Top 10 Best Floor Lamp in 2022 – Reviews

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There are different types of lights available not only to light up the room but also to enhance the beauty of the place. Among them, a floor lamp stands out, and you can place it in any room at the corners to uplift the natural ambiance of the room instantly. The floor lamps have come a long way in terms of improvement, and the modern floor lamps are highly versatile in functionalities.

You can customize the brightness level to set the perfect mood for the night. Some have adjustable construction, and the designs vary a lot to match the décor of the room. You can place one in your bedroom and living room where most people like to put it. Apart from that, a bright floor lamp is great for home office as well.

List Of Top 10 Best Floor Lamp in 2022 Reviews On Amazon

10. Brightech LED Shelf Floor Lamp


10. Brightech LED Shelf Floor Lamp


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By copying the design of Japanese column-style lamps, this floor lamp looks very much classy and minimalist. The 3-tier shelves also provide ample space for storing books, cassettes, and decorative pieces. Moreover, the pull-chain illumination makes this lamp suitable to use in bedroom, library, and other spaces. The sturdy base makes this lamp self-balancing.

This lighting fixture also comes with a maximum lifespan of 20,000-hours. Furthermore, the LED technology delivers 3000K of color temperature. The smart lighting system works with voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. The wooden frame with a classic black finish makes this lamp look very much classy. Each self comes with a height of 15-inch.


  • Replicates the Japanese column-style lamps.
  • Includes a self-balancing base.
  • Offers voice assistant-controllable illumination.
  • Equipped with simple pull-chain operation.
  • The frame adds a classy look to the lamp.


9. Brightech Super Bright Floor Lamp


Brightech Super Bright Floor Lamp


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This floor lamp with a stylish and contemporary dark bronze finish also makes your interior look more attractive. The Torchiere-style freestanding lamp also makes a perfect replacement for the incandescent lights. Moreover, this lamp can deliver up to 2190-lumens of brightness output to match the illumination of 150-watt halogen lights. This lamp produces up to 3000K warm white color temperature.

The urban-style lamp also simply blends with the decorations of any modern room. Furthermore, the weighted-base of this lighting fixture prevents it from wobbling on different surfaces. So, you can safely use this night lamp for your kid’s room. The minimalist design of this lamp acquires a very minimum floor space in your room.


  • The finish looks very chic.
  • Produces ultra-bright incandescent light.
  • Does not acquire much floor space.
  • Easily blends with any room décor.
  • This light does not wobble.


8. BrightechSkyLite LED Floor Lamp


BrightechSkyLite LED Floor Lamp


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This Torchiere-style floor lamp produces ultra-bright 1750-lumens of brightness output. With a maximum lifespan of 20,000-hours, this freestanding lamp also lasts for years. Moreover, this lamp comes with a height of 5.5-feet. This freestanding LED lamp produces up to 3000K warm color temperature. With the help of a 5-feet long extension cord, this lamp is suitable to place almost anywhere.

The weighted-base with the metal frame also keeps the lamp stable on any floor. Furthermore, this wobble-free lamp works as a perfect night lamp or reading lamp for your bedroom. This power-conserving LED light makes an ideal alternative to the outperforming incandescent light. The inbuilt dimmer helps you to adjust the brightness of the light with ease.


  • Comes with a self-balancing, weighted base.
  • Suitable for a room with pets.
  • Consists of a built-in dimmer.
  • The LED system provides energy efficiency.
  • Comes with a long-lasting extension cord.


7. BrightechLitespan LED Floor Lamp


BrightechLitespan LED Floor Lamp


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The metal frame design with a wooden head and weighted base makes this floor lamp look quite distinctive. This freestanding lamp also comes with a flexible gooseneck design to offer simple adjustment of the illumination direction. Moreover, the combined construction of this lamp only evokes the spirit of artists. This 12-watt lighting fixture is perfect to use in a spa salon, parlor, and library.

This high-intensity light is also suitable for precise tasks, like sewing, knitting, reading, and solving puzzles. Furthermore, the LED lighting system stays cool and keeps your room free of overheating even after long-term illumination. The night lamp delivers ultra-bright daylight at a color temperature of 6000K.


  • Looks very much artistic.
  • Suitable for various commercial purposes.
  • Comes with a stylish gooseneck design.
  • The light has durable metal framing.
  • Includes a wooden head design.


6. BrightechLitespan Super Bright LED Lamp


BrightechLitespan Super Bright LED Lamp

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With the help of a weighted-base, this floor lamp also stands wobble-freely on different surfaces. The LED light system also runs on 12-watt electricity and simply replaces the outperforming incandescent lights. Moreover, the lamp can produce 850 to 900-lumens of brightness to serve the purposes, like reading, stitching, and more. You can simply dim the light from 3000, 4000 to 6000K.

The energy-efficient model also comes with an average lifespan of 20,000-hours. Furthermore, the stable base makes this fixture perfect for the rooms filled with paw-friends and children. The cool-to-touch construction stays cool even after long-term of illumination. The flexible gooseneck design helps you to change the direction of the light conveniently.


  • Lasts for a really long time.
  • Perfect for several delicate tasks.
  • This lamp has a skid-resistant base.
  • Comes with a heat-dissipating construction.
  • The gooseneck offers easy beam-angle adjustment.


5. Brightech Maxwell Modern LED Shelf Floor Lamp


Brightech Maxwell Modern LED Shelf Floor Lamp

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With a sleek wooden frame with walnut brown finish, this floor lamp becomes the minimalist fixture in your room. The column lamp also includes 3-tier shelves for storing several gears, like books, decorative pots, and more. Moreover, the LED lighting system delivers a color temperature of 3000K. So, this light produces warm-white glow to replace the traditional incandescent or halogen light.

This Japanese-style freestanding lamp also fits the tight spaces of your bedroom, living space, or studio room. Furthermore, the light delivers a maximum brightness output of 800-lumens. The smart LED lighting system works with voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri for hands-free illumination. The rustic look of this lamp simply blends with any interior décor.


  • Works as storage and lighting systems.
  • Provides ultra-bright warm-white light.
  • This lamp has a country-style look.
  • Replaces a traditional incandescent light.
  • Works with various voice assistants.


4. Brightech Leaf Adjustable LED Floor Lamp


Brightech Leaf Adjustable LED Floor Lamp

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The antique brass gold finish on aesthetically-beautiful metal frame delivers a replicates the design of pharmacy lamps. This standup lamp also has a LED lighting system of 12.5-watt to conserve a large amount of electricity. Moreover, the 1150-lumens produced by this fixture is equal to the brightness of a 90-watt incandescent light. You can widely use this lamp for reading books, stitching, handcrafting, and other tasks.

The timeless apothecary lamp also consists of an angle-adjustable arm and head. Furthermore, the leaf-style head simply minimizes the beam angle. Therefore, this lamp lets users focus on the delicate works trouble-freely. The inbuilt dimmer of this freestanding lamp can dim the light up to 3 different levels.


  • Has antique brass gold exterior.
  • Delivers ultra-bright light.
  • Comes with angle-adjustable head.
  • Comes with power-conserving mechanism.
  • Suitable to use for delicate tasks.


 3. TECKIN Reading Standing Lamp

 TECKIN Reading Standing Lamp

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With a long-lasting duration of 20,000-hours, this floor lamp simply meets the requirements of different tasks. The minimalist structure with a height of 62-inch also makes this lamp very much convenient for the users. Moreover, the 8-watt LED Lighting system turns out this model highly energy-efficient. You can enjoy the illumination of a 100-watt incandescent light.

The LED system also helps users to change the color modes from 3000K, 4000K to 6000K. Furthermore, the 360-degree rotatable head design of this fixture allows you to change the direction of illumination accordingly. This freestanding lamp comes with a sturdy base to offer tip-resistant standing. The inbuilt memory function recalls the last-used light settings.


  • The color temperature is adjustable.
  • The head rotates at 360-degree angle.
  • The base is wobble-free.
  • Easily blends with most of the room decorations.
  • Consists of built-in memory function.


2. Brightech LED Torchiere Floor Lamp


2. Brightech LED Torchiere Floor Lamp


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Inspired by the structure of a Torchiere, this floor lamp delivers ultra-bright lumens up to 1750. The energy-efficient LED lighting system also comes with a height of 5.5-feet. Moreover, this standup lamp easily matches the decorations of a living room, office, bedroom, family room, craft room, and hobby room.

The weighted-base of this lamp also keeps it in a proper place and prevents wobbling. Furthermore, this 24-watt LED light can survive up to 20,000-hours of illumination. The dimmable function of the lighting system lets you control the brightness of the light accordingly. The freestanding model comes with a 5-feet long extension cord. So, you can place this lamp almost anywhere you want.


  • Delivers ultra-bright and clear light.
  • Comes with power-conserving LED lights.
  • Includes brightness adjustment function.
  • Comes with a stand-alone structure.
  • Consists of a long extension cord.


 1. Brightech Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp


Brightech Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp


This floor lamp is not only good for illuminating your floor space but also perfect for keeping your space well-decorated. The 3-tier shelves of this lighting fixture also offer enough space for storing books, decorative items, and other knickknacks. Moreover, this smart lamp supports voice-controlled illumination. So, this system works with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

The Asian-style lampshade also comes with a sleek profile to match the decorations of modern interiors. Furthermore, this multifunctional lamp with a tower-like structure works as a bedside table lamp or a nightstand. The pull-chain operation helps you to illuminate the night lamp with ease. The Japanese-style wooden-end table stand includes 2 USB ports for recharging your smart devices.


  • Includes USB charging systems.
  • Provides plenty of space for storage.
  • Works with voice assistants.
  • Supports simple pull-chain illumination.
  • Takes a minimal space in the room.


Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Floor Lamp

Style Statement: It is obvious that the floor lamps are no longer a functional piece of any room décor. Rather, you can perfectly make one of these lamps as a decorative piece for your room. You can completely go for a matching lamp against the color of your walls. Even a tall lampshade adds another dimension to your living space.

  • Purpose: You need to focus on the purpose before opting for a floor lamp. If you want to use the lighting system for reading or other tasks, then you have to look for the kind of lighting you desire for your spaces. However, if you are targeting to highlight a particular object, then choosing an accent light will be helpful for you. To enhance the depth of your ambiance, then adding a lamp with a soft glow will be cherry on the cake. The semi-transparent lampshade with a bright bulb is perfect for doing precise tasks, like sewing and more.
  • Positioning: Before going for a particular freestanding lamp, you need to rethink the placement of the fixture in your room. If you want a corded model, you need to look for a lamp that comes with a long extension cord. However, placing a lamp near the switchboard makes the organization more convenient. You do not want to look for a lamp that does not fit the decoration. So, thinking about the decoration will assist you to get the best light for your living space.
  • Safety: A floor lamp generally comes with a freestanding structure. So, if you have a home full of super-active and curious children, then you need to look for a lamp that comes with a steady base with durable construction. Nevertheless, it is better to search for a wobble-free model for safety. You should prefer buying a lamp that offers heat-dissipation and stays cool for hours.
  • Style: From different material constructions, like glass, wooden, ceramic, and steel, the lamps are available in thousands of designs. You must consider a lamp by looking at the space, room dimensions, color schemes, decorations you have for your room.



There are different types of floor lamps available to pick from, and therefore, you should go through the entire list before picking one or multiple. The specifications and dimensions are something you should check other than the features and functionalities. The different buying parameters to check are there in the buying guide which you should consult to understand the products better and purchase the best floor lamp for your room.


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