius. Furthermore, this purchase brings you a comb, hairpins, and a carrying pouch. This curling wand consists of toxin-free heat-insulating materials. Hence, you can protect your hair from dryness and heat damages. You can customize the curling timer from 8 to 18-seconds.


  • Comes in an easy to use design
  • Automatic reverse rotation function to prevent tangles
  • Allows selecting from multiple temperature settings
  • Ability to deliver energy-efficient performance


4. YAPOY Cordless Auto Curler

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The inbuilt 5000-mAh battery offers consistent and rapid charging. Nevertheless, you can also use this curling wand for almost an hour. Moreover, this automatic hair curler includes an automatic shut-off function. This energy-efficient module shuts off automatically after 10-minutes of inactivation. The ceramic-tourmaline heating plates with NANO silver coating keep your hair frizz-free.

You can keep cuticles moist by sealing the moisture of your hair. Furthermore, the NANO silver coating produces negative ions. Therefore, this curler assures the safety of every user. This electric curling wand consists of an intelligent sensor chip. However, this curling wand will not work if you place hair incorrectly. The heat-insulating chamber keeps your forehead and fingers scald-free.


  • Includes an LCD digital display for user convenience
  • Intelligent sensor chip for reliable performance
  • Ability to produce negative ions
  • Powerful battery for continuous operation


5. Xpreen Automatic Curling Iron

This automatic hair curler has ionic ceramic technology. Hence, the heating plates with tourmaline-ceramic coating significantly reduce heat damages. Moreover, the inbuilt 5200-mAh battery offers long-lasting battery charging. This cordless, automatic curler has multiple timer settings and temperature settings. However, the iron automatic rotating function reduces the risks of tangling.

The LCD screen also lets you adjust the time and temperature accordingly. You can use this curler to get static-free, frizz-free, and shiny curls. Furthermore, you will not have to be an expert to you this curling wand. This unit lets you select between left and right curling directions. This curling machine can run for almost 70-minutes with a single charge.


  • Allows choosing from multiple temperature and timer settings
  • Comes with tourmaline ceramic coating to seal moisture
  • Easy portability with the compact design
  • LCD display for easy viewing of settings


6. Duomishu Cordless Auto Curler

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This battery-operated curling wand offers static-free, shiny curls. The styling curler also includes ionic ceramic technology. Therefore, this hair curler never leaves your hair damaged. Moreover, the widely adjustable temperature settings work safely on any hair type. Nevertheless, this automatic hair curler comes along with a USB C-type charging cable. This cordless hair curler runs for almost 60-minutes.

The intelligent curling wand also keeps your hair tangle-free. Furthermore, the tourmaline-ceramic plates reduce the risks of heat damages. The curler lets you adjust the curling timer from 8 to 18-seconds. However, the curling wand has a smart sensor chip. Hence, this curler stops working if you place excessive hair.


  • Excellent performance with intelligent induction motor
  • Custom usage due to adjustable settings
  • Comes with a smart sensor chip for reliable operation
  • Produces negative ions with Ionic Ceramic technology


7. THCL Cordless Auto Hair Curler

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This handy automatic hair curler has an LCD screen. You can also change the temperature and timer settings accordingly. Moreover, this auto curler supports a simple one-button operation. The heating plates take about 90-seconds to warm up. However, you can flexibly adjust the temperature from 300 to 390-degree Fahrenheit. The rechargeable curling wand includes an inbuilt 4800-mAh battery.

This auto curler is responsible for delivering natural and smoother curls. Furthermore, this model comes along with a cordless design. This curling wand never requires any professional skill for operation. The smart induction motor automatically shuts off if you place excessive hair. Nevertheless, the iron wand protects the cuticles from heat damages.


  • Comes with multiple adjustable settings for user advantage
  • Ability to deliver efficient performance
  • USB rechargeable design with a powerful battery
  • Fast heating feature for saving time


8. Yitrust Automatic Hair Curler

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This hair curler comes with a spiral-rotating iron. Hence, you can curl your hair without the risk of tangling. Moreover, this device has a wide temperature range. You can adjust the heat settings from 180 to 410-degree Fahrenheit. This automatic hair curler produces negative ions. Therefore, you can keep your hair free from frizz and static.

Nevertheless, you can also adjust the timer from 3 to 19-seconds. Furthermore, the one-motion curling glides smoothly through the hair. The dual voltage design lets you use this curling wand globally. The directional buttons help you to use this curler on different hair types. However, the ceramic spin barrel never causes any tangling during operation.


  • Comes with LED display for temperature and time
  • Includes a 360-degree swivel cord
  • Helps to release hair immediately when there is tangling
  • Perfect for all types of hairs


9. MKBOO Automatic Hair Curler

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You can use this automatic hair curler safely on different hair types. This curling wand also comes with an automatic shut-off function. The LCD screen lets you adjust the temperature up to 230-degree Celsius. Moreover, this auto-curling tool consists of a self-activating roller. However, you can adjust the curling directions accordingly. The 360-degree swiveling cord keeps the model tangle-free.

The curler also comes with different curling settings. Furthermore, the ceramic curling iron keeps your hair damage and frizz-free. You can use this hair curler to retain the shine of your curled hairstyles. Nevertheless, the automatic curling direction makes hairstyling easier for nonprofessionals. After 20-minutes of inactivation, automatically sends this curler into standby mode.


  • Includes a long power cord with a 360-degree swivel
  • Custom operation due to nine temperature settings
  • Auto shutoff feature for safe operation
  • Allows choosing from multiple curl settings


10. HANMEI Cordless Auto Hair Curler

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This curling wand consists of a smart LCD screen. Hence, you can have complete control over the timer and temperature settings. This curler lets you adjust the timer settings up to four levels. Moreover, this automatic hair curler has a USB rechargeable battery system. Therefore, you can operate this machine cordlessly. This curling iron runs for almost an hour with a single charge.

You can also adjust the heat settings up to six levels. Furthermore, the multidirectional curler has an automatic spinning function to avoid tangling. This automatic curling wand lets you adjust the curling directions accordingly. However, you can customize the temperature from 150 to 200-degree Celsius.


  • Prevents tangling cables with USB rechargeable design
  • Comes in a highly portable design
  • Allows choosing from multiple timer and heat settings
  • Hassle-free operation due to LCD screen


Factors to Consider When Purchasing For Automatic Hair Curler

Design: Automatic hair curlers can come in a wired and wireless design. For a wired design, you need to see if it includes a 360-degree rotating long swivel cable so that you can have better flexibility. When it comes to a wireless design, you will have to see if it includes a powerful battery. Go for the one that lets you power it with a USB device.

Easy to Use: The automatic hair curler must let you have a hassle-free operation. You can see if it comes with an LCD display that lets you see the necessary settings.

Variable Heat and Temperature Settings: To make sure there will be a custom operation, you will have to see if it comes with variable temperature and heat settings. This is a vital consideration and makes sure there will be better functionality. Apart from this, go for the one that can heat up quickly.

Construction: See if it has high-quality construction and allow you to use it from anywhere you want. It must come in a lightweight design and include a storage pouch.

Safety: You will have to see if the automatic hair curler delivers reliable performance. It must come with multiple safety features like a safety lock and heat protection. Some can also come with the feature of auto-shutoff.

Others:Always go for the one that delivers exceptional performance. You can see if it helps to release negative ions that help to trap moisture. For this, it must come with iconic ceramic technology. Select the one that is suitable for all types of hairs, and some can include multiple attachments.



Curling the hair and making different hair styles are quite common and if you want to do such curls and styles at home, you should opt for an automatic hair curler. You can save a lot as there is no need for hiring the service of a hairstylist and there are various types of features available in an automatic hair curler. We have selected the best automatic hair curlers based on various parameters.


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